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Most people today are so overwhelmed that they can't seem to focus on what's imports. CoVa Karate offers a modern approach to traditional martial arts taught specifically to adults. When you enroll in our Adult only classes you will begin finding the courage to take control of your life.

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Limited edition CoVA Karate t-shirts and hoodies!
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P.S. Haven't tried karate yet? No problem! We offer introductory classes for all ages and skill levels. Tag a friend who might be interested in joining the CoVA Karate tribe!

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Let's build a stronger, more empowered community together!


Overcoming habits is a process that is used in Karate training. This process can be applied to all aspects of your life including how you see yourself. How you see yourself is how the world sees you.


Surround yourself with high performers and develop your skills. There's nothing that accelerates your growth more.

Welcome to CoVA Karate



1. Always stand up while shaking hands with someone.

2. Never make the first offer in a negotiation.

3. Keep their secret if they have faith in you.

4. Return an automobile they lend you with the tank full.

5. Act passionately or don't act at all.

6. Shake hands firmly and stare the other person in the eye.

7. Take a solo trip and experience it.

8. There are clear reasons why you should never refuse a peppermint tablet.

9. If aging is your goal, heed advice.

10. Join the new individual at the office or school for dinner.

11. If you are furious and you are texting someone, complete, read, delete, and rewrite the message.

12. You avoid discussing business, politics, or religion at the table.

13. Set goals and work toward them in writing.

14. Present your case while showing people respect and tolerance.

15. Make a visit and phone your family.

16. Never look back and always learn from your experiences

17. Your personality ought to be one of loyalty and honor.

18. Never give money to someone you know won't be able to repay you.

19. Have faith in something.

20. Make your bed as soon as you wake up.

21. Take a shower and sing.

22. Maintain a garden or a plant.

23. Look up at the sky whenever you get the chance.

24. Recognize and utilize your strengths.

25. Embrace your work or quit it.

26. When you need assistance, ask for it.

27. Instruct someone in a value-ideally a modest one.

28. Express gratitude to the person who is reaching out to you.

29. Show your neighbors kindness.

30. If you brighten someone else's day, it will brighten yours as well.

31. Put yourself to the test.

32 Give yourself a treat at least yearly

33. Look after your well-being.

34. Always give a cheerful greeting.

35. Speak slowly, but think quickly.

36. Avoid speaking while full of mouth.

37. Always maintain a neat appearance, trim your nails, and

shine your shoes. 38. Avoid voicing an opinion on topics you are unfamiliar with.

39. Don't treat others badly.

40. Approach each day as though it were your last.

41. Don't ever pass up the chance to keep silent.

42. Give someone credit for their work.

43. Have humility, even if it's not always present.

44. Always remember your origins.

45. Take trips whenever you can.

46. Resign from the step.

47 Take a rainy dance.

48. Keep going after your success.

49. Treat others fairly and defend those in need.

50. Acquire the skill of relishing solitude.

Virginia beach karate & martial arts 05/02/2024

Have you been sitting at the fence about joining And learning karate?

Our most popular package is our quarterly program and that is currently ** $375 ** per quarter. Beginning June 1st, our quarterly program will increase to $469 per quarter unless you lock in now!

There's no other school in Virginia Beach teaching Okinawan martial arts, exclusively to adults, at the level we offer it here at Coastal Virginia Karate

Group sessions every Tuesday and Thursday from 645 to 8/8:30 pm

Recognition of your rank through the National Karate jutsu federation.

We offer 2 free classes. We don't want you making the decision to commit without first doing your due diligence.

Register for your 2 free classes at

Virginia beach karate & martial arts Virginia Beach Karate for adults. Many adults have dreamed of earning their black belt. Cova, Karate is your Virginia Beach Karate school specially suited for those over 30 It's never too late to start on your karate journey!


Quick update about competitions. We're not forming a competition group this year, but that's okay! If competing is your thing, we'll still totally train you and support you. We can even come cheer you on if you want.

Things have shifted a bit at the studio. We're seeing more young professionals these days, and their goals often differ from those of younger students. They're looking to build self-confidence, discipline, and focus, all skills that martial arts excels at teaching. Plus, frankly, the competition scene can be a bit overwhelming, with its own set of rules and pressures.

