Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH

Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH


Hey! I saw somewhere a post of the different workouts and how they compare to each other (burst training vs speed & agility, etc) but can’t seem to find it again.
Can someone share it?? I wanted to read it again haha thanks!
Reminder that after our 7, 8 and 9am camps tomorrow, we've got YOGA! Free for all Burn members and trial members. $10 for friends and family. Come join us at 10am with yoga mats (if you have one)!

A perfect way to start the New Year! Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH, you're invited too!
Today we are highlighting two sister members from Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH
Read their fun story below!

“Our paths have not been linear, but we are grateful to have started this journey at Burn Worthington together three years ago. You join a gym thinking about all the things that you want to lose… weight, inches, body fat, etc. But what we quickly learned about Burn is that it isn’t about what you lose, it’s about what you gain. We’ve gained a whole family worth of friends! Every time that we walk through the doors, the energy, love, positivity, community, and the passion are contagious.
Yes, we are sisters, but we've become best friends and each other’s #1 cheerleader. We motivate, challenge, and inspire each other. Burn has strengthened our bond, and we love having this gym to call our home. 💙”

Are you looking to start a journey? Come in to Burn Parker and see the difference for yourself! Click this link: burnbootcamp.com/locations/parker-co/
Heyyy 5:30pm camp! Did I accidentally swap coats with someone? 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Sorry! Not workout-related!! but I hear there are a lot of teachers that go to burn so I thought it may be relevant. I am a 4th-year doctor of psychology student currently collecting data for my dissertation. Specifically, I am looking for public school teachers K-12 (current or former) to take a quick survey. Districts are a little harder to get into to distribute the survey than I thought (but I'm working on it). In the meantime, if anyone is a teacher, has teacher friends/family, and is willing to share my survey, I would appreciate it (it doesn't have to be in Ohio). Thank you! I will put the link in the comments.
UNIVERSAL MEMBERSHIP! Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH "Thank you for having me!" Coach Vic
Great seeing so many familiar faces this morning!!! Awesome seeing all the wonderful kids! Keep working hard, and having fun together! See you again soon.
Thank you Burn trainers and ambassadors and Burn members for welcoming me and challenging me at every camp!!! I love being part of the Burn family!!!
Hey Burn Worthy community, my name is Kristen Fogle. I'm a physical therapist with Align Health Group in Columbus. We are excited to be offering a pelvic core workshop on January 9th. Please check out the link to learn more about the event and to sign up!

Even if you can not make it in, we offer zoom and you are never alone!
Stop wasting time! If you want results, let us show you how!
Tired of your old gym? Check us out! There is nothing like it.

We are a group fitness facility lead by personal trainers. Great HIIT workouts and strength training combinations Gym/Physical Fitness Center

Operating as usual


Come check us out! You still have 1 more Saturday opportunity to join us for free but we always have our complimentary 7 day trial!! Join us for push/pull tomorrow!


No one better to tell you what Burn is all about than OUR MEMBERS! 💙💙

Kicking off this series… @aeckel86 and @vincent31

Stay tuned for more videos and get to know our amazing community!

Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH updated their website address. 03/17/2022

Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH updated their website address.

Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH updated their website address.


Have you ever wondered what you might find inside our gym? Ever thought to yourself “I probably need to get in shape before I go in there”? Or maybe you think that you won’t find anyone who “looks like you” at our gym.

📣 Please know that we have members who are all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, fitness levels, and colors 🔹 You will not be alone‼️

This place will change your life if you let it 💙

#welovenewfacestoo #community #allarewelcome #comejoinus #giveitashot #betonyourself #getuncomfortable

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💙Transformation Tuesday💙

Want to truly be inspired?? Read about @nikmikz17 and her history of a bad relationship with food which goes right along with our ‼️Trainer Tip Tuesday‼️
Nikki, this is such an inspiring story and we are so proud of you for many many reasons and thank you so much for your vulnerability sharing 💙💙💙 You are so strong!!!

#relationshipwithfood #addiction #anorexia #bulemia #eatingdisorder #disorderedeating #restrictiveeating #burnbootcamp #burnworthington


‼️Trainer Tip Tuesday‼️

❌ Restrictive Eating
❌ Dieting
❌ Short Term Extreme Restrictions

✅ Everything In Moderation
✅ Healthy Lifestyle
✅ Marathon NOT a Sprint

#healthylifestyle #faddiets #restrictiveeating #exercise #moderation #burnbootcamp #burnworthington


Stop by the front desk and ask us about our nutrition products today!

