Yoga on the Beach

Yoga on the Beach


I think you philosophy is very munch inline with our wellness company and I would love to share this link with you and your yoga students.
What’s the location for the morning yoga class? Thanks in advance!
Is there yoga tomorrow or Sunday??
Great class today Charla!! The best part of my WW vacation is being in your classes on the beach. They keep me going all year! ❤️🙏🏻 ☮️ 🧘‍♀️ 🌞
I had the pleasure of attending my first yoga on the beach class this past Monday and I loved. Can't wait to go back and take another one. It was the best $5 I spent during my whole stay. Thank you so much for offering this class.
Hi ALL, If you are interested in understanding non-dual consciousness in a deeper way, while learning meditation and powerful breathing technique(s), join us at the Lakshmanjoo Academy's Webinar on Kashmir Shaivism called GRACE ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH.

Yogi's view spontaneous spiritual experiences as "grace". Learn about these experiences, called Shaktipat, and how to look for them in your own life.

Heading down to the beach next weekend! Can I bring an inexperienced 7 year old? My feelings won't be hurt if the answer is no.
Do we have to reserve in advance or just show up?
What is your beach yoga schedule for next week?
Bernadette Heenan Roesner Mary Heenan DiGregorio deb Deb Immendorf-Sadlier great session at yoga on the beach this morning. Sharla said she accepts cards from last year!
Good morning! I'm on vacation in WW this week, and would like to join a few times. Is pre registration needed? Thanks!

Zoom classes are offered off-season via Zoom. Go to my website to book a class -
Classes led by Charla Lewis E-RYT 500 Yoga Therapist.

Classes are for all levels so whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, taking your practice to the beach is amazing! Charla teaches with an emphasis on the healing power of yoga. Classes for 2021will begin May 29, Saturday and go through mid September. Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Friday at 9:00 AM. Come with an open mind, open heart and open to have fun! Taking your practi

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Who’s excited for summer? Just a month away! Saturday, May 28th is the first class! 9:00 AM! Still just $5.00/class! #wildwoodsnj #wildwood365 #wildwoodbythesea #wildwoodcrest #wildwoodbeach #surftopia


Easy skin care that helps move lymph fluid and hydrates fascia! Dry brushing or oil massage! Both are very beneficial to our health and well being! Plus, it feels good! After doing either of these, you will feel the energy flowing! #ayurvedaeveryday #ayurveda #yogatherapy #selfcare #skincareroutine


Easy skin care that helps move lymph fluid and hydrates fascia! Dry brushing or oil massage! Both are very beneficial to our health and well being! Plus, it feels good! After doing either of these, you will feel the energy flowing! #ayurvedaeveryday #ayurveda #yogatherapy #selfcare #skincareroutine

Photos from Yoga on the Beach's post 04/23/2022

Here I am on Monday, ready for surgery and a pic of the aftermath. I’m improving every day! In the recovery room, I awoke to a wonderful nurse caring for me. Once I became more alert, my body started to tremor as I have re-trained it to do when faced with trauma or stress. As my body started to shake, the nurse got worried and wanted to give me something to stop the tremoring. I explained that this is how the body heals itself and DO NOT stop me. She checked in with me but I insisted to let me shake. I shared with her that I teach this at the end of yoga classes to allow the body to let go of past traumas so we can heal both physically and emotionally. This was my body shaking off the trauma of surgery and releasing the anesthesia! I had no adverse side effects and I continue to allow my body to shake to promote the healing. We also hold trauma in our scars so this helps the incision to heal with little scarring. This is a wonderful real life example of the healing power of Trauma Release and allowing our bodies to shake it off naturally. #tre #shakeitoff #healingtrauma #shakeitoffnaturally


The ocean shows us how to grow our roots, even as there is constant change all around us! Yoga classes will begin Saturday, May 28th and continue into September. A few new additions this summer will include a weekly evening class of Yin Yoga and Sound Healing. There will be Reiki training and one on one Reiki sessions. Look for Full Moon Ceremonies each month. Want to feel like you are on a mini retreat while on vacation? I will have some packages you can add on to the morning classes!
Sept 11-17th will be a full retreat! Stay tuned for details! Summer 2022 is going to be great! #wildwood365 #wildwoodsnj #surftopia #wildwoodboardwalk #wildwoodyogawellness


Finding a quiet spot to meditate or even contemplate is an important way to start your day! Set an intention for your day and watch it follow that intention! If it goes off course, set another intention! Direct your life how you want it to be!


