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Had a great Boogie Bounce session this week. The instructor made it really fun. My face muscles also got a good workout as a result of smiling so much. Thank you!
Thank you for joining me tonight, what a great sweaty session. Well done ladies.
I took part in my first yoga class last night and it was honestly amazing. I was a little nervous about the idea of yoga but the class was so relaxing and enjoyable throughout. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much
Who would fancy doing this? ###
Hi everyone (i'v been asked to post) four weeks ago I started my boogie bounce journey. I've not exercised for many years, and kept putting this off , with one excuse after another.... I signed up for revolution course and loved it.. with the other women I've been encouraged to attend a mid week class as well.

I'v now attended 8 classes, and booked a pass to see me through the summer...

Yesterday I weighed myself... I'm 16lbs lighter, lost 2 inches from my waist , 2 inches from hips, 2 inches from bust and 1 from under bust.

I know that I won't loose this much weight this fast again .. iv been eating health and cut out fizzy drinks, sugar and junk... and feel great

For someone who started to not like herself i'v started to find myself , meet lovely encouraging people who have made me so welcome and i can smile again....

Thanks every one x

If you love fitness and fun then you are in the right place. Having danced since the age of 3, it has become Tracys passion along with the love of fitness.

Nothing is above or beyond what you can achieve and at Fitness Fairy, we will coach you through everything you require to achieve your goals. Tracy first started teaching 20 years ago and has been teaching both children and adults since. Teaching classes such as Groovy Glutes, Funky Step, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Dance Fit, Boxercise, Bootcamps, Pound, Legs Bums & Tums, Senior Fit, Yoga, Core Focus, H

Operating as usual


Here's a Foody Funny for you on Blueberry Pancake Day. You too could be a waffle if you keep coming to classes. Classes build abs!!


It's Chocolate Cake Day today. What an awesome awareness day! Do you love cake? What's your favourite cake?


Bouncing on a Boogie Bounce Trampoline can help by reducing the impact and stress to joints when exercising by providing a soft gradual landing while distributing the increased G-forces equally. This means joints and muscles can be strengthened without the cost usually associated with the high impact nature of running for example.

Even NASA agrees that bouncing is “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”. Studies by NASA scientists show that bouncing around on a mini trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging and yet requires less effort! Rebounding is also encouraged by NASA to improve the bone density of astronauts returning from the zero gravity environment of space, which can help reduce injuries such as fractures!

Book your class today at


For all our Scottish friends, have a wonderful Burns Night.
If you're not celebrating or want to get your bounce in before Burns, get booked in to class QE2 Rec (SO45 1YQ) 6.30pm


Physical activity has plenty of benefits, so it may not surprise you to learn improved cognition is among them. So if you are experiencing a bit of brain fog, taking some form of physical activity can help.

Exercise can help:

improve your sleep
increase the flow of blood to your brain
improve memory and reaction time

Joining a class would certainly help, especially since there is also the social side to group exercise. If you spend a lot of time working alone or from home, waking up the brain by chatting to others, following exercise routines and having a change of environment will help lift the fogginess.

Join a class today to bounce away your brain fog.


Where your focus goes, your energy flows.
Make sure you are focussing in the right direction.


Gravity as resistance is phenomenal 💪
GRAVITY resistance programmes such as a rebounding, offer an efficient workout by engaging all major muscle groups for strength and endurance, stretching, and core training 🔥


It's Granola Bar Day. Who knew there was such a thing? The problem with most Granola bars is they are high in sugar. So, if you want to join in celebrating this day, why not make your own low sugar version.


5 top foods and methods to reduce Hypertension, or high blood pressure


Which class will you be attending this week?
🐸 6.30pm = QE2 Rec, SO45
🐸 7.50pm = YMCA Eastleigh
🐸 6pm = West Totton Community Centre
🐸 7.30pm = Moorlands Centre, Townhill Way, SO18
🐸 6.30pm = QE2 Rec, SO45
🐸 6.30pm = West Totton Community Centre

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Wacky Wednesday - fun fact
Sweating daily for BETTER BONES. Going hard during the week so you and your sweat glands can take it easy at weekend may not be your best idea. Don't slack off through the weekends. Exercising daily has been linked with better bone health in women, report researchers from the University of Exeter found. But don't panic - the study showed that one or two minutes of high-intensity exercise is all it takes to reap the skeletal rewards. Channelling Usain Bolt while you dash for the bus should do the trick or popping along to one of our classes.


