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We are committed to sharing yoga in a welcoming, friendly, safe, and nurturing environment for all ❤️

Operating as usual


Share the gift of yoga with your mom and mom-figures this weekend. We are so grateful for all of the moms, aunts, grandmas and more who make Bliss their yoga home 💙


“The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.”- Jason Crandell

We hope your mat and this place can serve as a safe space to explore your inner self. See you on the mat!

Tuesday Schedule
11 AM Breathwork + Meditation
12 PM Warm Yoga
4:30 PM Candlelight Hot Flow
6 PM Hot 26
7 PM Flow


Say hey to Addie 👋🏻 the latest addition to our fabulous front desk team. Be sure to welcome her to the Bliss family when you see her!

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April showers brings May flowers—come see what’s blooming over at Bliss this month! 🌸🌼🌻

Please note—afternoon classes are cancelled on May 5, and regularly scheduled classes are cancelled on May 27 but please join Shannon at 8:30am for a special donation based Memorial Day Class!

We can’t wait to see you on the mat this month!


We’re blushing ☺️ We are only able to do what we do because of our amazing students that fill our studio with light and love each day. We’re so grateful you all trust us 💙


Tonight at Bliss Yoga!!
Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing this Friday at 6 PM! Never tried yoga nidra? Expect to find deep rest, relaxing your mind, body, and spirit. All you have to do is lay down, and your teachers will guide you into a relaxed state. Sign up on our Wellness Living schedule online today! (link in bio)


This is a choose your own adventure kind of studio. Whether you stumble into a hot class, a warm class, a nonheated flow, or our super relaxing yin offering, you will leave your mat feeling even the smallest bit better, and that will carry you through the rest of your day, your week, your month.


“In truth yoga doesn’t take time- it gives time.” - Ganga White

How will you spend your time this weekend?

FRI 4:00 PM yin
FRI 4:30 PM candlelight hot flow

SAT 7:30 AM early rise hot flow
SAT 8:30 AM yoga jam
SAT 9:00 AM hot 26

SUN 8:00 AM slow flow
SUN 8:30 AM hot flow
SUN 10:00 AM hot flow
SUN 4:00 PM gentle yoga + meditation
SUN 4:30 PM candlelight hot flow


Our teachers put so much care into the experience they create for students, and our front desk staff is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure students feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you to our team for doing this needed work!


It fills our hearts to know that students notice the details of our space and our teachers. It’s the little things that makes Bliss the special place that it is ✨


“We have never arrived. We are a constant state of becoming.” - Bob Dylan

Continue your journey of becoming by stepping on your mat this week. Join us for a Hot Flow, Warm Yoga, Hot 26, or even a Nonheated Practice in our beautiful Luna Room.

Book online using the link in our bio or visiting


Did you know that asana, or posture, is just one of the eight limbs of yoga? We are so happy Frances is bringing back the Pranayama Immersion Series to help the Bliss community learn more about one of the other limbs! When we’re able to make breathing a mindful practice, we’re able to invigorate our bodies reacts to stress.

Join Frances for three weeks of deep diving into various breath practices, each with a particular outcome in mind. You will be guided through a 45 min experience that taps into our breath-body-mind connections, soothes the nervous system, and brings deeper insight into one’s own lived experiences.

Register on Wellness Living today!



I have such a sense of blossoming and growth for this season in my life and Bliss Yoga! I love that it’s syncing with this month of April. I have a lot of exciting things I’ve been balancing to bring to our community. One of those Bliss projects has brought me growth mentally, physically, and spiritually…it has brought me added confidence and I’m grateful. I’m beyond excited to announce that Bliss Yoga will be providing its first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training this upcoming fall (we are hoping for September start date). I’m proud and honored to announce that Frances and I will be Lead Teachers. This is all the detailed information I have available to you before we are a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance (we are in the process). This training will serve those that want to dig deeper into their yoga practice; whether your end goal is to teach or not, this yoga teacher training will have a positive impact on your life and practice! I’m blessed and realize what a responsibility this is, and I don’t take it lightly. The Bliss Yoga Teacher Training is going to be incredible! We can’t wait to share all the details with you…stay tuned!

