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If you love fitness and fun then you are in the right place. Having danced since the age of 3, it has become Tracys passion along with the love of fitness.

Nothing is above or beyond what you can achieve and at Fitness Fairy, we will coach you through everything you require to achieve your goals. Tracy first started teaching 20 years ago and has been teaching both children and adults since. Teaching classes such as Groovy Glutes, Funky Step, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Dance Fit, Boxercise, Bootcamps, Pound, Legs Bums & Tums, Senior Fit, Yoga, Core Focus, H

Operating as usual


OK, I think it was safe to say I LOVE this routine. I got a bit carried away on the first outings...

What's everyone else's thoughts?

# # #


It's that time again. NEW ROUTINE, so perfect time to start.

First outing will be Thursday 1st May 2024

Come join the PARTAAAY:
🐸 7.50pm = YMCA Eastleigh

🐸 7pm = West Totton Community Centre

Select the 'Sign Up' button now to secure your spot


Keeeep Dancing...

Who is dancing into next week with me?


After a quiet week last week, who is coming to try out the NEW ROUTINE.


🐸 7.50pm = YMCA Eastleigh

🐸 7pm = West Totton Community Centre


So that means this week is MASH UP week # # #


Due to sickness, we finally get to bust out the NEW ROUTINE this week.

Hands up who is with us...


Fun Fitness Fact

It takes at least 12 weeks of regular exercise to get into shape. While you’ll likely see some results like fat loss and muscle gain in as little as 6-8 weeks, most people won’t experience measurable changes in their fitness level until the 3 to 4 month mark. If you don’t see results right away, don’t get discouraged! Stick with it and the good changes will come.


Hands Up who is joining us this week for the funky NEW ROUTINE # # #



It's that time again. NEW ROUTINE, so perfect time to start.

First session back Thursday 4th January 2024


Well that sees the last online class for 2023.

Bring on 2024


Too much eating and sitting around may leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. Do this 10 minute workout to wake you up and have you feeling more you again.


So, just before we broke for Christmas I was talking about the number of people I've had to deprogramme from groups such as Slimming World, Weight Watchers, etc. They rely on you going back week after week so is not a long term fix.
Who would be interested in an 8 week course on nutrition that is educational, sustainable afterwards and a fraction of the cost?

(Random silly photo for Facebook algorithm)


Middle button fun. I bounce because .... Pop your results in the comments.

Photos from The Fitness Fairy's post 27/12/2023

Hope you had a great Christmas
Boogie Bounce is not back until 4th Jan 24


Every snowflake is individual. It has it's own pattern and is never repeated. You are unique, like a snowflake.


Wishing all our customers, past and present, a very merry Christmas.


1 Day till Christmas
12 midnight Santa will be flying around the world dropping off presents for all the boys and girls. Do yourself a favour and get yourself prepared for the big day tomorrow. Prepare your veg, put out the carrot for Rudolph and the mince pie for Santa and then get yourself to bed. Get a good night's sleep because tomorrow will be full-on. Happy Christmas


2 Days till Christmas
Eleven Maids a Milking - they must have known something with this one. Milk is amazing stuff, full of creamy goodness. It's packed with important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium and vitamin D. Plus, it's an excellent source of protein. Drinking milk and dairy products may prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures and even help you maintain a healthy weight. Although milk alternatives don't have the same nutrition, if you are eating a balanced diet, plant-based milk will be fine.
No wonder Santa Claus likes his glass of milk while he is delivering the presents.


3 Days till Christmas
Ten thousand steps a day is an ideal goal to improve your health and your mood. Did you know that one Boogie Bounce class is around half of that target and with it's wonderful music and fun moves it will definitely help your mood. If you can't get to a Boogie Bounce class, take a walk around the block. 10,000 steps is roughly equivalent to a 3 mile walk. The average person walks 1 mile in 20 minutes, so that's about 1 hour to walk 3 miles, so if you don't have that much time getting 5,000 steps in with a walk around the block will help your health and being outside is proven to help your mood.


4 days till Christmas
Winter Solstice - shortest day
From this day until 21st June we will get an extra 2-3 minutes more daylight every day. So in just 9 days we will have about 20 more minutes of daylight than we do today. How cool is that? It keeps going like that for the next 6 months when we will have the longest day. Even in the depths of winter we can look on the bright side and see the summer.


