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⚙️ #appreciate #life ⚙️
Appreciating the little things in life involves focusing our attention on what is pleasurable, nurturing, and sustaining in our lives and away from those events that are annoying, frustrating, or hurtful. 👌🏻
➡️It means practicing gratitude for those everyday things that are easy to take for granted or miss altogether.🤗
I love The Daily Small wins!💪🏻🇩🇰
They are progress points on your way to your goal. For example, say that your main goal is to ⭐️INSERT DREAM/GOAL HERE⭐️.
Then Focusing on small wins helps you break down a large goal into manageable chunks - and enjoying The progress on The Way, to the main #goal 🙃💪🏻👌🏻
Here i am enjoying last set of #logpress 115kg x4 with 4sec eccentric x4 in my Winning Strength Online T-shirt (order yours at IF Strongwear !) - and supported by my trusty #tripleplydeadliftbelt and elite #wristwraps from #cerberusstrength 🐺🐺🐺

Have a great #weekend - you deserve it!!💎

ONE LIFE - fill it With strenght/love ❤️❤️ ----------------------------------------------
Myprotein LARSBVEN for 40%discount.
💥Coached by tom_winningstrength 💥
Geared up by:
Cerberus Strength Danmark Cerberus Strength 🐺🐺🐺
💥 worlds best droppads MST Systems 💥
World's Strongest Fan
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Everything that you do, should be done with Purpose. Done with Discipline. .
Take the time to do it right. Not half assed. . .
Is it going to take more time? Yes.
Is it going to require more effort? Yes.
Is it going to test your abilities? Yes.
Could you fail? Yes. .
Will that mean I am a failure? No #Mo********er! It means you have the balls to do it so get up and Try Again! 🔥🦍
Put in the time, put in the effort and be proud to put your name on it! ❤️
.- Do the Work!💪🏻☑️
In this clip: very early mornings at around 0530 o’clock in my #homegym with a sexy temperature of approximately -3 degrees ,
Winning Strength Online is putting me through All kinds of #funny feelings 😈 .. in the video: 1 & quarter squats - slowed Down at 140kg
.. and #slowerlower #frontsquats paused With 150kg. I am truely amazed - and grateful - for how much @tom.hibbert1 pushes me out of my #comfortzone and it brings me great joy.. correction it WILL bring me great joy 🤣😈! This will be the start of the new happy #viking #invasion 🇩🇰🔥💪🏻
Have a great #weekend and a glorious #week ☑️
ONE LIFE - #❤️
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Good Days, Bad Days, Ugly Days 🔥
You will be challenged. . But know this:
Everything single thing you want in life is attainable. You just have to #workforit. .
#Work for it on the Good Days. Grind for it on the Bad Days.
And Struggle for it in the Ugly Days. 🔥
The more excuses you make. The more likely you won’t attain them. 😵‍💫
We are all searching for something in life. But that something requires a certain amount of work. .
-Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it. . Go after it! . Work for it! .
Be fu***ng Relentless!! 🐺🐺🐺
And Always Remember, You deserve every #motherfu***ng thing you work for!! Don’t let anyone tell you less!✔️
Since my #bicepstear I’ve worked tenaciously getting back and doing the #norwegianmethod #squat program, by the extremely talented coach from Winning Strength Online - and logpress phenom @tom.hibbert1 - thank you!!💡
This is week9 day2 warming up with 204kg at approximately 100kg bw. 🍀
I will be back - and stir something BIG up 🔝 !!
ONE LIFE - fill it With strenght/love ❤️❤️ ----------------------------------------------
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Thank you to Winning Strength - Tom Hibbert

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The All Out Athletics Squat Barbell Has Returned

Due to this Barbell release being limited edition, we decided to work closely with a specialist heat treatment company to individually treat every product to create a unique finish, unseen on the market place.

This means that every barbell has a different colourway.
These colourways range from pure gold to a purple oil effect.

