YTT 200hr yoga alliance certified teacher, for uplifting Vinyasa flow, Hatha and Chair Yoga classes.

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So great to be back outside doing Yoga classes in the sunshine, nothing beats it !!


Really want to have keep an active lifestyle? but illness, injury or age is making exercising a challenge, is it making you frustrated? Maybe now’s the time to do something about it.

Forest-Yoga are now offering Chair yoga classes, maybe it could be just the thing for you, it is safe and effective, giving you all the health benefits that a normal yoga practice does, including muscle toning, reduced stress levels, and an improved overall sense of well-being. And despite any limitations you may have, chair yoga can help you feel stronger, increase flexibility, the ability to bend, twist, stretch, and generally move more freely.

It may also benefit you if you have trouble moving through the constant up and down motions of a traditional yoga class, 1 hr Classes are £10 or £36 for a monthly package.


Forest-Yoga are thinking of offering a chair Yoga class on Thursday mornings at 10am in the RBL hall Southampton road Cadnam, so are trying to gauge whether this is something people in our area would like to try! if you or anyone you know would be interested please email me Emma Haye at;
[email protected] or call 07795155118
The benefits of an active lifestyle are highly documented, so it can be incredibly frustrating when age, illness, or injury makes exercising a challenge. Luckily, chair yoga is both safe and effective.
Chair yoga gives you all the health benefits that a normal yoga practice does, including muscle toning, reduced stress levels, better breathing habits, an improved overall sense of well-being, and it can even help you sleep better.
Despite any limitations you may have, chair yoga can help you feel stronger, increase flexibility, the ability to bend, twist, stretch, and to move more freely. It also improves proprioception, this is your ability to accurately sense where your body is in space, with better proprioception your coordination improves and so the risk of falling decreases.
Chair yoga is an ideal exercise for anyone suffering from conditions, such as chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis. It may also benefit you if you have trouble moving through the up and down motions of traditional yoga, chair yoga allows you to stay safe and stabilized.


Yoga or Pilates?
Did you know they are actually very similar? both help improve posture, lengthen and strengthen the body, help with weight loss, increase flexibility and balance, and improve cardiovascular health, there are also many moves that cross over into both forms of exercise.

Yoga also eases stress and anxiety by focusing on your breath and using it to help you in and out of the poses, it also helps improve other sports like running, cycling, golf and horse riding.

Often yoga is thought to be the easy option! my classes will challenge you physically are dynamic and energetic, you will know you've had a work out after! but the joy of yoga is that you can go at your own pace as there are many different pose variations you can choose during the class depending on how challenged you want to be on any given day, so it is ideal for beginners as well as the more experienced.

If you fancy giving it a try I have a new class just started on Wednesday mornings at 10:15, or Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm (only 3 spaces left for both the evening classes) all classes held in the British Legion Hall, Cadnam.

First class is just £5, leave me a message if your interested or call 07795155118, for more information check out the website;
My name is Emma and I run Forest-Yoga I am a qualified YTT 200 yoga teacher.

Outdoor classes set in the Forest are also coming soon!!


Do you want to improve your flexibility and strength? Stand up straighter? Ease stress and anxiety? Reduce lower back pain? Improve your sleep? well these are just 5 of the many benefits from practicing Yoga, you don't have to be flexible to start with and anyone can do it.
Forest-Yoga offer classes based in Cadnam New Forest, outdoor classes are also offered during the summer, click the link for details of classes and times
or email me; [email protected] with any questions.
Give it a go and see for yourself just how good Yoga can make you feel.


New Morning Yoga class starting soon with 7 spaces left for the Wednesday 10:15am Hatha class.
Evenings also available, 4 spaces left for the Wednesday 6pm Vinyasa class.
2 spaces left for the Thursday 6pm Hatha class.
For information on Hatha and Vinyasa styles of Yoga check out the website or email me to book or ask any questions at, [email protected]
All classes held in Cadnam and suitable for all abilities.
Please forward to anyone local to the new forest who you think might be interested or benefit from any of these classes, Big Thank you from Emma at Forest-Yoga.


