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Good morning 223 family and friends!
As a community, we here in Waverly have been getting pummeled for the last few years. Of course there was Covid, then the flooding and subsequent loss of life, now we are losing young people to mental illness and su***de.

Please make sure that our children, grandchildren, spouses, parents, grandparents, and friends understand that although the future may look bleak, all is not lost, there is still hope for a brighter future....and we need them in it.

Pass on how not to go down the road of su***de, as it is a permanent solution for a temporary problem that can be worked out with the help of friends, family and especially faith in Jesus Christ.

Teach them to look for the bright side in people and situations and know that they can make it through.

This situation reminds me a lot of the reason we prepare for the bad times, we prepare to make sure we can make it through to the good times, that will again allow us to laugh with, and love all that are there and have been there through it all with us, loving and supporting us during every difficult step of the way.

God Bless you all!

Keep Calm and Prep On!



So, it looks like component b is rolling out soon.
Anyone on board for a monkeypox vaccine?

Keep Calm and Prep On!


Good morning 22:3 family and friends,
I am just reaching out in an attempt to get those of you who are still lagging behind on your preps to step it up. You don't need to spend thousands on your preps all at once, but in all honesty will end up spending that in the long run. With inflation currently running at 8.5% do not expect prices to go down/the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar to go up.
Many of you are getting or have already received that interest free loan you gave to our government in what is referred to as a tax return. Use it on tangible goods, while it is still worth the paper it is printed on.
I have seen speeches by our current administration blaming everyone but the current administration for the current mess we find ourselves in. In a way they are correct, we have allowed certain organizations to install a globalist puppet regime in the United States, intent on bringing us down from the status of world power to that of a "has been" third world nation.
We see blatant disregard for laws taking place with regards to the reversal of Roe vs Wade decision leak....yet no one has been arrested. Odd how they have videos and the ability to identify these people, yet do nothing, while on the other hand can spend time and millions to arrest people who entered the capitol buildings while the capitol police held open the doors for them to enter, because they disagreed with the legitimacy of an election that has all but shown that an incompetent baffoon is steering this bus over a cliff at the behest of global elites.
As always, we do not know when the balloon will fully inflate, but it sure looks like the big helium tank's valve is about to turn on.

Get your preps together now!

Keep calm and Prep On!



Good morning 22:3 Family and friends!
It has been awhile since I have posted anything and a lot has happened in the world.
Inflation brought on by stimulus money has affected all of us, hopefully everyone had some short/medium term food stuck back to help reduce their financial burden.
Based upon some of the information I have seen and read, food shortages may very possibly be the norm. Shortage may not be the correct moniker, it may be that the food is available, we just won't want to pay the prices that will be asked. I foresee the diet for the average American family becoming much more simple and basic, as we adjust it for the pricing and subsequent reduced use of the premium food products. If it goes the way it might especially if the Russia/Ukraine dust up, causes strain on the supply, we may go back to a diet similar to that of the 30s, 40s and 50s, in otherwords we won't be eating holiday sized (calorie filled) meals daily. Which may do America more good than harm.
All that being said, I would recommend stocking up on spices, for those of you who haven't already. You can completely change the flavor of staple foods like rice and beans to reduce "flavor fatigue" when having to use those long term items day in and day out.
Also consider purchasing some of the things that are slightly outside your normal flavor pallette comfort level that may add the proverbial burst of flavor and variety to meals.
Stuff like canned chili peppers and some various ethnic aisle products are a good choice. Mix it up!
Fuel is still a concern, who knows what the future of fuel prices will be, now they have seen that we will pay $4 plus a gallon, does anyone really believe that the price will go back down to the $2 range....don't hold your breath.
The thing about fossil fuels is that they are part of everything. Fertilizer, engine oils, lubricants, plastics and many other products not to mention the ability to get them to distribution centers via tractor trailer. I would still put back a gallon or two of treated fuel every week if you have a safe place to store it, skip the fancy shmancy coffee every day and you'll have 5 gallons of fuel paid for and stored in a week.

Maybe it gets better, maybe it gets worse, but know this, it is better to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it....or even worse not be able to get it by any means.

Keep Calm and Prep On!



So, is everyone watching the gladiators at the colosseum and getting their free wine from the Emperor?
We just need to keep the masses placated.


Good morning 22:3 Family and Friends
We would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and a Happy and joyous New year!

Keep calm and Prep on!

The Borbas


Good morning 22:3 family!
I saw a post this morning from a fellow patriot that talks about getting your health back in order to allow you to be able to fight tyranny when it finally gets to the point of physical confrontation (which doesn't appear far off)
It reminds me of a quote from Thomas Paine that has always been one of my reasons for trying to stay in reasonable physical shape and that has ultimately lead to my getting both my hips replaced, now.

"If there is trouble, let it be in my day, so that my children will have peace; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty"

As usual, from our founding fathers it was very eloquently written.

So what should we as modern patriots take from this quote?

It appears through a concerted effort between our media, education (indoctrination) and governmental systems have done everything they can to remove the American patriotic mindset from our children. They have enforced the narrative that "the state" is their father, mother and ultimate savior so therefore they must honor they father and mother unquestioningly.

