Katalyst Krav Maga

Katalyst Krav Maga is a new martial arts gym in Virginia Beach with affiliation directly to Israel.

Operating as usual

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Welcoming 2024!


We love to complain, we complain when things are different and we complain when they stay the same. Why not aim for change?


The meme above underscores the crucial mindset shift during genuine martial arts training. ‘Self-defense’ often suggests reactive, fear-driven responses. As an advocate for a proactive, skill-based approach to handling assault, I propose considering ‘counter assault training’ to better emphasize this proactive strategy. Though it might not trend soon! 😉


Training together, bridging two generations. Mike and Andrew, Katalyst stalwarts since day one, embody consistency over the last 2.5 years. Strength in a world where many falter lies in showing up and following through on your commitments.


Sometimes you're the hammer but most of the time you are the nail. If you train in realistic self defense very rarely is it ego affirming training. But in this one picture I look pretty good. In future posted videos I definitely won't look as good. Thanks and for a great training course this weekend!

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Found some Katalyst Members in the wilds of Idaho. Ending our trip to Idaho with a weekend long EWO (Edged weapons overview) course. The fun (training) starts tomorrow

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Gym’s closed this week as Sara and I are in Idaho spending time with family. It’s tough shutting down, but it’s crucial to keep that fire for training burning. 💪 ”Write a caption...

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WriteI rarely take breaks or vacations. Most of my time away from Katalyst is spent engaged in training sessions with or .maga.israel. Another way I unwind is by seeking ‘type 2 fun’ in the mountains—activities that may feel tough initially but become memorable adventures in retrospect. I’ve developed a real appreciation for this kind of experience.

Recently, I spent nights enduring 30° temperatures, sleeping under the stars, waking at 3 AM for hours of hiking in darkness, and enduring long hours in the cold. Surprisingly, I found immense satisfaction in retrospect, despite the initial challenges.

Moreover, each person in our group successfully hunted and brought home a deer, providing food for their families in the upcoming months.


Last weekend’s training with and was incredible! If you’re serious about self-defense and haven’t joined an course yet, you’re truly missing out. Investing in self-defense training? Make a ShivWorks course your top priority. With four ECQC courses under my belt, the depth of knowledge and real-world applicability is unmatched. I strongly urge all my fellow instructors to consider this invaluable experience.

Also, meeting was a blast; his wit, humor, and technical prowess, as seen on his YouTube channel hard2hurt, were just as impressive in person. 🔥💪


This week, we'll be delving into the art of self-defense by mastering the clinch or entanglement. Clinch fighting is a crucial aspect of learning to protect yourself successfully. This demanding training method requires you to maintain balance, consciousness, and apply pressure to control posture and enhance your position. The ultimate goal of self-defense training is to disengage effectively, transition to better tools, or exit the area safely, and proficient clinch fighting empowers you to achieve just that.

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It's the American way, a crowded day at the range, sighting in for deer season. After the events in Israel, Ukraine it is even more important to retain our god given rights to self-defense against enemies foreign and domestic.


If you're interested in self-defense and improving your fitness levels, you should definitely consider giving Krav Maga a try. This dynamic martial art draws its influences from boxing, wrestling, judo, and Japanese jujitsu, making it the perfect choice for those who prioritize practical self-defense over the competitive aspects found in other martial arts. Krav Maga is a comprehensive mixed martial art that covers defense against weapons, handling multiple attackers, situational awareness drills, and effective de-escalation techniques. 💪🥋 Don't miss the chance to enhance your skills and fitness simultaneously!

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The 5 stages of a Katalyst Rank Testing experience. If you know you know.


Coaching is my life’s true calling, driving me to continuously learn and grow. It’s an honor to have others depend on me to perform at my best. Leaders lead the way!


Sebastian Junger defines a tribe as a group you would defend with your life and share your last meal with. In the Western world, our remarkable technological advancements have driven us apart. We've grown less reliant on community because we believe we have no needs, and consequently, we rarely seek the support of others. This reluctance to show vulnerability prevents us from forming deep connections. As this course concludes, some of us have grown closer than we ever thought possible, akin to family. We have become "brothers in pain", even though the pain was manufactured by the rigors of the training the result produced the same result. A tribe of people that I would defend with my life and share my last meal with. Welcome to the and .maga.israel tribe.


Deep conversations can be uncomfortable.


Balancing all three key components of a class is crucial. Would you suggest any other key components to a class?


Got some cool patches in! Thanks for the picture.


Standing with Israel, during these unprecedented attacks. Having been to Israel quite a few times I am shocked and saddened to see what is happening. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem, the Middle East, and and his family. 🙏🇮🇱


Another Rank testing in the books! Thanks to everyone who left it on the mats! You all have heart! ❤️


Ripply did great tournament this weekend. Definitely got gold in the cute dog grappling category! As well as most well behaved Katalyst Member.


