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Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! PAID OPPORTUNITY My name is Dallas Schaefer and I work for a small production company, we film stock videos and post them online, all for free. We are filming an Archery Concept on Wednesday, January 6th, 2020. COVID COMPLIANT. ARCHERY EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. (If you own your own equipment and are willing to use it a plus) Looking for: *Students, ages 10-18, all ethnicities, boy or girl *Must be accompanied by parent/guardian Date: Wednesday January 6th, 2020 Time: Afternoon (4 hours) Location: Los Angeles, CA Contact: [email protected] COVID RULES APPLY. Small Crew. Masks required by all at all times apart from models when shooting. Payment on the same day at wrap (Zelle/Paypal) This will be a fast and fun shoot! We book fast. If Interested, reply with the following: *Full Name of Archer *Photo of Archer Submitted *Photos/Videos of Student doing Archery (if any) *Parent/Guardian’s full name *Email *Cell Phone Number
Who’s ready to train this tomorrow and the rest of the weekend?? Just got this recently and can’t wait to train! 🤙🏾🤙🏾
Andrew Robertson, Jason Rettberg, Joee G Cruz, Janet Kahan, Frederick Ashurov, Corey Scott Levin, Nadia Miller, Thomas Marquez, Diana Wong Nguyen
Any ideas on how to get a 10-year-old started in archery this fall? Classes, or private instruction - any ideas would be helpful! TIA!
Hey Has Anyone Found any RED Seeing Eye glasses at the range?
Hello. Any updates on when your classes will be starting up again. Wife and I are really excited to enroll. Thanks have a great day.
I’ve tried contacting you multiple times, through your website and through your phone number. No one answers for anything and especially the phone number DOES NOT work. I’d really appreciate a response. Currently, it doesn’t seem like that should be impossible, regardless of the time of year or even Covid. It’s a response to a digital inquiry. Shouldn’t be that difficult. PLEASE AND THANK YOU Woodley Park Archers
I’ve tried contacting you multiple times, through your website and through your phone number. No one answers for anything and especially the phone number DOES NOT work. I’d really appreciate a response. Currently, it doesn’t seem like that should be impossible, regardless of the time of year or even Covid. It’s a response to a digital inquiry. Shouldn’t be that difficult. PLEASE AND THANK YOU Woodley Park Archers
I’ve tried contacting you multiple times, through your website and through your phone number. No one answers for anything and especially the phone number DOES NOT work. I’d really appreciate a response. Currently, it doesn’t seem like that should be impossible, regardless of the time of year or even Covid. It’s a response to a digital inquiry. Shouldn’t be that difficult. PLEASE AND THANK YOU Woodley Park Archery Range
I’ve tried contacting you multiple times, through your website and through your phone number. No one answers for anything and especially the phone number DOES NOT work. I’d really appreciate a response. Currently, it doesn’t seem like that should be impossible, regardless of the time of year or even Covid. It’s a response to a digital inquiry. Shouldn’t be that difficult. PLEASE AND THANK YOU Woodley Park Archers
A Friendly warning to fellow archers: A Karen was spotted at the long range today. She was yelling at regulars that continued to shoot while her BF/Husband put up his target. Yelled that she didn't care about the rules and cared about "common courtesy" and "decency". Then when told she should put her mask on claimed "I don't have to wear a f*ing mask!"

woodleyparkarchers.org Woodley Park Archers is an Archery Club based at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California Woodley Park Archers is an adult and Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) archery club which promotes fellowship through social and field activities offered by the organization.

WPA is a non-sectarian, non-political, educational organization. Membership in Woodley Park Archers includes Compound, Olympic-Style Recurve and Traditional style archers, archery enthusiasts, family members and others who support the club’s objectives and, as members, may participate in activities, meetings and classes. Woodley Park Archers is an adult and JOAD Member Club of USA Archery and the State Archers of California.

Mission: The objective of the Woodley Park Archers is the elevation of the sport of archery through education and the promotion of youth, family and individual archery participation. The Woodley Park Archers promotes the safe use of archery equipment, the practice of proper archery techniques, etiquette and sportsmanship.

Operating as usual

Greetings Woodley Park Archers.

This is a PSA to remind everyone EVERYONE using the range is responsible for safety. This includes acts of vandalism, and especially includes acts of vandalism that cause unsafe situations.

For example, today, someone cut the banding at the 20 yd bale and toppled one of them over. This creates an unsafe situation for that bale for any Archer who wants to use it. Every Archer can call the police and report suspicious activity, including vandalism and safety issues.

The number for the police that respond quickly to our issues on on the long range rules signs. You do not need to engage the vandals if you feel unsafe doing so, but you should call the Park Police: (213) 978-4600.

Please do your part to keep the range safe, to keep the range clean and operational, and thereby keep the range free and open to the public.

