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Operating as usual

Virtual Club 44 Standings 10/22/2021

Virtual Club 44 Standings

The Dodgers playoff run affects our numbers as many are watching on TV (including your co-directors) and some are attending games live. So, there were only eight people playing.

But it doesn't mean that good things don't happen. There were two 600 games and a tie too. The High Play of the night wasn't even a bingo!

No one won all their games but Maddy Kamen had a booming night anyway. She averaged 498 points, made a dozen bingos and tied the 2021 High Game with a 635! In her only loss Maddy had the highest one (425).

Judy Levitt lost her first three games as her opponents scored at least 480 points in each of them. But she got revenge in the last one, belting out a 5-bingo 613 victory.

John Karris busted out 11 bingos winning three and tying once vs. Judy Cole as they shared 386 scores.

The High Play of the night was made by Dave Baran for ZOUNDS, good for 105 points. That score was better than the 50 total bingos played!

Stats can be seen by clicking here: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

Everyone have a great weekend!

Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings Session Session summary for,20-Oct-21 Name,Handle,Games,Wins,Losses,AvgMarg,Avg,OppAvg,Bingi John Karris,hercules,4,3.5,0.5,60,441,381,11 Maddy Kamen,maddy,4,3,1,138,498,361,12 Dave Baran,dave100,4,3,1,9,428,420,5 Elizabeth Ralston,kerwood,4,2,2,45,392,347,7 Judy Cole,jaystar,4,1.5,2.5,-114,330,444

Virtual Club 44 Standings 10/14/2021

Virtual Club 44 Standings

An even dozen tonight battled through the Internet with many a mouse-click happening. When it was all said and done Maddy Kamen came away as the lone undefeated 4-0. Her club session High Play of PLASHIER for 103 points helped do the trick.

Even though he's been sitting on the virtual club sidelines for the past few months, David Pearl has climbed to second place in the standings after Billy Nakamura lost three games, now dropping him to third place.

Judy Levitt led in High Score, Average, Most Bingos, Spread and Combined Score (shared with Elizabeth Ralston). And for good measure Judy is the first player to pass the 100-win mark.

Dave Baran had the High Non-bingo (66 for JARRED).

Please see our club stats by clicking here:

Let's do it again next Wednesday!

Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings Session Session summary for,13-Oct-21 Name,Handle,Games,Wins,Losses,AvgMarg,Avg,OppAvg,Bingi Maddy Kamen,maddy,4,4,0,64,419,355,7 Judy Levitt,puffling,4,3,1,82,445,363,10 John Karris,hercules,4,3,1,55,418,363,8 Pete Skaggs,peteblank,4,3,1,23,392,369,7 Elizabeth Ralston,kerwood,4,3,1,-24,380,404,...

Virtual Club 44 Standings 10/09/2021

Virtual Club 44 Standings

Due to the absences of both co-directors, and a number of others who were either attending or viewing the Dodgers Wild Card game, only eight people participated on Wednesday. We should return to our average figures next week for sure.

Maddy Kamen led the way winning her four games and making eight bingos. Dave Baran led or shared in all the other stats categories. You can always view all club stats by clicking the below link:

Please remember to note any "High Non-bingo" plays before leaving the Woogles site. Many weeks there aren't any listed so those great plays go unrecognized.

Still no new news on Plummer Park and a return to live Club 44 Scrabble.

Let's all play virtually next Wednesday!

Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings Session Session summary for,6-Oct-21 Name,Handle,Games,Wins,Losses,AvgMarg,Avg,OppAvg,Bingi Maddy Kamen,maddy,4,4,0,38,391,353,8 Judy Levitt,puffling,4,3,1,55,392,337,5 Sharmaine Farini,sharo,4,3,1,28,387,358,5 Dave Baran,dave100,4,2,2,83,420,338,7 Elizabeth Ralston,kerwood,4,2,2,15,347,333,2 Da...

Virtual Club 44 Standings 09/30/2021

Virtual Club 44 Standings

With many people returning to their normal lives as we navigate through the pandemic only 11 were in virtual attendance last night. Once again, Joel Elkins and I divided our sitting out duties to keep numbers even.

Only one attendee was able to go 4-0, Elizabeth Ralston. She also paced the club in Average (417) and Margin (+67).

Maddy Kamen led the session in High Score (490), Loss (398), Bingos (8) and going first (4X!). Note that it was a somewhat subdued offense as no 500 scores or double-digit bingo amounts were tallied by anyone.