The AOA Squat barbell has been used by athletes & gyms across the country to name a few: Steve Tubby Macneil, Adam Hindle / Alpha & Omega Performance, Tom Hibbert / Winning Health Solutions, 3D Strength and many more.

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Un nouveau cycle d’entraînement a démarré avec Winning Health Solutions🏋️‍♂️

La Méthode Norvégienne (cycle squat multi fréquences) a fait ses preuves en termes de résultats, et sera l’objectif du deuxième cycle d’entraînement avec Tom Hibbert ✊

Le principe de la méthode est simple : squatter plus, pour squatter plus ‼️

Varier les formes de squat au cours des prochaines semaines permettra de travailler et développer la courbe complète de la force.
Accroître systématiquement le volume et l’intensité permet de se focaliser d’abord sur les faiblesses puis augmenter la capacité de travail dans le temps 🙌

Savoir être patient dans la progression, que ce soit en fréquence ou en charge, mène à de meilleurs résultats sur le long terme 👍

Squatter des charges plus faibles peut paraître contre-productif mais il faut s’y habituer, rester serein et garder en tête que cela se transformera en charges importantes au final. Le concept de « No Pain, No Gain » est une légende (et surtout une mécompréhension) dans l’industrie du fitness et résulte rarement en quelque chose de bien ‼️

Plus à venir,
"...The AOA Squat Barbell is the best on the market! The knurling is superb and ensures it’ll never slip but isn’t so much that it chews your back up. If you’re a Powerlifter or strength athlete this is a great investment.

AOA is a brand I trust as they pay attention to detail and continue to improve and listen to feedback..."

- Tom Hibbert (Owner of Winning Health Solutions)

This product is only available from:
Last night Move Training Centre joined forces with Winning Health Solutions for a great night of competitive bowling!
We certainly have some very talented bowlers! 🎳🎳

The scores are now tie at 1 - 1!

Who will win the next challenge?!

Strength training education, designed to take your results to the next level. Southampton’s premier strength and conditioning facility and also the only gym that guarantees results with membership.

For more information about us visit our website (

We are a semi-private personal training only facility

Operating as usual


UK’s Strongest Man 2022

This Sunday just gone I travelled up to watch 2 of my athlete’s compete in the final of UK’s Strongest Man 2022. To be coaching 25% of the finalists was something I took great pleasure in!

I had been coaching Scott since towards the beginning of the year and we were able to identify and start to attack some of the weaknesses we found in his assessment.

Andrew Flynn though I’ve been guiding since the beginning of 2020. The build up for Andrew had a few bumps. We have been battling a nerve issue which prevents him from pressing maximal weights and an illness 3 weeks out which caused him to lose 10kg.

I was confident both athletes would make the final, although Scott decided he wanted to make things more fun by doing the eliminator event on both day 1 & day 2!

Scott made a great start on the truck pull and had the enviable task of setting the pace on the squats where he did very well. Andrew’s best performances were in the sandbag to shoulder and flag hoist.

UK’s is a brutal competition and the winner will always be deserved. I called it after event 2 that Paul Smith wouldn’t be stopped. He was in great form, was consistent and you could see how bad he wanted it.

Next up for Andrew will be England’s Strongest Man. Our goal is to get to the bottom of this nerve issue and he will start a hypertrophy block for the next 4 weeks to de-load his body and re-set him psychologically. This time last year he tore his biceps so we’re actually in a better position this time around!

If you want to improve your performance for any strongman competition contact me today. I’ve taken guys to their first World Strongest Man Final, UK’s finals & Podiums alongside countless national champions in different weight categories.

Tag any strongman who you think I could help take the next level!


Become a World Renowned Strength Coach with Winning Strength Certification

There are endless personal trainers and online coaches. Standing out from the crowd can be tough. Being a Level 3 Personal Trainer is a great start (you're qualified - unlike many!) but today, this is no longer enough education to enable you to be considered a top class coach. You need more.

