Boogie Bounce Southampton - Fitness Fairy

Boogie Bounce Southampton - Fitness Fairy


Mondays timetable:

The Movement Specialist
Yoga 10.30am
Follow the link for more information or to secure a space

Belindas Dance-Academy
10am Mini Movement for families
5pm Beg/int Stretch, Disco, Slow (waiting list in place)
5.30pm Beg/Int Hip hop and Break
6.30pm Team - invite only
6.40pm Int Hip Hop and Break (waiting list in place)
Follow the link for more information or to secure a space

Solent Fitness & Aerial Arts
11.15am Aerial Yoga
3.45pm Beg/Int Youth Aerial Hoop age 8-15yrs
6pm Body sculpture
7.15pm SoFit - Online
8.15pm So Flex - Online
8.15pm Aerial Hoop
8.15pm Pole Practice Session
Follow the link for more information or to secure a space

Mum-Dance by Michelle
1pm A fun fitness class with music from the 80's
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Boogie Bounce Southampton - Fitness Fairy
7.50pm A fun exercise class on a little trampoline
Follow the link for more information or to secure a space
Wednesdsy timetable
The Movement Specialist
10.15am Pilates

Belindas Dance-Academy
1pm Mini Movement
4.30pm Team
5.30pm beg/int street dance

Solent Fitness & Aerial Arts
3.45pm ABC’s (formerly Circus Arts)
7pm int/adv pole
8.15pm beg/imp pole
8.15pm Burlesque
8.30pm So flex Online

Boogie Bounce Southampton - Fitness Fairy
6.45pm Boogie Bounce
Online Boogie Bounce sessions are definitely here to stay for the foreseeable, so feel free to contact me if you fancy joining in ###
Today’s timetable
Belindas Dance-Academy
10am mini movement
5pm Beginner/Intermediate Stretch Acro disco and slow
6.30pm Competition & performance class
6.30pm Hip hip and breaking class

Solent Fitness & Aerial Arts
4pm Youth aerial hoop
6pm Body sculpture
7pm stretch and flex
8pm Advanced Aerial hoop
8pm Beginners Pole
Please follow the link to secure your space

Boogie Bounce Southampton - Fitness Fairy
7.45pm All abilities welcome
Please follow the link to secure your trampoline

If there are any changes to the timetable I will do my best to update on here as quickly as I can.
Thank you
Hi. What is your minimum age as my daughters (13 & 15)
are really keen on trying this.
Laura Samuels this is it

Sensational way to get FIT which is also FAB, FUN, FUNKY AND FAT BURNING. Sessions available throughout the Southampton area.

Complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline with safety bar, choreographed to chart topping music.

Operating as usual


Bouncing on a mini trampoline (rebounding) is an incredibly effective method of burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness. In fact, a recent study published in the International Journal of Sports Science found ‘‘…trampoline training is a more effective training method than traditional running training to increase maximal oxygen consumption and reducing fat %’’. They discovered in their study that rebounding was twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and that “fat % decreased by 31.61% in the trampoline group and by 20.3% in the running group”.


Welcome to summer. It's officially British Summertime now. It's not too late though to get ready for your summer holiday, wherever that may be. Get booked into classes today

Photos from The Fitness Fairy's post 27/03/2022

Photos from The Fitness Fairy's post


Have a happy day. To all mums, step-mums, stand-in mums, foster mums, want-to-be mums, mums-in-law, mums-to-be, it's your day.


Weird health fact - People really do shrink as they age. Thanks to the gradual loss of muscle and fat in the body over time, people do indeed gradually shrink over time. To help slow the process, try to maintain good bone health and regular physical activity. Boogie Bounce can help you retain and tone your muscle and encourages your bones to be healthy. Bone loading (bouncing) encourages bone growth which helps your bones stay strong.


I love Boogie Bounce because no matter what kind of day I've had, bouncing around on a mini trampoline to great music just makes me feel so good. I know it's great for my health and fitness, but it also helps my mental health. How can you feel bad when you're dancing and bouncing around like a little kid?
Why do you love Boogie Bounce?


