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What goes together like two peas in a pod?

Exercise and our mental health!

In line with #WorldMentalHealthDay, we want to provide you with the tools to make you feel better!

Exercise has a profound effect on our mental health and has many benefits for how we live our lives daily. For example, regular physical exercise can help increase our self-esteem and reduce anxiety, leading us to feel better daily.

To find out more about how exercise and mental health go hand-in-hand, check out the link below👇

#hollandandbarrett #mentalhealth #physicalexercise #mentalhealthmatters


Just Do It. ✔️

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This portion plate was SO popular and now it's back😍!

For just £2, you can easily portion up dinners and lunches to help keep track a little bit easier - and it's ideal for little ones🍅🥔!

WHO needs this?!

8 Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Gain Muscle After Turning 40 13/07/2021

8 Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Gain Muscle After Turning 40

8 Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Gain Muscle After Turning 40 A physical therapist and trainer shares the biggest mistakes guys make—and how to avoid them for more gains



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Event partners Healthspan are the experts on all things nutrition.

Here are there top 5 tips on resetting the gut 👇

Which ones work for you?


Here’s something you need to understand about “dieting.” Eating less and exercising more can be stressful to the metabolism. This is the exact thing you don’t want.

The metabolism is nothing more then a sensing and responding apparatus. It picks up signals form the outside environment (light, temperature, danger, safety, food quantity, food quality) and it integrates that with signals from the inside cells. From there it plots a response back to balance or homeostasis.

In other words, the metabolism is not a calculator or a hormonal chemistry set. It’s best thought of a stress barometer & thermostat. It measures the pressure (I.e. stress) and then adjusts its energy intake & output in response like a thermostat.

When the gap between calorie intake and output gets too big, the stress alarms start going off. There was one evolutionary stress above all others that the metabolism reacts to, starvation. In fact, it can be argued that any type of metabolic stress ultimately triggers the starvation response. This is why stress often causes changes in sleep, hunger, mood/motivation, energy and cravings.

So then how do we “diet” correctly? By controlling the timing and intensity of calorie intake and output and minding the calorie gap.

A large gap in intake & output cannot be done for long. Research hints one to two weeks max. So if you are going to eat less and exercise more, your best approach is to only do that for a few days or weeks. Then take a break. When done this way the metabolism won’t have time to compensate as much.

All other times you should be either eating less and exercising less (best for attaining weight loss) or eating more and exercising more (best for maintaining weight loss).

This simple understanding is usually all that is needed to free yourself from the diet trap and begin to effortlessly regulate your weight. #nextlevelmetabolism



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Since lockdown, our homes have become our offices, our schools, our nights in and our nights out.

But, our front door is the gateway to something beyond those four walls.

Go for a run today and leave your worries at the front door!


Exercise is more important for your mental health than money, Yale and Oxford research suggests 18/01/2021

Exercise is more important for your mental health than money, Yale and Oxford research suggests

Exercise is more important for your mental health than money, Yale and Oxford research suggests Yale and Oxford research suggests exercise is more essential to your mental health than your economic status.


Are you a runner? Did you know that running adds year to your life? Studies have shown that running actually increases your lifespan!

Some of the other brilliant benefits you can get from running include:
- better sleep
- weight loss
- improves mental health
- lowers blood pressure

Why not give running a go this year?

You should always run AFTER you lift (if you're doing both on the same day) 12/01/2021

You should always run AFTER you lift (if you're doing both on the same day)

You should always run AFTER you lift (if you're doing both on the same day) Believe it or not, you can do both and still be able to move. You just need to schedule your workouts the right way. 23/05/2020

7 reasons why you might gain weight when you’re trying to lose it You run more. You eat less. Yet, you’re still not dropping pounds. Here’s what’s going on.


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The Welsh Rugby Union

The men who made Wales one of the fittest teams in world rugby have created a home training programme to boost your physical and mental wellbeing 🏋🏻‍♀️🧠

#️⃣1️⃣ Cyngor i bawb gartref gan yr arbenigwyr sydd wedi bod yn allweddol i lwyddiant Cymru.

🔗 -

#StayHomeStayActive #RugbyFfit


Sports Quotes And Motivation 15/02/2020

Why You Should Sign Up For A Tower Running Event This Year


Favorite Run

Follow our Instagram account for daily running motivation 👉




eBib 19877 😢 |


Spot on. 16/12/2019

This is how long you really need to hold a plank to get abs Good news: It’s not as long as you think.


Spot on...👌 21/08/2019

According to Strava data, to get faster over a marathon you should slow down and run less Plus, how setting a goal can make all the difference.



Morning. Welcome to Monday.


Motivation Kings


Matrix Nutrition

Who's gonna be cursing their parents after this?

#RuleYourGoals #WorkoutWednesday


Life in the day of a runner

This. ♥️




Survival and Cross

The saddest part of life


"Sweet potatoes are not just one of the healthiest and cheapest sources of nutrition; the predominant protein is a type of protease inhibitor that may have cancer-fighting properties." Watch the video "Anticancer Potential of Sweet Potato Proteins" on to learn more:

Here's a tasty recipe to try this week! Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Balsamic Date Glaze from the How Not to Die Cookbook: 15/03/2019

5 resistance-band exercises to work your stabiliser muscles from your living room They work your core, legs and glutes and can be done just about anywhere. 15/03/2019

This 30-Day Squat Challenge Will Seriously Fire Up Your Lower Body Build strength in your legs, glutes, and hips to boost your performance and prevent injury.




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