Orangetheory Fitness Champaign

Orangetheory Fitness Champaign


Our business spotlight this month is Impact Physical Therapy! Share your workout summary with them and get a free single day recovery session! Check them out and let us know how your experience was! #warmcoats
#givemeals #OTFChampaign
#givemeals #OTFChampaign
#togethercuringcancerOrangetheory Fitness Champaign
Hey team! I stumbled across this cuuuuute sticker pack for iOS texting and thought I would share!! Just .99 🧡🧡🧡 I’m a little out of control with them. 🤗
Hiii! Are there any plans for us to get Lift45? 🏋🏼‍♀️
HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING: So lucky to have Jason Sturdyvin, Regional Head Coach for OrangeTheory Fitness Central Illinois and Hannah Bartlett, Studio Manager, OrangeTheory Fitness Springfield with me in the studio to talk about the OrangeTheory Fitness Experience and why it is so different from other workouts that you may experience. Plus, they tell us how you can join them under the orange lights! #SplatLife #MoreLife #OrangeTheory Orangetheory Fitness Springfield Orangetheory Fitness Bloomington Orangetheory Fitness Champaign Orangetheory Fitness Chicago - Wicker Park-Bucktown Orangetheory Fitness Chicago-River West
Now that we're coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of people are suffering from Basement Burnout from those At Home Workouts. Orangetheory Fitness joins us to talk more about how you can kick your workout routines back inot high gear! #OrangeTheory #OTF #OrangeLights #WorkoutRoutine Orangetheory Fitness Springfield Orangetheory Fitness Bloomington Orangetheory Fitness Champaign Orangetheory Fitness Cincinnati - Oakley Orangetheory Fitness St. Augustine
The HealthSource Team wanted to take a moment to thank all the local businesses that we have partnered with in 2020. We are incredibly grateful for your support! We wish you an abundant and successful 2021! 😀

Personal Performance CrossFit CU U Ave CrossFit (Members) Smoothie King Orangetheory Fitness Champaign Hopscotch Bakery + MarketLifeline-connect Minuteman Press Champaign-Urbana Martin One Source Square1 Healthcare J.Gil Fitness Profile by Sanford A Tension Muscle Therapy Farren's
Hey! What does suppport our business partnership mean on the bingo space? 🎄
DRI-TRI FORECAST: If you're heading out to the Orangetheory Fitness Springfield, Orangetheory Fitness Champaign or Orangetheory Fitness Bloomington the weather could not be better on Saturday! Lots of sunshine as we head through the day with temps into the 70's by lunchtime & 80's in the afternoon! #ILWX #CILWX
Did anyone turn in an OTF Burn monitor? I had mine on Saturday but couldn't find it this morning. I wondered if I dropped it on my way to the car. :(

Science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired workout designed to produce results from the inside out – giving people a longer, more vibrant life.

Operating as usual


Attention Team! If you didn’t catch our Facebook live on Wednesday…. Here are the winners of the Transformation Challenge!!!! Congrats to the winners and to everyone who participated and made it happen during those 8 weeks! You are all rockstars!

Winners- please see the front desk for your prizes!!


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Happy Thursday!! We’ve got some milestones to celebrate!!

🎉 Congrats Deanna on 100 classes!

🎉 Congrats Elizabeth on 300 classes!

🎉 Congrats Kamil on 75 classes!

Thank you Erin for the manatee facts for Manatee Appreciation Day!!! Talk about a learn and burn!!

Here’s to a great weekend coming up!




You all worked so hard during the Transformation Challenge and we are so proud of you! Are you ready to find out the winners?! Tune in to our page at 5pm central to find out!! We’ll see you there!


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Spring Into Action with these new OTF styles! Shop these looks and let us know which ones you want - we’ll place a special order for you!

Which piece is your favorite? Comment below 👇


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Last week was a blast! Between the Chipper, Ladies Night and All Out with Aoki, we had so much fun. We even had some milestones!

🎉 Congrats Anna on 50 classes!

🎉 Happy birthday Cindy!

🎉 Happy birthday Helen!

