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It would be killer if you posted your new hours somewhere
It's not too late to Zoom into Zumba this morning! Join this group for the link!
We are still going strong, keeping class sizes to 10 or less and staying 6 feet apart except for the husband and wife :D
I am confused. I stop into Anytime Fitness Office and there was nobody working. I had to go find the girls they have been given the duty to paint the gym.... It feels to me like the gym must be in trouble. Not liking that much!
there is a phone left in the yoga studio. I asked everyone in the gym it everyone said it was not there's I tried to put it in the office but its locked I will leave it in on the desk near the office.
Fantastic little gym! We are definitely joining!
How do we enter to win the free finding neverland tickets?
Is the power back on?
Loving the gorgeous art work here
I do t think the class schedule on your website is accurate. I have shown up a few times for classes that were not happening. Please update your website.

Welcome to your friendly neighborhood gym in Greer! Whether you're a beginner or fitness fanatic, Anytime Fitness will help you get to a healthier place!

Operating as usual

5 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health | Anytime Fitness

FACT: Regular exercise has been proven to promote mental wellness. How? You'll have to read the article over on Coach. Care. Connect to find out! 👀 Fitness can help and treat a multitude of different things. From managing blood pressure to boosting your energy throughout the day, fitness plays a key role in keeping your body healthy and mobile. While the benefits for the body are endless, the benefits fitness and exercise have on mental health....

The Perfect 30-Minute Bodyweight Morning Workout to Start Your Day | Anytime Fitness

Start your day—and week—off right with this workout that takes 30 minutes or less. The best part? It requires no equipment! For the full workout, head over to Coach. Care. Connect. You got this, #AFfamily! 💪 Whether you’re a morning person or not, working out in the morning can have benefits that will help you live a healthier life. Not only can a morning workout give you more energy throughout the day than your regular cup of coffee, that am workout can also boost your metabolism. This, in turn, resu...

Coach Katie and her February 21 Day Transformation group are killing it with sled pulls today. They have grown in strength, lost inches and pounds, and have fostered friendships that will last! 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️😎

Coach Courtney and her client Brianna building muscle and confidence!! It was back day and Brianna killed it deadlifting at 105 😎💪🏻 then moving on to crush rows and pull-ups. She ROCKS 🤘🏻🏋🏻‍♀️

7 Amazing Yoga-Inspired Stretches to Cool Down After Your Workout | Anytime Fitness

Earlier this week we highlighted the importance of warming up before a workout, so now we want to talk about... yep, you guessed it: cooling down! Taking a few minutes after a hard workout to stretch will help your muscles recover so you can continue to make healthy happen. 💜

Don't miss these 7 yoga-inspired stretches over on Coach. Care. Connect. Your body will thank you! You just rocked it in one of your favorite cardio classes, Zumba classes, or maybe you wrapped up a fierce strength training session, but you’re not finished yet! It’s time to fire up that yoga practice.

Anytime Fitness's cover photo

Elliptical or Treadmill: Which Cardio Machine Is Best? | Anytime Fitness

We asked our coaches: Elliptical > Treadmill or Treadmill > Elliptical? Think you know their answer? Find out over on Coach. Care. Connect! They might not look all that different at first glance, but those who have tried both of these popular cardio machines understand the very real differences between the two. Treadmills have been around forever (gratefully) but like all new things, the minute the elliptical hit the scene, it was all a...

🚨 #AFfamily, stop what you're doing! We promise, you do NOT want to miss this. 🚨

We've taken one of your favorite comfort dishes, and turned it into a better, more nutritious recipe—all thanks to one special ingredient. Find out what it is over on Coach. Care. Connect:

"Do I really need to warm-up before my workout?" The answer is: YES!

Not only does it help improve your fitness performance, but 5-10 minutes of stretching before exercise has shown to have both physical and mental benefits that go far beyond the purple turf. Need a few idea to get started? Head over to Coach. Care. Connect:

Mornings can be hectic, but these Grab-and-Go Mini Quiches can help! Whip up a batch and store them in the fridge for an easy, nutritious breakfast all week long that you and your family will love!

Get the full recipe here:

10 Single-Serve Desserts That Will Curb Your Cravings and Keep You On Track | Anytime Fitness

Let’s be real: everyone craves sweets from time-to-time. And that’s OK! But it’s what we do with those cravings that matters.

Instead of making a full tray of cookies or pan of brownies, opt for one of these simple, single-serve recipes: You’ll be less likely to over-indulge, plus you’ll save on the ingredients AND cooking/clean-up time. Win! 🙌 Single serve: It’s not just for coffee anymore! Instead of making an entire batch of cupcakes, satisfy your sugar cravings with 10 better-for-you single serve dessert recipes from around the web.

No matter your fitness goals, the Evolt 360º machine will help you reach them!

For AF member Jon S., he used the tool to understand his “weak areas” in hopes of achieving his goals in his next bodybuilding show—something he was never able to do before. And as an extra bonus, Jon found it to be a source of inspiration, too!

