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TRC Horsemanship LLC


Scott - great to meet up with you at the Polo match. Everyone had great things to say about you. Really looking forward to having you up to my farm in Eolia. You might be able to give forward momentum to my bucket list.
Take care,


TRC Horsemanship LLC

TRC Horsemanship is a professional equine service that is focused on the improvement of horses' lives through the development of horses and the education of people. Based upon an equal balance of trust, respect, and confidence, TRC teaches an easy to understand philosophy that enables humans to maximize their relationship with their horses.

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Thank you to all of our veterans, including our equine veterans!


Build a solid foundation.

WarwickSchiller 08/14/2020

If you truly want to advance your horsemanship, you have to focus less on the physical movements and more on the mental state of your horse. And to do that, I highly recommend studying Warwick Schiller. So far, he is my favorite of all of the horsemen and techniques that I have studied.

WarwickSchiller Warwick Schiller moved from his home country of Australia in his 20s to the U.S. so he could pursue his dream of training horses. Warwick's accomplishments i...


Stay grounded not matter how high you fly!


Quote of the Day - "Don't pick a job with great vacation time... Pick a career that doesn't need escaping from." ~ Artist ~ John Fawcett


Talent is God given. Be humble.
Fame is man-given. Be grateful.
Conceit is self-given. Be careful.


Quote of the Day - "Being positive won't guarantee you'll succeed... But being negative will guarantee you won't." ~ Artist ~ Clark Kelley Price


What is some of your favorite Welch wisdom?


This is what I live for.

This one picture, (in my opinion) says so very much about my life’s mission. To represent my beloved Australia on the world stage. To be a ‘Leader Worth Following’ to horses and humans alike and to be a worthy Ambassador for our beloved homebred breed, the ‘Australian Stock Horse’. This precious young mare in the photo, is a beautiful daughter of the Heritage bred, Australian Import, ‘Australian Stock Horse’ Stallion ‘Ballandown Zorro’ and this is her on her fourth ride of her life, just minutes before she guided my three horse liberty team around the coliseum in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Four days before this pic was taken, this image was just a vision in my mind, a daydream of a lifetime Horseman who knows what it means to reach for the stars. I knew in my heart that if everything aligned (like it has in the past) that this would be possible but I most definitely, never take it for granted. This precious young mare, is being set for a future in the Polo world by her owners but they have ensured me that they will let her guide them on where her future lies and I am so very grateful that their desires for her, align with my own. As I ran my fingers through her forelock at the end of our final session together, there were tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I sincerely wished her a safe and wonderful future and thanked her for her immense ‘Try’ (which is all I can ever ask for). I often have people approach me, who implore me to ‘Keep it Up’ and to ‘Never Leave’ the Horse Industry and all I say to them, is “I’m not going Anywhere”, “This is where I Belong”.

Timeline photos 02/21/2020

What others say.

Writing this morning I remind myself that what others say can really impact lives, positively or negatively.
People that go out of their way to make others look bad are trying to cover up a big hole that they can not fill themselves.
Every Champion in the arena or in Life that I respect are not offended by rumors that come from insecure folks.
I've also have seen horses that are put under needless pressure just to prove a point.
Knowing that you know who you are is the most important. You don't have to tell others what you know, or what you have done, that shows insecurities.

It starts with Peace in yourself. If you are fighting with yourself you are fighting with others, and your Horses.
My mother always told me that it's not what you say it's how you act. When you act right you will speak right.
The Tongue can be easily controlled by the Devil.
I am a work in progress but the more I work on myself the better my Horses are and my relationships with people.

Show others how Strong you are by influencing the Positive.
Don't be pulled down in the trenches with miserable and unhappy people. They want you to feel the same.

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Quote of the Day - "If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change... You will get Results." ~ Artist ~ JaNeil Anderson


"When you think you have it all figured out, there's always a horse to show you you don't."


A HUGE thank you to our old friend Scott Pitzer and TRC Horsemanship for doing a demo at our Boots in the Barn yesterday.

This Explains a Lot 01/22/2020

Must read. Dead on......

This Explains a Lot There’s this thing about working with horses… it’s one of those things that is responsible for making working with horses difficult, soul-shattering hard work. And I don’t want to be Debbie Downer …


Kind of handy.....