With much peace, love, and gratitude,

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April at Bliss! 🌹🪻🌸🌺🌷🌻🌼

Check out everything going on this month! To make sure you’re always the first to know, make sure you have notifications turned ON in Wellness Living ✅


This weekend at Bliss 💙

Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing this Sunday at 6 PM! Never tried yoga nidra? Expect to find deep rest, relaxing your mind, body, and spirit. All you have to do is lay down, and your teachers will guide you into a relaxed state. Sign up on Wellness Living today!

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Spring forward at Bliss Yoga! Swipe to see our March offerings— as always, sign up on Wellness Living 🌸💐🌺


Magical conversations happen in this nook after class ✨ we love the relationships that form between all those who call Bliss their yoga home!


“The power of yin yoga is time, not effort.”- Paul Grilley ✨

Yin yoga in the Luna room is always a good use of time.
✨ Wednesdays at 5:30 PM with Maria
✨ Thursdays at 11:00 AM with Jeanette
✨ Fridays at 4:00 PM with Anyssa
✨ Mondays at 11:00 AM with Jennifer



Shannon attended her first yoga class while she was in high school, and it was an experience that she will never forget. She can still vividly remember being guided into that first savasana and the peace she felt. When she walked into her first hot vinyasa class a few years later, she fell in love and thus began her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Thirteen years later, Shannon became a teacher herself. Yoga is an integral part of Shannon’s life, and she has loved experiencing how her practice has changed over the years and reflecting on how those changes have translated to life off her mat as well. She is grateful to be a forever student.

When she’s not at Bliss, you can find Shannon hiking, traveling, reading, and spending time with her family, friends, and Godchildren.

Practice with Shannon:
✨ Monday at 7:00 PM - Warm Yoga
✨ Thursday at 6:30 PM - Flow



Michelle was first introduced to yoga in a high school PE class. She gravitated towards the breathing techniques that she still uses to this day. Being from small town Indiana, there were no yoga studios for her to join, so she had to practice on her own. When she moved to San Diego in 1999, she could finally join her first studio, and she was hooked! Michelle added to the story, sharing that “now, 20 some years later, yoga is so much more than a workout, its a way of life. Yoga gives me a new prospective on life, physically and mentally. And my family loves it too, which is an extra bonus!”

In her spare time, Michelle likes to read— audio books are her favorite. She can download a book and organize her entire house, her other favorite thing to do. When she’s not busy organizing, you can find Michelle on her paddle board or hiking & floating the river in the mountains!

Practice with Michelle:
✨ Monday at 9:30 AM - Flow



Flavia was introduced to yoga in 2010. The classes helped so much with anxiety and depression. Since then, she has not stopped practicing yoga! “It brings me a lot of joy and peace!”

When Flavia isn’t teaching, she enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling and spending time with family and friends!

Practice with Flavia:
✨ Tuesday at 7:00 PM - Flow


We love celebrating the milestones of our students. Reaching 100 class is no easy task, so sending lots of love to these individuals for their dedication!



Lanique’s yoga story began in college, where she found herself trying to find productive ways to combat anxiety and depression. She signed up for a yoga course and never looked back! After practicing for years, she found an online program that she completed during the 2020 quarantine. Lanique shared, “yoga is definitely a huge part of my life now, and it truly makes me feel more connected to my body & purpose each and every day.”

Outside of yoga, Lanique loves painting, interior merchandising and design, and enjoying a glass of wine!

Practice with Lanique:
✨ Monday at 6:00 PM - Candlelight Gentle Yoga

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What’s your Sunday afternoon vibe? We’ve got it all.
✨4:00 PM Gentle Yoga & Meditation with Sheena
✨4:30 PM Candlelight Hot Flow with Anyssa

Either way, we’ll see you this afternoon!



Jennifer originally found yoga as she was trying to make changes in her life and move towards a more active and healthy lifestyle.

