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what do your insides look like after yoga?


Trying my best to live by this one!


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Pizza yoga with the kids this week. We were soft and flexible like pizza dough. We rolled each other out with foam rollers, chose our own favourite toppings, went under the paschimotanasana grill, put the pizza on the table top pose and then phoned our friends to come to the pizza party using our yoga telephone. :)


Warrior poses today in the story of the Brave Warrior and the Fierce Lion who become good yogi-friends. Namaste!


Suprise trip to the forrest today. Many tree pose opportunities and much photographing of pony poos.


Thanks lovely people for liking my page in the recent weeks. My regular classes are on hold at the moment so I've been rather rubbish at posting updates on this page. I've been keeping myself busy as a cover teacher at my local gym and teaching children at my local school. Today was a very rewarding day which included working towards Camel pose at the gym and making a lot of noise in Dog / Cat / Cow at school. (Maybe next week, I'll reverse my lesson plans and see what happens!). Namaste.


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yoga classes in Southampton. All welcome. Namaste!


At after school yoga today a couple of kids asked: "can we do the lying down with the lights out bit now?" aaaah Shavasana.


Move, breathe, and live joyfully!
NEW Thursday morning classes 9.15-10.15 at Dizzy Feet Dance Studio, 159 Shirley Rd. All levels welcome.


Lovely class this morning and more to come on Thursday. All levels welcome. 9.15-10.15 at


Give yourself some TLC. Come practise yoga with us tomorrow morning 9.15-10.15am at Dizzy Feet on Shirley Rd, Southampton. Looking forward to it very much :)


Partner forward bend and back bend. Super relaxing. Find a friend and give it a try! Namaste!


Dear yogis, I've had a wonderful summer full of sun, travel, family, friendship, exploration and meditation and although I still haven't mastered Pincha Mayurasana I've had a lot of fun practising. I look forward to starting classes again in September and hearing about your summer experiences. New class schedule is coming soon. Namaste!


Oh yes!

Against BALANCE...

Dear Ones -

The other night at my event in St Paul, a young woman asked me about how I achieve balance in my life.

First of all, I love that she thinks I have achieved balance in my life!

Secondly, I felt the need to speak out once more against the subtle tyranny of the word BALANCE, which I think haunts and punishes modern women more and more every day.

We are constantly being told that we should be achieving balance — that we should somehow exquisitely be negotiating the relationships between our work lives, our home lives, our romantic lives, our health and well-being, our spiritual selves. You can't read an interview with a famous woman these days that the journalist does not applaud her for having achieved BALANCE....and then if you turn the pages of that magazine, you will find ten more articles showing how you can achieve balance. too!

Be careful.

The word BALANCE has tilted dangerously close, I fear, to the word PERFECT — another word that women use as weapons against themselves and each other.

To say that someone has found the secret to a balanced life is to suggest that they have solved life, and that they now float through their days in a constant state of grace and ease, never suffering stress, ambivalence, confusion, exhaustion, anger, fear, or regret. Which is a wonderful description of nobody, ever.

Balance, when we do find it, is a breathtakingly temporary condition. We stand upon a world that spins at 2000 miles an hour. Our minds, meanwhile, spin at 200,000 miles an hour. We collide every day with other humans who are also sliding and spinning wildly. The landscape of our lives, therefore, changes by the minute. You find your balance one day and think, "Hooray! I have solved it" and then five minutes later the world utterly transforms again, and you're knocked on your ass one more time.

That's just how life is on this planet — messy, fast, out of control, unpredictable. It's all terribly interesting, but also terribly unstable.

That being the case, I dropped the myth of BALANCE a long time ago. (I buried it right next to PERFECT.) My life seems happiest — as I tried to explain to this young woman the other night — when I just surrender to the madness, and embrace the glorious mess that I am...and also when I embrace the glorious mess that everyone else is, and the glorious mess of the world itself. My life gets the most painful when I try to set the entire mess (myself other people, life itself) into order.

The world is like a dropped pie most of the time. Don't kill yourself trying to put it back together. Just grab a fork and eat some of it off the floor. Then carry on.

If you can get some stuff done in the chaos sometimes, god bless you. If you can basically hold it together, propping yourself up with duct tape and glue, rock on. If you can manage stay upright even one hour a day, you're doing pretty great, as far as I'm concerned. And if you can be kind to the other stumbling fools around you half the time — well, that's just heroic.

Basically, I think we are all just sloppy stupendous champions.




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Green Frog Yoga's cover photo 05/07/2014

Why Yoga and Flexibility Are Not Synonymous

Great article. Read about not-so-flexible Fred: "His Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) was little more than a forward nod." Fred was hands down the least flexible person I’ve ever encountered. In 28 years of teaching asana, I’ve never seen anyone who came close to his lack o


a lovely morning of hip opening. Nothing more, nothing less. Simplicity! Join us every Monday and Friday morning from 9.30-10.30. Classes are multi-level so both beginners and experienced practitioners are very welcome. Namaste.


Lovely shining lights at yoga this morning. Thank you ladies. Enjoy your week ahead and keep on shining!


what a lovely time we had practising kids yoga this sunny Wednesday afternoon in the garden at Dizzyfeet Dancing. We tuned in our senses to the sights, sounds, textures and smells of the garden before practising our sun salutations under the real sun with real grass beneath our feet. Join us every Wednesday after school for kids yoga 1 (4pm) and kids yoga 2 (5pm). Namaste and welcome to the summer.


Loved having new students this week. Thanks for coming along ladies and I look forward to seeing you again on Friday and next Monday! 09/06/2014

Classical Hatha Yoga: Benefits Beyond Just Health or Fitness

Yoga can fine tune your body :)
"Probably these days, this is no longer a problem, but just a few years ago, after every storm, you had to go up and adjust your TV antenna. Only if it was angled in a certain way did you have television reception. Or else, as you were watching your soap opera or a cricket match, suddenly a blizzard would appear on your screen. You had to fine-tune the antenna.

Your body is like a barometer. If you know how to watch it, it can tell you everything about you and the world around.
This body is like that: if you hold it in the right position, it can receive the whole cosmos. If you hold it in some other way, you will know nothing beyond the five senses." Health & fitness are often touted as Hatha Yoga's benefits. But these are just side-effects! Classical Hatha Yoga is a powerful system to explore human potential.


My new mantra


Love this! And agree that yoga with toddlers can be a little bit dangerous ;)

This is what we got up to when I came home from work today. Oliver couldn't reach, so he went to get his stool. He still couldn't quite reach, which was just as well for me. This was really fun, kinda hard, and a little bit dangerous: at its finest!


After a week of chilling out in Cornwall I'm hoping I can maintain version A during class tomorrow!!


Green Shavasana


go on - you can do it!


Friday is Toddler Yoga day. Join us from 1.45-2.30 at St James' Rd Methodist Church in the aptly names 'Beginner's Room'. Please message me if you would like to sign up or would like more details. Namaste!


yoga this week….. We'll work towards some lovely ardha chandrasanas tomorrow. And for the wee ones we'll practise something more grounded like a nice slithery cobra. See you all soon. Namaste.


had a lovely couple of sessions with the mini-yogis today being space men and women. We prepared for our space mission with some sun salutations and focused breathing. Then we tackled some tricky balances like warrior 3 and half moon pose, enjoyed moon walking and met some moon monsters. It's lovely to hear from the little ones how much they already know about space / planets / gravity.


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With all the crazy styles of yoga out there, maybe this one could catch on too.






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