He says, “Unlike stepping on a scale, this tool can be a great motivator because you can really see your progress from month to month.” Read his full story here:

How To Use The Lat Pulldown Machine and Strengthen Your Back | Anytime Fitness

Get ready, #AFfamily, it’s… back day! 💪 (Yes, really.)

Having a strong back is 🔑key to taking your fitness performance to the next level, and it can also help improve posture and reduce back pain in your day-to-day life. So without further ado, meet the fitness machine that will have you making serious back gains in no time: the lat pulldown. It’s safe to say the lat pulldown machine has a solid place in the gym equipment hall of fame. (If that actually existed.) This OG staple has been featured for decades in everything from big gyms to home gyms to hotel fitness rooms.

Let’s talk about asparagus! This popular vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse that is packed with essential minerals, nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs to continue to make healthy happen. And the best part? It tastes great!

For more reasons to incorporate asparagus into your diet, head over to Coach. Care. Connect:

A Guide Starting Your Fitness Journey on the Right Path | Anytime Fitness

So you’ve decided it’s time to commit to your fitness journey. Great job! We’re so proud of you. 💜

Chances are, you’re probably wondering what happens next. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide that will help you put your best foot forward as you embark on your path to making healthy happen Treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, stair stepper, free weights, squat rack… the list goes on. In today’s fitness world, there’s no shortage of options to choose from when looking for ways to make healthy happen. And while having options and variety is great, many often feel overwhelmed whe...

Game day might look a little different this year, but no one says our appetizers need to! If you’re planning on watching the big game (or even if you’re not!), whip up a homemade bowl of this fresh 3-Bean Cowboy Caviar for a tasty game-time snack: Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

6 Dynamic TRX Exercises To Strengthen Your Arms | Anytime Fitness

Say it with us: “You don’t need to lift heavy weights to have a serious arm day in the gym.”

And we mean it! Now head over to Coach. Care. Connect for six exercises that will change the way you think about strength training. Let’s do it, #AFfamily! 💪🏼 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email You don’t have to lift heavy weights to have a serious arm day in

If you know us, you know what we say about the scale: FORGET IT! 🙅‍♀‍🙅‍♂‍

And AF members Jen and Adrian are a perfect example of why the scale can be a deceiving data point in your fitness journey. To see how the Evolt 360 machine has helped them both in their journey to making healthy happen, head over to Coach. Care. Connect:

Oats: Steel-Cut Vs. Rolled, Which Is Best? | Anytime Fitness

Steel-cut and rolled oats are facing off head-to-head over on Coach. Care. Connect. Think you know which one will be crowned the champion? Check out this article to find out!

Are you team steel-cut or team rolled? Comment below! Old-fashioned oats, instant, rolled, steel-cut, quick, müesli, ground, steamed, Scottish, Irish? What do they all mean? So many oats, so little time. Since many of our recipes feature this heart-healthy super grain, let’s break down all of our oat options. Steel-cut oats have been in the spotligh...

Here are just a few of the ladies that participated in January's 21 Day Transformation that accomplished with fantastic results! As a group these women lost 10.4lbs and a total of 11.05 inches!

Other fantastic results (because there's other awesome results to celebrate beyond scale and inches):
-Grew strength
-Better endurance for cardio
-Becoming able to do more difficult versions of exercises
-Developing meal planning and prepping skills

We have multiple rounds of 21 Day Transformations during the month of February!

Coach Courtney's starts TONIGHT at 6pm and 6:30pm.
Coach Katie's starts THURSDAY at 10am.

Send us a message for details.

5 Basic Yoga Poses That Will Help You Get Your Namaste On | Anytime Fitness

You've been thinking about incorporating yoga into your fitness routine, haven't you!? Well, you're in luck! Check out our roundup of the best everyone-can-do yoga poses that will have you nama-slaying in no time. 😉 Honestly. Truly. Yoga is for EVERYONE. So if something is holding you back, let’s check in about that. Feeling shy about how you’d stick out in a class of devotees? Worried your friends will point and laugh? Think you need at least one Sanskrit tattoo? Not true!

How to Incorporate the Rower into Your Workout Routine | Anytime Fitness

Is your cardio routine feeling a little uninspired? We think it's time to say goodbye to the treadmill or the bike and give the rower a try, instead! There are lots of reasons to love the rower (hi, low-impact cardio!), but our fave might be how seamlessly a rower sesh can fit into your workout routine. Head over to Coach. Care. Connect. and find out how to get rowing while you make healthy happen! In and out of the gym, cardio work is a staple in most workout routines. Whether it is running, swimming, or any other form of cardio, everyone can agree on the positive effects of a consistent cardio routine. The list of benefits is lengthy but includes lower blood sugar levels, strengthens immune....

