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Now that we have some degree of closure about the fate of the Titan submersible, i thought i would offer some perspective.
Some think that some rich folks did some stupid stuff. I disagree. The lure of exploration is a powerful aphrodisiac. Pushing the limits to go where few or none have gone, to see things no or few humans have seen is the essence of the exploration bug. It is part of what draws me to technical diving. To venture 300 feet under the sea knowing that few have gone to where i go is powerful. Extreme exploration, to the top of Everest, to the remote Antarctic, to space, and yes....to the bottom of the ocean is beyond the financial means of most of us. It takes a lot of money. The pioneers on extreme explorations pave the way for the rest of us; they push the limits of equipment and technology. That is where innovation happens. So applaud the spirit of exploration and mourn the loss of the explorers.
The loss of the Titan now appears to be a catastrophic loss of integrity. At such depths, under extreme pressure, the hull implodes in milliseconds. It is likely that the crew never knew what happened.
May they rest in peace and may the spirit of exploration live on

Photos from Scuba Instructor Paul Seldes's post 01/02/2022

Thinking turtle thoughts because it will be a weekend of AWESOME diving!

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