Basically, if you're a young professional in Hampton Roads looking to learn martial arts for self-confidence, focus, and all that, without the competition pressure, this is your place. We train for real-world skills, not just trophies. Come on down!


As it should be

He is 83 year old black belt Karate and Tai chi master. When he learns new thing (kobudo) he starts again with WHITE BELT. What a humility.


Feeling Like Your Workouts Are Stuck in the 90s? (

Trade the treadmill for something EPIC!

Okinawan Karate at VB Karate Masters isn't your dad's karate class (unless your dad was secretly a total badass ).

Ditch the Stress & Unleash Your Inner Warrior:

* Sharpen your focus like a boss
* Boost your energy & leave the afternoon slump behind ➡️⚡️
* Gain confidence that'll have you crushing presentations like a black belt

Ready to Trade-In the Boardroom for the Dojo? (

Visit our website to learn more and claim your FREE introductory class!


It's nice to belong to such a well run Martial Arts association!

Every new student is registered with the association, and if they have rank in other systems they are also recognized (with copies of certificates)

Our students receive the school certificate and if they would like can also have a certificate from the association.

Being a member gives all students access to a variety of different members , from various styles , who share knowledge freely.

CoVA Karate invites you to explore Martial arts on an entirely different level, free of the rigidness commonly found in in most style centric associations.

Interested in training with us, try 2 free classes.

Register at

Virginia Beach Karate & Martial art School 04/26/2024

# # Conquer the Virginia Beach Grind: Feeling Stressed as a Busy Professional? We Can Help!

**Tired of Feeling Like Work is Eating You Alive?**

Virginia Beach professionals, we hear you! Between deadlines, meetings, and the constant hustle, it's easy to feel burnt out and overwhelmed.

But what if there was a way to manage stress, boost your energy, and become a calmer, more focused professional?

**At VA Beach Dojo, we specialize in helping busy professionals like YOU** develop the tools they need to conquer the daily grind.

**Here's a sneak peek at what you'll gain:**

* **Stress-Busting Techniques:** Learn powerful methods to manage stress and leave work feeling centered.
* **Increased Energy & Focus:** Boost your stamina and sharpen your concentration for peak performance.
* **Improved Confidence & Well-being:** Discover a newfound sense of confidence and overall well-being.

**Ready to ditch the stress and thrive in Virginia Beach?**

Visit our website or contact VA Beach Dojo today to learn more about how Okinawan Karate can transform your life!

Virginia Beach Karate & Martial art School Virginia Beach martial art school, we teach karate in a manner that is unlike any other school in our region! Our goal isn't pretty forms, but functional concepts.


Do you live in the Hampton Roads area and have a background in Okinawan or Japanese Karate? Have you been looking for a Dojo that is open and welcoming? No matter your style we offer a home for you to train! We don't want you to forget what you have already learned we want you to add to it.



Many people today view martial arts solely in terms of fighting physical combat. This view usually takes The context of the octagon or in the cage. But this is only a very small aspect of what martial arts really is all about.

Martial arts is about making yourself better than you were in the previous days. It's about a healthy mindset, better physical condition and even improved spiritual being.

In Japan, many executives study Bushido and they study the book of five rings. Martial arts are about finding balance, developing mindfulness, patience and control. These attributes are not just limited to the dojo. They are applicable to both your personal and work life.

Many businessmen lack these attributes, they suffer from anxiety, hypertension, weight issues and more. Martial arts training is a holistic approach to addressing all these issues and bringing balance to your life.

Coastal Virginia Karate Is now offering a new program for businessmen and women designed specifically to create new habits that bring balance to your life through martial arts. This is much more than learning how to punch and kick. This is mentorship. This is accountability. This is aiming for a better version of you over a period of time.

We're offering this course free to 10 local business people with a 6-month karate membership! Why the membership to become a better you? We want you to Make a decision to commit to 6 months of training 3 hours a week. This works out to be roughly 72 hours of training time or just under 11 per hour ($750 for 6 months)

Here are the requirements:

- Independent contractor
- Team Manager
- Business owner
- willing to be open to construct a criticism
- willing to commit to doing what Is asked of you without questions.