I was trying a lot of new things, but I quickly realized that yoga wasn’t just a workout and that this practice left me feeling a sense of peace that I didn’t realize I already had inside of me. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life, but yoga has been the one consistent thing that has helped to keep me balanced and grounded. Yoga has been a huge factor in pulling myself out of the lowest points of my life, and has helped immensely in processing trauma, relaxing my nervous system, and allowing me to feel comfortable in my own skin. Realizing how powerful and transformative this practice can be, has been nothing short of miraculous, and I've realized that it is so much more than just a physical experience. My practice is my time to let go of everything that is happening around me, and to tune into what is happening inside of me. I strongly believe that when you do the work on the inside, everything else outside of you begins to fall into place. I try my best to carry my practice beyond the mat and into the way I carry myself and live my life. I am dedicated to sharing this gift with others and assisting them in realizing the gifts that we already possess if we choose to tap into them.

When she’s not at Bliss, you can find Jennifer hiking, kayaking, biking, exploring, spending time with her family!

Practice with Jennifer:
✨ Monday at 6:30 AM - Early Rise Fusion: Hot 26 Flow
✨ Monday at 11:00 AM - Yin Yoga
✨ Thursday at 9:00 AM- Fusion: Hot 26 Flow
✨ Thursday at 12:00 PM - Lunch Express Warm Yoga
✨ Saturday at 9:00 AM - Hot 26



My mom encouraged me to try yoga when I moved back home after graduating college. I was struggling with anxiety/depression and I discovered my mind would quiet after practicing yoga. I fell in love with the practice instantly and started searching for a deeper understanding of yoga. Fast forward to 2021, I attended a 200 hour YTT fully immersed in all things yoga while living off grid in a Costa Rican jungle. Here, I learned about the history, meditation, pranayama, Ayurveda and so much more. This was a completely transformative experience and has given me a deeper appreciation of the practice as well as the confidence to share what I’ve learned to others. I owe all of my self growth to this practice and want to share with others that this practice is so much more than physical, but rather a way of being.

I love going to concerts and dancing , anything DIY, thrift shopping, playing bass guitar and hanging with my plants/ cats

Practice with Maria:
✨ Wednesday at 5:30PM - Yin Yoga

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happy Valentine’s Day! Open your heart this weekend at Anyssa‘s back-bending workshop, where we will be exploring, the anatomy and mobility involved with heart opening postures. Along with moving through the physical aspects, come prepared to meditate and journal to open pathways for self-love and love towards others.

Register on wellness living to reserve your spot today!



Autum first tried yoga for when she was stationed in the navy in Monterey, CA. At the time, she was in a really tough program learning Arabic and figured she needed some relaxation! Yoga brought her so much more than that. Autum shared, “throughout all the moves and changes in my life over the past 10+ years, yoga has always held a space in my heart. Yoga is a nonjudgmental, peaceful and safe place for me!”

When she’s not at Bliss, you can find Autum outdoors—hiking, running, beaching, and walking her dog. She loves to experiment in the kitchen with baking and cooking. Spending time with her partner and fur babies is her favorite!

Practice with Autum:
✨ Tuesday at 6PM - Hot 26


Show yourself some love by showing up on your mat this Valentine’s Day 💗

6:30 AM Early Rise Fusion: Hot 26
8:00 AM Hot Flow
9:30 AM Flow
12:00 PM Relief & Recovery
12:00 PM Lunch Express Warm Yoga
4:00 PM Prenatal Yoga
5:30 PM Yin Yoga
7:00 PM Hot Flow

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Bliss Yoga is committed to sharing yoga in a welcoming, friendly, safe, and nurturing environment in order to bring greater health, happiness, and overall well-being into the lives of those in our community and beyond. Our studio founders, teachers, and staff all recognize the benefits of yoga and how the benefits of this practice integrate into people’s daily lives causing true transformation and positive change. We are committed to empowering everyone to explore and unlock their full potential. Bliss Yoga is dedicated to bettering our community through the power of yoga.

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