Made for Equine Vet techs 💙🐎
This would make someone a really nice gift 😉
Order here >>


Quote of the Day - "Old school Ethics, Honesty and Moral Values in today's world may not get you a lot of friends... But they will always get you the right ones ." ~ Artist ~ Laurie Lee


Quote of the Day - "There is always something to be grateful for ... We just have to choose to see it." ~ Artist ~ Jack Sorenson


Quote of the Day - "A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal." ~ Artist ~ Jack Sorenson

Timeline photos 12/19/2019

“Empathy for the horse is the capacity of a person to be able to feel what the horse feels, to read a situation the same way and to have an understanding of what the horse is going to do in response to that situation. That’s empathy, or feeling with the horse and it’s a real effective way of learning from the horse. Even before the horse does whatever he’s about to do, a person who’s this way [empathetic] is going to understand the reason a horse does something. It takes time to get that deep knowledge of horses.” - Bill Dorrance

From the book 'True Horsemanship Through Feel' by Bill Dorrance.

Image of Bill is by Richard Field Levine -


"Don't ruin a Good Today by thinking about a bad yesterday." ... Let it Go! ... Let's Ride!! ~ Artist ~ Bruce Greene


Today in Australia, is ‘Remembrance Day’ where we give thanks for all those who gave so dearly in times of war, including our wonderful horses. The poem Tribute below, is for them.
In Memory of Those Who Have Fallen

Remember the Lighthorse...

I was one of thousands of horses
Bred on the mountains and plains
Known as a breed called the 'Waler'
With courage and stamina a-flow in my veins

Like the men and women of our country
We were called upon for war
And just like our human comrades
We were drafted by the scores

I was broken in to the bridle
They were trained to the rifle and bayonet
I learnt to jump and run with stifling weight
They learnt from blood and tears and sweat

I was a trooper's horse, a 'Lighthorse'
Known for bravery and speed
My larger brothers pulled the heavy guns
Each one, a credit to our breed

Our training days were over
And the best of us walked the line
Thousands of Australians
Who were called upon to shine

We were loaded on a metal ship
Spending months upon the sea
Floating to a land of war
To our very destiny

I was fearful, I was wary
But obedient and brave
My trooper asked for brilliance
And that is how I would behave

As the shoreline of the war fields
Broke the far horizon grasp
The gunfire and the burning sand
Would make a bold soul gasp

We waited for the order
Then plunged onto the sand
We were ready for this challenge
Noble steed and brave young man

We galloped to the war zone
To join our comrades side
Jumping bodies of the fallen
Who had fought and died with pride

Our line was being peppered
And I watched my brother's fall
But the vast majority made it safely
And we were ready for the call

We were picketed out at night time
Fed small rations from the stores
We were bred for this, to be hardy
Brave and honest to the core

Our victories were many
As we charged the enemy line
Jumping bunkers and gun turrets
We would surge, time after time

Casualties were common
Injured horses, injured men
But we were soldiers, so come morning
We would saddle up again

The conditions were atrocious
And the challenges were great
But I'd treasure every meal time
And a kind word from my mate

His gun would kill the enemy
His actions, regimental
But his heart was kind and honest
And his touch was soft and gentle

While the war exploded round us
I would calmly wait his cue
He would stroke my mane to ease me
Just one soul, from bodies two

I can't recall the miles we trudged
Or the numbers that we lost
But we were fighting for a greater good
And a triumph worth the cost

Our Victory was won from courage
That made us famous round the world
Our Lighthorse brigades, unbeatable
And the 'Waler' horse, the pearl

But unlike most other victories
Where the winner takes the spoils
Our Victory meant the end for us
No more would we touch the soil......

....Of our homeland, of the mountains
Of the lush and rich grass plains
We were laid to rest on a land of war
Our blood and bone to stain......

.....The beaches and the memories
Of the soldier men who ride
They couldn't take us home with them
And with us, a piece of them would die

So though our earthly gallops finished
We still roam the plains of dreams
Where our history shaped the future
Like rushing water in a stream

And as I talk to you from the pastures
That lay beyond this world
Please remember me 'The Lighthorse'
As your destiny unfurls

Written by Guy McLean ANZAC DAY April 2010


Quote of the Day - "Sometimes you have to let life turn you upside down... So you can learn how to live, Right Side Up." ~ Artist ~ James Bama

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