SuperTots Sports - Trumbull, CT

SuperTots Sports - Trumbull, CT


Looking for a way to keep your little one active this winter?
SuperTot classes are starting Jan 10th! Registration is open and classes are limited. Register your SuperTot for a space today at

SuperTots Sports - Trumbull, CT
Registration for SuperTots, Trumbull is now open!
SuperTots Sports - Trumbull, CT & SuperTots Sports - Cheshire, CT have fun weekday night programs all summer to enjoy!!
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With Spring coming, it's a great time to think about getting your little one enrolled in a sports program to allow them to get out to run around and play! Macaroni Kid readers can save 10% on classes with SuperTots Sports - Trumbull, CT. Locations in Trumbull and Easton! See article for details.

SuperTots Sports Academy offers classes and enrichment programs for children ages 18 months to 5 yea

Operating as usual


Looking for something to do while the weather is cold and gray?

Look no further than our SuperTots classes! Give your toddler some time to run and play outside the house. Our classes are 45min of structured games and activities. Toddlers get to play with cones, balls, parachutes, noodles, hula hoops and more!

See all the classes in our upcoming session below. Sign up at


Well, it seems that the snow has decided to try and make an appearance this Northeast winter! ❄️ In the event there is weather unsafe for driving we will notify all current session customers of class cancellations via email. Please make sure your email is set to allow emails from "[email protected]."


Do you know the average attention span of a 2 yr old is 4-6 minutes? That means they are ready to move on before most adults are getting warmed up or settled into an activity! And if they are distracted by something, that attention span can be even shorter!

It doesn't surprise us if your little one becomes more interested in the bucket of baseballs than kicking the soccer ball, or running to get water or running through the batting cages. This is normal toddler behavior!

We focus on keeping our activities to about 5–6-minute intervals to help your little ones re-engage with the class!

The important thing to remember is that toddlers have a short attention span, we don't get mad at it, we work with it.


What do kids want to do?? PLAY!

Bring them to us and we will give them 45min of structured games and activities exploring the world of sports!


The best way to teach is to do. The way in which you treat others will inspire all those little ones to do well for others too.

Teach. Lead. Inspire.


Play...It's the focus of our SuperTots classes at D-BAT Trumbull!

We are not focused on how well toddlers kick the ball, or how accurate their throw is or how many baskets they make. We ARE focused on:

1. Moving
2. Playing
3. Having Fun

Children have plenty of time to drive home the skills. They are this little for a short amount of time. If they are having fun with what they do they will be much more likely to stick with something longer term.


Want to help set your child up to be an active adult?

According to the Aspen Institute: "Three in four (77%) of adults aged 30+ who play sports today played sports as school-aged children. Only 3% of adults who play sports currently did not play when they were young."

Activity becomes a part of everyday life when it is something that becomes habitual, just like brushing your teeth. Help your children set up healthy habits around activity by engaging them when they are young!

SuperTots is the perfect start to that healthy active life!


It's the start of a new session and classes are off to a good start! There are classes that still have some space available!

Don't let this session get away...sign up today: (classes are pro-rated).


All kinds of studies have been done on the benefits of physical activity! Not just on physical health but mental too! A study that tracked kids from kindergarten through 4th grade found that physical activity in general is associated with improved academic achievement. The same physical activity can even affect attitudes and enhance concentration, attention and improved classroom behavior.

Help your child flourish cognitively and physically. Enroll them in a SuperTots class! They are fun, engaging and allow kids an entry point to enjoy the world of sport.

See all our classes:


We are just 5 days away from our new session starting!

Lots of great classes on the schedule! If you haven't registered jump on our special promotion of 1 free class! Just enter code TRM1FREE23 at checkout.


SuperTots Sports - Trumbull, CT

We are getting really close to our next session starting AND we don't want you to miss out! For 4 days ONLY we are offering 1 FREE class with your registration! That means you pay for 5 weeks and we gotcha covered for the 6th! When you register just enter the code: TRM1FREE23 for your free class.

Register here -->

SuperTots Sports - Trumbull, CT SuperTots Sports Academy offers classes and enrichment programs for children ages 18 months to 5 yea


We wish you a healthy and active year ahead!


Winter is cold... and you need things to do when your toddler doesn't want to be out there!

Sign them up for one of our indoor toddler sports classes! Our first session of 2023 starts on Jan 9th!

Check out the schedule below!


Do you have a toddler ready to dive into sports? SoccerTots is the best place to start them out! Our program starts at 18m and goes till 5yr old. Kids explore skills such as kicking, passing and dribbling through fun activities and games!

We use brightly colored equipment that is engaging to our little ones!

Come check out our program - Mondays at 10am and 11am starting Jan 9th!


As a new year approaches adults resolve to lose weight, get into the gym, stop unhealthy or unwanted habits and more.

But what do we resolve for our kids?? How about to get them more engaged in physical activity, to teach them how to socialize with other kids and how to use their bodies in a powerful way? How about to teaching them that movement is an important part of healthy living?

Help foster that love of movement by signing them up for one of our fun and engaging SuperTots Sports classes starting the week of Jan 9th!

Running this session: Multi-Sport, SoccerTots and HoopsterTots! Check out all the classes and full schedule here:


Whatever you are celebrating this holiday season we hope it is filled with good health and joy! 💖


No preschool for 2 weeks?!?! What do you do to keep a toddler busy?? Try this!

