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Our goal for you is to take 30 classes in 60 days, but we want to hear from you today! What other goals are you going to achieve during the Fall Fit Challenge?

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Stevie Shurbet
Which locations can I use my $25 week at?

Pure Barre is more than just a workout; it's a lifestyle. Each workout is crafted carefully with each fitness level in mind.

Transform your body at Pure Barre in Phoenix, AZ and feel the burn with isolated movements, targeting muscles in your arms, legs, hips and thighs. Find your balance at our studio and be inspired by our community of strong women.

Operating as usual


They make ugly sweaters look good! Thank you for celebrating 10 days of Pure Cheer with us!


Always a fan fave, come stretch & restore with Caitlin this Sunday at 3pm! Perfect way to end your weekend!

Please note this is an intensive: lifestyle members take for FREE,
Non lifestyle members this class is an additional $25 why?! Because it’s extra special!

Book your spot today! We will see you there 💙


🧦National Sock Day🧦

Why are Sticky Socks required for class? Closed toed performance grip socks help enhance your class experience:

⭐️durable grips allow a non-slip experience creating traction throughout movements in class like planks or standing moves at the barre
⭐️Full heel and toe coverage for maximum grip
⭐️4 Keeps your feet warm
⭐️Keeps the floors clean (No shoes in the studio floor space,

🧦In honor of National Sock Day and Day 2 of Pure Cheer, we are offering a special promo. Buy two pairs of socks, get 1 FREE😱 Today ONLY!

What are your favorite performance sticky socks? /Low cut
or Crew? ⬇️let us know in the comments!



Let us help you get there! 5 classes in 10 days for our Pure Cheer Challenge! challenge starts on Saturday dec. 3. Grab a class tracker the next time you’re in studio, get your Polaroid taken and get going! You got this 💕

New to PBPV? This challenge starts on the day of our open house - all classes are FREE on 12/3. DM us to help you get booked! We will have a special promotion if you sign up for Pure Start that DAY!

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Day 1 of Pure Cheer is here! Kick off the last month of 2022 with a mini class challenge. Challenge yourself to complete 5 classes in the next 10 days! Save the tracker image below!

Comment below if you accept this Pure Cheer challenge! ✨Challenge Accepted!✨


Help us celebrate this Holiday Season at PBPV!
Throughout the 10 days of Pure Cheer we are challenging everyone to take 5 classes in 10 days! That’s 5 classes between Dec. 3rd - Dec. 12th to be a challenge finisher! Grab your tracker in studio starting Dec. 3rd!


❤️Day 1 Saturday Dec. 3rd Holiday Open House free classes all morning! & 20% off everything in store along with some great vendors stopping in for 25% off botox, permanent jewelry and artesian water

💚Day 2 Sunday Dec. 4th ALL candles 2 for $30

🤍Day 3 Monday Dec. 5th ALL leggings 25% off

❤️Day 4 Tuesday Dec. 6th Sticky Sock Day: buy 2 socks get 1 free!

💚Day 5 Wednesday Dec. 7th Spend $100 in retail get $20 PB cash (PB cash can be used towards next retail purchase or next auto pay)

🤍Day 6 Thursday Dec. 8th Buy 2 get one free accessories (hats, water bottles, candles)

❤️Day 7 Friday Dec. 9th 20% off winter items

💚Day 8 Saturday Dec. 10th Holiday playlists In all classes! 30% off PB apparel

🤍Day 9 Sunday Dec. 11th Stretch & Restore with Caitlin 3pm & BOGO 50% off everything in studio.

❤️Day 10 Monday Dec. 12th Ugly sweater day! (Wear sweater to class, take pic, take off sweater) & retail special sale!


