Yoga on the Beach

Yoga on the Beach


I think you philosophy is very munch inline with our wellness company and I would love to share this link with you and your yoga students.
What’s the location for the morning yoga class? Thanks in advance!
Is there yoga tomorrow or Sunday??
Great class today Charla!! The best part of my WW vacation is being in your classes on the beach. They keep me going all year! ❤️🙏🏻 ☮️ 🧘‍♀️ 🌞
I had the pleasure of attending my first yoga on the beach class this past Monday and I loved. Can't wait to go back and take another one. It was the best $5 I spent during my whole stay. Thank you so much for offering this class.
Hi ALL, If you are interested in understanding non-dual consciousness in a deeper way, while learning meditation and powerful breathing technique(s), join us at the Lakshmanjoo Academy's Webinar on Kashmir Shaivism called GRACE ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH.

Yogi's view spontaneous spiritual experiences as "grace". Learn about these experiences, called Shaktipat, and how to look for them in your own life.

Heading down to the beach next weekend! Can I bring an inexperienced 7 year old? My feelings won't be hurt if the answer is no.
Do we have to reserve in advance or just show up?
What is your beach yoga schedule for next week?
Bernadette Heenan Roesner Mary Heenan DiGregorio deb Deb Immendorf-Sadlier great session at yoga on the beach this morning. Sharla said she accepts cards from last year!
Good morning! I'm on vacation in WW this week, and would like to join a few times. Is pre registration needed? Thanks!

Zoom classes are offered off-season via Zoom. Go to my website to book a class - https://www.wildwo Classes are for all levels so whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, taking your practice to the beach is amazing!

Charla teaches with an emphasis on the healing power of yoga. Classes for 2021will begin May 29, Saturday and go through mid September. Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Friday at 9:00 AM. Come with an open mind, open heart and open to have fun! Taking your practice to the beach is more like what the original yogis intended more than 5,000 years ago. Practicing on an uneven surface lik

Operating as usual


Last weekend of classes- Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 AM! Burk Ave beach, grab a beach towel! $5.00 This is always so bittersweet to say farewell to Wildwood and all of my yogi friends!


Last Yin Yoga+Sound Healing for 2022! Location change to Maple Ave beach! Park at Mike’s Parking lot - don’t pay to park, on Maple and Ocean and head to the beach! Grab a blanket to relax on. If you have a mat, bring that and a wrap to cover during the meditation and sound immersion. 6:30 pm - $10


My newest bowl will join us tonight for Yin Yoga + Sound Healing! Please NOTE a location change! Maple Ave, possibly the beach but it could be at my house so park at Mike’s Parking on Maple and Ocean and we will let you know the exact location! Do not pay to park!


Today’s class can be better accessed by the steps closer to Andrews Ave. You will see the flag! 9:00 am!


The beach is wet today but I managed to find some dryer sand to the right of the convention center! It’s a gorgeous day!


A snapshot of our retreat by day! Yoga or movement is every day. Sound healing and meditation is every day! Dive in to explore! Tools for creating a routine to ensure self-care is a priority! Reach out to join us for a day or more if you can’t do the whole retreat - call me to reserve a spot! Brunch and dinner are included Monday-Friday. 1 day is $150


On the way to yoga in the beach! Walk barefoot and feel your toes, your whole foot as it grips the sand and moves through to the next step! The muscles we build when walking barefoot are essential to supporting the rest of the body! Earthing is also an added benefit, directly connecting your bare skin to sand, dirt, grass and even sidewalk helps to dispel free radicals, resets the body and just generally makes us feel better and more connected to nature! Labor Day class at 9:00 AM on Burk Ave!


Happy baby is such a wonderful hip opener as well as a mood lifter! You MUST smile when doing this pose! Named for the pose that babies naturally go into when discovering their toes! They are naturally flexible and know just what to do! Doing this pose regularly helps to keep the hips, knees and ankles flexible so we can do squats which help us to keep these lower joints strong! Modifications are helpful when the body is resistant but our bodies have memory and we can find that flexibility once again! Often people tell me they can’t do yoga because they aren’t flexible! I tell them they are the most in NEED of yoga and to start easy and build from there! So grab a beach towel and some water and join me for a class Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! $5 on Burk Ave beach just in front of @thesurftopia - your body will thank you! All levels are welcome!


I need to cancel the Yin+Sound Healing this evening - I am exhausted and need to take some time to take care of me. I never want to disappoint but I just can’t this evening.
Plus, a line of storms is headed our way and I’d hate to get caught in that!


Beautiful evening for a sound immersion on the beach @ 7:00 PM. Summer is winding down so if you haven’t gotten to one of these yet, tonight is the perfect evening! Grab a beach towel and find me at the bottom of the ramp on Burk Ave!


Waiting for yoga on the beach!


