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Operating as usual


Busy week with some birthdays, so this was the last moment to get a pic.

So here’s Marianne’s muscles again



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Found a new multi-purpose side plank exercise.

Of course, Marianne made it look like a beginner exercise


Simple things, simple things

Yes, we found the password to our Twitter!


Inspired by

Squat holds with bicep curls. It was a perfect superset for our class yesterday.

Wu Tang for extra credit


The reality of home workouts, especially during a live stream class.

Truthfully, it’s been incredible to spend more time with the pets and wife and family during the mornings.


Skater Squats

They kinda look like lunges, and they are not to be confused with skaters.

This progression is actually a single leg squat variation that might be easier on the knee vs the pistol squat. We also find it to be more doable than a pistol squat for most of our clients.

Give em a shot!


You thought Part 1 was a lot?!?


There’s plenty of variations to load, challenge, and progress your lunges. If you have a few weights you can get funky with it.

Enjoy and let us know what you tried!


There’s SO MANY lunge variations.

So we are going to try and cram as many as we can into a few videos.

Try out all the different versions and let us know your favorite!



Using a doorway or something sturdy can be a major game changer.

The objective is to get the butt low and under your shoulders, then do your best to stand up out of it without assistance.

The better you get, the more you should be able to do it on your own.


The Ankles are a key part of a good squat.

When you can increase your mobility and stability in your ankles you:

-Can sit more upright at the bottom
-Take pressure off your lower back
-Hit the quads WAY more
-Build stronger knee and hip joints

Try this out everyday, and before you squat, to get the most out of your workouts!


One sunny day...finally, able to get some work done with the door open.

Taking advantage of the downtime at the gym to do big spring cleaning.

Have a good weekend!


Up your push-up game with some crazy variations.

Dumb-balance (there’s better names but just please be careful)

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these!


More pushups!!

told me we could travel anywhere through pushups. So here’s some traveling and elevated pushup variations to help get around.


More push-ups!

Single Leg
Side to Side


Push Ups!

We’ve seen a ton of people doing pushups amid the boredom of quarantine. That’s awesome, but maybe you’re getting bored of pushups?

Here’s a few examples of how to change up the hands, tempo, and/or rep scheme to keep things interesting.

And you get to work the chest and arms in different ways.

Push-up variations:
Staggered Hands
Wide/Narrow Hands
1.5 Reps

We will post more variations until we run out!


Row at home!

Upper Back and most posterior chain is hard to hit at home if you don’t have any equipment.

Well figured one out for the couples out there.

Jess was able to handle my weight, but height and arm length were more challenging.


Textbook Workout

Grab a heavy book (or something else handheld) and get working

4-5 rounds
Lunge w/ Twist
Full Body Crunch
Russian Twist
Hollow Hold Press


We’ve seen a lot of pushups and squats. But that’s ALOT of stress on the anterior hips and shoulders.

So here’s a simple way to use a doorway to conquer all your mobility needs


Try out 4-5 rounds of this series.

Full body, no weights

High Knees
Butt Kickers
Walkout to Pushups
Plank Thrusts
Plank Jacks
Single Leg Plank Hold
Lunge to Squat
ISO Reverse Fly Hold
3D Hops

Let us know how it goes!


Add this to the KB Single Arm routine.

Single Leg Deadlifts
Bent Over Row

Keep it simple, add more reps or rounds if you need more challenge.


Grab a dumbbell and press your way out of quarantine.

Choose reps that you can finish each exercise, ideally 5-8 reps each

4 Rounds
Single Arm Press
Single Arm Curl to Press
Alternating Press
Double Arm Press
Single Arm Leg Lower
Bridge w DB
Hollow Hold w DB
Leg Extensions w/ DB


Here’s a nice core series to add the end of your workout.

3-4 Rounds
Bicycles x 50
Mountain Climber hold x :15
Plank Drags x 10
Hollow Hold w/ Weight x :30


Single Arm KB Complexes.

Full body blast even if you have a lighter weight.

If you don’t have a KB, you can do it with a DB too!


Simple, Sinister

Get the backside, then the frontside...over and over again.

5 Rounds/:30 sec rest in between
3 straight sets
5 Swings
5 Squats


Got a bench? Or a sturdy surface?

Here’s a quick series to get the whole body:
Hip thrusts x 15
Bench Get Ups x 8
SL Squats x 8 each
Mountain Climber holds x :15
Decline Pushups x 5-10

Try out 4 rounds or more!


Sped up 5x.

Dog optional, but highly recommended.

Great way to keep things loose!


DB Complex

If you’ve got weights at home, try out this!

We love complexes to get the most out of our workouts. Fat burning and muscle building.

Try 6 rounds of this series and let us know how you did


Seal Jacks x 10
Scorpion Stretch x3 each
Handcuffs x 5

Plank Rotations x 5 each
Hollow Rock Holds x 3(5 sec each)

Mountain Climbers w/ Twist x 20
Scorpion Squats x 8 each
Plank Walkouts x 5
Skaters x 8 each

Alt Leg Lower + DBL Leg Lower x 5
Hover Leg Lifts x 5 each


5 Rounds
- 10 Pulse Squats
- 5 Plank Get Ups w/ 5 Sec Hold
- 10 Zombie Sit Ups
- 20 Jumping Jacks


5:30 AM got in their EMOM today.

6 Hanging knee tucks/leg raises
10 Split Jumps


Mobility Monday!

Hit this 2-3x through and you’ll be feeling good as new.

Take care of your body during this extra time at home.

If you’re looking for more workouts to do at home...CHECK OUT OUR LIVE STORY. We will look to get a workout in everyday!


5 rounds of 3 exercises:
- Alternate Push-up and Diamond Push-up (5 reps each)
- 3 Squat Jumps/5 second hold (5 sets = 1 round)
- 12 Hollow Knee Tucks

Do this at home to stay on track while you comply with Social Distancing Protocols

Photos from 181º Fitness's post 03/14/2020

We will continue to stay open until notified otherwise.

We are a small facility and can handle any extra cleaning to ensure safety for all clients.

As we say with all sickness, PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU FEEL SICK. It’s okay, we will be providing at-home workout routines to keep you on track.

Stay safe, stay calm, be strong.

@ 181º Fitness


It’s Friday. So that means Deadlifts and Heavy Metal.



Had to turn the volume off so not to embarrass Maegan freaking out about a higher box.

Working on some power in Tuesday HIIT class.


More of that EMOM fun.

Swings and Thrusters.


Rotating Slams are great variation and progression from the classic Slam. Try pivoting with the outside foot to get more rotation and power!


Killer EMOM to finish it out.

8-10 minutes
6 Heavy DB Cleans
3-6 Heavy DB Front Squats

Try to do the 6 Front Squats, and if you do...enjoy the burn

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Found a new multi-purpose side plank exercise. Of course, Marianne made it look like a beginner exercise




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