In order to function properly, our body needs nutrients. Nutrients help the body to live, grow, and survive. There are three different types of nutrients: macronutrients, micronutrients, and water.

Water is probably the most important nutrient. We cannot survive without it. More than 60% of our body is made of water, and every cell in our body needs water to be able to function properly. Water helps to regulate body temperature, supports digestion, flushes body waste, affects mental functioning, provides us with energy, and so much more. Our bodies cannot live without water for more than a few days. Dehydration can kill us.

Drink plenty of water — a minimum of 8 glasses a day. We constantly lose water during the day through sweating, urinating, and breathing. Therefore, we need to keep replenishing it all the time.

How much water do you think you drink a day?


Throwback Thursday. It's 2 years this week since we were thrown into lockdown and the world moved online. Online exercise, working from home, home schooling. How did life change for you? Is life back to normal now, or have you kept some of the things you did in lockdown?


New research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that just 30 minutes of strength training weekly reduces the risk of many health issues. The research also pointed out that health benefits were greatest when strength exercise was combined with aerobic exercise.
That's all good news for our Boogie Bounce classes as we combine cardio (aerobic) exercise and strength in every class.
Get your health boost by booking in today

Photos from The Fitness Fairy's post 20/03/2022

Photos from The Fitness Fairy's post


What are the things that you do that make you happy?
I'd love to know, on International Day of Happiness.


Have you tried our BBX Revolution class?
This 45 minute bootcamp style circuit class utilises the cardiovascular element (bouncing on the trampoline) alongside strength and endurance training (using body weight). It's a full body workout in 1 minute segments using High Intensity Interval Training. Suitable for all ages and abilities. All the exercises can be adapted to suit. You'll definitely know you have been to class! All the fun of Boogie Bounce with the added bonus of building muscle tone.

Classes are at Julies Dance Studio (SO19 9NA) on Tuesday at 6.15pm. Hit the blue Sign Up button at the top of the page to book in online.


Do you feel you need more sleep or would you like to have more energy?
It's World Sleep Day today. In fact, this week is Sleep Awareness Week. So I thought I would give you some top tips for getting some.
There are a few things we can do to help our sleep level and quality:

😴Don't eat too late in the evening. You body will be trying to process the food, releasing insulin to regulate your blood sugar, rather than doing what it should be doing which is healing and growing. The body releases growth hormone during your sleep periods which help your muscles to repair after exercise, your skin to replace and for your hair and nails to grow.

😪Avoid tech for at least 30 minutes before you go to bed as the blue light emitted by your laptop and phone stimulate the brain. Blue light glasses are a really good idea too for avoiding eye strain when using devices.

💡If you also dim the lights in your room, this signals the body that it should be getting ready for sleep. The body produces melatonin just after it gets dark, peaking in the early hours of the morning and reducing during daylight hours. Melatonin acts on receptors in your body to encourage sleep so dimming the lights sends your body the message to start producing Melatonin.

🐈If you do wake during the night, don't be tempted to look at the phone or watch TV as that will re-stimulate the brain, instead try to relax your body from toes to head, breath deeply and slowly and send yourself back to sleep.

🌡️Your bedroom should ideally be a constant temperature (18-19 degrees) during the night.

Give my top tips a try and let me know how you get on.


Happy St Patricks Day for those of you who celebrate it. To fully enjoy the day and not regret it the next day, keep yourself hydrated with water so you don't end up with a hangover. Dehydration is one of the main causes of your hangover symptoms. Alcohol is a toxic chemical that works in the body as a diuretic, which means it makes you pee more and you can become dehydrated as a result. So the advice of drinking a glass of water with every drink will help you to enjoy tomorrow as well as today.

May every petal on the shamrock bring you joy and good luck. Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!


Turn “hump day” into “JUMP DAY”
Get booked into your classes this week.