#burnnutrition #protein #preworkout #cleaningredients #plantprotein #wheyprotein #proteinbar


We are starting the week off with lower body, will you be joining us?



Stay off the scale.... your focus should be about your nutrition and how you feel! Make your health your priority and dial in on your nutrition.

Eat more, not less!

How can we become the healthiest version of

By getting enough clean calories
By getting enough protein 97-99% lean
By getting enough veggies
By eating the right fats
By eating carbs - healthy carbs
By cutting sugar and processed foods

DO IT FOR YOU! Keep moving!

Photos from Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH's post 03/07/2022

Your relationship with food is quite possibly one one of the most important aspects of your fitness/wellness journey.

Swipe to find some tips to improve upon your relationship 💙

Schedule your focus meetings 👊🏽 Even if you do not wish to attain measurements or meet numerical goals, those focus meetings are an incredible accountability tool that come to you for FREE with your membership 👏🏼

#relationshipwithfood #healthyliving #dietculture #burnbootcamp #burnworthington


Take advantage of this month’s Saturday camps being FREE and come check us out for Burst Training this week at no risk to you!
We are excited to meet you!

#freesaturdays #tellallyourfriends #workout #joinus #burnbootcamp #burnworthington


What do you look for in a gym?
Have you ever had a community where you are welcomed for exactly who you are?!

Our community is the biggest aspect of our gym - this is truly #morethanagym and Burn will change your life if you let it!
We are here to support you and your #burnsisters and #burnbros will be here with all the high 5s as well!!

#community #welcome #gymcommunity #gymfriends #burnbootcamp #burnworthington #buildeachotherup


No strings attached! Come on in and join us! If you have a friend who has been wanting to come check Burn out with you, now is the best time to do it!
All Saturdays during the month of March are free for anyone to attend and open to the public!
8:30 w/ child watch
9:30 e/ child watch


✅Form Friday✅

Banded Leg Lifts
🔹Keep lower back in contact with floor
🔹Slow & controlled
🔹Hands should be directly over shoulders w/ tension on the band
🔹Modify by bending knees, tapping heels to floor at the bottom but keep low back in contact with floor

When you start to arch that lower back, you no longer have your core turned on! Use the tips above to keep that core engaged 👊🏽

#formfriday #coreengagement #fixyourform #coreconditioning #burnbootcamp


After Leg Day @burnbootcamp


Mindset is EVERYTHING!!!
Start your Monday (and your week) off on the right foot with a positive mindset. Let’s get after it y’all 👊🏽💪🏻
#mindsetiseverything #positivevibes #mindovermatter #buildstrength


What is holding you back?! Check out some of the reasons we appeal to the masses!!! Set your worries aside and come on in so we can meet you where YOU are!! 👊🏽
#juststart #startsomewhere #7daytrial #modifications #allfitnesslevels #buildstrength #weighttraining #loseweightwithweights #buildmuscle #bestrong #proveyourselfwrong #bebrave


FORM FRIDAY: Battle Rope Alternating Slams with Squat 🔥 @teagardenrn


If your form is good and you have range of motion, then step out of your comfort zone.


‼️Trainer Tip Tuesday‼️

Don’t miss cardio days - Come on in!!!!

Yes, we notice that cardio camps are a lot lighter, we 👀 you 👎🏻

We want to talk a little about why you shouldn’t be skipping them:
🔹It’s a mood booster
🔹It improves 💙 health
🔹It’s a stress reliever
🔹It builds endurance

Not to mention, there is a reason our protocol is written the way it is here @burnbootcamp and it includes CARDIO!

So get in here, get sweaty, challenge yourself to do better from one cardio day to the next!
Tag your BFF in the comments ⬇️ who you’ll be bringing with ya today or on your next cardio day!

#ittakespractice #cardio #sweat #workout #burnbootcamp #cardioworkout #fitness #goals

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‼️Over Training‼️
There are lots of signs of over training. Swipe to learn about some of the things you could be doing to your body to negatively impact your fitness goals.
When in doubt, schedule a focus meeting with your trainer! If you are having difficulty finding a time that works for you, please let us know so we can work out something that aligns with your schedule!!
#overtraining #fitnessgoals #fitnessjourney #buildup #notteardown #burnworthington


What are you doing to hit your goals? Are you looking for accountability? A community? A challenge?

