Warrington Sporting Clays

Warrington Sporting Clays


Christian School of York is having an event on September 25th. Sign up and join us for sporting fun, door prizes, awards, and lunch provided.
Hello Warrington Sporting Clays family! I wanted to bring to light the upcoming Shriners shoot we have on our horizon and ask than any of our patrons who can, help us in raising donations for this great cause!

The Warrington Club has a great history with the Shriners Shoot and has always seen a great donation from the family of shooters who attend every year; whether attendees of the shoot or simply people happy to help out the children's hospital! Last year we were able to raise over $1,500 to the cause and I'm asking everyone who is able whether it's ten dollars or ten cents, to help us out this year to reach our goal of another year of a $1,500 donation fund to help the children.

My personal contribution will be a 50% hand-over of all lesson rates and tips from all beginner shooter lessons and 1 on 1 and group lesson shoots; as well as the group lessons up to 3 shooters at a time!

Brand new and never shot a shotgun to a specific bird that's giving you issues, give me an email, text, or call at 7173092150. Please leave a voicemail if you call or email me at [email protected]

Brand new to an 80+ average, we can boost your scores and confidence and half of it will be going to the Shriners fund.

And yes, to the shooters worrying over a specific presentation they don't like... I will absolutely take a trap and set it to your specific needs and wants and then work it with you with no additional costs!

Come on ladies and gentlemen of the shooting community.. Help Warrington and benefit yourself in the process of helping us make this Shriners shoot the biggest donation we've ever had!

If you can, please pass this on to anyone you know and share the post so maybe we can reach even more people with it!
Come on out and experience the thrill and stress relieving sport they call sporting clays!!!

I've been changing the stations and making sure there's something for everyone of every skill level!
I want to thank everyone at Warrington sporting clays for all of the support over the last 8 months and for letting me be a part of the Warrington family. This past weekend was my 3rd major shoot of the year, this one at Nemacolin shooting academy for their 2019 Hardy Classic and despite the muddy mess, dounpours, and even hail... it turned out to be a good shoot with great and challenging targets. I placed 3rd in the main and took 1st in FITASC in B class and am officially punched up to A class for the PA state shoot!
Another GREAT day shooting at Warrington Sporting Clays.....Thanks to Keith,Ron and the gang and Katie for all you do for us , when we are there.

Also had a great pulled pork lunch.
Took my son in law to shoot at Warrington, fun place nice little maze through the woods, love that kind of shooting....great time....
Awesome birthday present. Thank you so much for the instruction.
We likes this place so much we shot here 2 days in a row.

We`ll definetly be back again....Thanks Keith and Ron.
MKT and the York County Shrine Club will be hosting their second annual sporting clays fundraiser. All net proceeds benefit the Shriners Hospitals for Children-Philadelphia.

A day of shooting, food, and fun! Awesome raffle prize giveaways include gift cards, free beer for a year, and a Browning Citori CX shotgun! Shells and picnic included!

September 29th - 30th, 2017

Warrington Sporting Clays, 500 Yeager Rd., Wellsville, PA 17365

100 clay course: $115 per attendee
50 clay course: $90 per attendee
Picnic only: $25 per attendee

Time Slots: First-come, first served; please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled flight time.
100 clay course times: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (flights running every hour)
50 clay course times: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. (flights running every hour)

Register today: https://mktduct.com/sportingclaysfundraiser/registration-form/

Nestled in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, Warrington offers clayshooters something for everyone. Hunting and shooting not your thing?

Located in Central Pennsylvania, Warrington Sporting Clays (aka Warrington Club) offers a wide variety of activities for sportsmen young and old. Designed by Daniel Schindler in 1992, the course is sure to be fun for the novice as well as challenging for the most experienced marksman. With over 40 stands, you are sure to keep coming back again and again. After a long day of shooting clays, be sure

Operating as usual


The course is reset! Please come and see what changes we’ve made recently! Everyone is welcome from single shooters to large groups. Let’s see how you do!

• We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
• We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Will it be warm out? Will it be cold out? Will it rain? Weather matters a whole lot less when shooting on Warrington Sporting Clays indoor 5 stand/wildcat! We welcome everyone from solo shooters to large groups!

• We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
• We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365

We will continue to make the new building even better as the year rolls on. We want to be your Go-To shooting destination in Central PA no matter what the weather is!


Happy New Year's Eve! What are you clay shooting resolutions for 2023? Please come and tell us!


Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!


Our Christmas gift to our Warrington family: the heated 5 stand/wildcat building is open! We welcome you to join us to shoot year round in comfort! Merry Christmas! Pictures and videos to follow!

