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The Dieters Nemesis

Hopefully this will help clear some things up for you...

Over the course of your fat loss journey you WILL see spikes ⬆️ along the way.

But this is absolutely fine as long as we are seeing a continuous trend downwards over time ⬇️

A few tips to help you combat this

1️⃣ Something I do with the majority of my clients is imagine you have a weekly amount of calories as opposed to daily.

You can split these over the course of 7 days however you like.

If the total numbers are accurate, you will achieve fat loss

2️⃣ Plan when you take your true weight

If you know you'll he consuming more calories at the weekend, take your measurement of progress on a Friday/Saturday.

So many people consume extra calories at the weekend, jump on the scales on a Monday morning and panic because they feel like they've failed because the numbers have gone up.

It doesn't mean you've done anything wrong.

The best thing to do here is accept it will go up or completely avoid the scales.

3️⃣ Fluctuations will ALWAYS happen.

Extra volume of food

Eating later than normal


Needing a 💩

Poor quality sleep

Try and remove as much emotion as possible from the number you see and look at the bigger picture

4️⃣ Always think long term

Bad foods or meals DO NOT exist

Bad overall diets DO

It is often our reactions to eating certain foods that have a negative affect on us. Not the food/meal itself

I hope this helps

Any questions please get in touch


You do not need a meal plan to lose body fat...

You need educating, you need to know how to lose body fat

Not how to eat steak at 7am, chicken, rice and broccoli at 12pm, cashew nuts at 3pm and guess what...chicken, rice and broccoli at 7pm

Unless you’re a bodybuilder on some kind of competition prep, this approach is NOT needed

For people like me and you, we need to understand how to lose body fat, which a meal plan CANNOT teach you

You need to understand that theres nothing magical about steak, chicken, rice and broccoli, nuts and salmon

You need to understand that if you can’t prep or cook a meal at home, you can till stay on track

You need to understand that every day does not need to look the same

You need to have freedom with your food choices, so you can create a diet that you actually enjoy

And guess what?

When you enjoy something, you’ve got more chance of sticking to it

Now don’t get me wrong, when you’re losing body fat there still has to be an element of restriction with your calorie intake

But theres no need to be restricted to a specific group of foods, that need to be consumed at a specific time

You should have the ability to pick your own foods and eat at the times you want to eat

Not the other way round

Because lets be honest, when has a meal plan EVER worked for you?

When has it ever helped you to lose body fat and keep it off?


That's why you do not need a meal plan to lose body fat

Any questions ⬇️

📧 [email protected]


Great way to start the day, early morning session with Nic 💪🏼

Have you been struggling for motivation since the gyms reopened post lockdown?

Fed up of walking Into a crowded and intimidating gym and not sure what to do?

Fed up of slogging away on a diet that is making you feel miserable, stressed and getting you nowhere?

If you answered yes to any of the above drop me a message and we can have a chat about how I might be able to help you create a plan and move forward 👊🏼🏋️‍♀️


📧 [email protected]


Saturday morning sessions 💪🏼Grace Croft


5 Ways To Fight Off Cravings 🤤

1. Eat proper meals 🍝

A smoothie for breakfast and a boiled egg at lunch isn't going to cut it for you

The above reason is probably why you want to rip the kitchen cupboard doors off when you get home from work

3 decent sized 400 calorie meals is still only 1200 calories. That leaves you plenty of room for snacks

2. Plan Snacks 🍌🥜🍦

Don't he scared of eating. Plan and place your snacks in the day when you feel like you need them the most

3. Sleep 🛌

How often are you starving after a bad night's sleep?

Get off Netflix or Instagram and go to bed at a decent hour

4. Stop beating yourself Into the ground with 6 gym sessions a week and 4 runs 🏋️‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Chances are it's making you hungrier and causing you to overeat

5. You're probably not even hungry. Just bored. Get some water down you instead 🚰



Working from home it is super, super, super-easy to get pulled in by the gravitational forces of the snack cupboard & or fridge 😋

SO, I find it is helpful to have a few lower calorie options to snack on throughout the day as required:

Low kcal popcorn 🍿
Low fat humous & vegetable sticks 🥒
Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries 🍓
Piece of non-dried fruit (apple, medium banana, orange, etc) 🍌
‘Ready-to-Eat’ lean meat or fish 🍗
Sugar free soda/squash 🥤
0% fat Greek (style) yogurt 🍧
20-25g bars of dark chocolate 🍫
Pre-cut/peeled vegetables (carrots, cucumber, bell pepper) 🥕
Low calorie Ben & Jerry’s 🍦

Whenever you reach for these snacks I would pair them with a large glass of water, as you may find part of the ‘hunger’ was just dehydration 💦

You may also find you are not actually hungry but just snack out of habit & if this is the case (especially with stuff like biscuits, crisps, etc) then it may be worth not buying this food in for a week or so 🕵🏻‍♂️