Trauma occurs in many ways and witnessing an near drowning this morning during class was a trauma that we were able to address right away. Just as we were about to end the class, a woman was calling for help. The lifeguards weren’t on duty yet but some of my students saw and heard what was happening and leapt into hero mode. I went down to the water in the event we needed to create a human chain and I started to send out Reiki to the struggling swimmers and those trying to help. Tim from @thesurftopia came running with another instructor and their surf boards. Finally, they were able to reach the woman and bring her in! The lifeguards arrived to add support but the bravest jumped in to help! At this point, I knew we needed to finish the class and give those who helped and the witnesses a chance to release so the experience didn’t get trapped into our bodies and minds. Some cried as a deeper release but we all had a chance to let go and heal. If you need an easy way to let go and heal, this technique is a simple way to tap into our bodies innate ability to heal. I am so grateful I have this tool to share as it has transformed many lives, including my own. I am grateful for the helpers and the prayers we were able to provide during class today! Be extra careful when swimming and the life guards aren’t there! 🙏💞🙏💞🙏


September Retreat is a time to be present. To begin new habits and routines, to dive in deeper and come out the other side with a new perspective! To forgive the past and move into the future by being present! The fun begins Sunday, September 11th to the 17th. Enjoy the quiet of September here so you can hear your inner voice! Check my website for more info and sign up now! Invest in yourself! @lisagumina @lisagumina.edspecialist therapy


Yoga helps us to train our bodies to be more flexible, balanced and stronger but we also train our minds at the same time! 9:00 AM classes through the last weekend in September. (No morning classes in Tuesday or Thursday) Grab a beach towel and some water! $5 on Burk Ave beach in Wildwood!


Get your vibes tonight at 7:00 pm! Dress warm and bring a blanket! Find me at the end of the ramp!


The beach was always a sacred place for me. This annual pilgrimage to the ocean on August 14th for the Blessing of the Waters is on the Eve of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. St. Ann’s church is a block from my house so we always joined the pilgrimage to the beach to see the priest bless the ocean! Not a Catholic but enjoy the traditions of any religion or culture that honors and celebrates nature and its healing powers! I dipped my feet into the water for healing!


Last day to save! Invest in yourself! You deserve to take some time to reset and reconnect with yourself! Go to my website to learn more and then call me to sign up! Self care is a necessity! ❤️❤️❤️


It’s going to be a gorgeous evening on the beach with the full moon overhead and the incredible vibrations of the gong! It looks like the moon with the reflection of the sunset! 7:00 PM on Burk Avenue beach. Follow the path along the Convention Center to the beach! Bring a towel or blanket to lay on and a wrap in case it gets chilly! $10


September 11-17th! Are you ready to do some soul searching? Feel some Reiki and learn how to share, peel back some layers, open your heart and forgive! Join us! Sign up now to save 20% by 8/12
Check out the website for more details!


Bike stolen today from 11th and NJ Avenue! If you see it, let me know! It belongs to one of my yogis!


September Retreat in Wildwood! 11th to the 17th! Start Where You Are! Discover What’s Next! Take 6 days with us to retreat, reset and revive, ready to step into the next greatest version of YOU! More info is on my website, DM me for any questions and to sign up! 20% discount if you sign up by 8/12! @lisagumina @lisagumina.edspecialist 365


See the sunset reflected in the gong! She has an amazing depth to her vibration! Join me Tuesdays at 7:00 PM to feel her vibes! On the beach at Burk Ave.
I’m often playing her little sister in my morning classes - 9:00 AM - Friday Saturday Sunday Monday and Wednesday


Yin Yoga+Sound Healing! Tonight on Burk Avenue beach! Time change to 7:00 PM! Guided meditation, Reiki and bliss! The seagulls like it and you will too! $10.00


September Retreat! 9/11-917 in Wildwood! Yoga, qi gong, sound healings, Reiki, journaling, forgiveness ceremony, Ayurveda wellness, Body Code, art therapy, fierce conversations, and so much more! Visit my website for more info and how to sign up! 20% discount through 8/12! Reserve your spot with a deposit!


Tonight at 7:30 pm! Burk Ave beach! Raise your vibration with some sound healing, stretching and Reiki! $10


I want the Yin + Sound Immersion to be the best experience for you so I’m calling it for tonight and moving it to Thursday! Same time - 7:30
*please note, starting next week, 8/2 it will start at 7:00 PM


Enough said! A positive mind is the key to a healthy body! Repeat this each day and watch the miracles unfold! Today, we focused on our thoughts and how powerful they are to our health and well being!

Photos from Yoga on the Beach's post 07/19/2022

Yin + Sound Tuesday at 7:30 PM!
Burk Ave -$10
Bring a wrap or blanket to cover you during the extended savasana.


A pop-up last minute sound immersion tonight! On the beach at Maple Ave! If you want to join me, you can park at Mike’s Parking lot on the corner of Maple and Ocean. Tell the attendant you are going to the sound immersion and you can park for free!

Our Story

Classes are for all levels so whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, taking your practice to the beach is amazing! Charla teaches with an emphasis on the healing power of yoga.
Classes for 2018 will begin Memorial Day weekend and new classes are added this year so there will be a class every day!

Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th will be the first classes at 9:00-10:15 AM! Sunday, June 3rd and each Saturday and Sunday through to mid Sept! (No class on Saturday, June 2nd) on Burk Avenue beach. Look for the yellow flag that says YOGA!

Starting Monday, June 18th, classes will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 AM and go through Labor Day. All 9:00 AM classes are on Burk Avenue beach behind the Convention Center.

2 additional evening classes will be added, starting June 19th on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the summer at 5:30-6:30 PM. These classes will be on the beach at Maple Avenue and include free parking at Mike’s Parking Lot on the corner of Maple and Ocean Avenues

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