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Welcome to Winning Strength - expert level strength education, online coaching and personal training. Owned by World Record breaking Strongman competitor, Tom Hibbert. Winning Strength Online is an online educational platform aimed at both strength coaches and strength athletes, helping to achieve inhumane levels of strength with both themselves and in clientele. The Winning Strength Online member

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Congratulations to Ben Donin on securing his first World’s Strongest Man u80kg title 👏🏻

Ben started with Tom in May and has gone onto to achieve the following this year:

- Axle Floor to overhead World Record at u80kg
- Clash u80kg World Champion
- Deadlift World Record at u80kg
- World’s Strongest Man u80kg

Pretty dominant year and Ben has the motivation to go bigger and further in 2023!

If you want to improve your strongman/strongwoman results contact Winning Strength today for online coaching with the best Strength Coach in the world 💪🏻


🚨 Forum added to Winning Strength Coach Certification 🚨

Coaches can now receive further support from Tom to help complete their certification but also on any client case study 👏🏻

Join the Winning Strength community today by signing up for the certification. Available in 1 or 3 payments 👊🏻


World Champion repeat! 💪🏻

Well done to Winning Strength online client Rob Warburton on retaining his WPC u125kg World title 👏🏻

Can he do the 3-peat in 2023?!

If you want to improve your performance and be more competitive then contact Winning Strength today and be trained by the best in the world 👊🏻


Coach strongman and want to achieve world class results?

Here’s what Ben has achieved since working with Tom:

- u80kg Axle Clean & Press World Record
- Clash u80kg World Champion
- u80kg Deadlift World Record

The biggest difference to Ben’s training Tom has made is the structure. Periodisation when properly executed is a game changer.

If you want to learn exactly how Tom does this then head over to the Winning Strength Coach Certification. Learn how to produce world class results with your athletes


Welcome to the team Rob! 👏🏻

Next stop: 1,000kg+ total 💪🏻

Think you’ve got what it takes to be part of our Elite Performance program? Contact us today! We’ll pay you for achieving your goals 😳


Congratulations to Ben Donin for setting a new World Record in the u80kg strongman deadlift! 👏🏻

He actually broke the record twice in one outing by lifting 340kg then an astonishing 360kg 😮😳 Breaking a world record by 6.5% is incredible!

Winning Strength now currently hold the u80kg & u90kg strongman deadlift world records 💪🏻

Keep your eyes peeled for the new deadlift peaking program which will be available soon. If you can’t wait and want to be guided by the best in the world contact us today for online coaching 👊🏻


💪🏻💪🏻Some awesome results from just the first 10 weeks of the Arm Hypertrophy Program 💪🏻💪🏻

From 15 inch to 17 inch pythons…and another 14 weeks available for more gains!

If you want it head the marketplace, or the Winning Strength website or the story posted just now 👊🏻


Belated well done to the 2x Alex’s!

Both online clients who competed at UK’s Natural Strongest Man at the weekend

🥇 Alex Shepherd coming 1st place in the Masters category

🥈 Alex Valenzuela coming 2nd in the u90kg category

Are you a strength athlete (strongman, powerlifter, weightlifter) looking to improve your performance? Contact us today to join our list of countless national champions and as of writing 7 World champion/record breakers!


Winning Strength has joined forces with to provide the highest quality supplements to its athletes!

Trust in the quality of the product but also the integrity of the business were at the heart of this decision.


Congratulations to Winning Strength Elite Performance athlete Tommy Chivers for his win at Britain’s Strongest Man u80kg ‘22 👏🏻

Tommy put in a fantastic performance winning by 13 points in what is one of the most competitive divisions I’ve seen in strongman. The talent at u80kg is phenomenal right now.

If you wish to be supported by the Winning Strength Elite performance program you can apply via the website. We accept all sports and consider all applications.

Come and work with the best in the world!


162.5kg Axle Clean & Jerk at u90kg bodyweight 💪🏻

Another big lift from strongman Dan Benson. We have been working on split jerk from the rack. But after managing a 160kg that got him great points in the online qualifier I wanted him to see where he would get to adding a clean in.