5 days till Christmas
8 hours of sleep - this is the ideal amount of sleep you need for your body and mind to function well. While you sleep your body repairs, grows hair and nails and allows your brain to rest. Some people claim to manage on less, but repeated studies say that eight hours is best for our physical and mental health. If you don't normally get enough sleep, try to set your bedtime a little earlier and get in the habit. Try to have your bedroom at the optimum 19 degrees during the night as heat or cold can wake you during the night. Cut down on caffeine before bedtime and try not to eat to late before going to bed. Don't take technology to bed with you as the blue light from TVs and phones keeps your brain awake and therefore takes longer for you to be able to go to sleep.
Sweet dreams


6 days till Christmas
Seven benefits of Exercise
Exercise controls weight. Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. ...
Exercise combats health conditions and diseases. ...
Exercise improves mood. ...
Exercise boosts energy. ...
Exercise promotes better sleep. ...
Exercise puts the spark back into your s*x life. ...
Exercise can be fun … and social!


The British Heart Foundation recommends a maximum of 6 grams of salt per day which is about one level teaspoon. This is a great reason to avoid overly processed food and cook from scratch as much processed food contains an unhealthy amount of salt and sugar to add flavour. In fact, 75% of the salt we eat comes from processed foods. So, you can reduce your salt intake by cooking from scratch and by adding flavour with herbs and spices instead.


What veggies will you have with your Christmas dinner? Brussel Spouts, Parsnips, Peas, Potatoes, Cabbage, Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc. It's easy to get your 5 portions in on Christmas Day, but what about the rest of the year? Veggies are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help boost your immunity. Great for this time of the year with all the seasonal bugs, but also essential for the rest of the year. Veggies can help keep your hair shiny, your nails strong and your skin clear. Try to eat seasonal veggies to help the planet too.


Hands up who is joining us for our last session of 2023. Festive Boogie Bounce session tomorrow (Monday 18th December) at YMCA Eastleigh...

Look forward to seeing you there # # #


Christmas isn't always non-stop happiness. Give someone a call over the Christmas period. Especially think about people who may be on their own over the festive season. If you are the one who needs a little support, reach out to a friend, they will be pleased to hear from you.


3 French Hens. Well they don't need to be French and we only want the eggs.
Eggs are a perfect food, especially when you want a quick snack. They come in their own case and are really portable. They have almost every nutrient we need. They also contain loads of vitamins and minerals including calcium, which is especially useful for older women. They are a great source of protein which makes them great for keeping you feeling full for longer and for soaking up alcohol.


Two glasses at a time!
If you're drinking alcohol, alternate with a glass of water. So for every glass you have 2! This will keep you hydrated which will mean less chance of a hangover and it will slow down your alcohol intake so you can enjoy yourself again the next day.


12 days until Christmas
With all the socialising you are about to do over the next few weeks (hopefully), don't be worried about taking a little time for yourself. Recharge your batteries so you are ready to go again.
Your last Boogie Bounce class is on 18th December so get yourself booked in to give yourself some me time before Christmas.


Are you a believer?

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Our Story

If you love fitness and fun then you are in the right place.

Having danced since the age of 3, it has become Tracys passion along with the love of fitness. Tracy first started teaching over 20 years ago and has been teaching both children and adults since.

We offer classes such as Zumba, Zumba Toning, Box Fit, Bootcamps, Pound Fit, Groovy Glutes, Yoga, Senior Fit, Boogie Bounce & Boogie Bounce Revolution (Circuits) and more......(

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🤩 🥳 WHOOP WHOOP 🥳 🤩It's that time again.  NEW ROUTINE, so perfect time to start.First outing will be Thursday 1st May 20...
🤩 🥳 WHOOP WHOOP 🥳 🤩It's that time again.  NEW ROUTINE, so perfect time to start.Come join the PARTAAAY:MONDAY🐸 7.50pm = ...
Wishing all our customers, past and present, a very merry Christmas.
Today is traditionally the day to send out your Christmas cards to loved ones, family and friends, but do you send cards...
Do what makes you happy
Do you get bored doing the same thing all the time?  That's why we love to change our Boogie Bounce routines regularly. ...
HIIT or 'high intensity interval training" - incorporates very short blocks of intense exercise followed by a less inten...
Along with the Christmas temptations in the supermarket you can find some great nutritional nuggets.  We get a wonderful...
Had a special guest attend tonight's session...
If you're bored with the gym and you're looking for a great way to get fit, Boogie Bounce is your answer.Fun, funky, fat...
In these uncertain times, with Covid still hanging about like a bad penny, we have to find positives and things that hel...
Joint problems are often caused by a weakness in the surrounding muscles. This joint pain often restricts people from pa...




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