Local to the New Forest area? Would you like the chance to do some morning Yoga? If so I'd really like your help, I would like to start offering a morning class as well as my current evening ones, and would love to hear from anyone interested on which days would suit so I can see what is preferable for the majority.
Thank you in advance Emma at Forest-Yoga, if you would prefer to email me you can do so at [email protected]


Really want to start or re start doing yoga but 6pm is just to early for you? Forest Yoga is now offering a 7:15 Thursday evening class based in Cadnam, we will do Hatha and Vinyasa on alternate weeks, and both are suitable for all abilities as props and alternative poses are offered so you can go at your own pace.
First class is half price at £5 and monthly passes can be purchased for £36, or £10 for a drop in class.
Why not see just how it can change your life for the better and sign up today just drop me an email at the address below,
[email protected] to reserve a spot or check out the full details of classes at


Forest Yoga will be offering some Yoga classes by Candlelight starting in February, what a fantastic way to spend a bliss full hour relaxing and recharging with the beautiful ambience you get from candles.
If you are interested drop me an email at [email protected] for more information.


Feeling stressed? Still not to late to start 2022 off with a wellness boost and give yourself the gift of time once a week to help improve your mental and physical health, Forest-Yoga now has a couple of spaces available for the Wednesday 6pm as well as Thursday 6pm class held in Cadnam, drop me an email if your interested in either or if you'd be interested in a later class at 7:15pm on Thursday, all abilities are welcome from total beginners to experienced Yogi's.
[email protected] or check out the website for more details


Is it time to be good to yourself? and get your mind and body ready for 2022, if you don't like gyms but still want to tone up and improve your flexibility why not try a Yoga class, first class is half price at £5, based in Cadnam Wednesday at 6pm is currently full, with a few spaces left for Thursdays at 6pm, I am currently looking into adding some more classes, if you are interested please let me know what days and time would suit you.
full details at
email; [email protected] or call 07795155118


Want to give a loved one something different for Christmas this year? How about the gift of Yoga, Forest-Yoga now have a selection of gift vouchers available, a 1 hour class for £10, 4 classes for £36 or a 1 on 1 personnel class for £30
For full details on how to purchase check out the website


10 Reasons you can’t do Yoga and why none of them are true.

1- I’m too inflexible I can’t even touch my toes.
That’s like saying you can’t attend a French class because you don’t speak French, Yoga will give you flexibility, and those toes will get closer.
2- I don’t have the right body for it.
You have a body? You can do Yoga.
3- I’ll have to wear expensive tight clothes.
You can wear jogging bottoms and a t-shirt you do not need fancy clothing.
4- I don’t have a Yoga mat.
We can provide Yoga Mats which are sanitised after every class, we also offer props like blocks to help everyone achieve poses that may otherwise seem difficult.
5- Everyone’s going to be looking at me.
There is no EGO in Yoga, eyes on your mat and not on the room that’s my motto, plus it stops you falling over! Seriously though this hour is about you, what everyone else is doing is irrelevant.
6- I have an ailment, injury or pain.
Let’s face it who doesn’t? be it back, shoulders, or knee limitations, but there are so many alternative poses that if one is not accessible for you there will be one more suitable, plus Yoga can improve old injuries as it strengthens muscles around the problem area.
7- I’m too old.
You are never too old you can even do Yoga in a chair.
8- Yoga is for women.
Yoga was originally designed for men by men? yes women can often outnumber men in a class, but those that do Yoga and there are more than you think, say it greatly improves their golf swing, can help with post run recovery and is brilliant for increasing muscle tone, many sportsmen do Yoga including the New Zealand Rugby team.
9- I’m not very spiritual.
Neither am I, as a teacher I understand and respect the philosophy, but my classes focus more on the Physical and mindful element’s.
10- I just don’t have the time.
It’s worth making time for Yoga, it has to many benefits to list but be assured Yoga will give your mind the space to relax, giving you that timeout for yourself!

I offer 2 classes a week suitable for all ages and abilities from beginners to full on Yogis, first class is ½ price. Drop in price £10 or 4 week pass £36

If Dynamic, energetic and faster paced is your thing then try a Vinyasa class on Wednesdays.
If you want Slow and gentle, mindful but still challenging, then Hatha is for you on Thursdays.

We are a friendly bunch we don’t take ourselves to seriously and we always have a giggle.
Classes are at 6pm in the British legion Hall, Cadnam, class limit 10.

