Noonan Sport Specialists

The #NSSfamily uses fitness as a catalyst to positively impact lives.

Noonan Sport Specialists provides the foundation of functional strength and movement to improve the physical fitness and confidence of clients and athletes. We are highly qualified professionals taking a personal and individual interest in every client by focusing on creating relationships, expanding our knowledge and delivering first-class service. At Noonan Sport Specialists you will find 9 certified personal trainers who share 50 years of combined training experience. With 14 collegiate degrees and 29 top-level certifications, the staff at NSS is educated and ready to help you reach any of your fitness goals.

Holiday Sizzle 2019

Don't let the craziness of the Holiday schedule throw off your consistency - let's push to the end of 2019!

***Starts December 2nd***

$99 for up to 5 more NSS sessions each week.

Click below to learn more and find a link to register! Don't let the craziness of the Holiday schedule throw off your consistency - let's push to the end of 2019!Monday and Wednesday 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thur

Client of the Month - Andrea T.

What a pleasure to be able to honor Andrea Tripp as our November Client of the Month!

Through her many years of dedication to NSS Andi has certainly been a shining example of many wonderful traits.

Just a few of them being consistency, trust and hard work.

Andrea approaches every session ready to work and appreciates seeing her body get stronger and more capable.

Whether this means doing something she enjoys, such as pushing weights on a bench press, or something she may not love but knows is good for her, such as hitting some intervals on the rower.

She does what needs to be done to challenge her body and allow it to continue getting stronger, more capable, and more resilient.

Keep up the great work Andrea, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you!

Make sure to give Andi some love either in a comment below or next time you see her rocking it in the gym!

Hip Hip Hooray it's PR day!!!

#PersonalRecords #PRcity #GettingBetter #Final30 #NSSFamily #Consistency #Strong

Amy H. 16kg x 40 KB goblet squats

Fern L. 32kg x 10 KB Deficit deadlift at 4” blocks

Jeff R. 180# x 5 Barbell bench press

Dustin A. 100# x 10 KB goblet squats

Ann S. 45#’s x 14 DB bench press

Jamie M. 25#’s x 20 DB floor press

Mary T. 20, 20, 20 = 60 Band assisted push-ups

Joseph H. 365# x 1 Barbell deadlift

Joe H. 135# x 20 Barbell back squat

Brad P. 20#’s x 25 DB Incline press

Duane T. 245# x 5/side Safety bar reverse lunges

Kaiya B. 24kg x 6 KB goblet squats

Kaiya B. 250m Row x 58.6 seconds

Stephen J. 275# x 3 Barbell deadlift

Stephen J. 235# x 3 Barbell back squat

Jesslyn F. 30# x 16 Single arm DB row

Katie F. 100# x 12 x 3 sets Kettlebell deadlift #feelslikecardio

Welcome all of our NEW smiling #NSSfamily members this week!

We are so thankful to these ladies begin their journey with us.

This is a plank.

Admittedly, not the “sexiest” exercise ever but by golly, it’s effective!

How long can you hold a strong plank for?

STRONG is the key. It’s easy to fall out of form (i.e. do it bad) if you are trying to hold for a certain time at all costs.

Next time challenge yourself to hold it well, meaning a nice flat back (no hips sagging to the floor or big arch of the low back) for as long as you can maintain that posture.

Keep working on it for a week at that same time and technique. Then next week add a few seconds, and so on and so forth.

4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks later - WOW, that’s progress!!

Want to be cozy, comfy, warm and toasty like Sabrina?

Tomorrow is our last day for our funnel neck and hooded sweatshirt preorder!

Want on the list? Want to see the design? Message us or stop into the gym today!

Christmas shopping could be done with one stop!

“Mel, I’m telling matter what you say, if I grew my beard this long it wouldn’t look good.”


And the winner is...

Dee M!

Keep up the consistency #nssfinal30 participants we are almost there! In a week or 2 we will have our first finishers!

Connie B. Monster Bash Squat

There is nothing scary about this barbell back squat. Watch #NSSfamily member Connie B. crush a #PersonalRecord at the Monster Bash Powerlifting Meet in October.

