Oilers Car and Motorcycle Club

Oilers Car and Motorcycle Club


Freddie Ludlow- from the trenches to the track to the streets of Pasadena -Saturday December 4 at Autobooks
Happy Thanksgiving Oilers & Troggers!!!!
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Folder containing stills and videos throughout weekend.

If you had to be anywhere you need to be here. Come on down to Wildwood NJ Oct 1st-3rd The Race Of Gentlemen!
The Oilers Invade Wildwood New Jersey For The Greatest Race On Earth...The Race Of Gentlemen! Oct 1st-3rd A Great Party to be had by all! Come On Down!
The Greatest Race on Earth! www.theraceofgentlemen.com/event
WOW! 1927 Harley with under 800 original miles.

Is 2021 TROG on??
Car I run a Chevy body on my Ford chassis in trog?
I'm new to TROG and want to put a car together for 2021. The website and email address that you list for more information are both defunct, do you know how I can find the official rules for building a car?

The Race of Gentlemen, or TROG as it is affectionately called, is a multi-day celebration that pays tribute to the early days of racing. Purpose built pre & post war vehicles flood the beaches and battle the tide during this mechanical commemoration.

Oiler's Car Club presents The Annual Race Of Gentlemen! A beach party and race the likes of which NOT SEEN IN DECADES! Before America had racetracks or even STRAIGHT ROADS, a man tested his machine on the beach to FIND THE LIMITS! The Race of Gentlemen has garnered monumental interest since it's inaugural in 2012 and we get many questions regarding entering the race,
The race is invitational and a

Operating as usual

Photos from Oilers Car and Motorcycle Club's post 07/07/2021


#houseindustries 🙌

T.R.O.G 07/07/2021


Free shipping on any order over $50.00. https://www.theraceofgentlemen.com

New Merch NOW!


Race of Gentlemen mini Documentary 06/03/2021

Race of Gentlemen mini Documentary

Where it started. A younger Mel with a larger beard. Tune in!

Race of Gentlemen mini Documentary race of gentlemen drag racing on the beach

Photos from The Race of Gentlemen's post 06/02/2021

Photos from The Race of Gentlemen's post


The Race of Gentlemen

Happy 4th of July merch sale!!!



The Race of Gentlemen

Get ready to RuMbLe!!! Racers... get your submissions in!!!!!!!!!!!! We extended it, and most of your are still late, 😂 Lotsa good looking newbies, but most you knuckleheads are texting me... I didn’t submit yet! Get on it... we are one of the only events that has hung in there... so it shall be a lil extra nuts this October!!! #trog #theraceofgentlemen Sign up as usual, online at theraceofgentlemen.com I’ve peaked and the playing field looks pretty 😷 sick!!! #gotjokes 😂


The Race of Gentlemen

My brother J. @prideofgypsies just dropped our teaser, with a larger clip being released tomorrow.
It was Jason’s @prideofgypsies first time collaborating with us, his @on_the_roam team and @t.r.o.g._official when we met up in Wildwood back in January. What a day of riding we had... what a never ending story with us, crazy weather again... A usual with us! We kept warm by exhausting ourselves from fun and riding, and fighting the never ending wind and sand that day. It was like no other day we have had on a beach. Sometimes life throws curveballs that shape you. I have learned that I am blessed to be here, so no matter what elements want to pound on you, or what obstacles want to stop us, don’t give up or in! Don’t cry about it, press on, and be alive! Don’t ever take that for granted, know matter how miserable a moment or condition. Your alive... suck it up, breath it in, live in it... as we do now, waiting to see one another. I miss u friends, I miss you TrOgLoDyTeS!!! X... #yeoleghost #trog #theraceofgentlemen #wildwood *** TROG Wildwood*** this October 2-3-4 2020 #bethere #live #befree


The Race of Gentlemen

Hey GANG... We are done playing in the snow and back setting up FUN for... T. R. O. G.!!! ((( Sept. 30th - October 4th))) Major changes for the better, its looking like... but it’s still to early to speak. I’ve... @yeoleghost have a big meeting coming up soon and I should be able to fill y’all in some more soon! Things we are working on... more parties 🤪🍺, well that’s it! Ha, no... bigger swap meet now in a better location! More shut down room, more speed!!! More Rock & Roll! I’m most excited about some special guests, prob why I grabbed this pic of my Chopper pals, and Verne’s mean machine. So get excited... so much cooler stuff to tell ya, but I need a few weeks. If it all happens, and I believe it will... it will change Trog and feel more like home!#cemented #trog #theraceofgentlemen #wildwood Looks like May 16th, we might be throwing a monster Pre-Trog Party with a huge act, bike and hot rods too. #hoprod 🤪👍 Meeting this Tuesday... hope to sign a deal!!! News to follow #weirdnj 🤪👍 A pic in time by @13clicks @burbankchoppers