Joel's REMINTED (131 points) was the High Play. David Postal's QUAINT (69) was High Non-bingo turn.

Stat heads, click here for club totals: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

Club 44 wishes Trip Payne good luck as he has decided to move from So Cal to the Great White North to Toronto, Canada. We'll miss you Trip!

Have a wonderful weekend and get ready for next Wednesday,

Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings Session Session summary for,29-Sep-21 Name,Handle,Games,Wins,Losses,AvgMarg,Avg,OppAvg,Bingi Elizabeth Ralston,kerwood,4,4,0,67,417,350,7 Dave Postal,gopostal24,4,3,1,40,400,360,4 Sharmaine Farini,sharo,4,3,1,14,374,360,4 Brian Nelson,banman1,4,2,2,46,384,338,5 Maddy Kamen,maddy,4,2,2,28,416,387...

[09/23/21]   Tonight we had an odd-numbered amount of players (11) so Joel and I decided to each sit out two games so the pairings would remain even throughout the session. The sacrifices we make lol. There were two people who contacted me to play long after the pairings were emailed, however to redo them and then send out an additional email would just cause confusion so it was left odd-numbered and everything worked out.

No one went 4-0, but the top two players in the standings, Judy Levitt and Billy Nakamura, had nice 3-1 outings. Yours truly delivered each of them their lone losses, making me 2-0 in the only games I was to play.

Judy led...er...destroyed the club in most of the high stats categories other than High Loss and High Play.

Maddy Kamen had the High Play for 149 points (AMBIE(N)TS). Pete Skaggs gets an honorable mention for 140.

For stats click here: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

Still no word yet when we can return to live play at Plummer Park.

Enjoy your weekend!

Alan Stern

[09/03/21]   Before the roundup begins, some important info. The club will be dark for the following two Wednesdays, September 8 and 15. We will not hold sessions in respect of the Jewish High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. I believe our attendance might have been affected on those two weeks. We will resume again on the 22nd.

John Karris went undefeated by thrashing his four opponents, sporting a lofty 476 average and banging out 10 bingos. He also had the High Game (517). For those who aren't aware John joins us regularly from New Mexico.

I also had 10 bingos but did it by "Bingoing for the Cycle". That's when you have one, two, three and four bingos in any order across the four games. I did the deed in 1-4-2-3 order.

Billy Nakamura had the High Play of 102 points (AWEATHER). The anagram of that word is WHEATEAR.

Kudos to J. Keith van Straaten for extending LA to LANDFIL(L)S for a 92-point 9-letter bingo in his win over Pete Skaggs 421-414.

But the biggest news to come out of Wednesdays games was that Maddy Kamen actually went first all four games! This is quite an achievement even though Maddy had nothing to do with the outcome. She has now improved her going first rate to 39%.

NASPA has announced that all restrictions for club and tournament play have now been lifted and will leave it up to directors to implement any cautions and mandates at their events. NASPA had instituted a confusing colored tier system guiding players and directors through the ongoing pandemic.

There is no news to report on when Club 44 will return to live play at Plummer Park. It is what it is.

See you all in a couple of weeks. To our Jewish players have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! All the best to everybody.

Alan Stern

[08/27/21]   Riding the elevator to the penthouse from last week's basement, Billy Nakamura enjoyed the view from the top annihilating his four opponents with a 445 average score and making 10 bingos. He is trying to keep pace with standings leader Judy Levitt --one of his wins-- staying just a few steps behind her.

Let's all wish Diane Kerner a speedy recovery, now out of the hospital after battling diverticulosis. She could manage playing only two games as the Internet connection was sketchy from the hospital. Feel better Diane!

Thanks to Joel Elkins for singly handling directing the club. I'll do the same next Wednesday in his absence. We may miss a week of two coming up due to the Jewish holidays. I'll keep you in the loop and let you all know soon.

Joel had the High Game (544) and High Non-bingo play (87 for cINQ). Bingo queen Judy rolled out 11 of them and also had the High Series (1867).

Stats always at this link: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

See you virtually next Wednesday, September 1.

Enjoy a blazing hot So Cal weekend,

Alan Stern

[08/19/21]   Well, it wasn't actually a hot August night as the weather turned cooler today. But 12 souls still showed up in virtual fashion.

