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Huge Vertical Barbell Storage and IMPERIUM Multi Storage installed Focused Personal Training Ltd Southampton.

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MGB Fitness is getting a fresh new look and undergoing our own big transformation. Focused Personal Training Ltd will have all our freshest content along with updates on our incredible refurbishment. We are so ready for our post lock-down opening, offering you coaches with decades of experience in a clean, bright and bespoke private training space. Workout under expert guidance in a controlled professional environment - now is the time to take proactive responsibility for your health.

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Look how well this amazing team are doing at Focused Personal Training Ltd Follow their story, and vote for their next challenge!

Charity Challenge 2 with Wilkins Kennedy - Accountants & Business Advisers for The Rose Road Association

The team completed their step-up Snowdon last Thursday completing 630 step ups to the bench each for a total height of over 1000 metres.

This week the team will either complete:

A- 150 pull ups each


B- A truck pull (pull the equivalent weight per metre to 4535kg being pulled 30m)

YOU can choose their challenge by donating at:

Simply leave your chosen challenge in the donation comment
Thank you so much to the team from Wilkins Kennedy - Accountants & Business Advisers and Megan from Focused Personal Training Ltd for all of your hard work! Good luck guys!
One for Friday Dan!
Stretching my back out, Max felt I had not grasped downward dog correctly....
Here we go with this week's session 2 (aka 'lucky dip' 😂) ... the good news is there are designated rests this week! The bad news is the burpees are still there...

Katie Waldron had the pleasure on Saturday, Ellie Hull had thrown the gauntlet down to Justin Geldof to beat her score... game on!

(I may have to do it again to beat Ellie 😅)

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Wow, Justin Geldof just beat Ellie Hull with 40 plank raises in 60secs....least you’re on the board Ellie, unlike Megan Batchelor PT just sayin. (I did 17!!!😏)

Working for the people of Southampton - we provide the community, coaching and motivation to get peo

Operating as usual


Have you thought about small group personal training?

Do you love a community environment but anxious about being with a personal trainer?

Small group personal training could be the answer!

In our SGPT sessions we have a maximum of 4 members per session which ensures that each member gets the attention to detail that they deserve whilst also getting to train with an inclusive community.

If you'd like to take the next step in your health and fitness journey, then come see us today and welcome in a brighter future.


3 Benefits of Sunlight Exposure

1. Better Sleep - Sunlight helps to regulate sleep hormones. Bright light in the morning can help you sleep better at night.

2. Stronger Bones - The body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to reduced bone density and osteoporosis.

3. Enhanced Mood - Sunlight helps boost serotonin, for a calmer, energetic and more positive feel. Low levels of serotonin have been linked to seasonal affective disorder.


Did you guess correctly?
The key to success improvements in weight or fitness is choosing an exercise that you enjoy the most.
Those who adhere most to exercise and get the biggest gains from it usually enjoy the form of exercise that they take part in.
What exercise to you enjoy the most? Comment below!


Exercise Classes Programmed for You!

Many of our clients had never given small group personal training (SGPT) a try until they found Focused PT and it has since changed the way they look at exercise.

Our SGPT sessions allow for personalised training from our expert coaches whilst allowing you to enter into an inclusive community of members who share similar of the same goals as yourself.


Find a team that will support you!

You are a product of the environment that you put yourself in.

Surround yourself with people who will make sure that you never set your standards low!


Struggle with post workout cravings?

Since training can be a strenous activity for the body it isn't uncommon for you to crave food right after. To help ensure that your body is refueled correctly and that you do not reach for junk food try taking some healthy snacks to the gym with you such a protein shake and a banana.

This small snack should help to keep you full until you get the chance to intake a full meal.


We create a community that is empowered to do better for themselves!

Join a community today that pushes each other to become greater in all aspects of their lives.


Start by building a strong mindset.

Come in and get the work done each day and over time the you'll build the mindset required to take on any challenge.



One week on from the @nationalfitnessgames and our members have had chance to reflect on the weekend.

It has been a chance to look back at what they have done well at but also pin point anything they feel they may need to work on.

For many of them this past week has been a well deserved week of rest and recovery however come Monday they will all be back into action and training regularly.

Most of all, they will on their larger goals ahead.


Supporting each member!

As a coaching team one of the things that puts a smile on our faces is when members support each other.