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Meet the Winning Strength Certification.

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How many of you can do this?

This is impressive enough without the fact that Martyn is around 120kg!

This is proper core/trunk strength! 👏🏻💪🏻

At Winning Strength Online we pride ourselves in our results based approach. If you want improved results in your strength training then contact us today and see what we can do for you.


300kg deadlift at u80kg bodyweight 😳💪🏻

Online client & Elite Performance athlete TC Hulme with a world class lift right here!

Want to be coached by the best in the business? Think you can win World title &/or set World Records and want to be PAID FOR IT?! Contact us today 👊🏻


Big Rob Warburton with a 310kg triple from yesterday! 💪🏻

Tom is prepping Rob for the Irish Pro and he’s in great shape already 👌🏻 Follow him if you want to see how a World Champion approaches things!

At Winning Strength we have a variety of options to suit your training needs:

- Free Programs in the articles on the site
- Specific Programs available in the @winningstrengthblueprint Marketplace
- Online Coaching
- Gym membership at @winningstrengthsouthampton

For all things performance and strength try any of these products today👊🏻


Think you’ve got a strong grip? Try holding an axle for 10 seconds with as much weight as you can manage!

Here’s Lars with an impressive 200kg 😳

Want to make add to the difficulty? Don’t allow the axle to touch the thighs!

What’s your best effort in this?


Winning is what we do! 💪🏻

Well done to Dan Benson & Mike Dell for coming 1st & 2nd place respectively in the u90kg Strongman regional qualifier 👏🏻

Now to prep for the grand final! 👌🏻

Do you want to turn your podium’s into competition wins? Break National and World records?

Contact us today for online or on site coaching if you live near to Southampton. Guaranteed to improve your performance!


90kg Windmill 😳 on a dumbbell with a 3” thick handle!

One of the more impressive feats of strength I’ve seen from online client and strongman Andrew Flynn.

Think you can do better? Tag me in your efforts!


Podcast with JT is back and it’s a special episode as it’s all about him! 😜🤣

JT unfortunately sustained a running career ending knee injury. This podcast documents and discusses the processes and principles used to get him back to full health 👊🏻

Soon we will be announcing the Winning Strength Certification workshops and training weeks. Keep your eyes out as spots will be limited!


Nicolaj has been working online with Tom for 2 years and in 2021 he won his national title of Denmark’s Strongest Man u90kg 💪🏻

Unfortunately shortly after he sustained an injury to his lower back. To expedite the healing process Nicolaj travelled to the UK to spend 5 days with Tom.

Watch this video to see Nicolaj’s feedback on his time with Tom and how it differs to just working online with him.

If you wish to work with Tom or his coaches contact us today! 👊🏻

Get Certified as a Winning Strength Coach | Winning Strength Certification 04/04/2022

Get Certified as a Winning Strength Coach | Winning Strength Certification


The Winning Strength Certification is now live 💪 We've already sold over 50% off the early bird spaces... so if you want to benefit from this offer, sign up quick! 👋

This is the perfect opportunity for coaches and personal trainers to level up their coaching abilities.

This certification has been developed with over 20 years of learning, coaching, competing and educating.

You can find out so much general training information online these days, but a KEY area that is missing is program design

You can have all the best kit, a library of different exercises, see variations on Instagram & YouTube - but do you know how to use them in the context of the program and the client, and why you’re using them at all?

And once you’ve got that Level 3 PT qualification, there’s nothing to progress to. Where next? What’s your next career move? How can you continue your education and better yourself and your services?