Brian Nelson, who had just lost eight consecutive games over the past two weeks, rebounded by sweeping his opponents and sported a 430 average too. Congrats Brian!

Judy Levitt extended her standings lead by three games as her closest pursuer, Billy Nakamura, made a rare visit to the basement. Judy hammered out the High Win (533), High Series (1877), Largest Spread (220) and Most Bingos (9).

Dave Baran played FORSAKE (109) for the High Turn of the night.

No word yet on when Club 44 will return to live in-person sessions. It's a waiting game until the City of West Hollywood once again allows groups to use the Plummer Park Community Center. When that will be? Who Knows? I have nothing new to report on that situation.

Until next week have a good weekend and mask up if required!

Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings 08/12/2021

Virtual Club 44 Standings

Virtual Attendees: 12

Billy Nakamura inched a bit closer to the top of the virtual standings lead by winning all four of his games. Helped by dropping 11 bingos last night Billy is now just two percentage points behind leader Judy Levitt. He also leads the club in Average Margin at +39 points/game aided by the +103 from this session.

Joel Elkins had both the High Game (555) and High Loss (409), but not in the same game LOL. He also had the High Non-bingo turn (72) for FOXY.

Judy Cole made the High Play of the night when she fired off STEAMER for 104 points.

Our stats are always available by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

Not long after our Woogles Virtual Club began, earlier this year at the height of the pandemic and with public restrictions in place, attendance was at 20 or more each week. But as people have returned to some normalcy, returning to work and just plain getting out of the house, we have been hovering at about a dozen on average.

It may be awhile until Club 44 can go back to our physical location so until then please join us each Wednesday online.

Enjoy your weekend!

Virtual Club 44 Standings Session Session summary for,11-Aug-21 Name,Handle,Games,Wins,Losses,AvgMarg,Avg,OppAvg,Bingi Billy Nakamura,bynak,4,4,0,103,445,342,11 Joel Elkins,shdbwrking,4,3,1,70,445,375,7 Maddy Kamen,maddy,4,3,1,64,423,360,8 Shermaine Farini,sharo,4,3,1,62,394,333,7 Judy Levitt,puffling,4,3,1,45,449,404,9 ...

[08/06/21]   There were 12 people playing last night and two of them won all four of their games. Billy Nakamura bounced back from last week's 0-4 result to turn the tables. Pete Skaggs also won them all. Congrats to Billy and Pete who are sitting second and third in the standings respectively.

There was nothing out of the ordinary to report about unless Maddy Kamen going first twice is big news. You already know her story.

Please don't forget to report any high plays you make. No one has noted any the past two weeks.

Check out our stats here: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

Until next Wednesday have a great weekend!

Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings 07/30/2021

Virtual Club 44 Standings

Last night John Karris plowed through his four opponents even though he only led the session in wins and no other category. That's a little unusual since, normally, someone or more than one player going undefeated throws out some crazy individual stats. John did what he had to do to be king for the night and now moves into 5th place in the standings.

No one submitted a High Play score but someone must have scored more than the other 13 people. Judy Levitt had the High Game (549) and the High Spread (308).

Zach Ansell had the High Loss (453) as part of his High Series (1887).

Stat heads click here: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

Next Wednesday will be our first August session. Be there!

Have a great weekend,
Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings Session Session summary for,28-Jul-21 Name,Handle,Games,Wins,Losses,AvgMarg,Avg,OppAvg,Bingi John Karris,hercules,4,4,0,79,420,341,7 Zach Ansell,zman,4,3,1,103,472,369,8 Alan Stern,basesloaded,4,3,1,71,443,372,9 Pete Skaggs,peteblank,4,3,1,24,378,354,5 Judy Levitt,puffling,4,2,2,17,419,402,8 She...

Virtual Club 44 Standings 07/22/2021

Virtual Club 44 Standings

There were 12 people last night joining in for a little bit of Scrabble across the net. Not one of the attendees could muster up a 4-0 showing. The competition was certainly tough so it's not too much of a surprise that no one ended up undefeated.

We welcomed for the first time Judy Cole, who does a lot of great work for NASPA and serves on their Executive Committee. Royalty was in the house!

I got in some highlights pacing the club with High Series (1818), High Non-bingo play (ZERO for 78) and Most Bingos (11). That's right, I had the High Non-bingo for making ZERO. Does that even make sense?