Two and a half weeks is about how long our new year's resolutions last unless we commit to something that is really achievable. It's no good just saying you are going to go on another diet or go to the gym every day because it gets boring and we don't stick to it. Find something fun that you can commit to which enhances your life.
Got any good ideas?


Do you know one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to healthy living?
Not taking action.
You want to do it.
You are thinking about doing it.
You are not sure if you are ready.
Taking no action leads to no change. Take imperfect action.
Stumble along the way.
Failure is feedback.
Don't sit on the fence when you could jump off and change your life! Book a class today


Mushrooms are a great seasonal food in January. They are also a wonderful source of Vitamin D, something that we're lacking in due to the low amount of sunshine we get this time of year. So a tasty way to get your recommended daily amount is by adding an 84g serving of mushrooms to your daily diet. You'll also get a good amount of fibre and a negligible amount of calories, salt or fat.
You can have them as an addition to all sorts of meals, such as in a stir fry, chopped up in soups or bolognese, as an added vegetable with chicken or in stews and with cream cheese in an omelette.
From little buttons to the big portobello ones, each type of mushroom adds to a dish in both flavour and texture. The stems of King Oyster mushrooms have an appearance texture very similar to scallops when cooked.
What's your favourite mushroom dish?


Why do we bounce in grip socks?
Bouncing in your socks or bare feet increases the muscle strength of your intrinsic foot muscles, which promotes better mobility and posture? If you lose mobility in your feet, it's going to travel up to your knees and hips eventually putting you at risk of injuries (Women's Health Magazine).


Taste the rainbow and we're not talking about Skittles.
Want to keep your brain young? Colourful produce might be your answer. A recent study suggests that eating bright fruits and veggies every day may be the key to slowing cognitive decline and keeping your brain sharper for longer.
How? It's down to flavonoids, which are naturally occurring antioxidants in plants. Here are some of the most interesting findings from the study:
• People with the best results ate at least half a serving of foods like celery, orange juice, grapefruits, pears, and peppers every day.
• More specifically, participants who ate 600 milligrams (mg) of flavonoid-rich foods each day showed a 20% lower risk of cognitive decline compared with those who ate 150 mg of these foods.
• Yellow or orange spices, fruits, and veggies offered the strongest protection, with 38% reduced risk, which equates to 3 to 4 years younger in brain age.

So, which types of produce are ideal for the ol’ noggin? The brighter the colour, the better. Think: vibrant reds, rich greens, and bright oranges, such as strawberries, apples, oranges, and peppers. Certain teas, red wine, and dark chocolate are high in flavonoids, too. Basically, any fruit or veggie with a deep, intense colour can boost your brain health.


In January many of us start new activities with the hope that it will make us fitter, healthier or more successful. So if we carry on with those activities will we love them at some time? Unfortunately not. You need to enjoy it - and not just because life is too short. If something you do feels nice and triggers a sensation of success, it can rewire the brain in a way that propels you to perform the habit more often. If getting more exercise is your goal, pick a form you enjoy and that will make it easier for you to stick at it and be successful - Boogie Bouncing rather than running on a treadmill, for example


Fun Fitness Fact
It takes at least 12 weeks of regular exercise to get into shape. While you’ll likely see some results like fat loss and muscle gain in as little as 6-8 weeks, most people won’t experience measurable changes in their fitness level until the 3 to 4 month mark. If you don’t see results right away, don’t get discouraged! Stick with it and the good changes will come.


A great example of how Boogie Bounce works for weight loss

Read the full Sun article here -


Deep breathing helps burn fat. Exercise doesn't have to be done full-out all the time in order to be beneficial to your body. Even light exercise will burn fat, and more effectively if you are breathing correctly. Light exercise clears out lactic acid, a waste product in the body and stimulates cells to regenerate. To help you to burn fat while you are exercising you need to be exercising aerobically, rather than anaerobically. To do this, it is important to breathe deeply while you exercise. Breathe into your stomach through your nose, hold it, then exhale hard through your mouth. To burn fat you also need to be exercising at a level that is comfortable. If you push yourself too far, raising your heartbeat too high and getting yourself out of breath, you are exercising anaerobially. To burn fat, you need to be able to carry on a conversation while you exercise.