To put this into perspective this is only 5kg below the world record for this lift. He won’t mind me saying that we can also get more efficient with the lift with some increased exposure so his potential on the lift is great 👏🏻

Before working with Dan’s best effort on this lift was 140kg. If you want to take your strength levels to new heights contact us today and start working with the best in the world 👊🏻


I think Tommy has ended the challenge here with this effort! 😳

Reps are out, get your weight vests on now 🤣

Abs of steel!


Another 4x bodyweight deadlift for repetitions from one of the Winning Strength online clients! 💪🏻

360kg x3 reps from u90kg Strongman Dan Benson.

Yes it’s touch and go because this is what is the event is for OSG online qualifier.

For another perspective this is 95.5% of the u90kg strongman deadlift World Record…for 3x reps 😳👏🏻

If you want to take your deadlift to World Record standards contact Winning Strength today and you can work with or Coach 👊🏻


Shōki with a new log PB with this fantastic 130kg press! 👏🏻

Shōki uses online training under the guidance of and his all of his lifts have improved significantly.

His next block will focus on improving his deadlift as his log and squat numbers are now in front of this lift.

To work with the best in the world contact Winning Strength today and we’ll take your performance to the next level 💪🏻


Another monstrous deadlift from an u80kg strongman competitor who uses our online service!

Tommy Chivers with a 290.5kg deadlift PB 👏🏻

The standard of u80kg strongman is absolutely ridiculous these days!

If you want to start achieving more in strength sports contact Winning Strength today and we’ll get you started with our World Class, record and champion producing service!


Some World Class log pressing from online client Lars here!

160kg x3 for a big repetition PB 👏🏻

The current record Lars is targeting first is the u105kg Danish record which stands at 153kg…not for long if this performance is anything to go by! 🤣

If you want to be training by the best strength coach in the world contact us today and we’ll get you set up with 💪🏻


This is what 320kg x3 reps at u80kg bodyweight looks like 😳

With a rep in the tank too. Estimated 1RM for this set would be 357kg!

World class lifting! 👏🏻

If you want to go from novice to world class contact us today and we’ll get you on the right path with the best strength coach in the world 💪🏻


Online client and bench press monster Martyn O’Shea with a 210kg/462lb dead press!

Anyone that has done dead presses knows how humbling it can be and here’s Martyn doing it with 87.5% of his best bench press 😳💪🏻

How much can you dead press?!

If you want to reach your strength potential contact Tom today and he’ll get you on the path to greatness!


Lars enters the mix in the standing ab rollout challenge!

A lovely 2 reps with a pretty curtsy to sign off at the end! 🩰

This is a phenomenally challenging abdominal movement which everyone should do!

Tag us in your efforts 👊🏻

Want to be training by the best strength in the world? Contact us today and we’ll get you set up with 💪🏻


140kg Farmers Walk at u80kg bodyweight 😳

That’s 140kg each hand for those that didn’t know!

Online client Tommy has just joined our Elite Performance Program. This means he has targets whereby he gets PAID for achieving them!

We have a track record of producing world class results. If you want to be coached by and the Winning Strength team contact us today 👊🏻


Want gains like Shōki? Contact Winning Strength today!

- Online Coaching
- Face to face at
- Ready made programs in
- Learn how we produce results with the Winning Strength Coach Certification

Results based strength training and education 💪🏻


Lars showing off his progress with us! 💪🏻

Not only an increase in kilos but improving technically as well. Well done Lars!

How explosive is this man’s log clean?! 😳💥

Would you like to experience the gains Lars is achieving? Contact us today and jump onto the waiting list for online training, currently sitting at 8 weeks 👏🏻


UK’s Strongest Man 2022

This Sunday just gone I travelled up to watch 2 of my athlete’s compete in the final of UK’s Strongest Man 2022. To be coaching 25% of the finalists was something I took great pleasure in!

I had been coaching Scott since towards the beginning of the year and we were able to identify and start to attack some of the weaknesses we found in his assessment.

Andrew Flynn though I’ve been guiding since the beginning of 2020. The build up for Andrew had a few bumps. We have been battling a nerve issue which prevents him from pressing maximal weights and an illness 3 weeks out which caused him to lose 10kg.

