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Elvis, Fling with the King

Welcome to the "Elvis - Fling with the King" Facebook information page! The Elvis Fling with the King Tournament is proudly hosted by the Tupelo Disc Golf Association in conjunction with the Tupelo Elvis Festival. This Elvis Presley Festival, held in the birthplace of the King of Rock and Roll, celebrates the musical heritage of the town that shaped the early years of our nation's leading cultural icon. The tournament, in it's sixth year, incorporates Tupelo's most favored course at Veteran's Memorial Park ... located in the neighborhood of Elvis' childhood. The Weekend Needless to say, there will be plenty of disc golf happening this weekend. But that's not all, the Elvis festival is jam-full of food, music, and entertainment. Come early and enjoy some of the festivities. It'll be fun for everyone. All the tournament details, including registrations, course layout, available merchandise, and the overall happenings of the weekend will be advised soon. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

An annual tournament held the first weekend in June during Tupelo's Elvis Festival hosted by the Tupelo Disc Golf Association!


Register · 14th Annual Fling with the King · Disc Golf Scene

14th Annual Elvis Fling with the King

June 8th and 9th, 2019

Player Pack TBD
Tournament Director: Joey Bowen
[email protected]

Online registration link:

JT Neely Building, Veterans Park
Registration opens Saturday 7:30-8:30
Players meeting 8:45-9:00
First round tee-off 9:30

Sunday tee off 9am

Open $80
Advanced $50
Intermediate $50
Maters $50
Recreational $40
*Novice $35
*Juniors $30 Must be accompanied by adult
*One day event for Novice and Juniors*

Add $10 to the above fee is non-PDGA member.

all open and adv M
MB longs
Vets King Longs

Adv women, Intermediate M, Masters 40+
Vets King Longs
MB shorts

Rec M+W, Masters 50+ and up, Intermediate W
Vets King shorts
MB shorts

Novice and Jr (ONE DAY EVENT)
Vets King Shorts
MB shorts

discgolfscene.com Disc Golf Scene

14th Annual Elvis Fling with the King!

Elvis Fling with the King Tournament



If you're coming in for the tournament from out of town and are hoping to also catch a glimpse of Elvis, Tupelo will be hopping with em'! Check out the Elvis Festival page and all the events of the weekend here:


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Photos from Elvis Fling with the King Tournament's post

Mississippi Disc Golf | Event Result

Results from 2016.....


[05/20/16]   Elvis Fling with the King 2016

11th Annual Fling with the King
Saturday singles / Sunday doubles
Veteran's Park
Tupelo, MS
TDs Tony Palmer, Brady Davis, and Robby Harris
[email protected]

SATURDAY SINGLES (Registration @ discgolfscene.com)
SN sanctioned and PDGA B-Tier
500 added cash to Pro purse & 500 added cash to AM prizes
1 round Vets 18 holes King Layout PAR 57
1 round Thunderchief 18 holes PAR 54
PRO divisions $60
ADV $50
INT $40
REC/JR $25
+10 fee for all non-PDGA member
Registration 8am
Tee off 10am
Catered lunch for a fee

SUNDAY DOUBLES (Register @ event)
SN sanctioned
1 Round Vets 22 holes King Layout PAR 69
1 Round Musicbend 18 holes PAR 57
PRO $50
ADV $40
INT $30
REC/JR $20
Registration 7:30am
Tee off 9:30am
Catered lunch for a fee

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[05/13/14]   Elvis Fling with the King 2014

Veteran's Park - Tupelo, Mississippi
Saturday & Sunday, June 7-8 2014

For the past three years FWTK has been two long rounds over two days. This year we are going back to a total of three rounds, 2 on Saturday and 1 long one on Sunday.

Saturday will begin with the player's meeting at 9:00am with an estimated initial round start of 9:30, or as soon thereafter depending on any possible delays caused by the "Running with the King" event also held at Veterans Park.

The morning round will be on the original Veterans course and consist of 17 holes, some of which will be tweaked for a little extra tournament challenge. All cards will be divisional (as best we can manage) and all divisions will tee from the Am pads. Most baskets will be in their "B" positions.

The afternoon round will be on Thunderchief's 18 hole course.

We're working toward providing lunch at Veterans and will advise more details on this later.

Sunday: There will be no need to gather for Sunday's round. Just show up at your designated hole and be ready to tee off at 9:30am. Sunday's round will be a combination of Veteran's original course combined with some challenging tweaks to the Thunderchief course. It will be quite similar to the past two years layout. Advance and Pro divisions will play from the Pro pads on Sunday.

Awards have been ordered for the following divisions:
Men's Pro
Women's Pro
Men's Grand Master
Men's Advance Master
Men's Advance
Men's Am
Women's Am

(3+ to make a division)

The tournament is not sanctioned. Put those dollars in the ace pot and let's keep em' local.

Tournament Directors:
Grayson Robbins -- 662-891-2656 -- [email protected]
Keith Teeple
Jason Cross

Registration will be at Veterans DGC, behind Hole #1 at the Rockin' Robin Snow Cone stand on Friday from Noon until 7pm and Saturday morning from 7:30am until the players meeting.