10 Days of Pure Cheer

PURE CHEER starts tomorrow 12/1 ✨ 10 days of festive holiday celebrations, special classes, a mini challenge, and retail offers to celebrate YOU. The season is a busy one, but it doesn’t mean your health and wellness needs falls to the bottom of the list, you deserve to LTB! Tag your studio if you’re excited to join in on the days of Pure Cheer ✨

Check out your local studio for your 10 days of Pure Cheer ❄️


We wanted to shoutout our instructor, Caitlin, for officially being certified to teach empower! She’s been slaying it teaching classic the past few years & now plans to do the same in Empower! Cheers Caitlin! We can’t wait for even more lifting, toning and burning with you! We love you Caitlin! Congratulations🤍💕


Hurry! Black Friday ends tomorrow! Claim $60 off EVERY MONTH of Pure Start by signing up today! This offer is for new clients only. Enjoy our Pure Start, unlimited month to month membership for $109. This is only a ONE month commitment, no contract! Sign up using the link in our bio or DM us.

Promo Code: START60

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Hello Everyone! Happy Small Business Saturday!

Whitni and Matt Dempsey, owner/operators at Pure Barre Paradise Valley here, wishing everyone a healthy and happy start to the 2022 holiday season! At PBPV we strive to not only promote health and wellness through our low impact "Lift Tone & Burn" class programs but we also aim to deliver an exercise experience that is uplifting, supportive and safe for all ages and skill sets. This is our collective community of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you are a life long athlete or someone who simply wants to get their body moving with the support of the community behind them, we welcome you to PBPV!
Let us show you what you've been missing! Come see us at PBPV & when you do you’ll be choosing to support our small business. Click the link in our bio to book your first free class❤️


What to Expect Classic class

New to Pure Barre? Here’s what you can expect at our Classic class! For 50 minutes, you will be guided through a series of low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone your body.

Our Pure Barre studios are locally owned and operated and to celebrate Small Business Saturday, here are some great ways to show your support:
✨Book into a Free Barre Class at your local studio
✨ Show some love on social media (drop a comment, save, like & share)
✨ Shop our retail boutiques curated by our local studio owners and teams, a premium shopping destination filled with new and beloved athleisure brands
✨ Leave a review on Google, Yelp

Tag your local Pure Barre studio! ❤️

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A family who barres together stays together! From teacher Hannah introducing Pure Barre to her mom in 2018, and then her sister in 2019 - Pure Barre has become a part of their lives, finding something to enjoy doing together!

Hannah (Teacher)
When you started Pure Barre:
Taking: September 2017
Teaching: February 2018

Why you started Pure Barre:
I was in college and trying to make fitness a part of my life, but I didn’t enjoy working out at a gym. I tried a Pure Barre class and realized group fitness motivated me the most to work hard. I took one class and instantly knew I wanted to teach. I knew I also wanted to be at a place that I could teach/workout at college and in my hometown.

Favorite class type:

What you love about Pure Barre:
What I love about Pure Barre is the that music drives the class and that you never take the same class twice. The mix of music and moves keeps class fun and challenging. I also love the community of people that I have the pleasure of spending time with inside and outside of Pure Barre.

What you love about taking Pure Barre classes together:
I love taking Pure Barre with my family because we motivate each other to work hard. We all have a fun competitive side to us that makes us push hard in class to lift our leg a little higher or take our seat a little lower than the other.

Susan (Mom)
When you started Pure Barre:

Why you started Pure Barre:
I started because Hannah was teaching PB in Knoxville, TN and talked me into trying it. I love the variety of classes and its never boring. I love that I get a full body workout and that it never gets easier. I enjoy the camaraderie of everyone at PB. I always enjoy doing something we all love together. It makes the workout more fun.

Favorite class type:
Classic & Reform

Abby (Sister)
When you started Pure Barre:

Why you started Pure Barre:
Mom & sister had been doing PB for a while so I tried it. I love that the choreo is to the beat of music, that is stays challenging, the attention to detail involved, and you get to socialize with new people. It’s a way to spend time together

Favorite class type:

Timeline photos 11/24/2022

Happy Thanksgiving from our Pure Barre family to yours🦃🍁
Looking back on the year and all our memories at barre, we are feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for what Pure Barre gives us.

Pure Barre gives us:
💛 Confidence
🧡 Strength

Our team, members and community mean the world to us! Thank you for making our studio atmosphere a truly unique and special place.