I was confident both athletes would make the final, although Scott decided he wanted to make things more fun by doing the eliminator event on both day 1 & day 2!

Scott made a great start on the truck pull and had the enviable task of setting the pace on the squats where he did very well. Andrew’s best performances were in the sandbag to shoulder and flag hoist.

UK’s is a brutal competition and the winner will always be deserved. I called it after event 2 that Paul Smith wouldn’t be stopped. He was in great form, was consistent and you could see how bad he wanted it.

Next up for Andrew will be England’s Strongest Man. Our goal is to get to the bottom of this nerve issue and he will start a hypertrophy block for the next 4 weeks to de-load his body and re-set him psychologically. This time last year he tore his biceps so we’re actually in a better position this time around!

If you want to improve your performance for any strongman competition contact me today. I’ve taken guys to their first World Strongest Man Final, UK’s finals & Podiums alongside countless national champions in different weight categories.

Tag any strongman who you think I could help take the next level!


There are endless personal trainers and online coaches. Standing out from the crowd can be tough. Being a Level 3 Personal Trainer is a great start (you're qualified - unlike many!) but today, this is no longer enough education to enable you to be considered a top class coach. You need more.

To be an expert coach, to take on advanced clients and to grow your business to new heights, you need to understand program design on a superior level.

Meet the Winning Strength Certification.

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How many of you can do this?

This is impressive enough without the fact that Martyn is around 120kg!

This is proper core/trunk strength! 👏🏻💪🏻

At Winning Strength Online we pride ourselves in our results based approach. If you want improved results in your strength training then contact us today and see what we can do for you.


300kg deadlift at u80kg bodyweight 😳💪🏻

Online client & Elite Performance athlete TC Hulme with a world class lift right here!

Want to be coached by the best in the business? Think you can win World title &/or set World Records and want to be PAID FOR IT?! Contact us today 👊🏻


Big Rob Warburton with a 310kg triple from yesterday! 💪🏻

Tom is prepping Rob for the Irish Pro and he’s in great shape already 👌🏻 Follow him if you want to see how a World Champion approaches things!

At Winning Strength we have a variety of options to suit your training needs:

- Free Programs in the articles on the site
- Specific Programs available in the Marketplace
- Online Coaching
- Gym membership at

For all things performance and strength try any of these products today👊🏻


Think you’ve got a strong grip? Try holding an axle for 10 seconds with as much weight as you can manage!

Here’s Lars with an impressive 200kg 😳

Want to make add to the difficulty? Don’t allow the axle to touch the thighs!

What’s your best effort in this?


Winning is what we do! 💪🏻

Well done to Dan Benson & Mike Dell for coming 1st & 2nd place respectively in the u90kg Strongman regional qualifier 👏🏻

Now to prep for the grand final! 👌🏻

Do you want to turn your podium’s into competition wins? Break National and World records?

Contact us today for online or on site coaching if you live near to Southampton. Guaranteed to improve your performance!

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    Another 4x bodyweight deadlift for repetitions from one of the Winning Strength online clients! 💪🏻360kg x3 reps from u90...
    Another monstrous deadlift from an u80kg strongman competitor who uses our online service!Tommy Chivers with a 290.5kg d...
    140kg Farmers Walk at u80kg bodyweight 😳That’s 140kg each hand for those that didn’t know!Online client Tommy has just j...
    Lars showing off his progress with us! 💪🏻Not only an increase in kilos but improving technically as well. Well done Lars...
    Become a World Renowned Strength Coach with Winning Strength Certification
    Winning Strength Certification - Become a World Renowned Strength Coach
    How many of you can do this? This is impressive enough without the fact that Martyn is around 120kg!This is proper core/...
    300kg deadlift at u80kg bodyweight 😳💪🏻Online client & Elite Performance athlete TC Hulme with a world class lift right h...
    Think you’ve got a strong grip? Try holding an axle for 10 seconds with as much weight as you can manage!Here’s Lars wit...
    90kg Windmill 😳 on a dumbbell with a 3” thick handle!One of the more impressive feats of strength I’ve seen from online ...



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