Most personal trainers and online coaches don’t know how to:

1) Provide continual progress for their clients
2) Know the exact protocol to use for their client
3) Aren’t confident with their program design
4) Manipulate all the program variables available at their disposal
5) Understand how much velocity affects program design

This course is specifically to help you better understand program design and get the most out of your clients

I’ll be teaching you the CRUCIAL elements of program design that most coaches do not have and are not taught as part of their education so far

🚨 3 modules, 8 topics and over 50 lessons included 🚨

The course is ON DEMAND so you can learn at your own pace, in your own time, from anywhere in the world. Upon finishing your course you’ll be assessed directly by myself in a virtual assessment.


Get Certified as a Winning Strength Coach | Winning Strength Certification The Winning Strength Certification will take you from a personal trainer or online coach to an advanced strength coach. Sign up today.


Huge axle PB for Winning Strength Elite Performance athlete Lee! 💪🏻

156kg x3 at u90kg bodyweight 😳

For perspective the world record is 166kg so this is a very high percentage of that.

Lee is looking in great shape right now as he peaks towards his World Record attempt.

If you want to improve your strength and performance drop us a line so we can send you our in depth assessment. From there we can then write your personalised program 👊🏻


Winning Strength Certification. Coming soon. 👋

Full details of the Winning Strength Certification coming SATURDAY 2ND APRIL. Turn on notifications and stay tuned! 👊

I’ve been working hard on this and I can’t wait to show you all.


Online client Martyn with a 220kg double on the bench press for a new 2RM!

On April 10th he competes at Tattooed & Strong 💪🏻

The biggest change we made leading into this block? Changing his heavy bench to once every 10 days. As you get stronger it can be necessary to ensure adequate recovery 👌🏻

If you want results like Martyn is experiencing message us so we can take your training to superhuman levels 👊🏻


The beast building continues!

320kg x 4 reps…at u90kg bodyweight 😳👏🏻

Dan Benson ending his Norwegian block with this incredible set of deadlifts from a 3” raise/partial 💪🏻

Quality programming is the difference maker and if you want to improve your results check out the online training options with Tom & his team today.


6kg from the World Record at u90kg 😳

Here’s Lee Osment in his training session from yesterday, where he lifted:

130kg x4 | 145kg x2 | 135kg x4 | 155kg x2 | 160kg x1 (video)

The 160kg is 6kg from the world record which he will attempt to break in 6 weeks time 💪🏻

He’s a man on a mission this year and I look forward to helping him achieve his goals. We make the strong stronger!

If you want to join the strongest team around message us for online training today! Guaranteed to produce results and help you reach the top 👊🏻


Who doesn’t love an off plan PB?!

U90kg Strongman Dan Benson with a 150kg Split Jerk from the rack 😳👏🏻

It was off plan with permission from the coach before any of my clients get funny ideas! 🤣

We added in some split jerk sets after his work sets to figure out which technique Dan would use in an upcoming competition. With this new 1RM it’s safe to say it’ll be this!

Dan is the first to admit his technique is a bit rusty as we have been using push presses and push jerks. He will work on his lower body positioning at the catch position next.

But, this bodes well for the max axle attempt in 6-7 weeks time 💪🏻


🚨 New Program Available 🚨

If you compete in Powerlifting and want a program to help you peak for competition then this is for you

- 8 weeks, 4 days per week
- Conjugate based approach to peaking
- Set new 1RMs!
- Results Based Training

The same approach I used to help guide Rob Warburton to his World Title 💪🏻

Link currently in the story but also via the website/bio 🙏👊🏻

Favourite Off-Season Protocols for Strength Athletes | Winning Strength 14/02/2022

Favourite Off-Season Protocols for Strength Athletes | Winning Strength

🚨 Off-season protocols for strength athletes 🚨

Regard the off-season as an opportunity and reap the rewards for your next season. If you want to get stronger than ever you must build for strength and not test it continuously!

Check out the article:

👊 If you're after your strongest year yet, get in touch for online coaching with Winning Strength Online

Favourite Off-Season Protocols for Strength Athletes | Winning Strength Off-season provides many opportunities. Discover Tom's favourite off-season tips for strength athletes on how to best utilise the time.

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