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For the rugby nauses out there.... I’ve made a TeamSolent league for the six nations. Come and get involved!

I've just left the class at 6pm. Sorry it's late notice!
Wearing my shirt here in Madison. Looking forward to dropping in again when I am back visiting in October. Always a great experience!
Happy to announce the first of the new year will be at Crossfit Solent in Southampton on 20th January 2018

The workshop run by Lee Wade Turner of Recession Proof Body (London) is split into two parts, in the morning session, basic Bodyweight exercises, (press ups, dips, pull ups and muscle ups) are the focus, working on correct technique, ways to improve overall strength and ways to build your reps.
More intensive variations of each exercise will be demonstrated and broken down where participants will explore different ways of training with them.
Challenging solo/group workouts will wrap up each instructional segment working with parallettes, parallel bars, Rings and high bar.
After a lunch break the Bodyweight movements are taken up a few notches with advanced Gymnastic/Bodyweight holds and exercises such as Front Lever, Back Lever, One arm pull ups and Human Flag are broken down with demonstrations through all the progressions needed to be worked on to actually achieving the full hold.
More modern and updated 'Street Workout' variations
The final part of the workshop will incorporate some of the new skills acquired in a fun and challenging core session where the participants will run through some drills and skills on the parallel and high bar.
Afterwards the coach will be able to answer any questions or concerns that you have regarding the days session.

Book via: [email protected]

Sponsored by: ICON Nutrition / Battle Oats

Thanks for letting me join in tonight, had a great time. What a great bunch of friendly supportive people!
Sporting our Team Solent shirts at Day #3 of the Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, WI. Hi to Duncan Aldous, Olly and all at Solent. Photos tagged with on my FB page :)
Already missing Crossfit Solent and his coaches.
When is the Invitational?

Below are the training facilities with approvers still missing from Wod-On scoring system. If you are the coach of any of these facilities or you are an athlete at one of these can you please email [email protected] with your email address and facility name do they can assign you a log in to approve scores of your members.

Thank you

6 Towns Strength and Conditioning
CrossFit Cumbria
CrossFit Airdrie
Jolly Sailor CrossFit
Crossfit Jorvik
Crossfit Derby
Crossfit Bathgate
CrossFit Worksop
The Box CrossFit Taunton
CrossFit Penallta
Crossfit East Rocks
CrossFit Aylesbury
Crossfit Bia 2.0
CrossFit Neon Stourbridge
CrossFit 252 Chesterfield
Crossfit Infinity
WGA - CrossFit
S81 CrossFit
CrossFit Plymouth
CrossFit MGC
ULT Fitness and Crossfit
Evolution Fitness
Saxon Crossfit
University of Westminster
CrossFit Bath
CrossFit DeltaFox
CrossFit Ickenham
Lynn CrossFit
CrossFit 3D
CrossFit Maidstone
Invictus Fitness Crossfit Maidstone
Crossfit OzBox
Crossfit Solent
CrossFit Pirbright
CrossFit Marne
CrossFit Havering
CrossFit Faction
Train Heald Green
Hey guys...Is anyone still at the box? Can someone do me a favour and check my split score on the scoresheet for 17.5. Can't find the bit of paper 🙈cheers X
Rhiannan - this is the Crossfit page. If you wanna come and have a look and speak to any of the guys then I'll happily take you down and introduce x

At Crossfit Solent we create a well-rounded fitness experience through our top rated coaching, origi

Operating as usual



But please don't drop the empty barbell 😚


Statistically, most of us will have some difficulty with our own body image at some point in our lives.

Nowadays everyone is subjected to stereotyped sizes, shapes, skin tones, body fat percentages or weight and social media often perpetuates this to a troubling extent with filters and photoshop.

But today we wanted to recognise that CrossFit Solent is a community space for athletes of all sizes, shapes, complexions, weights, and athletic abilities.

In your next WOD look around, we’re lucky enough to be part of an amazing and supportive community who are here to cheer for everyone no matter who they are no one is judged by their appearance or skills. We celebrate the spirit of our community with the mantra and work with all of our members to be an inclusive and supportive space.