Alcoholic and narcotic refreshments are illegal and will not be tolerated at this tournament Just keep it clean so all can have an enjoyable tournament.

Registration Fees:
Open Men: $50
Pro Women: $40
Pro Master/Grandmaster: $40
Advance Men: $40
Advance Master: $40
Am Men: $35
Am Women: $35
Novice/Junior/Recreational: $25

There will be the usual CTP's, putter contest, and a Ring of Fire! Possibly some additional events depending on how well the sponsor $$ roll in! Awards will be the traditional Midnight pottery plaques for all divisions and bricks for the overall winner's in Men, Women, and Juniors!

The Discraft Elvis discs for this year's tournament are limited. A few are allocated towards divisional winners and CTP's and hole sponsors are guaranteed the first ones! Hole sponsorships are $40. Give me a shout if you'd like one! Whoever buys/sells the most sponsorships (minimum three) will receive either their FWTK registration paid or an Elvis disc.

Hopefully, the above covers most everything. If not ..... any questions or concerns, please PM me. Look forward to seeing you!

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8th Annual Elvis Fling with the King | Professional Disc Golf Association

2013 Fling with the King results . . . .

Congratulations to all the winners! Matt Norris took Open division and "pretty much was the only player under par! Complete score have been uploaded and are viewable via the below link.

Appreciate is extended to our tournament sponsors: Philips Garden Center, The Blue Canoe, Mr. Paul Poland, Matthew and Mandi Gardner, Rebel Bookstore, Rockin Robin Shaved Ice, The Wiseman Family, and the TDGA! The promotion of the sport and events like FWTK would not occur without their support. Thank you!

Congratulations to the Ethan Warren as the 2013 Putting Champion, to Richard Loew for busting the 1st round ace pot, and to all the CTP winners!

My thanks to Keith Teeple, Jason Cross, Daniel Philley, and Vickie Palmer (and Tony) for all their assistance. Ya'lls help made everything run smooth!

It was two grueling rounds of some extremely challenging hole layouts with even more grueling out of bounds and water. As promised, not your normal Vet's layout! I hope all that had the opportunity to play enjoyed it's challenge ... and the tournament. Thank you for participating!


[06/09/13]   Some 1st round stats of interest for the FWTK stretched holes....

Hole 7 (Vet 9 King Position
Pars = 10
Average Strokes = 5.25

Hole 4 (Vet 4 to Vet 6)
Pars = 2
Average Strokes = 5.5

Hole 19 (TC17 to TC 14)
Pars = 3
Average Stroke = 6.12

[06/08/13]   Pr-registration thus far .....

Moran, Mike Am
Poland, Paul Am Master
Melton, Justin Am
Wiseman, Teddy Adv
Waters, Jeff Am
Ingle, Joey Adv G Master
Palmer, Tony Adv Master
Warren, Ethan Open
Carter, Jonathan Am
Slay, Mason Am
Sheffield, Tyler Am
Hays, Kevin Am
Lansdell, Doc Adv
Gibbs, Jackie Lee Adv

A couple groups from Memphis in town, plus some Arkansas players heading down in the morning. Weather is looking good. Course is looking good. Should be a good weekend of disc golf!

Registration behind Rockin' Robin in the morning.

[06/07/13]   Two tickets will be up for grabs to Saturday's Elvis Festival. The evening's schedule:

6:30 pm Elvis Tribute Artist Cody Slaughter
7:15 pm Surviving Allison
8:30 pm Skylar Laine
10:00 pm Headliner - Montgomery Gentry

Sunday's round won't tee until 9:30am so after Saturday's round go check out the festival!

[06/07/13]   TD Cell # is 662-891-2656

Holler if you have questions!

[06/07/13]   Weekend Schedule
Late registration 4:00pm until 7:00pm

Registration: 7:30am - 8:45am
Player's Meeting: 9:00am
1st Round Tee off: 10:00am

2nd Round Tee off: 9:30am

Please note that a 5K race is also at Veterans Park Saturday morning and traffic will be blocked into and out of Veterans around 8:00am.

Be there early or register Friday evening!

Registration will either be behind Rockin' Robin or at the pavilion near Vet Hole #1. The pavilion will be reanted most of the day so rather than fighting the splash park crowd, bring your lawn chair and enjoy the shade around the practice basket and do a little putting practice. The 2013 Putting Contest will be open to all tournament players!

[06/04/13]   Our thanks to the following hole sponsors:

Matthew & Mandi Gardner
Rebel Bookstore
The Blue Canoe
Old Sidewinder, Paul Poland
Philips Garden Center
Rockin Robin Shaved Ice

Our thanks also are extended to Tupelo Park and Recreation's grounds crew who mowed, weed-eated, and manicured many areas of the course today.

Temp tee's will be marked in the next couple of days and O.B.'s will be marked Friday evening.

[06/02/13]   Our thanks to the following hole sponsors:

Rebel Bookstore
The Blue Canoe
Ole Sidewinder, Paul Poland
Philips Garden Center
Rockin Robin Shaved Ice

Timeline Photos

This year's 1013 wall hangers .... for those that earn them! Who's going get some?