Why not see what it’s like for yourself, click the email link below to book your first ½ price class.
[email protected]
for more details check out the website


Are you tired? Do you come home from work collapse on the settee and complain “I am so tired”? You feel exhausted your neck aches your head hurts, and so on and so on.
Yoga exercises can be used to release stress and tension, to stimulate and energise your mind body and soul, and because it’s so good for you, you get to indulge in some me-time without feeling guilty.
The body’s natural energy source is oxygen. Yoga teaches you how to breathe correctly, how to find your breath in everyday situations and take better care of yourself, helping reduce anxiety and calm the mind, so you feel energised, revitalised, able to concentrate and have more energy.
Yoga exercises are designed to gently stretch your muscles, increase the range of flexibility in your joints and bring suppleness to your spine, all helping to soothe your aching neck and back. Studies show that regular yoga practice can help to reduce blood pressure, improve your mood, and help you sleep better.
Maybe it time to see for yourself the benefits Yoga can bring to your life.


Hi from Emma at Forest-Yoga
Have you always wanted to try yoga but felt unsure about going on your own into an existing class?
A beginner’s course could be just the thing for you, everyone gets to start together on the same day and progress together at their own individual pace.
Forest-Yoga is looking to offer a 4 week Hatha Yoga course starting in October on Thursday evenings 6 till 7pm, priced at £36 suitable for beginners and seniors alike and held in Cadnam New Forest.
Hatha classes focus on moving the body slowly and deliberately into poses that challenge both strength and flexibility, whilst focusing on relaxation and mindfulness.
For full details and registration please email [email protected]
or by subscribing via the website
Please forward this on to anyone you think would love the opportunity to see how yoga can change their life for the better, Thank you.


Forest-Yoga is now offering an indoor Vinyasa class on Wednesday evenings 6 till 7pm held at the British legion hall in Cadnam, £10 for a drop in class, or £36 for x4 weeks all abilities welcome for full details and booking use the link below to the website.
We are also looking to hold a daytime Slow Flow Yoga class suitable for seniors, if you are interested please subscribe on the website.


You never know who will show up to a yoga class when its set in the forest! weather is set to be lovely this week so outdoor classes are available on Wednesday and Thursday evening 6 till 7pm at a site close to Bramshaw, directions are sent after booking via the link below.


Wednesday and Thursday Outdoor Vinyasa Yoga classes are now available for booking via the website 6 till 7pm, this week we are in beautiful Bramshaw, directions to the site are sent after booking.
Classes are suitable for beginners and more accomplished Yogi's, as modifications are always offered.
Indoor classes will be available in Cadnam from early September watch this space for details.


This little guy was more than welcome at last Thursdays Outdoor yoga class, Wednesday 4th August is now available for booking, 6 till 7 pm via the website link below.
Will not be holding a Thursday session due to weather conditions,
but Wednesdays practice this week will be in between Woodlands and Bartley, directions are sent after booking, and no need to subscribe if booking after seeing this post.


Outdoor classes for this Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th July 6 till 7pm are now available for booking via the website, or do something different with the kids and come to a parent and child class for 8 years old and over, now available on Thursdays 3 till 4pm and through out the summer holidays.
Treat yourself to blissful hour of mindful movement whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of the forest.
Directions are sent after booking but this week we are between Bartley and Woodlands.
No need to subscribe if booking after reading this post.


Outdoor classes this week have moved to a cooler location under the trees between Bartley and Ashurst, Wednesday 21st 6 till 7pm is available for booking, Thursdays parent and child classes for children 8yrs and above are also available from this week and through out the summer holidays.
check out the website for full details, directions are sent after booking.


Forest-Yoga is going to be offering outdoor parent and child classes for children of 8 and upwards, I have seen a lot of interest in parents wanting to do yoga with their children as they realise the benefits it can also have on them, it improves concentration, is fun whilst still being a great physical activity, and it has enormous benefits for their mental health, I am trying to gauge when to offer classes ie day time or evening and these will run throughout the summer holidays, please leave me a comment if you are interested and which you would prefer, at the moment I am thinking Thursday 6pm till 7, and moving my adult classes to Tues and Weds, any thoughts greatly received, if you wish to contact me privately please email me at; [email protected]


So it looks like a really lovely weather week is on its way, so Wednesday and Thursday evening outdoor classes are now available to book via the website, and you never know what treats you may get to see whilst in the forest!


Has anyone lost a very small black cat/ kitten? I first heard it crying 2 nights ago and have just seen it on a side drive next to me on white hart lane, have just left out some salmon for it as it won’t come near me, but it’s still crying poor thing.


Little clue as to where this weeks outdoor Yoga classes will be, Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th July, 6 till 7 pm are now available for booking via the website, modifications are offered so even if you've never done yoga before anyone can join in to increase your fitness, whilst giving your mind some clarity and calmness.
If you'd rather do yoga from the comfort of your own home a variety of zoom classes are also available.

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