Enjoy your holiday with your loves ones🤍

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We are thankful for everyone in our Pure Barre community - our local studio owners, our teachers, members, team members - our community that continues to share the love for .

Thank you for keeping us going Pure Barre Strong.

Tag your studio and drop some love ♥️

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Ten years is longer than I’ve known my husband and been a mother. It’s more time than I’ve ever spent at one school or place of employment. As a “semi good at many things” sort of gal, it’s greater than my commitment to any one sport or extracurricular activity. During the last decade, I’ve devoted so much of my mental capacity, energy, passion and get-out-of-bed-before-the-sun gusto to Pure Barre. But, what’s beautiful about the last 10 years is not only that I was able to give to others, but that in turn, the Pure Barre world has helped me build myself.  
Pure Barre zapped me out of a funk. I was an injured, diehard runner who wasn’t quite sure how she’d stay in shape without pounding the pavement. As much as I loved the alone time to “run off stress,” I was in need of a community — no one tells you graduating college and moving back to your hometown makes you feel out of place without a sorority house, football stadium or campus gathering spot. Nonetheless, there I was, anxious to get settled into this new life with solid, healthy routines. 
Just a few minutes into my first class [I should mention the teacher was a darling, fit and very pregnant woman], I was already dying to know how I could be an instructor. After hearing I’d have to take classes for a long period of time to make that a reality, I wondered how I could fit boutique fitness into my grad school/working part-time lifestyle. But, something told me I’d have to make it work – it would be so worth it! 

Continued in comments


PSA: we have a modified schedule thanksgiving 11/24 - Sunday 11/27! Please check the app and book before coming to class to save your spot ❤️

Thursday 11/24 8am classic with Katrina! (Waitlisted)

Friday 11/25 9am classic with Erin
10:15am classic/empower fusion with Erin
11:30am classic with Hillary

Saturday 11/26 8:30am classic with Carli
9:45 empower with Steph
11am classic with Carli

Sunday 11/27 (shortened due to a staff event) 8:30am Empower with Erin

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Have a fun and safe holiday ❤️❤️

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Our fall fit finisher party this weekend was one for the books! It was great seeing all of our finishers together and enjoying a special fusion class led by Maria! Thank you for making the first challenge as PBPV one to remember! Didn’t catch this one? Don’t worry! We do a few challenges each year! Join our next one coming soon 😍

Photos from Pure Barre's post 11/20/2022

Option to slide into a split… and hit 100 classes Pure Barre strong!

“💯 classes at Pure Barre, 3,000 thigh sprints, 9,000+ seconds of planks, 11,000+ seconds of core workouts. has become family to me since moving back to UES. Thankful for all the teachers for the laughs, killer playlists, sweat, sore muscles, and daily motivation - these ladies are stars!” - Jillian, member

Let’s drop some love for all of our 100 Club members! How many classes are you from your next milestone? ✨

Photos from Pure Barre's post 11/20/2022

Option to slide into a split… and hit 100 classes Pure Barre strong!

“💯 classes at Pure Barre, 3,000 thigh sprints, 9,000+ seconds of planks, 11,000+ seconds of core workouts. has become family to me since moving back to UES. Thankful for all the teachers for the laughs, killer playlists, sweat, sore muscles, and daily motivation - these ladies are stars!” - Jillian, member

Let’s drop some love for all of our 100 Club members! How many classes are you from your next milestone? ✨

Photos from Pure Barre's post 11/19/2022

Join us on December 3rd, 8:30 am - 12:00 am for our Holiday Open House!

Desert Face and Vein will be in the studio offering 25% off Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin!

Sage Sol Jewelry will be in the studio offering permanent jewelry!

Pure Barre Paradise Valley will be raffling off a free month of unlimited classes, and sales on retail boutique (including LuluLemon, Alo Yoga, Beyond Yoga, and more)!


Class Times

8:30 am Classic with Maria

9:45 am Reform with Maria

11:00 am Classic with Caitlin

Best time to try what Pure Barre Paradise Valley is all about! Click below to reserve your spot!