Elvis Fling with the King

For tournament details -->>>> http://tupelodiscgolf.com/fwtk2012/

tupelodiscgolf.com reen size

[05/22/13]   Our thanks to the following hole sponsors:

Philips Garden Center
Rockin Robin Shaved Ice

[05/17/13]   2013 Fling with the King Round Two Course Layout

The below holes will be played by all Advance & Pro divisions, teeing off at 9:00am on Sunday morning:

1 1 B Pos 243
2 2 Pro pad 202
3 3 Pro Pad 240
4 (4 Am to 6 B) 776
5 (7 B pos) 280
6 (8 B Pos) 325
7 (9 King) 715
8 (10 Pro pad) 330
9 (11 B Pos) 400
10 (12 B Pos) 182
11 (13 Pro pad) 247
12 (14 B Pos) 180
13 (15 Pro pad) 205
14 (16) 175
15 (17 B Pos) 235
16 (18 B Pos) 230
17 (TC 1 Am to 2 B Pos) 865
18 (TC 3 to 14) 768
19 (TC 5) 495
20 TEMP 315
21 (TC 10 TEMP PAD) 665
22 (TC 11) 339
23 (TC 18 TEMP PAD water) 345

Second Round Total for Pro and Advance: 8757

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[05/17/13]   2013 Fling with the King Round Two Course Layout

The below holes will be played by all Am divisions, teeing off at 9:00am on Sunday morning:

1 (B Pos) 243
2 (Am pad) 202
3 (Am Pad A Pos) 155
4 (4 Am to 6 B) 776
5 (7 B pos) 280
6 (8 B Pos) 325
7 (9 King) 715
8 (10 Pro pad) 330
9 (11 B Pos) 400
10 (12 B Pos) 182
11 (13 Am pad) 172
12 (14 B Pos) 180
13 (15 Am pad) 170
14 (16) 175
15 (17 B Pos) 235
16 (18 B Pos) 230
17 (TC 1 Am to 2 B Pos) 865
18 (TC 3 to 14) 768
19 (TC 5) 495
20 TEMP 315
21 (TC 10 TEMP PAD) 665
22 (TC 11) 339
23 (TC 18 TEMP PAD no water) 348

Second Round Total 8565 (For all Am divisions)

This is pretty much the same as round one but with some baskets in their B positions. Two holes were also combined.

[05/17/13]   2013 Fling with the King Round One Course Layout

The below holes will be played by all divisions, teeing off at 10:00am on Saturday morning:

1 (A Pos) 199
2 (Am Pad) 202
3 (Am Pad A Pos) 155
4 (4 Am to 6 B) 776
5 (7 A pos) 240
6 (8 A Pos) 285
7 (9 King Pos) 715
8 (10 Pro pad) 330
9 (11 A Pos) 360
10 (12 B Pos) 182
11 (13 Am pad) 172
12 (14 B Pos) 180
13 (15 Am pad) 170
14 (16) 175
15 (17 A Pos) 225
16 (18 A Pos) 235
17 (TC 1 Am) 327
18 (TC 2 B Pos) 495
19 (TC 3 to TC 14) 798
20 (TC 5) 495
21 21 TEMP 315
22 (TC 10 TEMP PAD) 665
23 (TC 11) 339
24 (TC 18 TEMP PAD) 348

First Round Total 8383

[06/01/12]   Rockin' Robin, of course, sponsored a hole close to the shop!

[06/01/12]   Thank to "Old Sidewinder" for sponsoring TWO holes!

[06/01/12]   Tupelo Visitor's and Convention Bureau has sponsored the FWTK 2012!

[06/01/12]   Papa V's has sponsored a hole for the FWTK. Thanks!

[06/01/12]   Our thanks to Palmer's Grocery for their sponsorship

[05/22/12]   Thank you to Rebel Bookstore fro sponsoring FWTK 2012!

[05/20/12]   Thank you yo Cafe 212 for sponsoring Hole 12!

[05/17/12]   Our thanks to Dangerous Don for his hole sponsorship

Round 1 is 29 holes & Round 2 is a tougher 24 holes!

Round 1 is 29 holes & Round 2 is a tougher 24 holes!

[05/15/12]   Online registration will be up in a day or so. Kinda weeding my way through things the way the PDGA has things set up.

Star Roc

[05/11/12]   Thank you to the Gardner's for sponsoring a hole!

[05/11/12]   Thanks to Philips Garden Center for sponsoring.

[05/11/12]   Thank you Mr. Flick McWraith for your hole sponsorship

[05/11/12]   Thank you for Paul Poland for the hole sponsorships!

[05/10/12]   Elvis Fling with the King created May 2012 as an ongoing information/communication link for the tournament!

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Elvis Fling with the King | Professional Disc Golf Association

Elvis Fling with the King tournament will slide on over to the PDGA for 2012! Details will be announced soon! Make plans to attend as the Veteran's course will be more challenging than ever!



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