#Consistency #PRcity #Strong #GettingBetter #Celebrate

Amy H. 16kg x 31 KB goblet squat

Kirsten V. 20kg’s x 5 KB deadlift

Shelley D. x 38 Knee push-ups

Craig J. 25#’s x 10 Chest supported row

Ann S. 190# x 7 Trap bar deadlift

Shane J. 75#’s x 5 Double DB bench press

Duane T. 185# x 5 Barbell bench pin press

Duane T. 315# x 1 Barbell back squat #ringthebell

Tamara W. 165# x 6 Barbell RDL

Nate L. 125# x 9 Barbell bench press

Brian C. 205# x 5 Trap bar deadlift

Shelley D. 28kg x 42 KB deadlifts

Pete R. 50#’s x 8 Tempo DB bench press

Joseph H. 305# x 1 Barbell back squat

Amy H. 30#’s x 20 Double dumbbell bench press

Charles F. x 18 Push-ups to medicine ball

Stephen J. 60# x 5/side Single arm DB push press

Connie B. 302.5# x 1 Barbell deadlift #MONSTERSBASH #USAPL

Connie B. 203.5 x 1 Barbell back squat #MeetPR

Adam B. x 21 Push-ups #perfecteveryrep

Dustin A. 100# KB x 15 Goblet floor squeeze press with hollow hold #whut

Jesslyn F. 30# x 13 Single arm dumbbell row

Excited to say WELCOME to all of our new and returning #nssfamily members this week.

High fives all around!

Which ghost is the best dancer?
The boogie man!


Have a little fun with us tomorrow and wear your Halloween best to your workout.

These two were on top of it with their fun shirts!

No tricks only #PersonalRecords for the #NSSfamily this week.

#GettingBetter #Consistency #Final30 #PRcity #Strong

Stephen J. 215# x 1 Barbell bench press

Mary T. 15, 16, 17 = 48 Band assisted push-ups

Josh S. 315# x 1 Barbell back squat

Jen H. x 16 Ring pull-ups

Tamara W. 95# x 8 Barbell back squat

Tamara W. 155# x 6 Barbell RDL

Tamara W. 135# x 8 Trap bar deadlift

Fern L. 70# x 2 Barbell bench press

Angie S. 130# x 2 Trap bar deadlift low handles

Nate L. 125# x 7 Barbell bench tempo press

Mathew W. 175# x 10 Trap bar deadlift

Emily L. 15, 15, 12 = 42 Upper body elevated push-ups

Pete R. 355# x 2 Barbell deadlift

Sherri F. 25#’s x 10/side Alternating DB bench press

Brenda T. 16kg x 5/side KB Hip roll

Brenda T. 12kg x 1/side TGU

Jamie M. 135# x 6 Trap bar deadlift

Leigha V. 135# x 3 Barbell deadlift

Chris T. 335# x 2 Barbell deadlift

Farrah T. 135# x 8 Barbell back squat

Sue E. 70# x 3 Barbell bench press

Shaynen S. 225# x 1 Barbell bench press #twoplateclub

Shaynen S. 335# x 1 Barbell back squat

Duane T. 20kg x 1 Half Kneeling TGU hinge elbow to floor

Duane T. 195# x 10/side Safety bar reverse lunges

Pete R. 170# x 1 Barbell bench press

Jack Bl. 200# x 1 x 3 sets Trap bar deadlift #overdoublehisbodyweight

Jack Bl. 12# x 100 Inverted ring hang MB tosses #makesmedizzy

Ben H. 65#’s x 2 Double DB overhead press

Josh S. 350# x 1 Trap bar deadlift

Lisa D. 125# x 3 Barbell bench press

Pete R. 305# x 1 Barbell back squat

Ben H. 235# x 2 Barbell bench press

Stacey L. 195# x 2 Trap bar deadlift

Dustin A. 40kg x 10 KB Goblet squat #likeitwasnothing

Adam B. x 21 Push-ups

Check out last weeks social media winner for the #NSSfinal30

Congrats Sue, she even racked up an extra workout last week just for fun!

Welcome our NEW and RETURNING #NSSfamily members from this past week.

Are are so grateful to have so many returning smiling faces!

And the winner is...

Hard work and consistency. Congratulations to everyone on this weeks #PersonalRecord list.

#GettingBetter #Strong #PRcity #Consistency #Work #FunFitness

Joy H. 100# x 2 Barbell bench press

Mel N. 220# x 4 Trap bar deadlift

Joy H. 50#’s x 5 Double DB floor press in hip bridge

Katie F 235# x 1 Trap bar deadlift

Pete R. 150# x 5 Barbell bench press

Dustin A. 32kg x 15 KB Squeeze press with hollow hold

Dustin A. 70#’s x 10 Double DB floor press with hollow hold

Our #nssfinal30 is off to a roaring start with most people already a third of the way done! Last weeks social media winner was Niki M!

Time to get rocking!