At some point you have to stop collecting tools and start building something with them.” -

The picture shows how many combinations you can create with just four inputs: a jab, a cross, a hook punch, and a right leg kick.

We tend to overcomplicate things. We’re always seeking more nifty tips and tricks, thinking that accumulating more knowledge will help us achieve our goals. However, in reality, simplicity often prevails, and the journey is tougher. We must master the basics, reinforcing them under ever increasing pressure to ensure they become flawless.


Getting those classes in for rank testing! Nice work .c83 those crucifix burpee's are no joke!


Combatives Summit is rocking so Far. Great connections and training.


Oftentimes, I find it challenging to maintain consistency and create mental space for extended workouts. Running a business can often deplete one’s willpower and creativity. The approach that has proven effective for me is to keep it both straightforward and demanding. I’ve made a commitment to exercise every day of the week, with Sundays as my designated rest day.

Yesterday’s workout featured 50 pull-ups, organized in sets of 5, paired with 100 Zercher-style split squats, each bearing a 100lb load. Today’s routine involved 100 kettlebell swings, employing a 106lb weight, and 100 pushups executed with a 13.75lb weight vest.

We often tend to overcomplicate exercise, believing it must be performed in a specific setting. Yet, the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle holds true. Achieving your goals necessitates consistent, hard work. For most of us, the pursuit of perfection isn’t essential. Simply getting it done is the key. With years of steadfast dedication, we can then strive for an optimal approach.


9/11 Lessons to Remember:

1. Tribal unity around suffering is a powerful force. I remember the feeling of a country being unified against a great evil. It’s powerful. Terrorism’s aim is to incite terror into the population, and often it also has an unintended result of unifying the population against them. I believe humans need suffering to unify; in comfortable times, it’s easy to fragment into smaller, more individual groups. Suffering increases cohesion, and people are more likely to tolerate differences for the greater good.
2. Evil men exist, and not everyone sees the world in the same way we do. There are men who have a ‘kill or be killed’ mentality, and slights and offenses are dealt with by physical violence and murder. It’s important to remain vigilant and prepared. The world may seem nice, but even a cursory look at history has shown an ever-increasing body count from century to century.” #911

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Katalyst Krav Maga

Katalyst Krav Maga is a new self-defense gym opening soon in the beautiful city of Virginia Beach. We are affiliated with Ron Engleman and Krav Maga Israel. Our slogan is “Confidence Through Competence.” At Katalyst Krav Maga we believe that confidence is earned by experience. Ego is the counterfeit of confidence built through the power of your imagination. True confidence is born when you discover that you have what it takes through the challenges of your own experiences. At Katalyst our goal is to help you on your journey to achieving “Confidence Through Competence” through self-defense training and physical fitness so that you can walk in peace.

The curriculum centers around two simple and battle tested self-defense principles; hit hard enough to inflict damage then disengage from the conflict or control your opponent and move yourself into a more dominant position where disengagement is safe. The curriculum starts with the basics: punching, deliberate movements, chokehold releases, basic weapon defenses, and Ground defense. We offer a fabulous workout and we guarantee that you will be sweating by the end of every class. I have had many clients who trained with me for two to four times a week and see dramatic improvements in their physical and mental well-being thanks to consistently attending classes where they master a skill and not just complete another set of burpees (though burpees are a class favorite).

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If you're interested in self-defense and improving your fitness levels, you should definitely consider giving Krav Maga ...
Train with us for 5 weeks! Our 5 week fighting fitness challenge is the best way to experience Krav Maga and get in shap...
Free flow pad work to the beat of a metronome. Its a good way to hone coordination, rhythm, timing and also a fantasticc...
A peak into our intermediate class! We worked multiple attackers starting from rear bearhugs, striking to the body was a...
Saturday is the last day of striking week! 🥊 In the Intermediate class we explored the concept of using 3 punch combos t...
Worked punch defenses this week. Ended class with light sparring trying to apply those defenses with light resistance. L...
This week was grappling week! Working with beginners to form a system of movement for dealing with threats trying to pas...
When you see art you post art. 🤷🏼‍♂️#Katalyst #katalystkravmaga #confidancethroughcomptetence #martialartstraining #krav...
Highlighting another one of our awesome students! Dimitri has won gold at 2 out 2 of his last tournaments. Congratulatio...
Flow drills last night, working on basic striking and rear headlocks. It’s a common mistake to quickly address the sympt...
When your clients show you some love! She doesn’t know how sensitive I really am…. 🥺. Great work moving those Kettlebell...




349 Southport Circle, Suite 111
Virginia Beach, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 8:45pm
Tuesday 10:30am - 11:30am
4pm - 8:45pm
Wednesday 4pm - 8:45pm
Thursday 10:30am - 11:30am
4pm - 8:45pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

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