Dealing with chest muscle tightness? Check out these stretches that you can do to help you feel better, inside and out!
Did you know that trauma release is one of the many benefits you'll get from stretching? Check out this article which shows 7 simple exercises that you can do to help you heal!
Honoring all who served from us here at StretchLab, El Segundo!
There are so many benefits to fascial stretching! Check out this article on all the reasons why stretching your fascia is important!
Don't let the pain of shin splints stop you from running! Check out the 8 best stretches you can do to relieve your aches and pains.
Do you love pickleball? Check out these stretches you can do before or after a game!
Are you a cyclist? Check out the stretches you can do to help with your recovery.
Stress less and enjoy the best before it’s too late! A few stretch sessions could do so much for your body. LAST CHANCE to buy 4 stretch sessions and get the 5th on us! Come by the studio or give us a call before our Labor Day Sale ends.
Check out some tips and tricks on how to achieve proper stretching technique and form. Mobilizing your hip joints is just one of the many benefits you'll get from Shin Box Get-Up stretching!
Take a break this Labor Day! Give your body the love it needs from all that hard work with our Labor Day 5-pack deal! NOW through Labor Day, when you buy 4 sessions get the 5th session !!!FREE!!! Visit or call our studio today to take advantage of our Labor Day Sale! We look forward to seeing you!
Without a doubt, our studio wouldn't be the place it is without the amazing women who help us run it!
Back to School is here! Check out our Flexologist demonstrating stretches for students and teachers. Whether you are sitting or standing, there is a stretch for you!
Feeling stiff from those summer activities?! Book a one-on-one assisted stretch to feel your best! We look forward to tackling your goals with you! 323-379-3133
August 8th is National Pickleball day! Before you grab your paddle, give your legs and arms a much needed stretch to help you play your best game yet. Book a 1-on-1 stretch today!
Summer isn't over yet! Have you gotten stretched? Book your stretch today and feel how much more enjoyable your summer plans can be.
Are your muscles tense? Get stretched! At StretchLab we offer flexible options just for you!

The industry leader in one-on-one assisted stretch. StretchLab has redefined what it means to get a stretch. Stretching is about reclaiming your freedom.

Assisted, one-on-one stretching is what we do.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 03/22/2023

It’s National As Young As You Feel Day! At StretchLab we help clients of all ages make sure that their body feels as young as they do! Come see why so many of our members understand that Flexibility is the key to Longevity!

Timeline photos 03/18/2023

Exercise is an important factor in staying healthy and fit. But did you know physical activity can also put a strain on our bodies? Check out this article from EatThis, featuring Kelsey from the StretchLab education team, which talks all about building healthier exercise habits, especially by adding stretching to your daily routine!

Timeline photos 03/17/2023

StretchLab: the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! As we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, let's not forget the power of a healthy body and mind. Whether you're looking to boost your energy, increase your flexibility, or simply relax, stretching can help you achieve your goals. So, put on your lucky grip socks, grab a friend, and stop by your local studio today!

Timeline photos 03/16/2023

Don't let stiffness hold you back! Join StretchLab and experience the life-changing benefits of regular assisted stretching. Improve mobility, enhance recovery, and conquer every challenge with ease. Get the full StretchLab experience today!

Timeline photos 03/12/2023

Spring forward into a new season with a fresh perspective and a flexible body. As we set our clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time, let's also reset our bodies and minds with some energizing stretches. Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, stretching can help you feel more alert, focused, and relaxed. So, take a deep breath, reach for the sky, and embrace the extra daylight and warmth that Spring brings!

Timeline photos 03/11/2023

Stretching never looked so good! Our members not only love the personalized attention they get from StretchLab, but the incredible results they see in their flexibility and overall wellness! Find your local studio today and experience the benefits for yourself!

Timeline photos 03/09/2023

If you're tired of feeling stiff and achy, it's time to try assisted stretching! At StretchLab, we use a variety of techniques to help you achieve your wellness goals, from improved flexibility to reduced stress. Join us now and discover the power of assisted stretching!

Timeline photos 03/01/2023

Happy National Nutrition Month! We've partnered with Territory Foods to help fuel your body before and after a good stretch! Their delicious, nutrient packed meals provide the perfect balance to help you power through any workout. Together with Territory Foods, we are excited to support your health and wellness goals! Stop by your local studio today to learn more about our partnership!

Photos from StretchLab's post 02/24/2023

Feeling tension after a long day of desk work? Flexologist, Elise, has got you covered! Check out her tips on stretches to reduce neck tension and headaches!

Elise has only been a Flexologist for about a month and a half, but immediately fell in love with the environment and purpose of StretchLab. She will be graduating this May from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology, with a track in Exercise and Sport Physiology. Then, this July she will be starting her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic! We are excited to have Elise bring her educational background to her members!

Who's YOUR favorite Flexologist? Tag them below!

Timeline photos 02/14/2023

Roses are red, violets are blue, we offer customized stretches, just for you! Stop by your local StretchLab studio and treat yourself or your loved one to a one-on-one assisted stretch this Valentine's Day!

Timeline photos 02/13/2023

"Coming soon"
¡¡Primavera 2023!!

Timeline photos 02/12/2023

Get ready for the BIG game with a 1-on-1 assisted STRETCH! Stop by your local studio today. You'll feel like an MVP with the StretchLab experience!

Timeline photos 02/07/2023

At StretchLab, we focus on your recovery so that your body can get the energy it needs to move with ease. Our HIGHLY trained Flexologists will get to know YOUR lifestyle to create customized stretch sessions tailored for your body. Stop by your local studio today to get the FULL StretchLab experience!