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Claim any of these membership promos from 11/18-11/28! These are our best prices of the year!! No better time to join PBPV. DM us, email or call if you have any questions!

Photos from Pure Barre's post 11/16/2022

Pop-Up with Pure Barre Paradise Valley!

We will be teaching a sunset class Thursday December 1st at 5pm at ! They are located on Thunderbird and 7th. Class will be on their patio, dress warm and bring a yoga mat.
Purchase tickets for $12 using the link in our bio! Spots are limited so reserve yours today! After class we will have a happy hour at Vegan & Vine!


Giving Shoesday came early! For every shoe emoji 👟in the comments, Pure Barre will be making a $1 donation to 4EveryKid program. fundraising to provide shoes for students experiencing homelessness in the United States.

Soles4Souls is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that turns unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity, by keeping them from going to waste and putting them to good use – providing relief, creating jobs and empowering people to break the cycle of poverty.

Click on the link in bio to learn more. Donation will cap at $5000.

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We are thrilled to announce we are collaborating with to host monthly classes on their patio! Our series kicks of on Thursday December 1st at 5pm! Join us for a Pure Barre class on the patio followed by a happy hour to mix and mingle! If you haven’t been there yet it’s a must the food is incredible!

Space is limited. Spots are $12 each for the class! DM us to reserve your spot! Sign up link to come soon!


Please help us in wishing our amazing instructor, Jasmine the happiest of birthdays 🥳 🎉

Jasmine, you’re such a bright light! We all absolutely adore you. We hope you have the best day ever! 🤍❤️🤍


join us Wednesday November 23rd at 10:15am and 11:30am to celebrate Shannon’s 10 year teaching anniversary at Pure Barre! If you’ve taken Shannon’s class you know you love her! We will be celebrating with offering here classes FREE and sips and snacks after class 🤍 come one come all! See you then!

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Curious about our Pure Lifestyle membership? For a limited time pure lifestyle is on sale for $139 a month (12 mon t commitment), this gets you access to 15% off our retail boutique, 2 free classes at cycle bar PV per month, 10% off services and free intensives at pbpv!

Ask us how to sign up today!

Timeline photos 11/11/2022

Honoring and remembering the service of our veterans. Drop some gratitude for our veterans below ❤️


It’s PURE GIVE at Pure Barre Paradise Valley!
Here's how you can get involved:
Donation Drive
We are collecting new and gently used shoes. Look for the collection box by the front desk! All donations will go to SOLES4SOULS
For every $20 donated, you will be providing a new pair of branded sneakers to a student experiencing homelessness in the U.S.
Look for the collection box by the front desk Nov.10-Nov.27th!

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Barre is better together! In a recent article, researches say exercising with other people can help motivate you and fitness activities with friends makes exercising more enjoyable and adds an accountability factor!

Click on the link below to read more from Healthline and our very own Director of Training operations Danielle Cote!

Featuring Barre Besties from our Pure Barre Studios (Tag your !)


Technique Tip Tuesday! ✨Using sliders in Reform can feel like a whole new way of moving... and a whole new way to reach your fitness goals! The goal of the sliders is to enable larger movements to take the joints through a full range of motion with more attention on resistance and balance. Aim to only go as low as you can sustain contraction in the muscles; if you start to feel your joints take over, come up higher in the position and reengage. Moving with this kind of attention not only works your muscles, but your brain, too. Hello, mind-body connection!


Pop Up Class with Mama Barre
Join us at the barre Tuesday, November 15th for an afternoon Mama Barre class! Come with or without your baby!

Option to baby wear for most of the workout!

Come meet some mamas and have fun!

This class is $25! Pre-Registration is required, DM or leave questions in the comments! *

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Fall Fit Challengers: YOU DID IT!

Congratulations to all of our Pure Barre Paradise Valley Fall Fit challenge participants! With a truly special congratulations to all of our Fall Fit Challenge finishers!!! We see each and every one of you show up to do the work, day in and day out. We see your smiles and share your energy.
Please join us for our Fall Fit Challenge Finishers Fusion Party! We will be announcing and rewarding all those who completed 30 classes in 60 days @ PBPV on Saturday Nov. 19th at 11am! There will be a fusion class led by Maria! And we will all celebrate with sips, snacks, and rewards after your class!

