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Today is the LAST DAY for EARLY BIRD PRICING for a Science Based Approach to Sequencing weekend immersion!

These workshops are designed to help you incorporate modern movement science into your classes & sequences and are going to be in person The Woodlands Yoga Studio & ONLINE with a 30 DAY REPLAY.

Click here to grab your spot and save $$$ :

Workshop 1: Incorporating Somatics and Rolling Patterns in Classes⁣

Somatic exercises serve as regressions for traditional yoga poses and allow us to teach osteokinematics in a way that is embodied and down regulates the nervous system. This workshop will teach you how to select and sequence somatic exercises in supine, side lying, and prone to help your students improve movement patterns and prepare their bodies to navigate external load and asana. ⁣

Workshop 2: Using Primal Sequencing to Evolve Passive Postures into Active Movements ⁣

Traditional asana involves many passive kneeling and seated positions. While this alone is not an issue, many of our students are not well adapted to sit on the floor and find it difficult or uncomfortable to assume these postures and transition to kneeling or standing. This workshop will give you strategies and mini sequences to incorporate into your classes to improve mobility, strength, and power in a way that is fun and challenging!⁣

Workshop 3: Applying Progressive Load and Control to Standing Transitions ⁣

Many standing poses involve holding one position at your end range of motion for a sustained period of time. While this may promote isometric strength at your end range, it doesn’t build strength in the transitions. This workshop will explore how to apply strength training principles, such as progressive overload to standing poses and transitions. ⁣

Workshop 4: An Interdisciplinary Movement Approach to Yoga Sequencing⁣

Are you struggling to connect the dots between yoga and all of the movement modalities that you’re studying? This workshop will teach you how to incorporate everything you’ve learned in the previous three workshops into full length classes. It will draw on the sequences outlined in my book.⁣
I saw a Chakra workshop Feb 26-27...will you post more on that and the location/times...Its says out of town...? Thanks!
Come change your perspective at The Woodlands Yoga Studio with me at the 9am Vinyasa Flow class 💜
Dealing with Lower Back Pain? Join me today at The Woodlands Yoga Studio for some remedies.

4pm Gentle & 5:30pm Basics
Come find your bliss this week at The Woodlands Yoga Studio!

Moday: 10:30am Basics
Tuesday: 4pm Gentle & 5:30 Basics
Thursday: 10:30am Yoga Shape, 4pm Gentle & 5:30 Basics
September offerings are spectacular at:
The Woodlands Yoga Studio🙏
Best way to start my week is in Karen's
9:00 a.m. class.
We’re back and going harder than ever.

ELDOA is back at The Woodlands Yoga Studio - Book Your Spot.

time to reset, rebalance, and refocus on your goals. What are you striving for?

My schedule changes beginning next month. I will be teaching solely at The Woodlands Yoga Studio. 💜

Tuesday: Gentle 4pm & Basics 5:30pm

Thursday: Yoga Shape 10:30am, Gentle 4pm & Basics 5:30pm

Come 👏 Do 👏 Yoga 👏 With 👏 me 👏
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my Yin class today. And to Angela, I’m not tech savvy enough with Zoom to know what to do! Seeing myself on the screen confuses me but I want you to be able to critique what I’m doing. I’ll get there! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
My yoga schedule today at The Woodlands Yoga Studio!

Chair at 1:30pm &
Gentle at 4pm
👍🏼 YYY Leadership Team members are cultivating our support and balance to lead our next training, Foundations: Introduction to Yoga for Youth and Families, September 19, 20, 26, 27; 8am-12noonCT.

Beth, Delyla, Jodi, and Cynthia bring decades of practicing and teaching yoga from toddlers thru adults, working in schools, and serving as leaders. We hope you will join us on this adventure!

You can earn CUEs, become an instructor, or work toward your 95-hour RCYT. Special: you can also take this training to work toward your RYT 300 with the The Woodlands Yoga Studio! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
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With a variety of class styles and temperatures, we're a community of talented instructors and individuals dedicated to helping you achieve a more balanced life.

The Woodlands Yoga Studio started in 2004 and has been going strong serving the community. We offer 14 kinds of yoga classes and over 40 classes per week.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 06/16/2022

Timeline photos

"“Nature is medicinal; the sun, large bodies of water, and deep breaths of fresh air. Healing is found in the mountains, amidst a forest, by water..." Cheyanne Ratnam

Sunrise at Brainard Lake (summer 2021)."

📸: Darlene Bushue | Discover Colorado Through Your Photos

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Get your yoga on at The Woodlands Yoga Studio


This Saturday! June 18. 26+2. Only 1 click on your class pass or $20 drop in. Go to our website: to enroll or download our app.

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Surprise Change for this weekend in honor of all Fathers! 06/13/2022

Surprise Change for this weekend in honor of all Fathers!

