Black Tiger Bagua Kung Fu and Aikido

Instruction in southern Bagua, Aikido, Samurai Jujutsu, Kendo, and Chinese weapons including 3-sectional staff. Bagua is not available to most Chinese.

This is a rare style of Bagua Kung Fu that uses Phoenix, Lion, Gorilla, Bear, Tiger, Leopard, Viper and Dragon animal styles, and numerous open hand styles. This is a very brutal yet elegant style taught by only a few in the United States. The Aikido is combat/battlefield oriented, as is the Bagua. There are thousands of techniques.

Operating as usual


A friend asked me how I dealt with all the competitiveness, spite, jealousy, misinformation, drama and ill-will in the martial arts world. I pointed to my locked door. I'm done. I'm at peace. But true friends are always welcome.


The past few days I've been looking at the scene of my assault, and the only thing that makes sense to me is that when I started to maneuver away from him I stepped on the far side of the speed bump there and that turned my ankle and I fell. It was dark. Lesson for my friends: Cardio, HIIT, ground techniques and contingency fighting. I'll try to find and post an article I read the other day on what a study believes is the best HIIT training, sprinting, which is what I do with my weighted vest (the Black Mamba). It's energizing, revivifying. When I feel like dirt I put it on and it makes me feel so much better.


I deleted some corny videos that showed absolutely nothing. I'll try to make some new more dynamic videos that show actual techniques.


By the way, recently, on February 16th, I was assaulted coming home from the corner store. We had a life and death brawl that went to the ground, on the cement. Thanks to God, I went to work that day, he went to the trauma center. I was not arrested and the police were very supportive and understood. Good training, including weapons, good cardio (crucial) and Yoga's magic, saved me. My first fear was not of him, but of the police and the court system, so I was trying not to engage, that got me in trouble. I thank Master Dukes and all my friends and training partners at our Dojos.


Recently was introduced to an amazing Sifu with an international business enterprise, Chris Derbaum who is a Master of Kuntao Kung Fu. We plan to meet soon, this week sometime, I'll give you a full report, I'm excited. (He sent me a few videos of him and his awesome sons, it was so badass.)

Male Black Bears Brawl on Highway 08/18/2022

For me, us, the Dojo, a once in a lifetime video to see, observe, study. One of our Bagua animals is Bear. This is intense, they are fighting to kill. Of course they use their bodies, weight, to attack. But the massive claws, teeth, the force being exerted by the jaws, it's amazing that they take the punishment and keep fighting.

Male Black Bears Brawl on Highway Occurred on August 4, 2022 / Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA Info from Licensor: This was filmed in Gatlinburg, TN, USA 2022 in early August. We were driving up the mountain and stumbled across two male bears' I believe fighting. Filmed by Tom Haviland.


New student, Renier, an excellent young man. Started him with walking, blocking through gates, his first eclipse, and his first take down and evisceration (walking on your opponent when he's on the ground being held in Chin Na). And we always end with sparring. Excited for him.


I know this will sound strange, but I swear, one can get better at a particular Bagua technique, not all, a few, without even practicing it. Especially the strange ones. It's like the mind does something, I don't know what it is, but something happens.


A few new students, hopefully getting back to normal. Feels good.


This may sound strange, but I swear, after a while one gets better at certain Bagua techniques without physically practicing, the unusual techniques in particular. I've seen it in students as well, I ask them in surprise if they've been practicing that technique, and they haven't. And then you would wonder, well, how the hell are you doing it so well now and you couldn't do it at all before? I think the mind, brain, has much to do with this process.

New Member Sign Up 05/30/2021

An N.R.A. instructor advised me to obtain a legal defense insurance coverage that most gun owner's use, and it so happens that they cover hand to hand self defense as well as any legal carry weapon, and even sticks and rocks or objects that you would grab to fight with. It's called U.S. Law Shield. I'm going to try and post the link.

New Member Sign Up Zero Attorneys’ Fees Members enjoy peace of mind with legal representation for both criminal and civil proceedings. An attorney will answer your emergency call ANYTIME, even if it’s 3 a.m. on a holiday morning. Get Armed With Education


I still carry a 4" knife, and in an emergency I believe it is good to have. But it is lethal. Saying all this, we keep in mind that as a last resort, in hand to hand engagement we can easily kill with one strike, in less than a second, or maul and mangle to termination. So we have layers of protection, a hierarchy, based on common sense.

Photos from Black Tiger Bagua Kung Fu and Aikido's post 05/30/2021

As martial artists we are all compelled to learn weapons, to embrace them, and that goes with modern weapons. I've acquired a CCW permit and train constantly on a 9 mm pistol, drawing from conceal, clearing malfunctions, reloading mags, so many things to train. For civil unrest I've added a carbine. For "non-lethal" defense and to comply with Florida laws I acquired an asp, or expandable baton. It is heavy, steel, a Smith and Wesson. It is a punishing weapon and conceals easily. We've been training baton for years through Kendo. I'll post a photo of the baton.


I put up a new ads for re-opening the Dojo. I am fully vaccinated and ready to go. Message me.


New, a Tiger Claw product. It's heavy, sturdy. I can see this against a mugger or an attacker wielding a knife. Also in the wilderness, for snakes and small dangerous animals when you'd rather not fire your gun. Probably illegal though it's legal to have a firearm.

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