Please call ahead due to winter storm heading our way to see if we are open. Be safe and Merry Christmas!

* (717) 432-9800

* 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA, 17365


Need a break from the hectic holiday season? Come relax with us and shoot a round of sporting clays or 5 stand! Shoot as much or as little as you like.

* (717) 432-9800

* 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA, 17365

Photos from Warrington Sporting Clays's post 12/14/2022

We were so busy with shooters on the course that Chad Swick & company didn’t get as far as expected, but we were so happy to see all of our Warrington family today! It’s still coming along nicely.

• We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
• We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


While we are really excited about clay shooting in general, please no “trust shots” like in the photo.


It may not be the most exciting picture but you know what is exciting for Central PA sporting clays shooters? Shooting in a heated 5 stand building as early as late next week! We will see how busy Chad Swick & company get.

Side note: we are acquiring more trap(s)…what could that be for?

• We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
• We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Good morning Warrington Family! Just a little photo update of the progress Chad Swick & company made yesterday! We hope you have an awesome day and come and see us soon!

• We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
• We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Mother Nature must love our Warrington Sporting Clays Family! We love you too! We have more amazing weather to make awesome clay shooting memories with you. If you haven't been able to get away and enjoy our hospitality, you still have time! Solo shooters, squads and large groups are all welcome!

• We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
• We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Gooooood morning, Warrington Sporting Clays Family! It's a beautiful day! It will get cold soon but NOT today! We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your day's shooting with us! Squads and solo shooters are welcome alike.

• We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
• We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


We humbly invite you to taste the delicious flavors from the Kitchen of Randa Kopp! We wish to do everything in our power to make your shooting day memorable and enjoyable!

This week's menu:

Main Dishes
- Burgers
- Dogs
- Chili
- Chicken and rice
- Tomato Basil soup
- Beef Stroganoff
- Brisket burritos
- Ham salad
- Chicken bacon ranch wrap/sandwich
- Buffalo Chicken wrap/sandwich

- Macaroni salad
- Coleslaw
- Deviled Eggs
- Apple cookies

- Apple cookies

For your convenience the Kitchen of Randa Kopp accepts: Cash, Credit Cards, Venmo, PayPal and Cashapp.


Our own Chad Swick has been busy today!

• We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
• We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Good morning, Warrington Family! Thursday is shaping up to be a beautiful clay breaking day at Warrington Sporting Clays! We hope you can take advantage of a wonderful day to accept our invitation to come visit with us!

• We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
• We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Chad Swick has been busy. Does anyone know what this is shaping up to be?

• 717-432-9800
• 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Who can relate? If you need a break from the hectic holidays, please come visit us!

• 717-432-9800
• 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


A round of sporting clays at Warrington Sporting Clays is a great way to settle arguments and decide bragging rights - all in good fun, of course! We'd love to see you soon!

• 717-432-9800
• 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Good morning Warrington Sporting Clays family! It looks like a wet one today. Please call to see if we are open if you fancy putting on the rain gear and shooting with us!

• 717-432-9800
• 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Warrington family, today has a high of 53 and partly sunny! We invite you to get out and shoot a short round or a full round of clays with us!

• 717-432-9800
• 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Looking forward to seeing all of our sporting clays shooters this winter season! If we can help, please call us at (717) 432-9800!


Warrington Family: Stay tuned for exciting updates! In the meantime, please excuse our mess as we make improvements to Warrington Sporting Clays. Please feel welcome to drop by and check out what we are doing!

* 717-432-9800

* 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Friday looks to be better weather than today! We are open 9AM-5PM! Please call if weather looks unpleasant to see if we are open.

* 717-432-9800
* 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


What's almost as good as great round of sporting clays? Eating a delicious meal at Warrington Sporting Clays! Please enjoy dining at Randa Kopp's excellent scratch kitchen!

* We welcome your call: 717-432-9800
* We welcome your visit: 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Do some target presentations make you feel like you have to bend over backwards? At Warrington Sporting Clays, our target setters do their best to set thoughtful, sometimes challenging, yet always entertaining stations. You may or may not break them all, but we sure hope you smile from beginning to end!

* Please call us at (717) 432-9800 to schedule your solo or group outing!
* Located at 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365

* Photo credit: Walking Gun Field Sports Photography - https://www.walking-gun.com/


Warrington Family! High of 48F today and sunny 🌞! We are open 9AM-5PM!

