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Operating as usual

Ending the new year with her first shots ever at 30 meters and Jessica splits an arrow! She was really motivated by the 2020 Dumpster Fire Target!

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New fill wood in the knife throwing stand!

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If only killing #covid_19 were this easy...

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@ashguyot turned the Tribal Dragon 2 target into a constellation!

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Yup, I made them! $10, DM me for payment info if you want one! I can mail them or you can pick them up at the range from myself or @paintthearrow!

Attached knife and are throwers! It has been close to two months since I put up this target. I am DELIGHTED that so many people have enjoyed it and are coming out to throw.

That said, I built this out of my own pocket. I am happy to have done so...however, with so many people using it, the wood is already so chewed up that it needs to be replaced. The cost of lumber has increased and, as such, help would be greatly appreciated. I need either lumber or funds.or both.

The interior is made of 2x6 pieces. We need them to be a minimum of 4ft long. If you have any laying around or if you want go buy some, it would be greatly appreciated. Don't leave them at thebstand, however, as the homeless will take them; give them directly to me. If funds as te preferable, DM me and I will tell you how to send.

Thanks for your help in keeping the throwing stand alive!

Robertson Archery update about COVID-19

C19 archery updates

Dear Robertson Archery students and customers,

As you may know, there has been new restrictions enacted in Los Angeles County and City in response to the surge in Covid-19 cases, including near capacity hospitalizations. If you have not seen the full order and would like to, it can be found here: Mayor Public Order Targeted SAH Order Updated.pdf (

I am happy to say that archery ranges are still allowed to remain open and thus the range I teach at is still available to us. I will continue to offer my private lessons unless a more restrictive order is enacted. All Covid-19 precautions will remain in place while teaching and at the range.

Additionally, many may not know, but I do offer low-cost monthly rentals of archery equipment. This is a great way to shoot as much as you want, whether you are currently taking lessons or not. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at (818) 457-6463 to enquire about rentals.

Please remember to always wear a mask at the archery range, even if other people are not. This will help to ensure that the range stays open for use by you and others. Social distancing is also a must at the range; even if some people are not doing it we need as many people who care about the range remaining open to follow the rules as possible.

If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC ( website.

Thank you so much for sticking with us. We look forward to continuing to support each other during these challenging times. Click here for an update from Robertson Archery!

My new foam archery targets! @paintthearrow is selling them for me for $10. Some is is painting for an additional fee; hit him up!

Want a custom design? Have your own art and want me to make it a target? Hit me up!



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My new foam archery targets! @paintthearrow is selling them for me for $10. Some is is painting for an additional fee; hit him up!

Want a custom design? Have your own art and want me to make it a target? Hit me up!



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Happy Monday!



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New foam targets are available! Currently, @paintthearrow is selling my targets for me at the Woodley Park Archery Range.

Want a custom painted target? Contact @paintthearrow and he can make it happen! Want a custom laser target, let me know!

And sometimes it clicks. If they could only be this tight always...

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Prototype knife throwing stand made for @woodleyparkarchers

I'll be making more of these for the range after we finish the long range bale project!

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I need to work with an instructor and get better at throwing knives...

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Now that's not right...

Archery, like life, is a journey, not a destination.

Take your time. Live each shot. Breath through the difficult times and enjoy the good ones. No two days or shots are the same, nor should they be compared to one another, except as in the whole of the journey to this point.

Live to shoot, and shoot to live.

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I chatted with thisnpretty girl for about 5 minutes. She is about 80ft from me and she felt safe enough to eat while we conversed.

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Arrows are complete! Ready for customer use.

Instead if getting your archer flowers, try getting them a bouquet of Arrows!

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Fletching day!

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A customer brought in a 1995 PSE ONE CAM IMPACT for a full string and cable set and repair. The bow was in great shape, but the origional cable slide was missing. PSE no longer makes or offers the slide and the bow will not work with a modern cable slide.

Enter my 3D Printer! I designed a slide based on two photos I could find. It is not as sexy as the original, but it is very functional.

#practical3dprinting #functional3dprinting #3dprinting #archery #compoundbow #bowrepair #bowtechnician @ Robertson Archery

First shots on my new target pad by @paintthearrow


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Groupings are starting to get expensive again...

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Not a bad start to the day!

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Update from Robertson Archery: COVID-19 and Archery Lessons

COVID-19 and Archery Lessons: The range is open again!

Dear Robertson Archery community,

Great news! We can start doing lessons again!

COVID-19 continues to affect our community in many ways, but as of Saturday, May 16th, the Woodley Park Archery Range is once again open and that means we can start shooting agian! Additionally, private lessons can once again commence. There are some differences, however:

When you are taking lessons with me:
• Up to two students in a lesson.
• Face masks must be worn at all times except when actively shooting.
• Minimum 6ft physical distancing. Contact-less Archery Instruction can be a little challenging for beginners. It is not difficult, it just slows down the process of learning correct form.
• For archers who do not have their own equipment, I will have lightweight bows available for use that will be thoroughly sanitized at the end of each lesson as part of the lesson time.

With that, feel free to Book a Lesson ( today! I look forward to seeing you again

If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.
Thank you so much for sticking with us. We look forward to supporting each other during these challenging times.

I hope to see you soon!

Shoot well,
Andrew Robertson (

From Woodey Park Archers, and the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks:

The new hours of operation will be 8am – 5pm, Monday through Sunday, subject to the following rules and restrictions:
• No one permitted entry with symptoms of fever, chronic cough or shortness of breath;
• Face Coverings required by all persons at all times, except for archers, only while actively shooting on the line;
• Minimum 6 feet physical distancing between persons must be maintained at all times;
• Shooting only on shooting line between delineated shooting stalls permitted;
• Face coverings and physical distancing must be maintained during arrow recovery;
• Personal equipment only may be used; no Rental or Loaner equipment available from the WPA invetory;
• No groups allowed;
• No competition or tournaments allowed;
• Use of tables prohibited. Click here for an update from Robertson Archery!

Timeline Photos

15% off Sale on all archery services until March 31st! Parts not included.

Fletching and arrow services
Compound bow maintenence (basic or complete)
Compound parts installation/repair
Bow technician services

And more!

Get your services started before March 31st and your get the deal!

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Behind the scenes shot on last night's NCIS episode. It was great fun working with @dionareasonover and @wilmervalderrama

Renting bows out monthly for the beginning Archer! Rentals are a fantastic cost-effective solution for archers who are just getting into (or back into) the sport. Limb upgrades, Fletching repair, arrow rest replacement, nock replacements and more all all part of the monthly take-it-home service.

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Someone is getting new arrows for the holidays!
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I have been renting low cost complete barebow archery kits by the month since 2016 in the Van Nuys area. If you are new to archery, want to shoot more often, but are not ready to buy a kit yet, renting is a great option!

Rentals include everything you need to shoot except a target and a location. Renters in my local area get repairs (Fletching, nocks, etc) and limb upgrades at no additional cost for the duration of the rental. It is a great way to shoot more often on the same gear while moving up in draw weight at your own pace!

Contact me today if you are interested!

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