As a side reminder, masks are not optional; whether or not you believe in thebefficacy of masks, if we want the range to stay open we must wear them. If Rec and Parks or the Army Corps of Engineers decides archers are a risk, they can and will shut the range down.

Range of Motion

Some great stretch band exercises for your legs, glutes and hip flexors. These will lead to greatly improved core strength and stability in your shooting stance! Coach Wayne - Accurate Archery



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Registration | Arizona Cup

arizonacup.net To participate in the 2021 AAE Arizona Cup, you must be a member of USA Archery. This Includes All Guest/International Participants. You must purchase a TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP to this event by clicking on the button to the right before you register. Click Here for a Temporary Membership Register for t...



Happy New Year from Woodley Park Archers!


Easton Foundations

Happy Holidays from the Easton Foundations family to yours! 🎄✨🏹

[12/23/20]   Merry Christmas to all our members and friends from Woodley Park Archers!


New Format Announced for the 2021 Vegas Shoot

thevegasshoot.com The NFAA Foundation has made the decision to change the format for the 2021 Vegas Shoot. The NFAA Foundation has been working diligently to explore alternative formats for the 2021 event. The new format will feature a virtual event for the flight and junior divisions and a smaller in-person event fo...

Accurate Archery

Here is an excellent article on working out, weight loss, strength training, fitness improvement and how to get started!

Interesting tidbit of archery history that led to a huge leap forward in archery equipment with the advent of the aluminum arrow shaft. And that led to the development of the finest competition arrows ever manufactured! And Easton Aluminum was for many decades a Van Nuys, California based company!

For our new followers.....Did you know how our founder, Doug Easton, became interested in the sport of archery? 🏹 It is one of life’s great paradoxes that adversity often gives birth to opportunity. As a very young man, Doug Easton severely injured both legs when, during a hunting excursion, a shotgun leaning against a car fell and discharged. While spending a year in the hospital recuperating, a friend gifted him Dr. Saxton Pope’s book, Hunting With The Bow and Arrow. He then decided when he had sufficiently recovered he would try and make some hunting bows and arrows in his garage according to the directions provided in Dr. Pope’s Book.

How were you introduced to archery? 👇
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Don't miss the Turner's Holiday Archery Sale on now!

Turner's Holiday Archery Sale!

Easton Foundations

From the Easton Foundations family to yours! We wish you all a #happythanksgiving 🦃🍁


Geena Davis Archery Tricks

youtube.com Become a fan on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/funnyordie There's no crying in archery. See the original at: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/27e28fa757/g...

What a great workday today! Thank you so much to all the fantastic and dedicated members and friends of Woodley Park Archers who worked for hours today to get the job done.

We thoroughly cleaned our service yard and removed and replaced the bale stands and bales on the long range. We have added bales at 5 meters, 20, 30 and 40 yards, and added additional bales at a number of distances. We only have remaining, replacing the 3 bales at 90m.

The long range continues to be divided into two sections, the East Range (short distances) and the West range (long distances)
separated by a 40 foot wide safety margin.

Please help take care of our new bales by remembering to use target backing and pads.

[10/11/20]   We hope everyone is enjoying the newly reopened short range! Thank you so much to all the awesome club volunteers and members for all the hard work on the short range!

This is our temporary design until our new structure is approved by Recreation and Parks Department and can then be rebuilt.

A reminder if you shoot on the short range and lose an arrow behind the bales, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE SERVICE YARD TO RETRIEVE IT. THIS IS DANGEROUS!

Ask a club instructor or Coach for assistance or if noone is around, send us an email and picture of it and will will recover it and notify you. Many arrows are being recovered! We are no longer putting found arrows in the Lost and Found tube on the short range as they are being stolen. This include arrows lost on the long range!

We have also begun bale replacement on our Long Range starting with our shorter distances. Please be patient while work is in progress. Watch for dates of upcoming work party notices here and on Instagram to come out and help take care of our range!

Happy shooting!
Coach Wayne

We are about 4 bales stands short for today's project. We will add the other 4bstands early next week. Please consider helping out on the 24th at 9am when we do the rest of the bales stands on the long range.

Special thanks to Nicole, Scott, Carlo, Igor, and Kirill for volunteering!

New distances and quantities:
There is now one 5m bale stand for little kids and short form bale practice. Priority is for little kids who are not strong enough to shoot 10m; if you are using it, please surrender this bale to kids if you see them struggling at 10m.

We have added 2 bales to the 10m line.

The 20m has now become 18m since 20 is not a competition distance.

We are adding extra bales at the 18m to have more therebthan used to be when it was 20m.

See you all on the 24th!

Short range is done for now! Until we get the wall rebuild approved, anyhow. Next project: LONG RANGE!!!

This Friday, October 9th st 9am, a few of us will be working on the 10m section of the long range. That means the 20 and 10m will be closed while we work, until we are done, NO EXCEPTIONS. If anyone wants to help us, feel free to come down! Bring gloves!