This mindset makes it even more important for us "middle aged+" patriots to take up the mantle of freedom and ultimately as the protector of the American way of life....before it is thrown in the dust bin of history.

What does this require of us?

Get back in reasonably good physical shape, I realize it doesn't take that much strength to pull a trigger if that is what is required, but you also have to be able to get where you are going and that may.

I do realize that the inability to run from a fight also resigns us to our fate and at that point we really won't have anything to lose....except the ability to continue to fight for our loved ones......

So please, get those elective surgeries or other personal physical issues taken care of. Then get out and excersize!

Get those preps in order to make sure that when we get even further into the "Days of Revelations" when those without the mark aren't allowed to participate in the economy, we still have the ability to at least provide adequate nutrition and protection for our families.

Again, I can not agree more heartedly with Mr. Paine.
I would much prefer it to happen now, while I still have the ability to be a useful participant in the fight against tyranny, in lieu of requiring the younger and often unwilling generations to do so in my stead.

Keep calm and Prep on!



Good morning 22:3 family and friends.
Has anyone been paying attention to the Rittenhouse trial?
I, as many conservative internet content providers are seeing this as a possible test case to see if the public can continue to be shown one thing and convinced of the absolute opposite. Watching Mr. Binger bald faced lie about what the video shows, and not being immediately reprimanded by the bench for lying is sad. I realize that justice is supposed to be blind....but really, are the jurors expected to be that blind?

Let's keep our fingers crossed and send up prayers for Kyle, and to let God touch the jurors so they will come to the right decision in lieu of a decision based upon the possibility of additional riots taking place in the community if they don't bend to the will of those making threats against them.

Keep calm and Prep on



Good morning 22:3 family and friends.
I just wanted to reach out this morning and remind everyone that it is still if not more important to continue to purchase storage food and rotate out/use those items that are at or even slightly beyond their best by dates.
If anyone is paying the slightest bit of attention, you can see how the recent and ongoing health crisis and subsequent government over reach through stifling the economy by business lock downs and quarantine mandates along with deficit spending on "relief" have had a negative effect on inflation. Remember they can't really spend what they don't have and the printing presses at the various U.S. mints are pretty much running non-stop. We have and will continue to see sharp reduction in the buying power of the U.S. dollar along with what appears to be a government controlled chaos of our production of energy and food based commodities and supply chains, resulting in higher actual prices based upon simple laws of supply and demand.
I am not promoting the hoarding of anything, I am however suggesting that you make sure that your reserve food and personal supplies are at a level that your entire family could survive easily for at least 12 months and preferably 24 months.
We are also seeing additional concerted efforts by the media to villianize the use of fi****ms to protect your property or the property of others and even going so far as twisting the facts on what is clearly self defense, on the Rittenhouse situation.
Do not think that all of this is not associated or planned out (or hoped for by the elitists at least) well in advance.
There always has to be a catalyst to get citizens to relinquish their freedoms at their own will to conform to "societal norms" or simple "peer pressure". Just think about the constant bombardment by the MSM, and which side they always seem to take.
Oddly enough, many of those that use technology and media, forget how it works and just how easy it is to be able to look back on previous comments.
We have rich leftist industrialists and world leaders that have openly talked about the need for population control or even reduction to a globaly sustainable number of people world wide.....Now, these same people are demanding and even mandating at the threat of losing one's livelihood that they must take vaccines that have not been fully tested nor actually approved (other than emergency use authorizations) (and that the manufacturers have been given immunity from malpractice lawsuits for) against a virus that has a greater than 99% rate of survival. Now, I might just be a simpleton, but that makes no sense at all and a lot of people have fallen for it hook line and sinker.
What the hell is in these vaccines, why is it so important that they are using coercive force to make people take them. And what is going to be the long term effects of taking them?
I am a greater believer in free choice, please do your due diligence when making the choice to take this experimental concoction into your body, and especially when authorizing your children to take the jab.
Be vigilant in relinquishing of freedom, especially for security.
I hope I am reading all of these signs wrong!

Keep calm and Prep on!




So, good evening 22:3 family and friends.
I have a few subjects to broach this evening.
First, my heart goes out to all of the people that will be effected by the tragic accidental discharge that left one dead and one injured on the set of the movie Rust.
I guess that when you live in a land of fantasy and make believe, people think that when someone tells you a firearm is unloaded....you just believe that it is.
I realize this is a Monday morning quarterback type statement, but if Mr. Baldwin had any training with and respect for fi****ms he would have probably double checked the weapon prior to pointing at people point blank and pulling the trigger.
Second, and I touched on this the other day. We see in the news that there are a slew of container ships waiting to get unloaded out at the ports in California. I personally wouldn't be as worried about not being able to get your children the cheap imported toys for Christmas that are in a number of those containers. The reports that I have seen here and there are pointing to this as a possible longer term issue, that is unless the legislature out there reverses the idiotic trucking laws passed by Gov Newsome. As long as you can only use union drivers and trucks that are less than 10 years old.....you are going to have freight containers piling up. Then add a bunch of over paid and probably lazy crane operators (remember I work in the crane industry and have for 30+years) that are being protected by their overly powerful union and brace yourself for a continued bumpy ride.....but I digress.
Spend that money on tangible goods, canned foods, medical supplies and like. A full belly today and some general guarantee of one the next is more desirable than a GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip.