The Race of Gentlemen

Bad boys bad boys... all wear TROG Henley’s 🙌🏼 #naughtygirlstoo 😜Restocked for X-Mas!!! They are warm and soft... and super cool!!! Black or antique white “Beach Drags Auto/Motorcycle” @prideofgypsies says do it, listen!!! 💪🏻 #orelse #Trog #theraceofgentlemen theraceofgentlemen.com 🎄❤️🎄


The Race of Gentlemen

Saturday shenanigans @jugtown 12/21!

Dec 21st... if you dare? ((((Sock it to me)))) 🌲 OILERS ❌❌❌-MAS Party
Racers, Trog Fans, family’s, kids, Motorcycles, hot cars, warm cars, cars that don’t run and we push around a lot, and I mean a lot! 🤪... but most of all... FRIENDS aka... TrOgLoDyTeS @jugtown_mountain_motor_club #xmas #oilerswhoelse #trog #theraceofgentlemen Live music by @oldladyforever 🙌🏼 🎶🙌🏼. Heavy Rock&Soul music’s played on black vinyl discs 👽. By ?


Don't forget Holiday Ticket Special ends 12/15/19!! 15% off use code TROG2020 at checkout!!
The Race of Gentlemen


You have all been waiting here it is! 15% off tickets until 12/15/19 to celebrate our date release!! Use code TROG2020 in the discount option on the checkout page.

Ticket info: https://www.theraceofgentlemen.com/wildwood-tickets-2020

Buy Tickets: https://the-race-of-gentlemen.ticketleap.com/trog-wildwood-new-jersey-2020/dates/Oct-03-2020_at_0800AM

We have a new page just for TROG. Check it out so you keep up to date https://www.facebook.com/T.R.O.G.OFFICIAL/

Bammm!! WiLdWoOd BABY!!! Big news??? Yes the date ... “we” almost didnt get this date... we fought for it and won! 💪🏻This way you have the #worldrenowned 🌏 #hersheyswapmeet #2020 as your icing on the... T. R. O. G. 🍰!!! Real bigger news... you ask??? Less 4 bangers... more “early overhead valves” #Racing !!! (Ohv 1949-1954) #nosmallblocks. Trust us, we will have plenty of Bangers still, but there only going to be 🔥 HoT 🔥#onlythefastest 👨🏿👴🏼👧🏼🧔🏻 (((( Potential racers))) check in on the revised Rules at our Theraceofgentlemen.com #TICKETS are now on #SALEand discounted for you (((TrOgLoDyTeS))) for #Christmas !!! Coupon code for 15% off: TROG2020
Good through 12/15/19 Merry X-Mas Y’all!!!! #trog #theraceofgentlemen Some things happening with our partners in crime @houseindustries #hotel #notell #itsasurprise 🙌🏼. @warsteinerusa 🍺👅🍺 Win a race bike with our hombres @mamatriedshow and come git in on all our fun!!! #beach #beachdrags


Happy Thanksgiving from TROG!! 10% off all Merch for the weekend!! With a special Black Friday deal Henley's will be $55 ON FRIDAY 11/29/19 ONLY!! ** while supplies last**


Photo By: Robbie Jeffers

oldbikebarn.com 10/29/2019

The Race of Gentlemen


oldbikebarn.com Whether it's cars or bikes the name of the game is pre-1950's. You won't ever see anything even as


The Race of Gentlemen Wildwood 2019

Well... that was fun!!! Thank you racers, spectators, friends & family... Harley-Davidson and Warsteiner! 🍻 That, was delicious!!! 🤪👍 #trog #theraceofgentlemen Music by Oilers CC/MC Andy Kohler and the amazing @thetelltalesigns 🎥 by brother @therobertthomasproject #harleydavidson #rideaharleydavidson #drinkmorebeer #warsteiner ❤️ #trog2019 #theoriginalbeachboys


The Race Of Gentleman 2019

Film from Road Vultures!

Another Successful Wham bam thank you ma'am TROG Event, Always a lot going on, Like a fine wine It gets better and better every year. I tried to cram it all ...