Fill a large ziplock bag with shaving cream. Drop a TBS of a couple different colors of paint. Seal up the bag reinforcing the seal with some masking or duct tape. Then let your toddler explore the wonder of color mixing!

If your toddler likes sensory things... make the shaving cream a little thicker with corn starch and add pom poms or rice, they can push around the bag.


It's what we do!

Running sports classes for kids ages 18m - 5yr old.

Classes are:
- 45min
- Scheduled by age
- Developmentally appropriate for age level
- Fun!

Find a class near you!


What is a SuperTots Class?

Well at the core is 45 min of structured fun! Kids get to explore what their bodies can do in movement. They get energy out while learning how to coordinate their arms and legs with a tool, like a soccer ball, cones, hula hoop, noodles, and more! Kids learn the basic skills of the sport through activities and games.

There is no competitive play involved in a SuperTots class as toddlers are learning the fundamentals, of movement, listening to and following directions, waiting their turn, working with others, and so much more!

Come join the fun. Our next session begins the week of January 9th! Plenty of spaces right now!


Toys are great, but they quickly lose their appeal and take up a good amount of space. Give the gift of an experience, saving space making memories along the way!

No matter what the event a gifted experience is always a great way to go! Our next session starts Jan 9th. Spaces are limited, but still available.

Check out all the classes available at


Experiences make the best gifts!

Gift your child, grandchild, niece or nephew a SuperTots class! They will have fun and you get to spend time with them. ❤️


Email us! [email protected]

Check out the full schedule of classes at:


SuperTots Super Stars...

SuperTots Sports programs at D-BAT are open for registration! Sign your SuperStar up for one of our fun classes! SuperTots has helped children ages 18 months to five years develop motor skills, begin athletic training, and promote youth fitness through a series of fun and beneficial games.

See what programs are available near you 👉


Our current session is coming to an end...Have you checked out our next session?

We are featuring some favorites next! HoopsterTots, SoccerTots and Multi-Sport.

Check it all out at:


Our current session is coming to an end...Have you checked out our next session?

We are featuring some favorites next! HoopsterTots, SoccerTots and Multi-Sport.

Check it all out at:



These soccer-themed motor skill classes are very easy for young toddlers to get into. Younger age groups focus on
developing motor skills and self-confidence; older classes focus more on developing core soccer skills and personal focus.

Our instructor-to-student ratio is kept small (3min / 8 max) to maximize individual development.

Parent participation required for ages 18m-3.5 years.


I don't know what to get them...
They have every toy already...
There isn't enough space to put anything else...
I don't just want to get another thing...

Sound familiar??

Give the gift of an experience and time together! Sign the little one in your life up for a fun 6-week sports class!

All classes are designed to be developmentally appropriate, using simple and brightly colored equipment. The kids will love it, your house will stay cleaner, you'll be spending time together and making memories along the way.

Grab a spot in a class today!


Toddlers have a lot of energy and parents have a lot to do! Give yourself a few minutes with this activity. 👇

All you need to do is to save one of those big boxes from your online shopping, grab a box of crayons and set your toddler up inside the box! Let them dazzle up the inside walls of that box!


⭐️Class Spotlight...⭐️

Multi-Sport Tots!

This class is the perfect introduction to sports for young toddlers!

Aged 2 -5 this class gives children an introduction to baseball, basketball and soccer. We spend 2 weeks on each sport. It's the perfect way to get your toddlers energy out while letting them explore their interests!

Next session we are offering multi-Sport Tots on:

Tuesdays at 10 and 11AM


Fridays at 10 and 11AM

Sign up for your class at


New Classes at D-BAT are on our mind!

December has us thinking about 2023...It's time to register your little one for a fun sports class where they will have fun, learn and grow in so many ways! Our next session of classes is now open for registration.

Sign up today at:


Do you have a toddler who loves to run around, kick a ball, hit a baseball, or bounce a basketball? You should sign them up for one of our 45min sports classes specifically designed for toddlers!

New classes are open for registration! 👇


New Year, New Session, New Classes!

Our next session of classes is now open for registration! Classes and spaces are limited. Secure your toddler a spot by registering today! 👇


Our next session, 1st of 2023, is going to open soon for registration!!

Tell us in the comments below which class you would most like to see!


We are hiring for 2023! If you love to play with kids and have an interest in sports, come talk to us!

Parents, grandparents, High school or college students!

- Needs to be enthusiastic about working with toddlers
- Have any experience working with children under the age of 5
- Sports minded individual

If you have questions email us! [email protected]


What's on our mind? SoccerTots!

As the outdoor seasons come to an end, we bring the little ones inside for fun soccer-based activities. This class is a non-contact class, so no shin guards or cleats are needed. Just pure fun, kicking the ball around, jumping through hoops, weaving around cones and scoring goals!

Our SoccerTots classes still have spaces available! If you join for one that has already started your class will be pro-rated.

Join us today!


It's basketball season! Big kids are signing up for their basketball teams...get your tiny baller into a class of their own!

In our HoopsterTots class, kids play games and activities that teach them the basic skills of bouncing, passing and shooting!

HoopsterTots runs Thursday's at 10 and 11AM. 1st class begins 11/10!

Sign up today!


A new session begins this week! Have you signed your little one up for one of our fun sports classes yet? Worried that they might not like it? Register worry-free with our refund protection policy! When you register with the refund protection, you are guaranteed 2 classes risk free. If it doesn't work out and you cancel before the 3rd class, we give a full refund! But we know they will love it!

Come check it out -->

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