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Making fast athletes faster using proper speed mechanics and teaching force production that takes th

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Huge shout out to for having me out for their combine camp!


Shout out to Coach James for being employee of the month! Thank you for all of your hard work and making a difference with these athletes!


Lateral Decel Training for the Euro Step .c


What an amazing seminar, talk about inspiring and being able to connect with some awesome coaches, Thank you! .filmer .co


Load to Explode 💥

✅ Single Leg Power
✅ Acceleration
✅ Body Control
✅ Balance


If you’re not learning/teaching hand speed you’re missing out on the quickness, vision/hand eye coordination, and brain training.


As coaches, our words matter. Being specific in what we say and not assuming our athletes understand what we mean.

Our reactive 5-10-5 looked great, besides a minor detail. I said bring the cones back to the middle vs stacking the cones in the middle.

bacon6 did what I asked😂


✅ Focus
✅ Dedication
✅ Consistency

Couldn’t be more proud of my athlete .bacon6 for putting in the work to get one step closer to his dream💯🔥


Photos from Xcel Performance's post 03/02/2022

Huge shout out to a few of my guys .bullock being named to the 1st Team All Region & being named 2nd Team All Reagion💯🔥


Huge shout out to Lee Taft! Absolutely Love this course


.bacon6 working on his craft, putting in that work💯


In order to learn, kids need to:
See It!
Hear It!
Do It!
Touch It!

Repetition provides the practice they need to master new skills.

Repetition helps to improve speed, increases confidence, and strengthens the connections in the brain that help them master movements


Taking the 1/2 kneeling start & applying it to the lateral run to generate More Power and to Groove the Pattern.

1️⃣ Foot & Hip - Face the same direction
2️⃣ Knee Pushed Forward - Shin over Toe
3️⃣ Hip Loaded - Lean Forward
4️⃣ Core Tight

1️⃣ Push Down & Away
2️⃣ Open Opposite Hip - Turns into Sprint
3️⃣ Big Arm Action
4️⃣ Chase Your Shoulders - Lean Forward



How do you improve your 40yd time?

Easy.. Run Faster😂
But there’s a few things we can do to help, since there are so many components to it...

1️⃣ Improve the overall amount of strength and power you can apply to the ground.

Example exercises:
▶️ Squats
▶️ Lunges
▶️ True Plyometrics (just to name a few)

2️⃣ Improve your starting technique. It is important to be in your stance with:

▶️ Toes turned up towards your shin
▶️ Knee pushed forward
▶️ Body weight is leaned forward
▶️ Head in a neutral position

3️⃣ Acceleration

▶️ Lead leg will drive aggressively into the ground (down & back)
▶️ Trail leg knee being driven forward
▶️ Arm action must be BIG & aggressive and be opposite to the leg action.
(Right leg - left arm)

The first 3-5 steps are piston-like. The goal is to get a body that is stationary up to top speed ASAP! Arms and legs should be straight ahead with their action

After the initial acceleration phase is done, the leg action now becomes longer and less piston-like

The body is more upright and looks more like sprinting

4️⃣ Stay relaxed as the finish line as you approach the finish line

▶️ Run with hot feet
▶️ Do not overstride at the end of the run
▶️ Run through the finish like you still have 10yds to go


Stop doing butt kicks like this!
Make this small adjustment

As athletes we learned from a young age that buttkicks were a part of our warmup.

The thing is, how we learned to do them was making us slower.

It’s won’t help acceleration mechanics but more of top end speed mechanics.



Partner chases get your athletes to put in more effort while keeping training fun!

@757.lance.c .jordan0


Give your players the edge, Next week, Headed To San Antonio, TX! Teamed up with to put on a basketball speed clinic, ages 10+

Learning and practicing the 7 movements of speed development, to get your players moving with more precision to stay competitive at the next level


A lil snippet from our talk on the Kirk Effect

Photos from Xcel Performance's post 06/23/2021

Why do I do this?

To make a difference for my players their parents & coaches!



Watch & you’ll notice most players become disorganized when they move backwards, which can you blame them?

Moving backwards isn’t normally a primary skill for court and field sports, but it is the one skill that can make a huge difference in their game.

1️⃣ Decide Sooner
One big problem I see I sports like tennis, baseball, and softball, is players react too late. Therefore, playing catch up vs making a quick retreating jump for a play. Having the ability to open the hips, push off hard to create space, and accelerate to make a play.

2️⃣ Nose Over Toes
Keep the shoulders forward and pivot around the center of mass with hips back and shoulders forward. It allows athletes to load properly and push forward while staying athletic and balanced.

If the shoulders pop up and back, the hips don’t load, balance is off, and accelerate is an afterthought. Not falling becomes the priority.

3️⃣Backpedal When Unsure
✅Hip Turn When Certain
When still reading the play it is beneficial to perform a controlled backpedal while you read. Once you are certain of where the play is going, Hip Turn quickly, create space, and accelerate based on the speed of the play.

Tip #1 is about deciding sooner than later. Remember not to run if there has been no direct reason to turn and run. Simply backpedal, read and stay positioned to Hip Turn and explode when needed.



A leaning start is a far more dynamic activity than a wall drill, which places the athlete’s body at an angle to actually experience accelerating

Build and reinforce proper body angle during the acceleration phase of a sprint.

Timeline photos 06/11/2021

Train Smarter. Get Faster.

This summer is all about improving:
✅ Improving your Speed
✅ Improving your Power
✅ Improving your Chang of Direction


Timeline photos 06/08/2021

Truly grateful to be working with such a great group of athletes!

They’ve improved so much over the last 6 weeks that now they’re playing to a higher standard💯


Huge shout out to for letting me come out and help with his athletes .so_. These guys know how to out in work!!


The crouch start helps build the bottom line...

Which is improving 3 things:

1️⃣ Technique - Athletes to be as efficient as possible, no wasted actions and to tap into the right action / reaction forces.

2️⃣ Horse Power - Train their strength so the amount of force they apply into the ground is greater.. they will get faster.

3️⃣ Recovery - Having the ability to perform top quality reps to the potential of their energy system max.
If you want speed, train for speed.. we need to prioritize being explosive and quick and understand the energy systems to achieve that.

‼️(Most coaches don’t allow enough recovery time between reps/sets which makes their athletes Slower)


Speed in 3 Simple Components:

1️⃣ How Hard
2️⃣ How Fast
3️⃣ What Direction

Keeping things simple makes it easier to learn. Diving deeper👇🏽

1️⃣ How hard dives into how much force are you producing into the ground

2️⃣ How fast is talking about how fast are you able to strike the ground and recover to strike again

3️⃣ What direction refers to where is the foot landing for maximum acceleration



Huge thanks to for having me on the show and talking about training and my philosophy!

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What an amazing seminar, talk about inspiring and being able to connect with some awesome coaches, Thank you! @perform_b...
As coaches, our words matter. Being specific in what we say and not assuming our athletes understand what we mean. Our r...
@g.bacon6 working on his craft, putting in that work💯 #speedtraining #speedandagility #speedandagilitytraining #speedand...
How do you improve your 40yd time?Easy.. Run Faster😂But there’s a few things we can do to help, since there are so many ...
The crouch start helps build the bottom line...Which is improving 3 things:1️⃣ Technique - Athletes to be as efficient a...
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Protecting your kneeImproving hip & ankle stability and reduce collapsing kneesThe SL pallof press is Great for athletes...




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