* 717-432-9800

* 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Weekly Weather Update from Warrington Sporting Clays: Tuesday and Friday look like perfect sporting clays weather for this lovely time of year in Central PA. Hopefully, Wednesday will be drier and Thursday a bit warmer but we know the cold won't stop our intrepid, and hearty clay shooters. Just walk right on in on Tuesdays; all welcome whether shooting in squads or solo.

If you prefer to make a reservation for another day you are welcome to do so. Please call: 717-432-9800

* 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Warrington Sporting Clays shooters: Jack Frost and Old Man Winter are looming menacingly and it will be cold and snowy soon. Management is considering building a heated building from which 5 stand, Wildcat, Wobble trap, any number of other games and/or just plain practice targets can be shot! We hope to invite you to shoot year round in reasonable comfort at Warrington Sporting Clays.

* Targets will be set as "something for everyone" to enjoy!
* The current 5 stand will remain in operation
* Building will be similar but not exactly as pictured

In order to support management's decision and capital investment in the club, please comment whether you would come out and shoot with us in a warm building sheltered from the cold and precipitation?

You may also call, email or write per your preference below:

* 717-432-9800
* [email protected]
* Or just come on in and visit us at 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365

Photo credit: https://www.shootlcsa.com/


We have shotshells for your convenience! Prices and availability (subject to change) are: $11 for Warrington members and $12 for non-members per box. Your choice of:

* Rio Star Team Training 12ga. 1oz 1200FPS 7.5 shot
* Federal Top Gun 20ga. 7/8oz 1210FPS 7.5 or 8 shot

We strongly urge shooters to call ahead 717-432-9800 and inquire about price and stock of shotshells. Like all of our shooters, we look forward to brighter days ahead (hopefully) with lower costs and greater availability of target shotgun ammunition!

*Located at 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Black Friday is here! What are you getting for you or the clay shooter in your life?


This Saturday should be perfect weather to get away from the hectic shopping of Black Friday and burn off those Turkey Day calories by shooting a round of sporting clays with us at Warrington! We are ready to welcome you either as a group or solo shooter. We aren't guaranteed to get excellent clay shooting weather like this as Old Man Winter looms before us, so please call 717-432-9800 or just walk on in!

Warrington Sporting Clays is located at 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


It's not too late to enjoy a hearty meal at Warrington Sporting Clays! Please call us at 717-432-9800 for dine-in or takeout! The sporting clays course is open 9AM-2PM.


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Warrington Sporting Clays! We are open from 9AM-2PM.


The Kitchen of Randa Kopp at Warrington Sporting Clays humbly invites you to Thanksgiving dinner! We are open from 9AM-2PM for your convenience. All items are homemade by Ms. Kopp, she will allow nothing store-bought out of a box or can. The menu is as follows:

* Turkey with gravy
* Filling
* Mashed potatoes
* Sweet corn
* Green Bean Casserole
* Coleslaw
* Cranberry Salad
* a beverage

The regular menu items are also available if traditional Thanksgiving fare is not to your liking:

* Burgers
* Hot Dogs
* Hot and Sweet Italian Sausage
* Beef Vegetable Soup

Please call the clubhouse at 717-432-9800 to order or to ask any questions.

* We are located at 500 Yeager Rd Wellsville, PA 17365


It looks like excellent clay shooting weather! Come join us while the mild temperatures last. Please call 717-432-9800 to get some fun and relaxation in!

* Warrington Sporting Clays is located at 500 Yeager Rd, Wellsville, PA 17365


Come join us for fall clay busting action! Call (717) 432-9800 to reserve your spot!


Come on out to Warrington Sporting Clays and shoot with us on Thanksgiving! Start a new tradition of shooting clays on Thanksgiving or continue an old one. We are open 9AM-2PM, weather permitting. We look forward to seeing you!

* Please call (717) 432-9800 to schedule
* We are located at 500 Yeager Rd Wellsville, PA,17365


The Sporting course has been reset. Come on out and try out the new targets.


Hey every one, Saturday 5/27 member pricing will be $20.00 for a 100 clays & $6.00 a round on the wobbler and 5- stand, Non member $27.00 for a hundred & $8.00 for a round of wobbler and 5- stand. 76 degrees and I reset the targets on 5/19 so come on out and do some shooting. P.S. Some one said they would bring BROWNIES ( Ken O’Conner ) so we may have dessert too. I will have lunch ready by 10:30. Thanks Keith


The sporting clays course has been reset. All 16 stations are new targets.

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Warm weather is ahead and the clays are flying here at Warrington!  Come stop by and join us for some fun.  Located at 5...
More videos to come!
Station 12 Rabbit 2/16





500 Yeager Road
Wellsville, PA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

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