Now previously in a roundup it was mentioned that Maddy Kamen can't seem to draw to go first. Last night she once again proved her poor luck in doing so. Maddy went second in all four games but still finished with three wins against a tough schedule because that's what she does. So in 92 games played Maddy has drawn to go first just 32 times, and the other 60 times, second. That works out to just 35%. Certainly a statistical anomaly. She is second to none in that category!

Toby Muller flipped some HOTCAKES for 114 points for the High Play. John Karris had the High Game (541).

Stat heads click here: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

Let's do it again next Wednesday, so until then watch lots of baseball and eat plenty of hotdogs!

Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings Session Session summary for,21-Jul-21 Name,Handle,Games,Wins,Losses,AvgMarg,Avg,OppAvg,Bingi Alan Stern,basesloaded,4,3,1,92,455,362,11 Maddy Kamen,maddy,4,3,1,44,424,380,9 Billy Nakamura,bynak,4,3,1,42,434,392,10 John Karris,hercules,4,3,1,34,423,389,5 Judy Levitt,puffling,4,3,1,-16,391,406,9 J...

Virtual Club 44 Standings 07/17/2021

Virtual Club 44 Standings

A little delay on the roundup because some stats maintenance had to be done to catch everything up to speed. It's all good now.

David Pearl came away as the lone 4-0 of the 14 who played. He only needed six total bingos to do the trick using his expert "backspin" to make that happen. David sits in fourth place in the Overall standings but very close to moving up higher.

Judy Levitt was the only one to reach double digits in bingos (10) but that's become usual for her. No one comes close to Judy's 2.23 bingo average per game.

Ken Louie had the high play with LE(A)GUERS for 131 points.

J. Keith van Straaten had the high win, series and largest spread rounding out a nice 3-2 night.

In a game I played vs. Judy I bingoed out with PEARLERS for 74 and got her full rack of tiles: FJLOTTZ, a bounty of 52 points...and still lost by 24! In the end her three bingos bested my three bingos.

Please check club stats by clicking here: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

No info yet when live Club 44 Scrabble will return but I'll keep you posted. With the mask mandate returning tonight in L.A. County it could be awhile yet.

See you virtually next Wednesday,

Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings Session Session summary for,14-Jul-21 Name,Handle,Games,Wins,Losses,AvgMarg,Avg,OppAvg,Bingi David Pearl,backspin,4,4,0,75,427,352,6 J. Keith van Straaten,mrbreadbox,4,3,1,69,444,375,9 Judy Levitt,puffling,4,3,1,45,436,392,10 Dave Postal,gopostal24,4,3,1,6,378,372,4 Pete Skaggs,peteblank,4,2,2,1...

Virtual Club 44 Standings 07/08/2021

Virtual Club 44 Standings

It was Pete Skaggs' night to go undefeated slapping losses on his four foes. He only required five total bingos to complete the task. Pete is sitting solidly in third place in the virtual standings.

Since we had an odd numbered of attendees (15) scheduled for play I sat out and monitored the activities, until someone experienced technical problems and bowed out after the first two games. I slotted myself in and took their place for the remaining two rounds. In one of those games I was able to play the High Play of the evening, THEORIZ(E) for 108 points.

As is usually the case Judy Levitt knocked 10 bingos out of the park to lead in that category. She is just a whisper behind standings leader Billy Nakamura (9 bingos played) in the standings.

It's a rare session when nobody had a 500-point game with Dave Baran coming closest at 484.

In an odd statistical anomaly Maddy Kamen continues to have an issue with Woogles selecting her to go first to begin games. She has gone first 32 times but second a mind-boggling 56. That's only 36% of the time which doesn't seem so random. Judy is not far behind at 39% (40 of 102 games). Both are not suffering in win percentage as they each have won a majority of their contests despite not going first most of the time.

All stats viewed here: http://bit.ly/38FjF2I

Until next Wednesday when we storm the Bastille on the 14th, have a great weekend!

Alan Stern

Virtual Club 44 Standings Session Session summary for,7-Jul-21 Name,Handle,Games,Wins,Losses,AvgMarg,Avg,OppAvg,Bingi Pete Skaggs,peteblank,4,4,0,71,404,333,5 Alan Stern,basesloaded,2,2,0,29,412,383,4 Dave Baran,dave100,4,3,1,63,443,380,7 Judy Levitt,puffling,4,3,1,48,438,390,10 Billy Nakamura,bynak,4,3,1,45,424,379,9 Jo...




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