This past weekend a group of our members went to compete in an amateur fitness contest and although they were all fighting to be at the top of the leader board they would be cheering each other on to do better.

At Focused Personal Training this is part of our ethos and we pride ourselves on building a supportive community inside and outside of the gym.


Stretch to feel better

Often many of us can be sidetracked by the distractions in life.

By spending a small amount of time on stretching each day could result in huge improves for your range of motion and ability to move.

Once you've finished reading this post grab your mat and head into 10-15 minutes of stretching.

You can thank us later!


We are looking for a new resident for our bright, spacious treatment room. The room is available all day (24hour access) every week.

Excellent location and facilities (including free parking, and hot/cold running water within the room).

Would be ideal for a sports therapist, physio therapist, osteopath or similar profession as it's located within our personal training facility.

Please feel free to share the post or tag your friends / colleagues below.

For more information, message us today!


Strengthened by community!

One of our foundations at FPT is to prove an inclusive and supportive community for all our members.

If your goals are to lose a few kilograms or become more competitive the Focused community have your back!


New Monday, New Chance to tackle your goals!

Take on the week ahead with extra motivation and smash all your goals!


You are what you eat!

We've all heard the saying but here is the logic behind it.

In every aspect of life we get out of what we put in.

In the case of eating our body will become a product of the the nutrients we supply it with.

The 80/20 rule is a great way of allowing yourself to enjoy sweet and savory foods that would not normally be classed as healthy whilst still maintaining a healthy diet.

By ensuring that the majority (80%) of what you eat is high in fibre and nutritionally dense we are then able to fill the remaining part of our diet (20%) with foods that are more indulgent.

Is this a tactic you've applied to your eating habits and if so how do you get on with it?

Let us know in the comments below.


It's game time!

A group of our members head up to Loughborough University this evening ready to compete at the @nationalfitnessgames over the weekend.

They've all been training hard over the past few months and have left no stone unturned.

Good luck to you all!


Stay focused!

This is reminder to stay on track this weekend.

We can often get super focused on our goals throughout the week and although it's good to take some time to relax we should remember the hard work we've put in over the past 5 days.


We offer a coaching experience to suit you!

Chat with our coaching team today to find out how we take your experience personally.


Set your weekly goals now!

Envision your week ahead and set goals which will see you progress.


☀️ Summer Social ☀️

Thank you to all our members and friends who joined us yesterday for our summer Social event.

It was such a pleasure for us coaches to have our community join us in some fun and games.

Big thanks to Big Frank for cooking up a storm on the BBQ too!


Coaching you to greatness!

Our coaching team thrive off being able to personalise all our programmes to suit each individual.

Any ability, any age, Focused PT will keep you focused on your goals!


Leaner and Stronger!

We provide expert coaching to get you into the best shape of your life!


Push yourself today!

Overcoming small challenges each day will lead you to a greater future!


Mediterranean Diet

Although many see this as a diet it is more of a way of life.

Eating foods that are much more natural and are locally sourced. Plenty of healthy grains and fats that promote health.

Even small amounts of red wine are recommended in the Mediterranean Diet to help boost heart health.

Have you ever tried this diet and what are your thoughts on it?


Community of support and excitement for health and fitness.

The most common feedback from our clients is that the community within the gym is supportive and accountable.

The member community help to push each other in every area of health and fitness ensuring no one member feels alone or intimidated.


Real Life Superhero

By striving to become a better version of yourself, you inspire others to do the same.


The environment in which you place yourself will mould you!

Make sure that the people around you are ones that will push you to do better and support you along your journey of change.


Meal Prepping

Cooking your meals and storing them for the week ahead can be great way to ensure you keep to your food plan.

The biggest benefit of meal prepping is that you will no longer have to buy a sandwich at lunch or wait for dinner to cook after your training session. This will ensure that you resist the temptation to snack on less nutritionally dense foods.

Most meals can be stored in the fridge within air tight containers for up to 4 days however meals for days further on that that can be frozen to retain freshness.

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3 Benefits of Sunlight Exposure1. Better Sleep - Sunlight helps to regulate sleep hormones. Bright light in the morning ...
Did you guess correctly?The key to success improvements in weight or fitness is choosing an exercise that you enjoy the ...
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Community of support and excitement for health and fitness.The most common feedback from our clients is that the communi...
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The environment in which you place yourself will mould you!Make sure that the people around you are ones that will push ...




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