Try doing 30 minutes of aerobic activity every day. Activity does not always mean a structured class or session, it could mean going for a walk, doing your vacuuming or dusting, gentle dancing, swim or a gentle cycle. This will maximise your energy and fitness levels.

Increasing your fitness levels will help you to full participate in anaeorobic exercise too where you are working in intense bursts of exercise and should be left exhausted and gasping for breath.

Boogie Bounce is an ideal form of aerobic exercise, using the mini trampoline or rebounder, whether at home or in a class. This low-impact exercise provides many benefits for you and your body, including aerobic benefits, improved balance and co-ordination, and improved muscle tone. unlike other good aerobic workouts, rebounding places no strain on the joins of your body, so it is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Don't forget to take care of yourself otherwise you can't take care of anyone else.
Sitting in your favourite chair to read a book, have a scented bath, take a walk in your favourite spot. Spending time on yourself is a good thing.
What do you do for yourself?
Creamy bubbles, beautiful candles, and quiet music is the perfect time for ourselves. A Bubble Bath reminds us of the little luxuries in life and to treat ourselves. Take some time out for yourself day and celebrate

Photos from The Fitness Fairy's post 07/01/2023

Shall we try that again......


The NEW platform and Fitness Fairy App is now LIVE
Invitations have been sent out to everyone to activate your accounts.

Due to illness this rollout has been delayed, so we will learn about all the EXCITING NEW FEATURES together over the coming days


What would we find if we turned out your gym bag? A mouldy banana, spare underwear, empty deodorant, hand gel? I'd love to know .....


Reasons to be cheerful ... 1, 2 bounce.
Getting fit, building skills and having fun all at the same time. What more reason do you need to join a Boogie Bounce class.


WELL DONE to everyone that tried out the NEW ROUTINE this week. You all absolutely smashed it ###


Our trampolines are a whole gym in a 1 meter circle. We can bounce using the surface as resistance to tone our muscles. Our routines are based on the HIIT principles so we speed up the heart, then slow it down, keeping the heart healthy and burning fat. We combine the resistant surface and the frame of the trampoline and use our body weight to build strength and condition. Having the handle means that we can add dynamics to our leaps and splits giving us a fantastic workout for heart, lungs and the large muscles in our legs, bum and tum without the worry about falling off the trampoline. We can also do all the routines with lower options so if you're returning to fitness, recovering from injury or just need to take it easy you can still work out with our great music and moves. It's a versatile bit of kit and much more fun than going to the gym.


Have you joined the Veganuary campaign this month? It's a pledge to embrace plant-based diets for January. There are many reasons why people are switching to a plant-based cuisine, the most prevalent being the idea that it's about maintaining a longer and healthier life and for others it's about preserving the global food supply chain. There is a lot of researching showing that our health can be improved by reducing our consumption of red meat. Because vegan diets focus primarily on fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains that include fibre, antioxidants and essential nutrients, the health benefits are obvious. The absence of animal-based products also means a decrease in saturated and trans-fat, resulting in a reduced risk of health-related problems.

You may not be considering going totally vegan, but the advantages of increasing the number of plant-based meals you eat cannot be ignored. Replacing one or two meat based for plant based will not only help your health, but the environment too. Carry that, not only through January, but the rest of the year and you wil be doing yourself and the planet a huge favour.


Yeah! We are back to Boogie Bounce after the Christmas break. Join us in your favourite exercise class.

We're back this week on WEDNESDAY 4th January
🐸 6.30pm = QE2 Rec, SO45
🐸 6.30pm = West Totton Community Centre
Then next week on MONDAY
🐸 6.30pm = QE2 Rec, SO45
🐸 7.50pm = YMCA Eastleigh
🐸 6pm = West Totton Community Centre
🐸 7.30pm = Moorlands Centre, Townhill Way, SO18
Select the 'Sign Up' button to BOOK NOW and secure your spot or go to to book in.