Photos from StretchLab's post 02/03/2023

Have low back pain? See what this Flexologists says is their favorite stretch to do in the studio with their members to help reduce back pain!

Let's meet Flexologist, Savannah! She started her Stretchlab journey about 10 months ago, at the Marlton, New Jersey location. She is also a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist and is currently studying for her Personal Training Certification. Exciting! We can't wait to see Savannah share her experience with both massage therapy and personal training with all her members.

All our Flexologists come from a variety of backgrounds that help them bring various levels of expertise to every stretch session. Have a Flexologist you love working with? Tag their studio below so they can see!


Do what you love with the one you LOVE!❤️Stop by your local StretchLab studio to purchase two 25 or 50-minute stretch sessions and receive two pairs of grip socks as an added treat!This offer ends on the 14th!

Timeline photos 02/01/2023

All month long, we are honoring all of the achievements and history of African-Americans. Happy Black History Month from StretchLab!

Timeline photos 01/24/2023

Imagine what less quad pain can do for you as you're completing your runs! You'll have better balance, move your board with ease and be on the mountain longer. StretchLab can make this happen, that's why snow boarders become StretchLab members! Stop by your local studio to learn more about what StretchLab can do for you!

Timeline photos 01/23/2023

At StretchLab, we focus on restoration and we know how important it is to combine your flexibility journey with good nutrition. That's why we are excited to be partnering with Territory Foods to bring healthy meals to all of our members! Get the full StretchLab experience and become a member today!

Timeline photos 01/20/2023

Don't just stretch this new year, GET STRETCHED! Reaching your problem areas can be tricky but a highly trained Flexologist can help target your pain points. Every assisted stretch is different, because we customize them just for you! Visit our StretchLab studio today!

Timeline photos 01/16/2023

StretchLab is a place for everybody and every BODY! Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

Timeline photos 01/10/2023

Imagine having better balance and stamina while on the slopes! Stretching can help with your full range of motion to keep you lasting longer on the mountain. That's why skiers become StretchLab members! Find your local StretchLab studio to learn which membership option is right for you during this winter season!

Timeline photos 01/05/2023

Imagine running a sprint, catching a baseball or simply walking with ease. With 1-on-1 assisted stretching, whatever your new years resolutions are, StretchLab can help you achieve them! What is YOUR Stretcholution?

Timeline photos 01/04/2023

Kick start your new year resolution with StretchLab! Adding stretching to your fitness and wellness routine is the perfect way to have greater mobility and keep you feeling better inside and out! Check out your local StretchLab studio to learn how to become a member!

Timeline photos 01/01/2023

Make moving and feeling better a part of your New Year Resolution! Stop by your local studio to see which StretchLab membership is right for you!

Timeline photos 12/26/2022

Happy Kwanzaa from the StretchLab team!

Timeline photos 12/25/2022

'Tis the season for stretching! Merry Christmas from StretchLab!

Timeline photos 12/24/2022

It’s the day before Christmas and you still have time to sleigh your Christmas list! An e-gift card is the perfect last minute gift! Click the link below to get yours.

Timeline photos 12/18/2022

Happy Hanukkah from StretchLab!

Timeline photos 12/12/2022

On the twelfth day of Stretchmas, make someone move and feel better by gifting them a Hypervolt! This massage tool is a great recovery tool for someone who is active. Grab this item at your local StretchLab studio before it's gone!

Timeline photos 12/11/2022

On the eleventh day of Stretchmas, purchase Tavi Noir this holiday season for someone who loves to stay active! Check your local StretchLab studio for availability!

Timeline photos 12/11/2022

We are so excited it's National Stretching Day! Incorporating assisted stretching to your every day routine will give you long term benefits to improve your lifestyle! At StretchLab, we know that as we grow, our overly stressed muscles can impact the way we live our lives. That's why we care about your freedom to move with ease and the energy you need to stay moving and stay healthy. If you've never been stretched, use today as an opportunity to come in to a StretchLab studio! Our Flexologists will leave you feeling better than ever!

Timeline photos 12/10/2022

On the tenth day of Stretchmas, help support a calm mind and emotional balance with these all-natural vegan gummies! Purchase these stocking stuffers at your local StretchLab before they're gone!

Timeline photos 12/09/2022

On the nineth day of Stretchmas, use a Hypersphere to trigger point release on your tightest muscles so you can recover faster and move better! Call your local studio to purchase one today!

Timeline photos 12/08/2022

On the eighth day of Stretchmas, a Hyperice Vyper GO will alleviate all of your aches and pains! That's why this tools makes the perfect gift this holiday season! Find this item at your local StretchLab studio today!

Timeline photos 12/07/2022

On the seventh day of Stretchmas, give a stretch strap as a gift! There are many stretches you can do with this special tool and it makes for a great stocking stuffer! Purchase yours today at your local StretchLab studio!

Timeline photos 12/06/2022

On the sixth day of Stretchmas, we are highlighting a grid foam roller! This cross functional tool is great to use when you're in need of muscle tension relief. Check your local StretchLab studio for availability!

Timeline photos 12/05/2022

On the fifth day of Stretchmas, purchase a Tiger Ball from Tiger Tail! This is a great gift for someone who could use a massage when they're on the go. Get this stocking stuffer today at your local StretchLab studio!

Timeline photos 12/04/2022

On the fourth day of Stretchmas, a StretchLab mug is a great gift to sip a favorite warm beverage. Check your local studio to purchase one today this holiday season!

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Back to School is here! Check out our Flexologist demonstrating stretches for students and teachers. Whether you are sit...
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Big thank you to WFAA for having StretchLab share why getting stretched is important! #StretchLab




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