If it sounds like a commitment you can stick to with accountability Private message to be considered.


Ditch the "work-life balance" myth!

Focusing on balance implies work is half the equation. Instead, your ideal job should fuel your desired lifestyle, not consume it. Work should fit seamlessly into your life, not be the entirety of it.


While most martial art schools pay lip service to teaching discipline Coastal Virginia Karate ( Cova Karate ) has developed a coaching / mentoring program for business leaders, manager, sale reps specifically to develop new habits and discipline.

We are currently offering the Mentorship training to 10 local business people FREE, with your commitment to 12 months of martial arts training. But we don't want you to feel pressured in joining, so we will also give you 4 free classes so you can make an informed and logical decision!

To be considered for the program, send an email to [email protected] and provide your contact information so we can get you on the schedule!


This ....

You work 8 hours to live 4.
You work 5 days to enjoy 2.
You work 8 hours to eat in 15 minutes.
You work 8 hours to sleep 6
You work all year just to take a week or two vacation.
You work all your life to retire in old age.
And watch only your last breaths.
Eventually, you realize that life is nothing but a parody of yourself practicing your own oblivion.
We have become so accustomed to material and social slavery that we no longer see the chains..⛓️
Life is a short trip,
Live it up.

Cr: Dwayne Smith


What is self discipline?

"The ability to do what you have to do when you have to do it, whether you feel like it or not."


Discipline is the bridge between thought and
accomplishment the bridge between inspiration and value achievement the bridge between necessity.
-Jim Rohn


Kyoshi David Colaizzi explaining the mechanics behind flowing movements.


No one makes you feel anything, everything you feel is determined by how you choose to react to a situation.


We are all controlled by our habits. SOME are good others are not beneficial. KARATE helps you learn to identify habits that aren't beneficial and to replace them with beneficial habits.


These 18 things all require Discipline, none of these are easy. Karate doesn't teach Discipline, it shows you how to develop it!


Many martial arts schools speak to creating or teaching Discipline . Discipline can not be taught like one teaches an abstract concept like lifting weights, or running through Kata. It is a personal commitment to do something for themselves regardless of the tempo price that they pay.

Attending karate class, following directions and jumping to orders is not discipline. Showing up daily regardless of how you feel, knowing that you are working towards something better.

Discipline is the silent power that drives our perseverance to be more than Average, to be more than the best of the worst (mediocre).


Karate works on the brain through
Neuroplasticity, this the ability of the brain's neural networks to change through growth and reorganization. These changes occur due to learning complex Kata.


Karate is incomplete, and contains gaps, it can only be fully understood when the lessons of Kobudo are plugged into those gaps. Kobudo therefore is the key that unlocks further understanding .


Our lives are nothing more than the habits we have created, and we aren't even aware of them.

Karate helps us identify habits that are holding us back through mindful self-reflection

What is a habit:

"A habit is when you have done something so many times that your body knows how to do it better than your mind."

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Videos (show all)

Sensei David Colaizzi introducing Nunchaku
Kyoshi David Colaizzi explaining the mechanics behind flowing movements.
Pushing our guys beyond what is considered average by applying pressure and pushing them past their mental limits
Kyu Ranks playing offense defense. #virginiaBeach #karate Adults only!!!
Sensei David Colaizzi and  Vinh Dinh have some fun sparring CoVA Karate offers adult only martial arts
The guys were having a good time learning to react to each other.  Sensei David applied pressure to everyone.Adult Karat...
Hand transitions with the bo
Students working on drills, and playing with the movement...
Students working together to figure out complex movements.  Making adult Karate fun and challenging
The guys working together learning to apply Kata concepts to sparring.This is a fun symbiotic learning processAdults onl...
The guys working together learning to apply Kata concepts to sparring.This is a fun symbiotic learning processAdults onl...
👉Adult Karate, specifically suited for professionalsDevelop:💪 Focus💪 Balance💪 Increased range of motion 💪 and flexibilit...





3157 Shipps Corner Road Unit 106
Virginia Beach, VA

Opening Hours

6:30pm - 8pm

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