And most of all remember this, what you look like doesn’t dictate who you are it’s who you are on the inside, your value is demonstrated by your experiences, your values, your emotions, your ethics, and strength of character much more than an outward image, physical shape, or bodyweight.

Stay strong , we believe in every one of you.


Today we want you to look back to when you FIRST started CrossFit (for some of you this may have been quite a while back).

What was your biggest hurdle then? Thrusters? Pull Ups? Maybe you struggled to link Burpees together?

Now, look where you are today...

Chances are, you've come a LOT further than you might think, So next time you're struggling, or ready to throw in the towel, have a look back at the athlete you were then and think about how inspired they would have been knowing where you are now.

Keep going, you've got this.


What's up Crew!

Who's ready to start a new strength cycle?

Starting tomorrow with hang snatches and over the coming weeks, we will challenge you to push yourself to be your best and start feeling stronger than ever!

So let's show the real meaning of !


The weather is turning and the nights are getting longer so if you're bedding in and looking for some inspiration we've got another book recomendation for you!

This time around we're talking 'Running Life' by Dame Kelly Holmes.

This book covers Kelly's background, gives Nutrition and Recipes, a fascinating piece on Mindset and an Exercise plan, so its got something for everyone all packaged up by one of Britain's greatest Olympians!

We really liked this one because it offers such a different perspective on training and how a positive mindset can change your whole life.


Not today, but someday.

Live in fear...


Today is World Menopause day and before you scroll past thinking this does not apply to you - think again! Half of you reading this WILL at some point be affected by the menopause. As for the rest of you (i.e. the guys), someone significant in your life will be affected by this, either now or at some point in the future.

Whilst every woman's experience can differ, the hormonal changes during this time can have a detrimental impact on her ability to exercise. Significant reductions in oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone can result in hot flashes, feeling exhausted, sleep deprived, depressed, and forgetful, to mention just a few symptoms.

These symptoms can make CrossFit (or other exercise) very challenging! Heat regulation can be challenging, and the body is likely to hold onto more fat (particularly around the midline) leading to weight gain that can be incredibly difficult to shift.

The lack of testosterone can mean trying to build muscle and strength is like fighting an uphill losing battle. A bit like trying to accumulate calories on an Echo bike lol.

An increase in the stress hormone cortisol may mean that regularly doing very intense WODs is not always a good idea as it adds to the stress on the body.

The good news is that by continuing to lift heavy and doing workouts at the right intensity, whilst giving your body more time to recover, can actually help many symptoms of the menopause. Lifting weights will help to offset the decrease in bone density and muscle mass.

Gym manager Simone -
“In the beginning I found it incredibly hard to adapt to the changes my body was going through, and I have had to physically and mentally shift my approach to my training.“

She is more than happy to talk about her experiences with any member who would like to chat about these issues.


We want to wish the big man himself a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The man with the plans, the man with the mission! The heart and soul of ! 🤩

Have an amazing day 🥳🎉


We're back with another Feedback Friday to see what there is that can be done to change what you see from our social media?

Over the coming months, we have more content around recipes, as well as some video guides on best practices for movements.

But what else would you like to see?


Free Taster Session this Saturday 15th October 1-2pm!

If you've ever wanted to try CrossFit now is your chance!

This will be our last taster session of 2022 so get yourself booked on today!

Don’t miss out spaces are limited and there are just a few left so drop us a DM or click the link below:


Whilst Monday was day it's important to remember that the conversations around mental health can be extraordinarily hard to have.

However, if you are looking to open up to your friends and family we have borrowed some advice from Mind to air you in helping you start the a conversation with your friends, family and loved ones.

• Find a method of communication that feels right for you. This might be a face-to-face, on the phone or write down how you feel in a letter.

• Find a suitable time and place. There may not be a 'good' time, but it can help if you're somewhere quiet and comfortable, and are unlikely to be disturbed for a while

• Practice what you want to say. You could do this in your head or make some notes. Phrases such as "I've not been feeling like myself" or "I'm finding it hard to cope" might provide a starting point

• Offer them relevant information and examples. If you've found a useful description, or seen someone on television or in a film saying something that feels right to you

• Be honest and open. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable sharing something so personal, but explaining how your feelings are affecting your life may help others to understand

• Suggest things they could do to help. This might just be listening and offering emotional support or there may be practical help you need (see examples in our page on helping someone else seek help)

• Don't expect too much from one conversation. Understanding mental health problems can take time, and some people may be shocked or react badly at first. It's important to give them some time to process what you've told them

If you are struggling, please don't feel alone and if you'd like some support, speak with one of the coaches who will be able to provide you with some information about Solent MIND and the work they do to help those in need

Photos from CrossFit Solent's post 11/10/2022

Thank you all, new and OG, for being a part of the strongest community around.

