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I am so excited to announce that I am now teaching the Living Yoga Method at anytime fitness in Totton along with two other amazing LYM teachers, we are running sessions Mon-Thurs, so if you are interested in this method that will help you find clarity & focus and truly enhance your engagement with life, then why not come and join us. Thank you to the lovely members who joined me this week you were fantastic 💪🏻🔥❤️ Yoga Sanctuary
I absolutely loved the fire and ice at Wildwood on Sunday, I have had the best nights sleep Ever!
thanks for putting this on at the beautiful house

In Balance Hot Yoga, Yoga Sanctuary & WAI CHUNG YOGA

You are now recognized as 𝐓𝐨𝐩 𝟑 𝐘𝐨𝐠𝐚 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐭𝐨𝐧 by ThreeBestRated - 2021 👏👏👏👏👏


In Balance Hot Yoga, Yoga Sanctuary & Wai Chung Yoga

You are now recognized as 𝐓𝐨𝐩 𝟑 𝐘𝐨𝐠𝐚 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐭𝐨𝐧 by Three Best Rated - 2020 👏👏👏👏👏

Thank you Steve - really good morning workout - namaste
Hi fellow yogas just a little something to share
I was in hospital on Saturday with my sore leg getting it checked out
My x and the boys came and staid until
7 Saturday evening when I was let home 🏡
My x Louise went of with James to do some shopping for me so I would not have to walk on my leg over the weekend and whin I got home 🏡 I noticed she had tided my flat and washed up
While we were in hospital a nurse came over and said it's nice to see a happy
Family with all the sickness going on in the ward
This may be only a small thing to people looking in on us
But for me I had to work very hard to get to. where we are now
Even do I no longer live with them
As yoga taught me if I change people will change around me
Without going into too much details
After coming out off a mental hospital
I had a lot to prove to Louise so she can be confident in me to have the boys on a weekend there was a lot of ups and downs
But yoga Sanctuary and the Beautiful fellow yogas who have shaping me into the yogi I am working hard to be
I can say now after all that has happened to me
This is the most peaceful time of my life This summer I can bring the boys to Ireland 🇮🇪 for two weeks
Coming from seeing the boys for an hour of a Sunday whin I first came out of hospital
This stuff works out of every bad comes a good
I can now say I am surfing 🏄🏻
Love Patrick your fellow yogi ☘️☘️
Yogis - we open our hearts to feel by connecting with our breath. A recent post capturing the inspiration I am feeling. Thank you all 🙏

I am sooo enjoying warrior this week....fabulous!!!
Namaste, I started the yoga sanctuary 40 day challenge on you tube but it seems to stop after day 4, is there a way I can access the subsequent videos?
Thanks for the meditation class last night. It has been very rewarding. Namaste
Had this quote on my mind after the inspiration in class tonight:

"Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. "

- On Joy and Sorrow from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Yoga Sanctuary, home of the LIVING YOGA METHOD. A dedicated and welcome space for all who come to e The LYM is a complete toolkit for YOUR self-transformation!

Using simple, direct and effective practices that allow you to reclaim YOUR body, breath and mind for a healthy, happy and empowered life.

Operating as usual


Today we closed the season here at the Yoga Sanctuary for the Winter Break, to take some time to let this term’s accumulated energy sink deep into our roots. And we want to say a Big THANK YOU...

🙏 Thank you Sangha for the energy you continue to bring to the sessions and to your own transformation, and thank you for being part of this incredible community. It’s rare to find a practice so effective and a sangha so diverse, down-to-earth and welcoming as this one. 🙏.

✨It’s been quite a term! Back in September we initiated our 15th LYM Teacher Training Programme, as well as a brand new residential Brahmacharya Programme. In October we welcomed the sangha to Wildwood for our 10 week evening courses, it's been something special to share the Method immersed in nature.🌲 And this week we celebrated together to mark the Winter Solstice around the Tipi fire.

✨Meanwhile our remarkable and awe-inspiring livestream morning sangha have continued to grow stronger and more dedicated this term... so proud of you guys!

✨And our On-Demand sangha from home and abroad are still smashing out the Method and making it work against all the odds... brilliant work yogis!

It's massively inspiring to be a part of it all and I hope it’s the same for you.

We wish you a deeply nourishing and uplifting winter break. X

P.S. Classes start up again from Monday 30th January 2023.
Head over to ON DEMAND in the break.


⚡️Welcome to a new term at the Yoga Sanctuary yogi!

⚡️Will you be joining us tomorrow morning for the ‘WELCOME BACK’ Live Stream Session: Monday 6:45am?

⚡️New Early Bird start time of 6:45am means if you leave early for work or are doing the school run, you can smash out your Double Breathing 💨 by 7:05am and put a ⛰ Mountain, ☀️ Sun, 🌙 Moon & 💪 Warrior in your body by 7:20am!