We hope you feel as happy and proud as we at PBPV feel! You are our tribe. And can't THANK YOU enough for bringing that energy and love for our community to PBPV every day!

Keep on lifting, toning and burning with us as the Barre. The PBPV Barre!

We love you!

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Happy kick off to the holiday season! We are so excited for fall here at Pure Barre Paradise Valley!

Check out our events:

🍁Fridays at 10:15am join Stephanie for a Classic/Empower Fusion class! This class type is included with ALL membership types. Beginning 11/4 this class will be on the schedule every Friday at 10:15am.

🤍Friday Nov. 4th Fall Fit Challenge ENDS! Congratulations to all of our challenge participants, we hope you feel strong, empowered, and now relieved that you’re done! Keep your challenge momentum going! You’ve done it once, why not take 30+ classes every 60 days!

🧡Saturday Nov. 5th at 3pm Stretch & Restore with Caitlin at 3pm

🤎Sunday Nov. 6th at 9am POP-UP with Free People Movement at Kierland Commons. Check-in at 8:45am, class to start at 9am then join PBPV and FP Movement for sips & snacks at the FP Movement store!

🤍 Thursday Nov. 10th SOLES4SOULS shoe drive starts in studio. Drop off your new or gently used shoes. All shoe drive donations will be donated to Soles4Souls to help people step out of poverty.

🍁Saturday Nov. 12th INTENSIVE: 60 min balance and strength class with Caitlin and Stephanie

🤎 Tuesday Nov. 15th 12pm Mama Barre x Pure Barre Paradise Valley. Nicole Trink will be in studio hosting a Mama Barre class. Sign up using this link:

Pure Barre Paradise Valley Pop-Up 11/15 – Mama Barre

Cost is $25. Your prewalkers are encouraged to attend! DM us if you have any questions!

🧡Saturday Nov. 19th FALL FIT CHALLENGE FINISHERS PARTY AT 11AM. Join Maria for a Fusion class at 11 to celebrate our fall fit finishers! Prizes / sips / snacks!

🤎Wednesday Nov. 23rd SHANSGIVING! Celebrate Shannons 10th teaching anniversary with us at 10:15am and 11:30am (classes are FREE). Sip & shop before and after!

🍁Thursday Nov. 24th Happy Thanksgiving! Tuck before the turkey class at 8am with Katrina!

🖤Friday Nov. 24th Black Friday! Stay tuned for what sales we have up our sleeve!

🤍*friendly reminder all intensives are $25 for non lifestyle members. They are free for lifestyle members, ask us how to upgrade your membership!

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Cheers to the weekend!! Alway
✨Get into the studio and feel the magic happen✨Your first week is FREE! #purebarrenorthscottsdale #purebarrescottsdale #...
✨Get into the studio and feel the magic happen✨Your first week is FREE! #purebarrenorthscottsdale #purebarrescottsdale #...
✨Get into the studio and feel the magic happen✨Your first week is FREE! #purebarrenorthscottsdale #purebarrescottsdale #...
Today marks halfway through the Barre Stronger challenge! Are you 10 classes in of your 20 class goal?! Some of you are ...
PURE CHEER DAY 2: sweater weather, Saturday 12/11 wear your holiday sweater to class! What a perfect day to do so! It’s ...
PURE CHEER DAY 2: sweater weather, Saturday 12/11 wear your holiday sweater to class! What a perfect day to do so! It’s ...
Pure Cheer starts tomorrow December 10th! Day 1 Challenge: complete 5 class in 10 days 🎄we’ll be right there with you! S...




10810 N. Tatum Boulevard, Unit 148
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 6:30pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 7pm
Wednesday 5:30am - 7pm
Thursday 5:30am - 7pm
Friday 5:30am - 3pm
Saturday 8:30am - 12pm
Sunday 8:30am - 11am

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