Bouncing on a Boogie Bounce Trampoline can help by reducing the impact and stress to joints when exercising by providing a soft gradual landing while distributing the increased G-forces equally. This means joints and muscles can be strengthened without the cost usually associated with the high impact nature of running for example. Even NASA agrees that bouncing is “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”. Studies by NASA scientists show that bouncing around on a mini trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging and yet requires less effort! Rebounding is also encouraged by NASA to improve the bone density of astronauts returning from the zero gravity environment of space, which can help reduce injuries such as fractures!

Book your class today at


Here's my Monday thought for all you awesome people.


Our bodies are amazing places and they can do far more than we may think. We might not always look after them as well as we should, so let's take a moment to thank your body for doing its very best to stay as healthy as it can. Tell your body you are grateful "I know you aren't the perfect shape body, but you are pretty good considering I haven't always taken care of you". "Thank you, body, for allowing me to do my job and to do the things I enjoy". etc.

When we are able to think this way we can then make choices in order to nourish and care for our wonderful body.


Still the perfect time to join as the NEW ROUTINE has only been out one week

BOOK NOW to not miss out...

Please Note: Tracy's sessions will be covered by Nikki & Jane this week (except online)



Have you watched anything good recently? What would you recommend to watch?


Fitness Tip on Friday - Resistance training and cardio are great individually, but even better together. Resistance training boosts bone density, increases muscle mass, aids quality and range of movement and helps to improve posture. Cardio is great for raising and maintaining your aerobic capacity to support your cardiovascular system. If you're not doing one, add a session in to your week.



🤩 So that's the end of the first week of the NEW ROUTINES. You guys absolutely SMASHED IT 🤩

Perfect time to join the PARTY

🐸 7.55pm = YMCA Eastleigh

🐸 6.15pm = JD Studio, Sholing
🐸 7.30pm = Moorlands Centre, Townhill Way, SO18

🐸 6.30pm = QE2 Rec, SO45

🐸 6.30pm = West Totton Community Centre
🐸 7pm = JD Studio, Sholing

Select the 'Sign Up' button now to secure your spot


Who doesn't love a squat? But, why do we do them. It's a move you see in nearly every workout. It's a really useful move when performed correctly. Especially, at the moment while so many are working from home and therefore stationary or seated for much of the working day. Exercises like the squat can wake up the parts of your body that suffer when you're sitting all day. All that sitting results in something called gluteal amnesia or 'dead butt'. You've stopped using those muscles so they 'forget' what they're supposed to be doing which is supporting your pelvis and keeping your body properly aligned. The squat targets these muscles and that's why we love them. Make sure that you maintain your form to get the best benefit.

What is Boogie Bounce???

The Boogie Bounce programme is FAB, FUN, FUNKY AND FAT BURNING. It is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline, with a safety bar, choreographed to chart topping inspiring music which includes an extremely effective cardio section, and a really powerful bums, tums and thighs section too! Every muscle in the body is worked. EVEN THE FACIAL MUSCLES!

Bouncing around on a mini trampoline ‘ROCKS’. Everyone loves to bounce! Look what happens when you bounce a baby on your knee, they start to giggle and smile and end up laughing. We were born to bounce! Take that through the generations and you have one of the most amazing exercise programmes ever, which is suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes whilst actually having a fun time AND GETTING FIT!

NASA even agrees “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”
Studies by NASA scientists show that bouncing around on a mini trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging and yet requires less effort! You can also develop both upper and lower body strength just as effectively as weight lifting without the strain or threat of pulled or torn muscles.

Put simply, unlike regular trampolining, the aim isn’t to bounce high or perform gymnastic tricks, but to perform a series of small, controlled movements. It is literally dancing with intervals of jumping, bouncing, frogging and stomping to name but a few moves performed within the programme. The mat of the mini trampoline is used as a resistance tool which makes the whole programme 2 to 3 more times effective than a normal everyday aerobics class. Anyone and everyone can do this at their own pace whilst gaining the the impressive health results that are normally associated with high impact aerobic classes, without even realising it!

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Fitness Fairy, JD Studio, Unit 1b, Ashley Crescent Sholing
SO19 9NA

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Monday 9am - 9pm
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