If you have decided that this year is the year to get yourself fit, you need to act like your own PT. Get yourself organised, plan your exercise schedule and block out time for you to do it. Stick with your schedule. If you had a PT they would be there at the door making you go out and do your exercise, so you need to do that for yourself. If you've booked a class make sure you go to it. Have visual reminders around you to help you to achieve your goal. Post-it notes on the fridge, reminders on your phone, messages on the mirror. Being your own PT will help you to stick to your fitness regime and help you to achieve your goals. To start that process, get booked into your classes today


So perfect time to start

🐸 6.30pm = QE2 Rec, SO45
🐸 7.50pm = YMCA Eastleigh

🐸 6pm = West Totton Community Centre
🐸 7.30pm = Moorlands Centre, Townhill Way, SO18

🐸 6.30pm = QE2 Rec, SO45

🐸 6.30pm = West Totton Community Centre

Select the 'Sign Up' button to BOOK NOW and secure your spot


While you may not be able to stick to New Year's resolutions you should try to make some kind of commitment to yourself to stick to doing something daily for the next 30 days. Once you get into the habit of doing that thing, it will be easier to stick to it longer term. Perhaps you could commit to doing some kind of movement each day. Our classes can help you with that and we are back with Boogie Bounce at QE2 Rec on Wed 4th Jan and West Totton Centre on Thurs 5th Jan and online Body Blast from Saturday 7th Jan. Book in at and make your commitment to yourself

Photos from The Fitness Fairy's post 31/12/2022 appears not all the invites are going out. So both systems will be in place for the next 2 weeks whilst we move everyone over.

To kick things off we wanted to run a group Challenge for January, to collectively complete 50,000 Squats.

Hands up who wants in......

*Those that have logged in will see that it still requires the purchase of 'Credits' in order to book onto your session*


It's the last day of 2022. It's been an interesting year with some unexpected events. What have been your top 3 highlights?

Photos from The Fitness Fairy's post 30/12/2022

The NEW platform and Fitness Fairy App is now LIVE

Invitations have been sent out to everyone to activate your accounts.

Over the next couple of days we will learn all the EXCITING NEW things we can do on here



Too much eating and sitting around may leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. Do this 10 minute workout to wake you up and have you feeling more you again.


Today is for completing any unfinished business that might need addressing before the end of the year. What have you got that absolutely has to be done by the end of the year?


Middle button fun. I bounce because .... Pop your results in the comments.


Every snowflake is individual. It has it's own pattern and is never repeated. You are unique, like a snowflake.


Wishing all our customers, past and present, a fairy merry Christmas.


1 sleep till Christmas
12 midnight Santa will be flying around the world dropping off presents for all the boys and girls. Do yourself a favour and get yourself prepared for the big day tomorrow. Prepare your veg, put out the carrot for Rudolph and the mince pie for Santa and then get yourself to bed. Get a good night's sleep because tomorrow will be full-on. Happy Christmas

Our Story

If you love fitness and fun then you are in the right place.

Having danced since the age of 3, it has become Tracys passion along with the love of fitness. Tracy first started teaching over 20 years ago and has been teaching both children and adults since.

We offer classes such as Zumba, Zumba Toning, Box Fit, Bootcamps, Pound Fit, Groovy Glutes, Yoga, Senior Fit, Boogie Bounce & Boogie Bounce Revolution (Circuits) and more......(

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Boogie Bounce is a wonderful way to aid weight loss.  Check out these happy bouncers who have experienced the weight los...
Is pre and post stretching old school?  🤔Not in our Boogie Bounce routines! We like a pre stretch to prepare our muscles...
Join one of our Boogie Bounce classes and see how much fun it can be getting fit.  Gain confidence and build feelings of...
Do you get bored doing the same thing all the time?  That's why we love to change our Boogie Bounce routines regularly. ...
NEW ROUTINE is ready to drop next weekOh boy, there are some real BANGERSBOOK NOW so you don't miss out xxxhttps://fitne...
Why is Boogie Bounce one of the best exercise programmes around?  Here's just 3 reasons ... there's loads moreIt's great...
As we age we lose some muscle tone. 3-5% per decade after the age of 30 if you don't do anything about it.  This can cau...
We all need to relax sometimes. Allow our brains to reset, refresh the body.  To help us remember to do that today is Re...
Boogie Bounce is the fun way to get a sensational high energy, low impact workout.  Have fun and bounce away the fat.  I...
🥳 PARTY TIME 🥳Hands up who is with us this week...TUESDAY🐸 6pm = West Totton Community Centre🐸 6.15pm = JD Studio, Sholi...
Boogie Bounce is a fun way to get fit and stay healthy.  Not only are we bouncing our way to fitness, we do it with a sm...
Aerobic exercise is the type of exercise you do when you are running, jumping, jogging etc.  It refers to the exercise y...




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