The Race Of Gentlemen 2019 | Full Video Recap

John G Whadafunk roll film! Thanks for continued support

The Race Of Gentlemen 2019 | TROG 2019 | WILDWOOD NJ On the weekend of October 4th we headed to The Race Of Gentlemen 2019 aka TROG 2019. This is one of the ...


TROG | The Race of Gentlemen 2019 - Wildwood New Jersey

Roll them..... Videos coming.
Join New Jersey outdoor adventure at TRoG Thanks for rocking with us!

Scenes and sounds from the 2019 The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, NewJersey which consists of Vintage Cars, Motorcycles on the Beach in New Jersey The Race ...

hotrod.com 10/15/2019

Roadsters & Coupes Croon at The Race of Gentlemen 2019 - Hot Rod Network

Thanks for all the years of coverage, Scotty!

hotrod.com The Race of Gentlemen needs no introduction to HOT ROD readers, as we’ve been covering this sand-slinging beach race since October 2012.

lowbrowcustoms.com 10/15/2019

The Race of Gentlemen - Wildwood, NJ

Thanks for the press Lowbrow Customs

lowbrowcustoms.com The Race of Gentlemen: Less Show / More go Wildwood is a living postcard of Americana. From its historic boardwalk lined with carnival games, fortune tellers and neon, there’s an...

nj.com 10/15/2019

See vintage cars and bikes race along the water's edge at this N.J. beach (PHOTOS)

Thanks for the press NJ.com

nj.com The Race of Gentlemen once again takes over Wildwood with vintage car and motorcycle racing right on the beach.

inquirer.com 10/15/2019

Beat the tide: Hot rods and motorcycles take over Wildwood for the Race of Gentlemen

Thanks for the press Philadelphia Inquirer!

inquirer.com Drivers brought their best to Wildwood, N.J., this weekend for the annual Race of Gentlemen. Hundreds of enthusiasts gathered with their machines of choice — hot rods or motorcycles — to race on the beach, a tradition since 2012.


To the community of Wildwood, Thank you as always for your hospitality. We love you! Wildwood, New Jersey

Photo by and car owned by: Andrew Krauss

rollingstone.com 10/10/2019

Hot Rods and Harleys: Welcome to The Race of Gentlemen

Look we made the news 😎


rollingstone.com From Skee-Ball arcades and carnie-manned games to doo-wop-themed gas stations and motels, Wildwood — a beach town near the southeastern tip of New Jersey — is seeped in nostalgia. And for one Octob…


Photo by: EON Imaging


The dust has settled. The crew is sleeping. What an amazing weekend!! Thank you to everyone that came out!! Thank you to Harley-Davidson for having our back. We love you!! Thank you to Warsteiner for coming on board this year. What an amazing company. American Hot Rod Foundation thank you for the continued support. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Video by: EON Imaging


Great thanks to brothers Biltwell Inc. for keeping our Trog bike racers safe! Wouldn’t or couldn’t do it without you! 💪🏻 #letsrace #trog #biltwell #ridemotorcycleshavefun

Photo by: EON Imaging

[10/05/19]   DRIVERS ANNOUNCEMENT. Sunday morning, racers will go straight to pits starting at 7:00 am. (Not meet at Stardust like this morning) We want to start racing as close to 8:00 as we possibly can depending on track condition.
Great day today everyone! See you at the bonfire concert tonight and again in the morning!


Registration is open!! #trog


Best night for a beach party!! TROG has begun!! #trog Harley-Davidson Warsteiner American Hot Rod Foundation PigDog Beach Bar


One more for today. The new Warsteiner hot rod! #trog

Videos (show all)

The Race of Gentlemen Wildwood 2019
TROG 2019
Santa Barbara Drags
Just a taste of all the amazing videos to come. Thank you to everyone who contributed to pull this off!Harley-DavidsonWa...
Willie G once said don’t bring a knife to a gun fight kid! We take the man seriously even when he’s being funny. You got...
T.R.O.G. Wildwood NJ 2018 Video by @toddbarryphoto on IG
Attention! Attention!
Crazy Uncle Harry and Hollywood!! #trog #HD115 #BradfordBeachBrawl
Our hardworking team won’t stoping until it’s right! Crack that whip, Mel. Work work work! @Bradford_MKE #bradfordbeachb...
Building the first Harley-Davidson #115 #BradfordBeachBrawl turn. Not a lot of digging, but lots of rolling!  Track will...
‪Big boy toys. First of three rollers has arrived, let’s make a track! #115th Harley-Davidson #BradfordBeachBrawl ‬



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Wildwood, NJ
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