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F45 Training McHenry Row

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Happy Thursday!! Here at F45 Thursdays are STRENGTH focused days!! Every day of the week we have a different focus for our workouts and here is our Weekly Schedule:

Mondays: Cardio
Tuesdays: Strength
Wednesdays: Cardio
Thursdays: Strength
Fridays: Hyrbid (mix of both)
Saturdays: Hybrid (our only 60 minute class we have, the rest are 45 minutes)
Sundays: Strength

On occasion throughout the year our programmers might throw in a new focus on a random day to trick our bodies and minds ;) but for the most part that is what to expect each week!!

DM us now to get your first class free!


HAPPY NEW YEARS!! We are so excited to continue to grow our community and help as many people as we can to achieve their fitness goals in the best way possible in 2024!!!

Comment what your 2024 goals are!


“F” stands for Fran. Happy Saturday 🐾❤️💙



DM us now to book your first class for free!!


Consistency is what grows a strong mind and body. The issue with going to a big box gym on your own is that unless you are professionally trained, creating a workout program daily for years is very mentally draining and can lead to your body’s growth peaking and no longer progressing because you end up doing the same things. Our bodies adapt to what we do, it’s a survival mechanism in all of us. So unless you are purposeful with your workout programing your body will adapt to the new challenge you give it in the beginning and then eventually stop feeling challenged.

This is where we come in! F45 is programmed by professionals and we have different workouts EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!! Yes every day! Your mind and body will not get bored or “used to it” and will continue to grow in strength, mobility, increased energy levels, joint health, cardiovascular health, and overall helping you to achieve your fitness goals!

Another bonus is the quickness of our workouts. You do not have to spend hours in a gym to get a good workout; Our workouts are done in 45 minutes (Aside from Saturdays which are 60 minute workouts)!!!!

DM us now to book your first class for free!!

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💍 Love is in the air at McHenry Row! Congratulations to Coach Kristen and Eric on your engagement! We are so happy for you!!!


Happy Holidays! We wish you an amazing Rest Day and we will see you for an amazing workout tomorrow :)

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DM us now to book your first class for free!!


The After Glow of an epic workout is the best!! It only takes 45 minutes, yes just 45 minutes to have that glow with F45! & that INCLUDES a warm up to protect and prep your body to push itself!!

Every SINGLE day of the year is a different workout! We are open EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR except Christmas Day!
�If you are looking for a new place to stay consistent to achieve your health and fitness goals, but you also don’t want it to take up your entire day then look no further!!

We offer Strength focused, Cardio focused, and Hybrid (mix of both) focused classes!! ���DM us now to book your first class for free!!


Thursday Dec 21st is Christmas Party Day!!!! Dress up in ANYTHING festive for your class that day 🎄🎅🏼🤩 ugly sweaters, onesies, pajamas, Santa suits….all is encouraged!!


Your body is capable of so much!! F45’s expert program designers curate fun, challenging, fully rounded workouts that will not only challenge you, but also have you excited to move your body!!

Our workouts are FUNCTIONAL meaning we focus on movements that grow your strength, mobility, cardiovascular system, joint health, energy levels, and confidence in your body!

DM us now to try a class for free!

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Congratulations to our very own, Coach Kevin and Abby, on your engagement! 🤍💍 We are so excited for you!


F45 is working out with Personal Trainers, in a Team atmosphere. The Workouts are already written for you, no more waiting around the gym for open equipment. We provide different workouts every day of the year…. What are you waiting for!???

DM us now for more info!

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CONGRATULATIONS to all of our challenge winners!! We 🫶 all of you and thank you for making this challenge amazing! Way to crush your goals this year! Can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for us 🥳🤩


NEXT WEEK (12/18-12/24) is GREATEST HIITS!!! The best workouts we have done all of 2023 will be celebrated and redone this week!

Come see what our favorite workouts were and experience it for yourself!

If there was a week to come check out what we are all about, it’s this one!!

DM us now to book your classes before they fill up!


The Holiday Season can be a busy time for everyone, but that is when carving out time specifically for yourself is the most important!

