Beyond Barbell Gym

Beyond Barbell Gym


A big shout out to Kevin! He painted most of the ceilings black to match the walls. The lighting now reflects off the black ceilings and walls which has brighten up the gym. I really appreciate all that Kevin does to make the gym better and better. Weiser is so lucky to have such a wonderful gym and owner! Thank you!
A big shout out to Kevin for continuing to upgrade his gym. He painted most of the ceilings black to match the walls. It actually brighten the gym up as the lighting is now reflecting off the black ceilings and walls. Genius! Weiser is so lucky to have such a wonderful gym and a top notch and caring owner!
Going for a blackout bingo just need a friend to sign up.
Nate always works us hard and he always has a positive attitude
Sold 2 hoodies today while at the gym! Let’s gooooo!! S/o Beyond Barbell Gym’s Kevin bravo! Also to the homie Jesus Ramirez!!
Another beautiful evening at Beyond Barbell Gym
Shoot got the music video tomorrow at 1pm. If anyone wants to be in it meet me at Beyond Barbell Gym it's gonna be dope!
I honestly am just happy to be getting myself in better health.. honestly I am just blessed to continue to pursuit this thank you Beyond Barbell Gym and for all their help in getting me to my best self thus far 🙏
My boy got some fire merch for everyone to unlock their workout needs! Get it while you can at Beyond Barbell Gym
Who stays active on here?? What's your workout routine!!

Shout out to Beyond Barbell Gym and Oscar Padilla Jr. For giving me the place and a workout routine!
Quick post and I'm hoping off.
Been working on me lately and I gotta give a huge shout out to and Oscar Padilla Jr. He been getting me on game with this new workout plan.. with this and being vegan for over 3 months I've been able to add muscle and become stronger.. lose weight.. and clear my mind heavy! Hit him up if you need that next level training!! Also
Make sure you come see me at Beyond Barbell Gym voted IDAHOS BEST GYM! Make sure you come through and grab a membership and build yourself from the ground up.

From may 28th to June 18
245 to 236
Just got home from Beyond Barbell Gym
Time to get myself back into the gym
@ Beyond Barbell Gym
So i can get my temple in shape to do the hike above Shosone Falls
Thank you for the extra push yesterday! I appreciate your support and encouragement 🙏. Another reason why I continue to come to Beyond Barbell Gym 💪
Thank you God thank you Beyond Barbell Gym
A lot of heavy lifting last night @ Beyond Barbell Gym

Biggest gym in weiser, we got athlete areas, great equipment and great cardio equipment. Ask about our classes! 24 hr access for members

Operating as usual


Zumba tonight!!🙌🏽🙌🏽


Just some cool things we got here at BB 💥🔥😮‍💨




Did you know that this will be our first year doing a scholarship? We are extremely excited and thankful. We want to keep giving back to our community.

We love the impact and seeing so many young individuals improving themselves in our spot and also just bettering themselves overall in life. Seniors look out for this scholarship 1 boy & 1 girl will be chosen.


The line up 😮‍💨🙌🏽


If you’re new to the gym and have New Year’s resolutions, we don’t shy away from you. We love to have you around and want you to succeed. One of the ways we do that is when you walk into the gym we have a free 4 week beginners program based of only equipment we have here and recommended sets/reps.

The program packet allows you to write In it to keep track of weights and sets for the following week. If you ever have questions you can ask any of us trainers or as you know we have a tv with us using the machines if you don’t know how to use them 😁

Doing the most for you @ BeyondBarbell.


Spin tonight!

Spin class tongiht we have opening for our 6:30-7:30 class! Dm us if you’d like to try it out or have a seat reserved!


Treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent/upright bikes, ski-ergs, rowers, stairmaster and so much more! We always regularly maintenance everything and everything is always working and clean!

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Cardio area for a little love today! Painting and put new flooring all over! That makes the gym have officially all new flooring everywhere! Upstairs & downstairs!


JOIN US!! We added a new class time! This week we are full for our 5:30-6:30 class but open for our 6:30-7:30! DM US to save a spot!


Not a huge deal, but we are walking into our super muddy season so please bring an extra pair of shoes or clean outside/or as you walk in.

Again not a huge deal but today found a lot of mud at the gym and couldn’t leave it so we spent the whole day cleaning.

We only posting and asking because we know you guys are amazing and we can do it! Let’s just be super aware of Mud and dirt and bring an extra pair of shoes! We like to be clean and organized and we feel every member deserves that too!😊

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Big shout out! To my dude joined January and today marks his one year! Has lose weight but also focused on gaining muscle.

We support New Year’s resolutions and our best hopes and support is that you stay and change for the better. Good freakin work rob!🔥


Just a good reminder. We are 24/7 to members and staffed Monday- Thursday 10-6 and Friday 12-4 ! Come check us out 😁


Teamed up with Sol physiotherapy! Giving you some releases for that lower back pain you may have & giving you an exercise to help!