☝️Class Schedule & Booking link in Bio.





Our collective practice here at the Yoga Sanctuary has created the momentum for an incredible future. Thank You.

Wishing you a nourishing summer break.

Keep your LYM practice strong over the summer:

👉 On Demand video library - link in bio.

👉Continue your Early Bird sessions during July with Elliot and with Ross during August.




🌟All sessions running as usual over the bank holidays!🤩




✨LYM Breath Coach Graduates 2022 ✨




🌲Wildwood is ready for you Breath Coaches!

✨Our 25 Advanced Teacher Trainees are completing their 9 month journey with the final 4-day Retreat here at Wildwood.

💥All power behind you, you’re all gonna smash it!!!


✨New Term at the Sanctuary starts Monday!

We kick off the term with a Special 'Welcome Back' Living Yoga Session but with a difference….

⚡️We have some massive news to share with you about the future of the Sanctuary.

Will you be joining us?

✨Special Live Stream Session: Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 
Booking Link in Bio ☝️




…And this is where the practice comes in. Yoga makes us READY! Ready for what we want, and ready for perhaps what we don’t. But regardless, the practice makes us ready for Life.

▪️Will you be joining us for a session in these last few days before the extended break?

▪️Ross will be teaching in-person at the Sanctuary tonight and Steve tomorrow night. Plus the live streams each morning and evening before we begin our Spring Break on Friday.



✨2 years ago Today…
LYM went online…. Showing up and doing the ‘work’!🙌

🧡Thank you to the whole SANGHA for making it possible.🙏



✨NEW Online Beginners Course: Get started TODAY!✨

🌟Learn the Method at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home with this comprehensive online course.

🌟This incredible Starter Package includes 5 hours of video tuition + downloadable PDF bundle to give you:

👉A toolbox of yoga techniques to empower you to change your physical, energetic and emotional state at will.

👉The strong foundations you need to confidently join our vibrant community of Living Yogis for online or in-person LYM sessions.
You'll receive:

▪️4 x 75 minute pre-recorded live sessions with Steve to learn specific groups of yoga practices including: postures, breath work and deep relaxation.

▪️4 x downloadable PDF course manuals with supporting guidance on the practices taught in each Video.

▪️Course access for 6 months, unlimited replays, anytime from any device.

☝️Link in Bio.

🧡Do your bit to raise human consciousness… forward to a friend in need.




🌲Awesome LYM Breathworkers getting down to it in the new Tipi at



✨Meet Asena … this beautiful soul, full of the power of yoga and alive with the desire to share the light, will be teaching at the Sanctuary this Wednesday + next Thursday evening in-person.

☝️Come and book your mat!



📢 “When we find the spaciousness in ourselves, and it is inevitable with the Method, then we can hold the space and that allows us to serve - ‘serve’ rather than ‘demand’. And that, I would suggest, is essentially what is missing in our species - the more ‘servers’ that can be created, the more people that are capable of ‘serving’ because they can hold the space and make a situation about more than their own desires, that will be what changes things!”

⚡️A little quote from Swan Pose in this morning’s Early Bird Session where we’ve been exploring the 5 Elements and how to optimise each of these forces within.

☝️Head over to the On Demand Collections to watch, or rewatch the Pancha Bhuta Series.




⚡️This week in the Early Bird sessions we are taking a look into the Pancha Bhuta, the Five Elements.

Steve explores one element each morning and shares how we can strengthen and rebalance each primal force in our system for optimal living.

A full Living Yoga practice accompanied by a 5 minute talk (satsang) with practical yogic philosophy interwoven throughout the practice flow.

You can watch (or rewatch!) the live recordings with our On Demand Library. >>> Link in Bio!




The mornings are getting lighter 🌅 and our early bird sessions are getting more inspirational than ever.

Over 50 yogis meeting together online day in, day out - meeting themselves with courage regardless of the weather (inside or outside 😜)

Come join us whenever you can; carving the time out for your practice changes everything. It is made all the more accessible when you have a sangha like this one backing you up ❤️

A deep bow to every yogi that is part of this incredible energy 🙏

📸 (practising in your garden optional! 😆)


Join us this month in reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn 📖

All you need to do to participate is grab a copy and read (or listen!) before the end of the month when we have a chat about it, a cuppa and a breathe!


🤩Shout out to the amazing group of beginners who graduated from the LYM Intro Course this week… we look forward to seeing you in the sessions!