We had some delays so we cannot open the short range today afterall. However, it is almost ready and we will try to open this weekend or very early next week!

The Short Range is almost ready for reopening! Eight temp bale stands are up on the short range. We will band and saturate them on Friday!

The shooting line will be limited to 8 archers at a time to maintain social distancing. Masks will be required

Special thanks to Heath Hammond and Joseph Deese of The Livery Warbow Shop for helping us unload and setup!

Accurate Archery

New to archery?
It's never too soon to start setting up your archery tackle box!
A fishing tackle box will do perfectly, many styles are available or use multiple Plano Clear Boxes for efficient organization!

Basic items to include are:
Bow square
String Wax
Nocking Pliers
Extra Nock Points or Nock Point Thread
Extra Nocks
Extra Arrow Points
Extra Fletching
Extra Arrow Rest
Hot Melt Glue Stick
Super Glue (Cyanoacrylate)
Allen Wrenches - SAE & Metric
Utility Knife or Utility Razor Blades
Serving and Serving Spool

USA Archery

Could you beat the thread the needle challenge?

Easton Foundations

If it is important to you, you will find a way! 🏹👊
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The Traditional Bows Of Japanese Samurai | Ancient Japan | Timeline

The Traditional Bows Of Japanese Samurai | Ancient Japan | Timeline

Check out our new website for more incredible history documentaries: HD and ad-free. http://bit.ly/2O6zUsK Samurai Bow explores the violence, beauty and reve...


Archery history: Horseback archers of the East, Orient and ancient world

worldarchery.org Arguably the most famous horseback archers in history are the Mongols of Gengkis Khan.


ARROWS vs ARMOUR - Medieval Myth Busting

Cool video - Arrows vs. Armour -

160lbs ENGLISH WARBOW shoots FULL WEIGHT MEDIEVAL ARROWS at reproduced MEDIEVAL ARMOUR. Find out what happens! The contributors are all world class in their ...

World Archery

This is how your arrows are made 🏹


Archery history: The legend of Robin Hood

worldarchery.org The figure of Robin Hood has symbolised the hero of the oppressed for centuries.


How to Start Your Child in Archery

Valuable information for getting your kids started!

archery360.com If bows and arrows intrigue your kids, sign them up for lessons at an archery shop.

Accurate Archery

Know what variety of Traditional bows are out there!

[07/18/20]   A Reminder to all archers at Woodley Park Archery Range:

Social Distancing AND Face Coverings are REQUIRED to shoot at the range. This is a requirement of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and a CONDITION of keeping the range open. If you want the range to remain open, your cooperation is required!


Kyudo, the way of the bow and the pursuit of Zen in archery

worldarchery.org The Japanese martial art of archery was popularised in the 12th century and there are now more than 100,000 graded kyudokas worldwide.

World Archery

Kyudo, the way of the bow. 🏹
Learn more about this incredible art: www.worldarchery.org/news/178424/

📽️: samurai_warriorsbg


8 Ways to Enjoy Archery

archery360.com Indoors or outdoors, solo or socially, archery offers many ways to enjoy life.

Woodley Park Archers is proud to be a member club of USA Archery!
We support the USA Archery Code of Ethics!


Additional Resources:

USA Archery Code of Ethics: bit.ly/2AIH5G9

USA Archery Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2017-2020: bit.ly/30ccLyj

[05/24/20]   The Long Range is now reopened to the public. Bring out your own gear and clear your mind by doing some shooting!
Face coverings and Social Distancing required!

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6100 Woodley Ave
Van Nuys, CA

General information

The Woodley Park Archery Range is located in the San Fernando Valley, near the junction of the 405 and 101 freeways. The range is open from sunrise to sundown, seven days a week, except during WPA classes, activities and events (check the WPA Range schedule for closures.) The range was founded in 1984 by the Easton Sports Development Foundation as a training facility for the Olympic Games, and is maintained by the Woodley Park Archers, the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers and Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. The Woodley Park Archery Range consists of a partially enclosed short range (18 meters) and an open air long range (90 meters per FITA specifications). The short range is equipped with a backstop made of tightly packed material, and has lights for night shooting. The beginner classes are held on the short range, as well as weekly club shoots and some special events. The long range has 12 lanes equipped with compressed bales. Archers may shoot from 10 to 90 meters on the long range. It is often the site of World Archery (formerly FITA) qualifiers and special events such as SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) reenactments. Twice a month, on Sunday morning, there are clout shoots. Woodley’s long range is wheelchair accessible. On the west side of the long range, we have a concrete shooting lane for those who need assistance in traveling to the targets. The Woodley Park Archers boasts an excellent coaching staff of volunteer instructors who can offer assistance in all forms of archery – Traditional, Olympic-style and Compound. All the club’s instructors are certified by USA Archery (USAA), the governing body for target archery in the United States. Email [email protected] Website http://woodleyparkarchers.org
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