Break a habit that doesn’t help you in any way, & when you eat these foods you find irresistibly moreish, actually intend to do it by planning it into your day 🙌🏼


In short the answer is YES

Let's talk tracking calories and MyFitnessPal

If you want to live a happier and healthier life you 100% you need to go through a phase of tracking calories

Because at the end of the day, calories determine whether or not you lose weight/body fat

And if you haven't got the slightest clue how many you’re consuming on a daily basis, you’re literally playing a guessing game

Which probably isn’t the greatest approach, especially when you’re sick and tired of trying to shift the body fat

Do yourself a favour and start tracking your calories, if you want to start losing body fat ASAP

This IS'NT something that you need to do for the rest of your life

This is just whilst you get the job done

And along the way, you will educate yourself on the calorie contents in the foods you consume

Because calories matter, end of


Running for fat loss, good or bad?

Let’s keep this quick...

Do you like/enjoy running?

If you answered yes, then running is going to be a great tool for you to use to help lose body fat

This will allow you to be more active doing something you enjoy and will allow you to burn a load of calories in the process

What if you don’t like/enjoy running?

You will go on one run, hate every second, bin it off and never go on a run again

So that wouldn’t actually be good for fat loss, as it takes more than one run to contribute to a fat loss journey

What else can you do to keep active?

Just walk

Walking is a massively underrated fat loss tool

Both running and walking are perfectly fine for fat loss

The one that will be better for fat loss, is the one that you will do more of CONSISTENTLY


Lets talk about physical health…

What would happen if you carried on making the same old poor food choices?

What would would happen if you carried on choosing the couch instead of getting outdoors?

What would happen if you kept binning off the gym for another pointless 60 mins of Facebook or the gram?

You would NOT be in the same position as you are now

You would be older, lazier and in 10 times WORSE shape

Which would all lead to an increase in potential health implications

Scary yeah?

Fix the problem now and get yourself sorted

Because the longer you leave it, the harder its going to be to fix the problem further down the line


"How many meals should I be eating?" 🍝🍜🥙🥘🥗🍛🍣🍚🍔🌯

A question❓ I hear time and time again

Not helped from the usual bad advice, of people telling you to eat "little and often" to "boost your metabolism" 🙄

Absolute rubbish 🚮🗑️

Here's the facts ⬇️

Let's take a nice round figure of 2000 calories per day

You can eat 10 meals at 200 calories

8 meals at 250 calories

2 meals at 1000 calories

1 meal at 2000 calories

Your fat loss results will be exactly the same!

What about when you eat those meals?

Again, doesn't matter

You can eat 2000 cals at 11pm then jump straight into bed 🛌

Your results will be the same as someone who spreads them out "normally" throughout the day

So, guess where the magic happens??


Energy in over a 24hr period 🔋

Energy out over a 24hr period 🔌

How can you split your meals up to suit your life

Taking the kids to school 🚸

Your exercise 🏃‍♀️

Your job 👨‍🔧👩‍🏭

What and where keeps you fuller for longer

You get the jist...

This is just one of the many things that confuses people and prevents people from focussing on what really matters to get them the results they need

If you have any questions on this please get in touch 🏋️‍♀️


FIVE reasons you SHOULD eat carbs when dieting

1. Filling

Many carbs score very highly on the satiety index

(Google it)

Especially the much demonised potato

Many of you give up dieting due to constant hunger and low energy

Carbs can be your friend here

2. Sustainability

More food choice

Less hunger

Less misery

Probably means you’re happier and can stick to your diet for long enough to reach your goal

3. Improved food relationships

How many of you are scared of eating certain foods?

How many of them foods are carbs?

Once you realise you can eat ALL of those foods and still lose weight, you soon find your relationship with food in general, improving

4. Yumminess

Carbs taste good

Eat food that tastes good

The end

5. Annoy friends and family

Imagine how smug you will feel when you’re finally losing weight, whilst eating the foods you enjoy

And everyone around you saying

“Should you be eating that?”

“Are you allowed that?”

“Yes …… now f**k off and leave me alone” 😁

Would feel pretty good right!?

Any questions, feel free to get in touch


Is this you?

Monday - Friday you get yourself in a consistent calorie deficit, then when the weekend comes round you kick the arse out of it, pretend calories don’t count and neck 18 pints of beer, eat a couple of takeaways and top it all off with a kebab at 3am on Sunday morning.

You wake up Monday morning, jump on the scales and get pi**ed off when they haven’t budged or they’ve maybe even gone up.
Diets shouldn’t be punishing, you should be able to go out on a Saturday night, have a few beers or glasses of wine, eat the odd takeaway and still see progress.

If you’re one of those people I’ve just described above, drop me a message and we can have a chat about where you’re slipping up ⬇️
📱 07487758142
📧 [email protected]

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