Surprise Change for this weekend in honor of all Fathers! Open to find out! Surprise!!!! 26+2 is now available through your Unlimited Hot Passes or Regular Drop In Rate! No extra charge! Sign Up today! Hot Classes Loops and Spirals Oh My! with Sue Brooks, E


Grounding is a energetic phenomena one experiences when their bare skin directly connects to Mother Earth. To be grounded is to be energetically centered, to give your energy a point of focus. Life is all about balance and as earthly beings we truly belong in close quarters to the most natural areas of this planet. We simply are not meant to be indoors and wearing rubber soles every time we leave the house. Modern living has definitely limited the raw contact our bodies have to the earth below our feet. Our bodies starve to be in contact with the earth's electricity on a daily basis. The same natural dirt that provides us with a surface to live on, and space to grow our food charges our bodies with much needed negative ions.

We all have energetic bodies and everything around us comes from pure energy. Today’s technology has a way of infecting us with “dirty energy” or energy that hurts us instead of helps us. Ironically it’s the positive ions that cause us the most harm. Exposing ourselves to more positive ions (electrical energy or dirty energy) then negative ions over a lifetime or less can destroy our health. The cure is the earth's natural healing powers. It’s free and easy to obtain. There’s no catch! Once our skin makes contact with the earth, those positive ions are neutralized and we are again in balance. Balance will support us in living well with good health and prosperity. Most importantly we will feel great!

Why should we ground? Why not?! We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Boosts immune system
Helps you sleep better
Lowers daily stress
Reduces blood pressure
Fight illness and disease
Increases physical energy and strength
Speeds up the healing process
Drain away positive electrical build up
Charges us with negative ions which come from the earth that our bodies need in order to stay healthy.
Treats anxiety naturally.

It found that earthing every day could improve inflammation, immune responses and wound healing. It also found that earthing could improve the quality of sleep, reduce pain, decrease muscle tension and lower stress.


Sun Gazing 👍

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Congratulations to Brandi Ohlson. She is our first RYT300 graduate. Who hoo!!!

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Hello June! Here's what's happening Just for you! 06/01/2022

Hello June! Here's what's happening Just for you!

Hello June! Here's what's happening Just for you! Welcome June! Let's Play! The Woodlands Yoga Studio FREE! OPEN HOUSE Saturday June 4 @ 1:00 For those interested in our upcoming Teacher Training Certification Register Under Classes Register Here for


Join me Monday morning 9am Mixed Level Class honoring those who have served with purpose. And oh yes, warrior poses!

Great to see pals, Dennis Miller and Dean Cain at the Gary Sinise Foundation office before we pack up and head to Tennessee.
Thank you both for your continued support of our nation’s heroes and their families through our mission at GSF!

Mythology of the warrior poses | Hot Dog Yoga 05/29/2022

Mythology of the warrior poses | Hot Dog Yoga

Mythology of the warrior poses | Hot Dog Yoga The Warrior poses are central to most yoga practices but do you know the story behind them? In this Hindu myth, Daksha had a ritual sacrifice, but he failed to invite his youngest daughter, Sati, or her husband, Shiva. Sati found out about this ritual and crashed the party which led to her and her.....

Photos from The Woodlands Yoga Studio's post 05/28/2022

Kids Yoga Returns this Summer ☀️ Join us for classes and introduce your kids to the joy of movement ✨mind + body connection ✨ breathing + calming techniques and more! Explore weekly themes through books 📚 music 🎶 art 🖼 languages and activities! Register today ➡️ 🙏


Come get your Yoga on this summer! Download our app The Woodlands Yoga Studio or go to our website: New Student Intro 1 month unlimited $49 either room temp or hot or $98 for both. Or call our business office 936-271-1485.


Get your yoga on at The Woodlands Yoga Studio


Kids Yoga Starts June 6. Mondays and Wednesdays @ 3pm. Sign up on line or call 936-271-1485 to enroll

Attend Somatic Movement Summit 2022 05/24/2022

Attend Somatic Movement Summit 2022

Attend Somatic Movement Summit 2022 Don’t miss your opportunity to experience a FREE online Somatic Movement Summit,
a 5-day experiential journey into conscious movement, dance, and embodied psychology techniques for healing trauma, releasing tension, and balancing emotions, among other benefits.


Deepen your practice with this Handstand & Inversion workshop! Build awareness, learn the necessary components to inverting, break mental barriers and learn to safely exit. Sign up and secure your spot!

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Workshop moved to the 25th!
Secure your spot ✅

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Photos from The Woodlands Yoga Studio's post 05/20/2022

🆓 Class Alert 🚨 Join us this Friday, May 20 at 2:30 for a FREE Community Class! We will be taking photos during class and want to showcase our student and yoga community because we think you’re all ➡️ Sign up via TWYS app to reserve your space


Riding the waves of the agony and the ecstasy, open heart in a brave new world.

Pictured: Liz Corwin




Our Story

The Woodlands Yoga Studio is a space where people of all walks of life can strengthen their bodies, minds, and spirits. We're committed to helping you awaken your greatest potential through personalized guidance and a variety of class styles and focuses. You'll feel that energy flows more easily, intelligently, and gracefully as you learn the fundamentals of posture and breathing and align your body with our Hatha teaching. Our community is judgment-free and offers a safe space where you can focus on your journey of self-discovery without distractions. Our talented instructors and like-minded individuals look forward to being a part of your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

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Get your yoga on at The Woodlands Yoga Studio
Kids Yoga Blasts Off at The Woodlands Yoga Studio This Summer!
Theme Weaver Online Workshop with Michelle Marchildon June 5th



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