We are here for you and we are ready to
Meet you exactly where YOU are, so what do you say? Start for FREE TODAY #7daytrial


When that new retail rolls in…


While Burn Boot Camp’s mission will continue to be empowering women, our founders have come to recognize a greater need for inclusivity and all genders having a right to be a part of our family-centric community!

Burn Worthington is proud to be a part of such a wonderfully open company 💙 We look forward to serving ALL at every single camp time!

#7daytrial #genderinclusive #inclusivity #opentoall


We want you to bring someone with you for camp tomorrow!! They receive a complimentary workout tomorrow at any camp time! 🎉🎉


What are you doing to prep for this week? Take some time to plan ahead in order to have the best success this week with both your workouts and nutrition.
💥Take it one step further and schedule your next focus meeting with your trainer.

#burnbootcamp #burnworthington #success #prepfortheweek #fitmoms #fitdads #fitfam


Pre-booking your camps & child watch is a ▪️requirement▪️
Please be sure to book those camps ahead of time - it is incredibly helpful to us! It allows us
🔹To be prepared ahead for the number of camp attendees
🔹Allows our trainers to plan ahead for modifications for our members
🔹Allows our child watch team to be prepared for the littles who are coming
🔹Alleviates our burn ambassador the duty of searching your names to check you in
🔹To keep you from being held up having to check yourself in
Please help us keep things moving through the front door by pre-booking your camps!
Thank you!


FORM FRIDAY ‼️ Burn Bar skull crushers

☑️ Overhand grip arms no more than shoulder width apart.

☑️ Core is tight, glutes squeezed.

☑️ Forehead to burn bar, press through triceps to straighten.

☑️ No movement in shoulders


Things that just make sense:
💥Floating floor - our floor will be sure to wow you and your joints!
💥Focus meetings - 1:1 meetings with your trainers to specify goals! (Complimentary)
💥Complimentary child watch - need I say more??
💥High 5s - because who doesn’t get pumped up by a single high 5?!

Come on in and take advantage of our complimentary 7 day trial which includes all of the above and so much more 💙

We’ll see you on the floating floor soon! 👊🏽

#morethanagym #community #highfive #strongerthanyouthink #goals #goalsetting #trainer #burnnation #burntrainer #burnbootcamp #burnworthington

Photos from Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH's post 02/09/2022

Did someone say
💥complimentary💥 child watch?!

Here at Burn, we offer child watch at no additional cost! You can come get your 45 mins just to yourself with peace of mind knowing our team in child watch is taking great care of your littles AND you can still see them and they can see you while you’re putting in that work! 💙💙💙

Drop us a comment below ⬇️ to show our child watch team how much you and your littles love them!

#momtime #childwatch #workout #fitmom #fitdad #healthyfamily

Photos from Burn Boot Camp - Worthington, OH's post 02/09/2022

Surround yourself with people that uplift, encourage and keep you accountable….. This is what you will find at BURN BOOTCAMP💙


‼️Trainer Tip Tuesday‼️
Remember that you are not in a sprint, you are in a marathon!
Your nutrition and fitness journey should be a lifestyle change, not a fad diet!!
READ THE SIGN in the background!!
Set your goals and take it 1 step at a time. YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!


Ever think about having a focus meeting or wonder what goes on during one?
There are lots of different ways for it to go, it isn’t one size fits all so don’t be shy, head on over to our app and book your next focus meeting! This is your time to hold yourself accountable and we are here to help!


What day are you looking forward to most this week? Drop us a comment below ⬇️

Have you been thinking about joining us? Now is a great time! Come try us out with our complimentary 7 day trial!

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406 East Wilson Bridge Road - Rush Creek Commerce Center
Worthington, OH

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 1pm
4:30pm - 6:30pm
Tuesday 5am - 1pm
4:30pm - 7:30pm
Wednesday 5am - 1pm
4:30pm - 6:30pm
Thursday 5am - 1pm
4:30pm - 7:30pm
Friday 5am - 1pm
4:30pm - 6:30pm
Saturday 7am - 10am

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