How to build your exercise plan. It can be confusing, but not impossible. Let’s go through how! #lunchandlearn #sourcewell

If you see this strong guy around the gym this week make sure to congratulate him on his participation in the USAPL Raw Nationals in Illinois last week!

October Clients of the Month: Doug and Dawn Houska

The dynamic duo of Doug and Dawn Houska have made a lasting impact on the #NSSfamily! Their hard work and consistency have been evident not only to the coaches, but to clients as well.

You may have heard us utter the phrase, “trust the process”, a time or two and you may have wondered, what exactly does that mean? Doug and Dawn are perfect examples of trusting the process.

It all starts with having a long-term mindset as opposed to an “I want it now” mindset. Doug came to us over 6 months ago and said he was going on a hunt of a lifetime in September of 2019. He said he wanted to be in as good of shape as possible to truly enjoy it…it was on!

He walked into every session with a positively intoxicating motivation and ready to do what needed to be done. He trusted the process so much that we were able to harness him up to a 100# sled and say crawl to the other side of the gym. He chuckled, got down on his hands and knees, and took off.

The other side of trusting the process is providing honest feedback as opposed to simply blind faith. Dawn had battled debilitating body pain when exercising in the past and did not want to return to that state this time around. Her sessions initially met her where she was at and she did a great job of letting us know when things started to go down the wrong path.

Dawn focused on quality, pain free movement, with steady but slight progressions. What surprised us most was how quickly her mind came around to trusting her body again and soon she felt strong enough to say, “I’m ready to kick it up a notch”.

So, we did…and then she said, “I can do more”. Again, we bumped the intensity up a bit more until she exclaimed, “I’m sweating buckets and I love it!”. Dawn was addicted.

We have had so much fun seeing Dawn’s physical strength improve; however, it’s the improved confidence and mental strength that is even more rewarding.

Thank you, Doug and Dawn, for your hard work, consistency, and dedication to the process. Keep up the great work and we look forward to being a part of your team through all future endeavors!


Consistency and practice help create #PersonalRecords.

The #NSSfamily is #GettingBetter one workout at a time.

#PRcity #NSSFinal30 #NSSfamily

Ann S. 40#’s x 22 DB bench press

Ann S. 55#’s x 2 Dumbbell Incline Press

Mark L. 225# x 3 Barbell zercher pin squat

Mark L. 205# x 3 Barbell bench press

Mark L. 365# x 1 Tap bar deadlift

Josh S. 300# x 3 Barbell back squat

Kent A. 335# x 6 Trap bar deadlift

Nick S. 145# x 10 Barbell floor press

Connie B. 110# x 1 Barbell bench press #moreinthetank

Daintree L. 115# x 6 Barbell deadlift

Joy H. 100# x 1 Barbell bench press

Lori A. x 3 Long to short lever push-ups

Sherri F. 135# x 5 Barbell back squats

Duane T. 225# x 5/side Safety bar reverse lunge

Tamara W. 125# x 8 Trap bar deadlift

Tamara W. 145# x 6 Barbell RDL

Pete R 160# x 3 Barbell bench press

Pete R. 285# x 3 Barbell back squat

Sue E. 155# x 1 Barbell Deadlift

Sue E. 70# x 2 Barbell bench press

Chris T. 305# x 1 Barbell deadlift

Shaynen S. 335# x 1 Barbell deadlift

Shaynen S. 215# x 1 Barbell bench press

Don’t forget to check off your workouts to keep up that consistency!
AND if you post on social media, with the special hashtags, you’re in the weekly drawing for NSS bucks.
Then you too could be a BIG WINNER like Amy T!!
#nssfamily #nssfinal30

A whole handful of new #NSSfamily members joined us this past week.

See a new face in the gym? Say hi and throw up a high five!

What a honor to present our first ever 10 Year Award to Tom “the Legend” Wosepka.

Tom is the original, yes VERY FIRST, NSS personal training client. The founding member.

Tom actually was the one who got Dustin and Mike to start personal training in the gym. (because way back in the day it was only youth athlete enhancement)

We owe so much to Tom, and know this award pales in comparison to what he has done for us, but we couldn’t be happier to present it to him.

From the bottom of our heart, thank you Tom!!

💥2019 NSS Winter Conditioning Camp💥

Make sure your athlete is ready to hit the ground (or snow) running for his or her winter sport!

Duane T. 305 x 1 Barbell Back Squat

Great things are happening here at NSS.

Check out this back squat video of Duane crushing a new back squat #PersonalRecord.