I am not telling you all to start panic buying, I am however telling you to improve your personal logistics base and really think about those items that keep people happy and healthy.

I am also going to reiterate that prices are not expected to go down anytime soon and in general it is inflation caused by the huge influx of government stimulus money and it never tends to reset to previous pricing levels once they see that everyone will pay the new prices.....with their steadily declining US dollars.

Remember that it's not really the products that are more expensive, it is the dollar that is losing pace and losing its purchasing power. I guess that is what happens when there is no true value to these worthless pieces of paper, that are laughably called legal tender.

Finally....the weather is starting to get cooler, we never know how cold it is going to get here in Middle TN. But I would highly recommend that you go through your B.O.B or INCH bag and change over to winter weight equipment. The items I would recommend are as follows:
0 degree sleeping bag with bivy cover.
Small tarp or tent
Several emergency blankets.
A poncho with cold weather liner
Cold weather gloves, hat or watch cap and real warm jacket.
Something to allow you to protect your face from the cold like a shemagh or good wool scarf.
Sunglasses or even better sun goggles.
Wool socks and good long underwear.
Cold weather pants and gaiters
Cold weather boots (that are broke in)
Multiple fire starters and fire starting materials.
I also like candles and candle lanterns as they can provide from about 700- 1800 btu' s of heat.
Water storage and purification items. I would make sure that you have something to melt ice in for water.
Higher fat and calorie foods...just in case. MREs?
Check your flashlight batteries and replace as neccesary. Don't forget to check for corrosion on the terminals and springs.
Make sure that your IFAK is up to date.

I will probably update this "winter" list shortly as I need to get mine straightened out too and it will help to jog my memory.

Keep calm and Prep on!




Good morning 22:3 family and friends.
It has been a little while since we spoke.
I just wanted to remind everyone that things aren't getting any better, but all is not lost.
In these times, remember to not lose faith and stay the course with your preps.
A couple extra cans every trip to the store will help tremendously.
Get your rice and beans and plenty of seasonings.
Do not forget your hygiene needs and medical supplies.

Keep calm and Prep on!



Good morning 22:3 family and friends. It has been awhile since I have posted anything, but we just wanted to assure you all that we are still out here in the background, observing all of the worldwide events.
So, it looks like the current administration is in fact going to force vaccinations with threat of fines to your employer on the American citizen if you work for a company with 100 or more employees. This will of course cause those companies to require it from their vendors or subcontractors. Making it a defacto nationwide vaccination mandate that the cowards in Washington can blame on the private sector. If peiple cannot see just how this parallels the Mark of the beast they are either blind, stupid or willfully ignorant.
For those that can't add one and one and get two, here is how it plays out.
The government mandates that your company requires their employees get vaccinated with the threat of a $14,000.00 fine per employee who is not or cannot provide proof of vaccination. What is the proof, a simple card with your information, that has been entered into a database. So you decide to exercise your personal rights and not get the jab......you lose your job, you lose your source of income, you lose your ability to pay your bills or purchase food for your family. So, you don't have a piece of identification that proves that you have complied with the government's mandate (that they will blame on the employer) therefore the little card that shows your compliance with accepting the jab with a questionable vaccine rushed through for use by one federal agency to battle a virus that had gain of function research paid for by another federal agency in a foreign country (who they can also blame) is your mark. All brought to you by the people that are requiring everyone to be vaccinated.

I would highly recommend that you all....
Keep Calm and Prep On.......
as if your eternal soul depends on it, because it just might.



Good morning my 22:3 family and friends! I realize that I haven't posted in some time, mostly due to life getting in the way. Which is an excellent segway into today's topic.
We all realize that life often throws things into our path that drastically changes what we wanted to do into what we have to do, or what what wanted to acquire into what we had to acquire. If we still need any of the 3 B's (Beans, Bullets and Bandages) do not allow life's untimely circumstances to determine if you have or don't have them, in the event that you need them most.
We have seen rising costs over the last year on fuel, food, ammunition and just about every other tangible good out there.
Now is not the time to procrastinate, as it will not be getting better any time soon. Continue to purchase your supplies now...... the prices will not get cheaper. If anything the amount of product you receive for the same or more money will decrease.
I am not an economist, but do see a strong possibility of continued or even worsening inflation based upon the amount of money that is being printed daily by our government.
I believe the last numbers I read was that 60% of the current money supply was printed within the last 12 months and the normal practice of replacement of the old worn paper currency has been decreased to keep more dollars in circulation. But when our governments are spending money like drunken sailors on weekend liberty and doing it during a "pandemic" when businesses are or were closed and tax revenues are down, how else do you expect them to have the money to give to everyone?
Keep the faith, protect your family and....
Keep calm and Prep on!

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