Having just 45 minutes set aside to work on your goals, release stress that is built up from all the tasks you have going on in your life, and creating more energy is what will help make this busy season more enjoyable and less draining!!!!

F45 is a 45 minute workout that only requires you to show up, we take care of the rest! We have the workout programmed for you, we tell you where to move, how long to be at each station, how to do the exercises properly, and have the weight selection you need out and ready to go!

Instead of pushing your health to the back of your “to do list” this holiday season, make a change and start putting yourself first and watch how much joy and cheer you will bring not only to yourself, but to those around you this holiday season!

DM us now to get started!


time & location are set 🥳🥳 .md @ 6:30pm Thursday Dec 14th 🥂🎄⭐️🤭 6:30pm class will be CANCELLED….let’s party!!! 🎉


F45 isn’t just a gym, it’s a community! If you are looking to achieve your fitness goals while being a part of a team, then you have found your new favorite place to be!

Our workouts are designed to workout with others, (no matter what fitness level) to make new friendships and enjoy working out!!

DM us now to find out how to become apart of our amazing community!

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Lots in store starting Monday ⭐️🎄🥳💪🥂 finish this week off strong!!!


When it comes to fitness do you identify yourself as a Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert??

No matter what fitness level you answered, F45 is designed for you!

Our workouts are filled with movements that are functional! Specifically designed to promote joint health, mobility, stronger muscles, and overall health!

Our room is set up with enough weights and equipment that no matter what level you are at, our workouts are set up for you to walk in and have an amazing workout!
�You will be working out with all fitness levels in our group classes! Our inviting team atmosphere has created a welcoming, uplifting group of people who cheer each other on!!

If you are looking for a place that you can walk in, not have to think about your workout, have everything set up perfectly for you and have a Personal Trainer there with you to help with form/tips/motivation, ANDDDD meet like minded people in your community then look no further!!

DM us now for more info!


happy december🎉🎄🎁 stay tuned for more info on our events planned 🥂


We are getting closer to 2024!! Don’t wait until then to start working toward your goals! Here at F45 we make working out fun and fast; and here’s how:

* You will get an amazing workout (including a warmup) in just 45 minutes!!!
* Our workouts are different every single day of the year so you’ll never get bored!
Your will stop hating cardio because you don’t have the time to think during F45 classes! You will be doing a wide variety of movements in class, keeping your mind busy, which is the exact opposite of you putting yourself on a treadmill for 45 minutes and trying to stay on it!
We work on body weight mobility and strength, as well as heavy lifting!
Our movements we do in class are Functional, so they aid in not just building healthy muscles, but also healthy joints and movement patterns that you’ll carry with you outside of the gym!
You will be apart of a team and meet like minded individuals! Our members are fun and uplifting and we have created a positive team atmosphere!

DM us now for more info!


Stop guessing your progress and start tracking it in real time with the F45 Lionheart! During your workouts you will be able to see your heart rate in real time to improve and protect you during your workouts!

DM us now to get yours this Holiday Weekend for a sweet deal ;)

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Monica & Rachel saying it how it is 🤷🏼‍♀️ Black Friday sale is still on!!! 🌟


Happy Thanksgiving F45 Family!!!

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🌟 BLACK FRIDAY SALE 🌟 join our community today 🖤 valid 11/22 - 11/26


stay tuned….. for members & nonmembers 🤭 everyone’s invited!


Holiday schedule for this week!! 🦃🧡🤎🤠


Happy Monday! Monday’s are Cardio focused days here at F45!

Cardio isn’t just about strengthening your heart and body, but also about strengthening your mind!!

Our cardio classes are different then others! We put you through movements that don’t require you to stay on a cardio machine for long periods of time! Our classes are 45 minutes and we keep it interesting and have you moving to where your mind won’t take over and get bored/slow you down! Because of this, you also get to strengthen your mindset by showing yourself you are capable of completing 45 minutes of cardio without it being a struggle!

We can’t wait for you to experience it yourself!!!

DM us now for more info!


Welcome to TEAM TRAINING! Are you looking to join a community of like minded individuals who are positive and uplifting?? Well look no further! Here at F45 we have cultivated a community of amazing individuals all aiming to challenge themselves and improve their health while cheering each other on in the process!