Please be careful while trying these, and only do so if you feel confident and healthy to do.


Happy new years! If you missed our last sale, we got one last thing for you!

From now until January 20th, we are doing a 7 day free trial! We are also doing for the first time ever a PRICE MATCH PROGRAM!

So if you ever wanted to try our spot out before committing or need that motivation to get in here then this is it!

7 day free trial with no pressure & price match program. Let’s get after it this new year.


Our sale ends tomorrow!! Come on in and get on it before it’s gone! 😁💥


It’s Nathaniel Minks birthday!! If you see him today around the gym wish him a happy birthday!🎊 😁


Some of winners from our bingo here at Beyond Barbell 😁💥

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Held a Christmas party with our classes at Beyond Barbell! Thank you Metropole for being the best! If you guys didn’t know you can rent out the space at metro pole for your events or birthday parties 😁


Did you know?

Zumba can burn a lot of calories and psychologically
Zumba can relieve depression that triggers stress
and anxiety disorders.


‼️SALE ‼️ regular membership for $25! I know you been wanting to sign up and if you been wanting a sign.. this is it right here! Won’t see a sale for a while. So if you been contemplating joining and want be apart of this great community this time is now!


Did you know we can give you access online too?! All we need is a email & basic info.

If you have family members or college kids visiting town from break or for holidays, send them our way 😁🙌🏽


Pictures don’t do it justice 😍


Message us if you plan an attending class tonight!! Super fun and exciting way to do cardio 😁💥


If you have ever wanted to talk to Anndi wheeler about IV therapy, Botox, micro needling or even injections?! Than come by today to our facility at 5:30 pm or earlier! To have a chance to talk with her or try out some of her therapy work or injections!

Whisper River Med Spa

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Our class room 😮‍💨 got a bunch of new kettlebells and new dumbbells 💥‼️


Tonight 6:30-7:30! Don’t miss out!🙌🏽


I know you’re thinking about it! Let’s make it happen!


Always trying to better the culture and experience for our members. Our classes are always taught by great trainers and we are always trying to find fun things to do. 💥🙌🏽


Message us if you haven’t already if you plan on attending class. We got limited bikes! It’s a lot of fun and great way to do cardio!


All we got to hand out over here is W’s let’s go.🔥 if you want something you will achieve it. Most people unfortunately only kind of want it. Only kind of want to be healthier, only kind of want to be more confident, only kind of want to be healthy for their family, only kind of want to be successful. kind of will never achieve anything. Your day to day life will show the attitude of “kind of” the attitude of no intent and no clear action. Only someone who really wants it can achieve it.


Check out our ab coaster! Also some one tell Timmy I miss him 😭


Beyond Barbell Gym. We literally have a whole womens only room, Ab room, spin room, the biggest cardio selection, tons of modern & new machines, biggest free weight area and classroom. All for just $30.

What are your excuses? 24/7. Equipment for everything. Trainers always here to help. No judgements.

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The best core machine you have ever used, just arrived at beyond barbell. 🔥😮‍💨


Standing shoulder press


Spin classes at beyond barbell

Have you tried them out yet?! All our classes are led by awesome individuals and always fun welcoming atmospheres!


Please remember for all spin classes that the spots are limited. If you haven’t yet than please message us if you plan to attend. These classes are always amazing!


10 steps on a stepmill = 38 steps on a treadmill. 💥if your goal is to burn far away the stepmill is a MUST. If you are a runner and you want to build your quads, cardio and glutes, than you’re missing out big time if you aren’t using this!


Join us today at 6:30!


One of our trainers is looking to pick up the pace and get some training going. Let us know if you’re interested. Weight loss, muscle gain, sports specific or anything.

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Today we asked our members, what their deeper meaning to why they workout was. Part 1!
This weeks stats 💪🏽
One of our athletes Tag Roberts breaking state records today! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Assisted pull up machine•choose a weight - it’ll help you move your body upward.•assisted pull ups/ assisted dipsGreat f...
3 exercises to help you burn some fat! • farmers carries •sled push/pull•upper/lower alternatives #fatburningworkout #wo...
3 exercises to be more explosive!
3 exercises for knee pain/ bullet proof knees. We have been inspired by knees over toes and wanted to share with our own...
Some people want and some people don’t, based off their action we know. 🔥
The hustle has no time to it, it just know whether you show up or not. So did you show up or not?
Media day 📸😎
Are you struggling to feel your back?? Mostly your lats?? Try this out!
Sumo squat 🔥😮‍💨 try it out for constant tension and great muscle activation with it 🙏🏽




315 West 2nd Street
Weiser, ID

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 12pm - 4pm

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