It’s a nonstop party over here and we wanna see you in the studio! Pre-book those classes and come hang with us this week! 🍊



Don’t miss out on LIFETIME SAVINGS!💸 If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your membership, NOW is the time. Upgrade before prices increase on May 1st and you’ll be locked into our current rates for life! All you have to do is head over to the front desk and ask about upgrading and you’ll be on your way to saving 💰for life.

*Current Member prices are not affected by the price increase.

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#AllOutWithAoki was a blast!! Thanks everyone for coming and rocking it out and special thanks to those lucky enough to treat coach @garinwhite to a pie in the face!!! 🤣

Look for more #AllOutWithAoki workouts coming through the year - we can’t wait to keep partying with you! 🤟🤟🤟


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Champaign's post 03/26/2022

Ladies Night with OTF was a success! Thanks everyone for bringing your friends, it was a fun time! Let’s do it again!

Stay tuned for All Out with Aoki content coming soon! 💥



🍊 Are you playing OTF BINGO?! 🍊
Drop off your completed bingo cards and enter to win either a new heart rate monitor or $120 in OTF Lululemon gear!

You have until 3/31 to enter to win! There’s still time to get a BINGO if you haven’t yet, just pick up a card at the front desk!



🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Studio Manager, Lyndzie! 🥳

From behind the desk to behind the mic, we couldn’t do this without you and your OTF family hopes you have a wonderful day! You deserve all of the orange love! 🧡

Cheers to celebrating YOU today!

#changealife #birthdaygirl #otf #otffamily


Congrats to Santhosh P., our March Member of the Month! 🍊

Santhosh, since you joined us you have been so dedicated to your workouts each and every day! Your commitment is clear and we love having you in the studio!!

Thank you so much for being a part of our team! We appreciate you!


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Congrats to our Dri Tri top finishers!! You all rocked it!

Our #1 finishers (male and female) in each category (full and sprint) will receive $50 in retail bucks added to their account!

Congrats to our top finishers and to all our Dri Tri participants!


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Champaign's post 03/21/2022

The Dri Tri is complete - Part 3!

Team, you absolutely crushed it! In fact, you made it look easy! Thanks to all who showed up and made it happen this past weekend - you are the real MVP’s! It was incredible to watch you accomplish your goals and hit PR’s! We are so proud of you!


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Champaign's post 03/21/2022

The Dri Tri is complete - Part 2!

Team, you absolutely crushed it! In fact, you made it look easy! Thanks to all who showed up and made it happen this past weekend - you are the real MVP’s! It was incredible to watch you accomplish your goals and hit PR’s! We are so proud of you!


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Champaign's post 03/21/2022

The Dri Tri is complete - Part 1!

Team, you absolutely crushed it! In fact, you made it look easy! Thanks to all who showed up and made it happen this past weekend - you are the real MVP’s! It was incredible to watch you accomplish your goals and hit PR’s! We are so proud of you!


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Champaign's post 03/17/2022

This week has been so fun! Thanks to all who’ve come to sweat - who’s coming this weekend?! ✋✋✋



Participating in the Transformation Challenge? It’s time to schedule your end of challenge Inbody Scan! We’ll be doing scans March 24-27th. Sign up for your preferred time at the front desk!

A couple reminders for best test accuracy:
-do not test immediately following exercise
-scan should take place close to the same time as your first scan
-wear similar closing
-do not test immediately following a large meal or significant fluid consumption

Please see the front desk with any questions. Thanks team!



The competition is heating up! Looks like Team Orange is winning!!

This week’s challenge is to visit our business spotlight, 5 Star Nutrition! Tag us in your post to support your team! Let’s go!!


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Week 6 of the transformation challenge is complete! Thanks for everyone who showed up and worked hard this week! Oh, and we can’t forget these milestones:

🎉 Congrats Kris on 50 classes!

🎉 Happy Birthday Rachel!

🎉 Congrats Steph on 100 classes!

TC week 7 starts tomorrow! We’re in the home stretch, team!!