The next 4-day IN PERSON Beginners Course at the Sanctuary starts Friday 25th February - details and booking link in Bio☝️




A busy day here at

We’ve had our Early Bird and Lunchtime Breathe sessions already, and still have;

🌬 6pm Breathwork livestream with Steve

🧘‍♂️ 6pm LYM session in person with Elliot

🙏 7.30pm final beginners session in person with Steve

Come and participate! ❤️

(And tomorrow we have Early Bird, Lunchtime Breathe, 6pm livestream AND the LYM book club!! 😝)


“He’s all deep and lovely!”

🤩Come and join Ross for the in-person session at the Sanctuary tonight 6pm!

☝️Booking link in bio.




Our Living Yoga Book Club has been in full swing since its inception last year!

The power of the sangha propelling the readers amongst us forward and supplementing our practice with some nourishing yogic wisdom!

This month we’re taking this on, it’s less than a fiver on Amazon and a nice manageable length. It comes highly recommended and serves as an introduction to the concept of the five koshas, or a deep dive/refresher for those already familiar with our “spiritual digestive system”

To join in, just grab a copy of the book and get reading 😆 we’ll meet early February online to have a cuppa, a round of double breathing and a chat through the book together 🥰


How to live your authentic life?😁

Come and join us for the first Living Yoga Session of 2022: MONDAY @ 5pm.

A signature LYM session with a difference to clarify your motivations for a new year with the yogic equivalent of a New Year’s Resolution, known as ‘SANKALPA’.

☝️Booking link in bio.


Not to be missed - a mass gathering of yogis, breathers and lovers of life in general!

Come join Elliot on Monday for the 250th(!!) session of the Lunchtime Breathe. Book on the Yoga Sanctuary website 🥰

A note from Elliot;
“Monday 20th at midday will mark the 250th session of the Lunchtime Breathe.

It started last January as a daily platform for both practitioners of  and those new or alien to the practice to come and get some deep inner work done and to pave a solid foundation for themselves during the lockdown and isolation period we were hit with, and had so much momentum that it hasn’t stopped!

It’s tough to practice without a sangha. It’s tough to hold yourself accountable. It’s tough to get non-negotiable with your practice. Having TLB as an option just makes this all a little bit easier ☺️

So much has happened in a year, but the 20 minute session every single week day has become an “eye of the storm” - a chance to reset, wipe the slate clean and recharge.

It is a day changer, and when practiced daily, as a result, a life changer.

I have been sent so many amazing messages over the last year with people professing their love for the practice, and for what it has done for them. It is so inspiring.

To celebrate was is a momentous milestone, I am asking you - yes, I am literally talking to you - to book your spot (£0+) and come join on Monday for the love of life, for the love of breath, for the love of love!!!

If every single person who has been to even a single session joined on Monday, I think we could break Zoom.

And even if the Zoom servers don’t notice, we’ll certainly be able to turn the head of the universe 😜”


🎁 The Gift of Yoga!

All 🎁 links in Bio.



What a term it has been…

🧘 a return to in person yoga at the Sanctuary

💻a continuation of our livestream sessions

🌳 more yogis immersing themselves in the LYM at the facility for human evolution than ever before

📈a growing tribe of dedicated practitioners - YOUR sangha

🙏 two beautifully charged beginners courses

🫁 the inception of our incredible trainee breathwork coaches 9 month advanced teacher training

📚 the start of the Living Yoga Book Club

🥪 the addition/continuation of the daily Lunchtime Breathe livestream

📺 the new Netflix style On Demand library of the very best LYM livestream sessions!

Not bad, eh!?

We wish you all a beautiful December full of life and love; Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, have a peaceful, rejuvenating festive season 🥰

(And keep practising 😜)

These two have earned a break, but you can still join in the mornings for the next two weeks and for TLB.

Love from all the team,

Steve, Sarah, Jules and Elliot



Let’s keep our inner sun burning bright Yogi. ☀️

See you in a session before the winter break?




Have you been reading this beauty of a book this month with the sangha?

Book Club is live-streamed tomorrow night at 8pm (and will be powered energetically by Steve’s last in-person session of the term at the same time!)

Remember, you can join whether or not you have read/listened/finished the book. It’s a chance for us as yogis to talk through the concepts covered and dive into something together - all starting with some breathwork, of course 😜



Last week of sessions before the winter break…. Are you joining us?




Our final week of practice together before the Winter Break means the last few opportunities to say goodbye to the sangha and sanctuary in person until the New Year!

Don’t miss your chance 🥰 we have a busy week ahead.

The full schedule of practice continues up to Friday, including the final Living Yoga Book Club of the year on Wednesday!

Come participate in whatever way you can.

We’ll try and keep your yogic fires burning bright through the break with some inspiration right here 😘 and complimentary access to the On Demand library for all our unlimited subscribers!


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7 Minute Prana Boost
The 5 Yamas
20 minute Living Yoga Goodness
Digestion Training ~ the practice of Agni Sara
Winter is Coming!






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