Just when the caterpillar thought the world had ended, it became a butterfly! #playativives


Take care of your feet! Join me with a few tips about creating better posture and flexibility in our foundation! #yogatherapy #selfcare #footcare #lovingkindness


Oil pulling and tongue scraping for better mouth hygiene! Easy ways to enhance your health inside and out!


Bed yoga! First thing in the morning or before you go to bed, here are some great stretches to do right in your bed! And don’t forget to set your intention for your day or a good night’s sleep! #yogatherapy #dailyintentions #move everyday #sleepwell


Happy hands! Join me for some wonderful hand care and tips. Notice when I start the finger holding how I seem more relaxed! It really works! #yogatherapy #healingbodieshealingminds #handcare #selfcare #puravida


Shoulder shape up! Our shoulders are key to good posture, which is key to a healthy spine. Did you know that better posture makes you look younger? More approachable and more successful! Did you know that better posture helps improve digestion, giving the proper room for your organs to do their work! #yogatherapy #healingbodieshealingminds #posturecorrection #shouldershapeup


Join me for a 6 minute meditation that enhances brain function by increasing blood flow to the brain, improving memory, cognition and focus!
#satanama #yogatherapy #meditationpractice #puravida #healingbodieshealingminds


Posture is key to living pain free! Here is a breathing exercise to strengthen the deep core to help improve posture. A few easy exercises to move the spine daily to keep it flexible and strong! Incorporate these movements into your day - if we observe our pets, they ALWAYS stretch after resting! Stretch whenever you get up after sitting! Your body will thank you! #yogatherapy #movementisourmedicine #breathworkhealing #healingbodieshealingminds


Create a new habit with me each day for the next 28 days on simple ways you can move, breathe and better care for yourself! The first is an easy Joint Freeing Series to lubricate and nourish our joints! #healingbodieshealingminds #moveeveryday #yogatherapy #selfcare #puravida #playativives #costarica


Do you want to feel free from all that is holding you back? I can help! I use an easy and effective technique called Body Code and it can be done from anywhere, over the phone or video. I use muscle testing to speak to your subconscious mind to realign the body and release trapped emotions from the past. One of the first things I will discover is if you have a heart wall. Most adults have one and this energy surrounding your heart holds us back from connecting with others and blocks our progress forward. I can also work on children and even your pets! I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions for $130.00 - during those 4 sessions I will test how strong your immunity is and over the 4 sessions will boost that to 100%. Each session takes about an hour. I also test to see how well your heart and brain are communicating with your cells, organs and glands. Often there is a physical disconnect that prevents you from healing. DM me for a session today! #bodycode #emotioncode #energyhealing #iwanttobreakfree #loveyourself #selfcare


Yoga on the beach in Huntington Beach! Any beach, anywhere, any time! 😎🌈💞 @tonisuppa #huntingtonbeach


The Body Code is a healing technique that can help get your health back on track. It helps to accelerate your healing journey, especially when you are feeling stuck! It works on both body and mind! Check out my website to schedule your first session!


What times and days would work best for you if I set up some classes via Zoom? I love the fluidity of the canyon here! Time to get your body moving like the rock here! Please give me some suggestions and I’ll add some classes! It’d be fun to reconnect! (I miss the beach!)


Happy Halloween! Missing the beach but enjoying the change that fall brings!


I try to start my day this way but it doesn’t always happen and that’s ok. I do bed yoga each morning, which is a luxury I thoroughly appreciate! I try to set the tone for my day and I do find that when I take this time, it does make a difference! It’s a practice! #healingbodieshealingminds #selfcareisanecessity #meditatedaily

Photos from Yoga on the Beach's post 10/07/2021

My morning yoga view and my dog Dash wanting to join me in my mat! Sampson State Park on Seneca Lake, NY. I love when I get a chance to practice with a water view! Fresh or salt is lovely! #sampsonstatepark #fingerlakes #senecalake


My view for yoga today! If I can’t have the beach, I will take another beautiful spot, preferably in nature! The serenity of the lake and the song of the birds and insects is a perfect compliment to my practice! Just 20 minutes to tune up my body and soothe my soul! Each day, I am going to look for a spot to connect to nature #healingbodieshealingminds #medfordlakesnj #medfordnj


So grateful you each and every one who joined me on the beach this summer! The highlight of my days are being at the beach and doing yoga is even better! The ocean soothes my soul! Stay tuned for online classes and workshops coming in November! #healingbodieshealingminds #wildwood365