Our group workouts will have you work as a team to complete amazing 45 minute workouts that you wouldn’t experience if you went on your own to a big box gym in that same amount of time!

If you are looking to improve your Cardio Vascular System, Joint Health, Muscle Strength, Mobility, and Overall Health you have found your new home away from home!

DM us now for more info!


Are you looking for a gym that offers Personal Training with a Team Training atmosphere? ��Well look no further! Here at F45 our group classes are 45 minutes packed full of Functional Movements, high energy, teamwork, and Personal Training one on one tips throughout each class!

Our Personal Trainers are there to not only to motivate and elevate your workouts, but also to make sure you are lifting correctly to reach your goals safely and efficiently!

We are so excited for you to come experience this unique and fun style of training!

DM us now for more info!


DM us now for more info!



What does a week of workouts look like at F45?

Monday: Cardio
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: Strength
Friday: Hybrid
Saturday: Hybrid (only 60 minute class)
Sunday: Strength

Throughout the year our programers might switch up the split here and there to trick our bodies but overall this is the workout split to expect.
�Every single workout of the year is different, YES EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! Every workout including a warm up is completed in 45 minutes, with the exception of Saturdays!

Cardio and Strength training compliment each other to achieve any fitness/health goal! Our Functional movements we provide in our classes is an added bonus for optimal joint health and create a new found strength in you that you notice not only inside the gym, but outside of it to in your every day to day lifestyle!

DM us now for more info and let us know what your goal is!


Have you ever wanted to work with a Personal Trainer without the pricey costs of solo one on ones that they charge? Well here at F45 not only do you get a great workout in a group class setting, you also get personal attention from our Personal Trainers in each class!

Our workouts are effective because of the energy the team training brings and the knowledge our Personal Trainers provide in each session!!

DM us now for more info!


This is what F45 is all about!!

DM us now for more info!



Join your coaches for abs after class, ALL MONTH LONG!


Happy Halloween F45 Family! Come dressed in your best costumes for a KILLLLLLER workout!!!!! Be safe, have fun, & enjoy ALLL the candy & goodies today!!

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THE TIME HAS COME 🤩 merch is here!! You can also make it studio specific!! Link on story to purchase & an email will go out to our members shortly ☺️☺️


Welcome to TEAM training! Bring your friend/ family member/ loved one with you for an amazing 45 minute workout! One of the coolest parts about our group fitness classes is that you can workout next to your plus one (or another member) that has a different fitness level/experience than you, and you will both get the same level of an amazing workout!

How is that?

We set up the gym with multiple sets of weights/equipment for each exercise we have for that day! This way you don’t have to lose out over equipment or weight sizes that will help you grow in your fitness journey!

The exercises we have in our classes are FUNCTIONAL movements, meaning we use movements that mimic day to day activities. With F45 you will strengthen your muscles, but also improve your heart health, mobility, and joint health! Our goal is to get you feeling strong, healthy, and confident to be the best version of you, not just in the gym, but also outside of it! Our Personal Trainers are trained to offer other options if needed/wanted for modifications and/or challenges!

Tag the friend you are bringing with you to your first class!!! DM us now for more info!

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^ THIS ^  is F45!!! What are you waiting for!?? DM us now to join the fun!...#cardio #comebackstronger #groupfitness #ex...
Stop guessing your progress and start tracking it in real time with the F45 Lionheart! During your workouts you will be ...
DM us now for more info!...#cardio #comebackstronger #groupfitness #exerciseismedicine #f45 #f45athome #f45challenge #f4...
DM us now for more info!...#cardio #comebackstronger #groupfitness #exerciseismedicine #f45 #f45athome #f45challenge #f4...
This is what F45 is all about!!DM us now for more info!...#cardio #comebackstronger #groupfitness #exerciseismedicine #f...
DM us now for more info!!!...#cardio #comebackstronger #groupfitness #exerciseismedicine #f45 #f45athome #f45challenge #...
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DM us now for more info!...#cardio #comebackstronger #groupfitness #exerciseismedicine #f45 #f45athome #f45challenge #f4...




1713 Whetstone Way
Baltimore, MD

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