Who says you can't have pizza while trying to make healthy happen? Definitely not us! Especially thanks to this healthier twist on classic 'za. 😍

Head over to Coach. Care. Connect. for the full recipe:

Cardio Workout: Total Body Tabata | Anytime Fitness

If you're getting tired of doing the same cardio workouts, this one's for you! We're bringing you a total-body Tabata workout that will have you building strength and burning calories in no time. Sayonara cardio machines! Who’s ready to Tabata?! Wait. Are you familiar with Tabata workouts? A Tabata workout is a type of high-intensity interval training, or HIIT workout, that pairs bursts of high intensity followed by low intensity.

Did you know when you join the Anytime Fitness Greer, you get two hours worth of free personal training from one of our certified personal trainers?

Meet Courtney one our experienced certified trainers, ready to help you meet your goals!

Courtney has been in the health and fitness industry now for 13 years! She began with her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and taught several classes a week to children ages 3 to 18. She then earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Health Promotion from Coastal Carolina University in 2014. Upon graduation, she entered the gym management and fitness training industry and for the past 6 years, Courtney has trained herself in powerlifting, body building, yoga, spinning, HIIT, Macro Tracking, and more. She has also competed twice in bodybuilding shows earning 3 top spots, one being Overall Novice Bikini Champ. Courtney is a certified ISSA Personal Trainer and is ready to assist you in your health and fitness goals!

Learn How to Set Goals That Matter to You and Achieve Success | Anytime Fitness

Goals are like snowflakes, each one is unique! We're sharing our favorite goal setting tips that will help you find success at each step in your journey. Think about the last big goal that you have reached in your lifetime. It could be a promotion, a personal best, or even a task that you were proud to complete. Think of how hard you worked to get there and how rewarding it felt to literally or figuratively check off that box.

If you missed the viral TikTok, this is your chance to read the heartwarming story of two AF members who found competition and friendship on the purple turf. Grab a tissue (yes, it's a tear jerker!) and head over to Coach. Care. Connect to read about the special bond that formed between rivals, Megan and Bobby: #AFlove 💜

Spartan SGX | Katie Winn Fitness Greenville SC

We're jumping into Monday with the same energy these guys brought to the fire jump at the Spartan Carolinas race!

If you want to feel that same feeling of excitement, sign up for the upcoming Spartan bootcamp! Follow the link below for details: Join the 8-week Spartan SGX training in preparation for the Spartan Charlotte Sprint on April 4th. You’ll train and race together with the Anytime Fitness Spartan Sprint team led by Greenville County’s ONLY Spartan SGX certified coach.

We’re obsessed with these banana pancakes, and we promise you and your family will be, too! They’re a healthier alternative to traditional flapjacks, with the same yummy, made-from-scratch taste—but without the mess! Get the full recipe here: 🍌🥞

How To Effectively Foam Roll Your Upper & Lower Body | Anytime Fitness

Fact: foam rolling is one of the best ways to help your muscles recover and feel restored after a tough workout. (Science agrees!) But before you get rolling, check out this helpful how-to that will show you how to get the most out of your roll sesh! Foam rolling is a popular, easy method of self-massage that can help with injury prevention, head and neck pain, and sore muscles. If you’ve ever visited a physical therapist, they likely recommended the practice for muscle soreness. However, they might not have told you an additional benefit: tha...

The $1 deal is still going on! Come start your journey to a healthier you at Anytime Fitness Greer for just ONE dollar!

When you join Anytime Fitness Greer, you're getting:

-24/7 access to the gym
-Free fitness classes (Zumba, Tabata Bootcamp, Pound)
-TWO hours worth of one-on-one training with our certified personal trainers
-Private bathrooms with showers (no more changing in locker rooms with strangers!)
-Full time cleaning staff committed to providing a safe and clean environment
-Ability to purchase supplements and cold drinks 24/7 and more!

Stop in today or give us a call to see how Anytime Fitness Greer can help you reach your goals.

Making a grocery list before heading to the store doesn’t just save you time, it saves you money, too! Screenshot this list, then head over to Coach. Care. Connect for simple meal and snack ideas, plus helpful tips to keep your budget (and fitness journey) on track: 🍎🍌🥬🍞🥩

Do you meal plan? Tell us in the comments!

A squat rack is just a squat rack to some, but not to AF Brodheadsville members Frank and Crystal! For them, it’s where they fell in love—and later tied the knot! Read the full story here: 💍

We are so honored that we got to be a part of your special day, Frank and Crystal. Let’s show the newlyweds some #AFlove in the comments! 💜

Looks like everyone had a blast in Pound class last week! Jen’s drumstick didn’t make it!

This class is on Wednesdays at 9am if you’re interested in giving it a try!

Beginner Strength Workout – How To Get Started In The Gym | Anytime Fitness

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating strength training into your fitness routine but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you! First, head over to Coach. Care. Connect and then get ready to make some serious gains in the weight room. You got this! 💪🏼 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email If you’re a new member at Anytime Fitness, welcome! We’re so happy

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We are a fitness facility based in the heart of Greer, SC that offers fitness classes, nutritional guidance, and top personal training to help keep Greer fit! This page is created for member engagement and will have the latest updates on the gym.

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