Photos from Yoga on the Beach's post 09/22/2021

It’s not too late to get to a class this weekend! Friday Saturday and Sunday will be the last for 2021! Treat yourself to some self care! $5/class on the beach at Burk Ave - 9:00 - 10:15 am #wildwoodnj #wildwoodsnj #wildwoodcrest #northwildwood #visitwildwood #wildwoodboardwalk #wildwoodbeach #wildwoodnewjersey


If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other - Mother Theresa 20 years ago the US was attacked and we united as citizens. Since then, we have forgotten that we belong to each other. And not just here in America but across the globe. We are all one, whether you choose to believe that or not. My hope is that we can find common ground, forget the petty politics and once again become United without a huge tragedy to bring us back together. #internationaldayofpeace #healingbodieshealingminds

Photos from Yoga on the Beach's post 09/21/2021

Amazing sunset and moonrise as the gong and crystal bowls sang their hearts out! Set an intention for the next lunar cycle-where would you like to be in 28 days! Say it, think it, make it so! #sankalpa #healingbodieshealingminds #wildwood365


Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing are an amazing compliment to celebrate the energy of the full moon and the balance of the equinox! Embrace the shift and go deep - Monday evening at 6:30 PM on the beach at Burk Ave. We will begin with some gentle movement and then settle in for a blissful relaxation. $10.00
Bring something to lay on and a blanket to cover yourself for warmth as the beach may get chilly! #doowildwood #doowildwoodcrest #visitwildwood #wildwoodnj #wildwood #wildwoodboardwalk #wildwoodsnj #wildwoodcrest #wildwoodsunset #wildwoodbeach #wildwoodnewjersey #wildwoodtarot


Full Moon and Fall Equinox are coming this week! Celebrate the shift and embrace the change as we move into Autumn with a Yoga Nidra guided meditation followed by a sound immersion with singing bowls, gong and bells - Monday at 6:30 PM, we will watch the sun set and the full moon rise over the ocean! Bring something to lay on or sit and be sure to bring a blanket! $10 on the beach at Burk Avenue - the combination of the two will surely take you to a state of bliss! The vibration of these beautiful instruments helps to detoxify our cells and promotes healing as we sink into a state of complete relaxation! 💞💞💞 #visitwildwood #healingbodieshealingminds #wildwood365 #localsummer #wildwoodbeach #wildwoodboardwalk #wildwoodcrest #northwildwood #wildwoodsunbythesea


Reminder! No class on Saturday but join me on Friday and Sunday this weekend at 9:00 am

Photos from Yoga on the Beach's post 09/13/2021

Looking for something to do while enjoying the gorgeous September days in Wildwood? Join me for Yoga on the Beach!
Wednesday Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday through September 26th (no class on Saturday the 18th). $5/class at 9:00 am-10:15 am on Burk Ave beach. Look for the purple flag! #visitwildwood #visitwildwoodcrest #visitwildwoodnj #wildwood #wildwoodnj #wildwoodbeach #wildwoodboardwalk


September classes continue with the regular schedule! Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Sunday and Monday until Sept 26th - (No class on Sept 18th) Burk Ave Beach - be sure to look for the purple flag
#wildwoodsnj #wildwoodboardwalk #wildwoodcrest #northwildwood #wildwoodbeach #wildwoodsunbythesea #visitwildwood #doowildwood #northwildwood #northwildwoodnj

Our Story

Classes are for all levels so whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, taking your practice to the beach is amazing! Charla teaches with an emphasis on the healing power of yoga.
Classes for 2018 will begin Memorial Day weekend and new classes are added this year so there will be a class every day!

Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th will be the first classes at 9:00-10:15 AM! Sunday, June 3rd and each Saturday and Sunday through to mid Sept! (No class on Saturday, June 2nd) on Burk Avenue beach. Look for the yellow flag that says YOGA!

Starting Monday, June 18th, classes will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 AM and go through Labor Day. All 9:00 AM classes are on Burk Avenue beach behind the Convention Center.

2 additional evening classes will be added, starting June 19th on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the summer at 5:30-6:30 PM. These classes will be on the beach at Maple Avenue and include free parking at Mike’s Parking Lot on the corner of Maple and Ocean Avenues

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4501 Boardwalk
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Monday 9am - 10:30am
Wednesday 9am - 10:30am
Friday 9am - 10:30am
Sunday 9am - 10:30am

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