#GettingBetter #Strong #PRcity #NSSfamily #StrongforLife

Nick S. x 32 Push-ups

Ann S. x 17 Lower body assist chin-ups

Sherri F. 20#’s x 15/side Alternating DB bench press

Duane T. 305# x 1 Barbell back squat

Shelley D. 145# x 25 Safety bar squat

Shelley D. x 26 Knee push-ups

First drawing winner for our #NSSfinal30 winner was......

It's that time of year again - time to get ready for the winter sporting season!

With that we've got our Winter Conditioning Camp starting up in a few weeks.

If you have an athlete who will be getting ready to start a winter sport soon we'd love to see them in here. Let's get them CONFIDENT, CAPABLE, AND CONDITIONED.

A new month and of course new #PersonalRecords to celebrate.

#GettingBetter #PRcity #Strong #NSSfamily

Andi T. 250m x 1:04 Rower

Ann S. 40#’s x 21 DB bench press

Stephen J. 200# x 3 Barbell bench press

Pete R. 350# x 3 Barbell deadlift

Pete R. 295# x 1 Barbell back squat

Mark L. 315# x 3 Trap bar deadlift

Mark D. 28kg x 8 KB deadlift

Angie S. x 8 Band assisted chin-ups

Duane T. 185# x 8/side Safety bar reverse lunge

Randy B. 205# x 5 Safety bar back squat

Are you signed up the #nssfinal30 ?
If not you have until the end of the week to hop on our consistency train!
Drop a comment below or talk to your coach and we will get you signed up.
Reminder: post your progress with #nssfinal30 #workout1of30 #nssfamily to get entered into our WEEKLY prize drawing!

[09/27/19]   One of our favorite clients brought us zucchini bread this week! Yummmmmmm.

How are you using up your stash of zucchini this fall? Grilling it? Making zoodles? Sneaking it into your pasta sauce?

Tell we know how WE should be using OURS!

Wellness Fair Day!!

Dropping info about health, fitness and wellness...#allday

Plus some fun balance assessments 😉

It's National Women's Health & Fitness Day!! A day where the nation focuses attention on the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women.

Something we couldn't be more in alignment with!!

That being the case, check out these 4 facts

No. 1 There are many forms of exercise, all of which can be beneficial to a woman's health, fitness and wellness. However the biggest key to whichever form you choose is consistency.

No. 2 Strength training is a great practice for women, as it promotes muscle maintenance and/or gain, which can help to maintain/increase metabolism.

No. 3 Fitness and exercise aren't just about weight loss or "getting skinnier", there are many positive residuals that tend to come with it. For example, a more positive mood and mindset, increased energy, and an improved quality of sleep.

No. 4 Accountability = Consistency = Results = Feeling Great! Find an accountability buddy, a friend, family member, co-worker or coach to help keep you accountable and set up for success.

Are you up for a challenge?

Fall is right around the corner, and with that we roll into one of the busiest times of year with the holiday season.

Starting October 1st (JUST A WEEK AWAY) we are challenging you to get in 30 NSS workouts in this last 3 months of the year.

Prizes will be given out each week for social media check ins!

Want in on the #NSSFinal30? Tell your coach or shoot us a message on here!

[09/24/19]   Pop quiz: which time slot is consistently the BUSIEST at NSS?

One for all and all for one!!!

Let's all celebrate this weeks #PersonalRecords with each other.

#PRcity #Strong #GettingBetter #NSSfamily

Brad P. 35#’s x 16 DB bench press

Pete R. 155# x 3 Barbell bench press

Pete R. 280# x 3 Barbell back squat

Nick S. x30 Push-ups

Kristy L. 105# x 1 Barbell bench press

Dawn C. 60#’s x 3 Double DB bench press

Dawn C. 36# x 1 Weighted vest ring pull-up

Christie N. x50 Pushups #crazyawesome

Jamie M. 115# x 6 Trapbar deadlift

Shelley D. 40kg x 28 KB deadlift

Duane T. 225# x 4/side Safety bar reverse lunge

Katie F. 175# x 1 Barbell deadlift

Ryan V. 135# x 3 Barbell bench press

Considerations for lifting weights for youth athletes:
💥make sure technique is the main focus
💥if using weights makes, they have to be able to control the weight
💥keep it fun!

YOU GUYS! It's so exciting to see our #NSSfamily continue to grow every week.

This week we have some new and familiar faces, give a shout out and say hi if you see them in the gym!

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Connie B. Monster Bash Squat
Duane T. 305 x 1 Barbell Back Squat
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