After 10 years its safe to say is here to stay.

Let's get out there for another 10 years and show the world the meaning of !

CrossFit CrossFit UK


What's Up Team Solent!

What a weekend! It was SO good to catch up with so many of you whilst celebrating our 10th Anniversary! Here's to another 10 years!

So to set us into our 11th year we've got a banger of a week ahead of us! Starting with an EMOM and with TWO partner workouts, we're probably spoiling you!

Photos from CrossFit Solent's post 07/10/2022

What's up Crew!

Ahead of our big birthday celebration tomorrow we've got another hop down memory lane!

Who do you see who's still at the box?

CrossFit crossfituk

Photos from CrossFit Solent's post 05/10/2022

Looking back to 2016 and 2017 this year with another two-parter!

How many more OG's can you see? Were these the years you started?

XFit UK CrossFit

Photos from CrossFit Solent's post 05/10/2022

Looking back to 2016 and 2017 this year with another two-parter!

How many more OG's can you see? Were these the years you started?

XFit UK CrossFit


What's up crew!

We thought we'd share the schedule for this weekend's 10 year celebration schedule!

Starting bright and early we have:
8:00 - WOD
9.30 - WOD
11:00 - WOD
12.30 - LIFT OFF
4:00 - WOD

You can attend as many sessions as you like (space permitting) AND each WOD class will have multiple options and the class will pick their favourite!

Don't forget to hang around as we'll be welcoming members new and old to celebrate and throwdown with us and will end the day with some adult beverages!

Photos from CrossFit Solent's post 04/10/2022

Our 10 year anniversary celebration continues with a mega gallery!

So have a little handstand walk down memory lane, starting to see more and more familiar faces in here!

Photos from CrossFit Solent's post 03/10/2022

This week we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

And to do so, we’re throwing open the archives (Dunk’s photos) to share some amazing memories and moments over our decade of fitness!

Have a little look through this lot, definitely some familiar faces in there?

And don’t forget the infamous graffiti wall by the man himself!


Who’s ready for Test week!

That’s right, ahead of our 10th anniversary we’re testing your mettle!

We’ve got a chipper, the beloved devil’s press and a partner WOD so let’s get cracking !



On October 8th we are throwing open our doors to members new and old, we are welcoming members and Coaches from our ten-year history to come by for a very special day of fitness with friends and celebrate our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Drop us a DM or get in touch to let us know you're coming!

XFit UK #


We wanted to wish the Master of Mobility .h.mobility the happiest of birthdays!

Thanks for keeping us all flexy Ethan! Hope you have a great day!


Macros, a word most of us are familiar with, but what are they?

Macros or Macronutrients are the trifecta of nutrient types used to maintain normal healthy bodily functions. Some of you may be committed to a solid eating plan, but it’s often a lack of dietary knowledge that causes a downfall in people’s performance.

Simplifying our nutritional intake it makes it easier to monitor our daily consumption of food to recognise what we are potentially consuming too much of, and how to adjust our intake to be more balanced.

There is a huge variation in opinions of what percentage of each macro should be however an average of this figure is:

• 45 to 65% Carbohydrates
• 10 to 30% Protein
• 25 to 35% Fat

Now, we do want to establish that these aren’t hard and firm rules for every single person, however, these numbers do form a solid baseline on what you should aim to eat each day for athletic performance.

Many people, especially CrossFit athletes find that by tracking their macros and eating more considered meals, they can fuel themselves more effectively across the day whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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Part Two of our Open Video Series.In this update Head a coach Dunk takes you through the different scaling options avail...
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1 Endle Street, Northam
SO14 5FZ

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 10pm
Tuesday 6am - 10pm
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