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Champaign's post 03/12/2022

We did the 2000m row, we celebrated 12 years of OTF, we celebrated birthdays and milestones!!

🎉Happy Birthday Allene!

🎉Happy Birthday Pam!

🎉 Congrats Hope on 100 classes!

Such a fun week! Let’s finish it strong tomorrow, don’t forget to pre-book your classes!



Thanks to our March business spotlight @5starnutritionchampaign for visiting yesterday and handing out free goodies! Make sure to go check them out this month! Show your workout summary and get 10% off your purchase!

#businessspotlight #changealife

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Another 2000M Benchmark Row is in the books, along with some seriously impressive times and seriously impressive support from all members.

Imagine what they’ll all be able to do for the Dri Tri…👀🧡#changealife #otf #benchmarkrow

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Champaign's post 03/08/2022

It’s a big day, #OTFFam. Our 2000m Row Benchmark is happening NOW. And sure! It’s not easy. But trust: So long as you’ve been coming to class, your body is ready for it. Understood? Good. Now drop those times ⬇️​



It’s official - team Orange wins! Thanks to those who brought new friends and completed guest pass referral sheets this last week!

This week’s challenge - most meters on the rower!!! Make sure to log those 2000m rows today!! 😉


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Champaign's post 03/07/2022

Last week was so much fun! We’ve got some things to celebrate!!

🎉 Congrats Jessa on 400 classes!

🎉 Congrats Rick on 25 classes!

🎉 Happy birthday Janet!

This week is week 6 of the Transformation Challenge - make sure you’re pre-booking your classes to get your 3 workouts this week!!

Let’s make it another great week, team!


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Your power is ♾infinite♾, as long as you🏅tri🏅.

Congratulations to all of our members for pushing themselves past their limits for the Infinity Challenge!
This was an amazing benchmark to set us up for an out of this world Dri Tri! #changealife #otf #infinity #challenge


You are built to TRI. ⬅️ Read that sentence again. Then welcome back #DriTri. Orangetheory’s twice-a-year version of a triathlon. It’s your time to show up. Have fun with your entire studio. Prove to yourself that just by coming to class, you’re constantly improving. We know you’re ready for the Full 2000-meter row 🚣‍♀️ 300 bodyweight reps 💪 and 5K (or half, if you’re walking) 🏃… but there are other options like the Sprint and Relay — ask us about ‘em all. This is your opportunity to master your mindset. For only $25, register now. Tap into your inner athlete. Earn elite OTF #DriTri swag. Make yourself proud … because hey, it’s true. You’ve been training for this since your first class.​



Ready for a taste of #DriTri? We’ve got you with Infinity. ♾ It’s your ultimate prep workout. Your chance to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Your opportunity to GROW both inside and outside the studio. Don’t you love it? Comment if you have any tips of your own. 💪🏃🚣‍♀️


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Champaign's post 03/02/2022

So much fun to see everyone’s smiling faces! Let’s celebrate some milestones!!

🎉 Happy Birthday Chris!

🎉 Congrats Karyn on 150 classes!

Keep it up, team! Looking forward to what the rest of the week brings!!



Lots of fun things happening this month! Check out the March calendar for signature workouts and events!

If you’re not already signed up for the Dri Tri, it’s happening March 19-20 and you can register at the front desk!

Let’s make it a great month, team!



🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 to our very own Assistant Head Coach Kimmy!!

Kimmy is a bright light in our studio and we love rocking out in class with her!

Kimmy, we are grateful for all you do and we hope you get a chance to celebrate your special day!

Come hang with Kimmy for her birthday classes tonight at 4;25pm, 5:30pm and 6:45pm!!



Everyone worked so hard last week getting as many miles in on the treadmill as possible, and the results are in!

**Team Black Wins!**

Thanks to everyone who participated. This week's challenge is to bring in new friends or fill out a Guest Pass Referral Sheet! Talk to the front desk for more details! Who will win this week?!



Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces today, team! #nevermissamonday #buildingschools



*** Mondays & Wednesdays @ 7:30am ***

Book your classes on the app and check out new changes to the schedule starting Monday 2/28!


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