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At Fitness Together, our mission is to provide you with high quality, one-on-one Private Personal Fitness Training. Reaching your health and fitness goals with us is a personalized experience.

At Fitness Together, it's all about YOU! Fitness Together Naples offers private and semi-private studios that are dedicated exclusively to helping you achieve your goals during your personal training sessions. No distractions, no waiting for equipment. All workouts take place in a private, comfortable atmosphere. Personal trainers help you use equipment safely. Our studio's certified personal trai

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Did you know that each Fitness Together® studio is independently owned and operated? Yes, your favorite Fitness Together studio is a small business! Celebrate and support your local small business today for ! Maybe a personal trainer perfect for you is what you have been shopping for?

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Maybe just maybe you will get sweaty before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner today! Who is running a turkey trot this Thanksgiving?

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It is NEVER too late to start! Strength training is such an important part of your workout routine and even more important as you age. Strength training can protect your joints from injury and build muscle contributing to better balance. Reach out to your local Fitness Together® studio to start your strength training journey!

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Fitness Together® studios often get asked, “How long until I see results?” It’s a great question! Like most things in life, the more YOU put into it, the more YOU will get out of it. Fitness Together personal trainers will work with you to establish short- and long-term goals, put you on a path to help you meet them, and work with you to adjust or set new goals along the way!

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What is your why? Determining why you want to get healthier is important in determining your goals. Fitness Together® studios are here to help you no matter what your why is… maybe you don't even know it yet!

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If you’re still struggling with getting started or feeling overwhelmed by the idea of starting a more active life, take heart: every change, no matter how small, makes a difference in your ability to manage diabetes. Even losing 10-15 pounds can have a significant impact on your health. The power to change is firmly in your hands—so get moving today. Fitness Together® studios are here to find a routine that works for you and a trainer that fits your lifestyle.

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Happy Veterans Day to soldiers, both past and present. Thank you for your time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country. 🤍❤️

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Thank you, Tanya! Join her in making a long-term commitment to Fitness Together® studios!

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Did you know that Fitness Together® studios personal trainers can work directly with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure your program is safe and effective following a medical diagnosis, surgery, or physical therapy treatments? Your custom workout program is designed for YOU - it will match your goals, take into consideration any limitations, and is adjustable to what your body can handle. Visit your local Fitness Together studio to start your journey!

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Are you looking for a job where you can help people and make a difference in their lives? Fitness Together® studios might be for you! All locations across the country are always looking for team members who know the value of fitness and wellness.

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It’s and Fitness Together® studios are here to improve the overall quality of your workout! Regular physical activity can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. You may even notice a “feel good” sensation immediately following your workout! Visit a Fitness Together studio to get that “feel good” moment after a workout with one of the talented personal trainers.


FT Checklist

What do you need to bring to your first fitness together session? A positive attitude! Water, a towel, equipment, and motivation will be provided for you by your personal trainer - just show up ready to take one more step toward achieving your goals.

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October is , what have you done this month for your emotional health?


FT Water

Staying hydrated can be a crucial component in maintaining your health and well-being.
Joints feeling a little stiff? Drink water to help lubricate the cartilage tissue.
Skin looking a little dull? Drink water to help prevent early aging.
Trying to lose a few extra lbs? Replace sweet drinks with water.
There are so many benefits to staying hydrated, so drink up! 💦

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With the cooler months and change of season, Fitness Together studios welcome an array of fall produce that is available this time of year! When enjoying fruits and vegetables "in season", you get the best flavor and best value. Favorites include carrots, brussels sprouts, butternut squash, acorn squash, and of course the most common winter squash - pumpkins! 🥕🍂

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Fall is the perfect time to establish some new healthy habits. Switching up your fitness routine is key to keeping your body challenged and keeping your mind engaged in exercise. If you’re not already doing so, working with a personal trainer is a smart way to keep your body guessing. Learn more about some of Fall's most exciting fitness trends at

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Fitness Together® personal trainers are the best of the best. They hold degrees, certifications, and real-world fitness training experience - 7-years on average! Armed with the education to coach you properly AND the passion to support and motivate you towards your goals. Let's find your trainer today!

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It’s National Dessert Day! Thankfully nowadays you can indulge without having a guilty conscience. Check out this recipe for healthy peanut butter bars!
✨1 cup creamy peanut butter (no sugar added, or sunflower butter for nut free)
✨½ cup honey (or ½ cup agave syrup* for vegan),
✨4 cups Old Fashioned rolled oats
✨ ½ teaspoon kosher salt
✨½ teaspoon cinnamon
✨1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips
All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together and freeze for 30 minutes before enjoying it!

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Fitness Together studios will meet you wherever you are: at home or on the go! This allows you to prioritize your schedule and fitness. Take your training on the go, whether that is a business trip, family vacation, or your living room.

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Smile, because today you are working on becoming a healthier & happier you. 💙

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Fitness Together studios are here to support you in any way, even during crazy times. Let's get your nutrition on autopilot! 🛫

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What is holding you back from the gym? Not having the right trainer, intimidation of exercising in a public space, or is your mind just not ready? Any of these setbacks can be conquered at a Fitness Together studio. Private training is designed just for YOU. The brand does not want fear in the gym, it just needs you!


Rehab & Recovery

Rebuild. Recharge. Reenergize.

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, personal trainers are here to help you with a customized workout and rehab plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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Hey, Ladies! It’s National Women's Health & Fitness Day, meaning if you haven't already kick-started your fitness journey then it’s time. Meet with one of the Fitness Together personal trainers and get your health on track!

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Each year, the pros at the Fitness Together® brand chose to recognize a trainer who consistently goes above and beyond for clients–and who gets results that stick. This year, the honor goes to Maria Cardozo, who works with clients at the Fitness Together studio in Burlington, Massachusetts. Head to to learn what made her decide to embark on a personal training career, transformations that clients have had through working with her, and how she works to help clients stay on track with the behaviors that help them work toward their goals, both inside and outside of the gym.

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Happy National Pancake Day! Are your guilty pleasure? Here’s a recipe to make them completely guilt-free! ✨

🥞2 large eggs
🥞1 tablespoon vanilla extract
🥞1 teaspoon liquid stevia (equals ⅓ cup sugar)
🥞½ cup plain Greek yogurt (not regular yogurt)
🥞2 scoops unsweetened whey protein powder not packed (about 40 grams)
🥞1 teaspoon baking powder gluten-free if needed
🥞Oil spray for the griddle
Tip: If you like thicker pancakes, add 2 Tbsp of oat flour!

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Every body is different. That is why it is SO important to find a personal trainer who knows what will work best for you and make sure you hit your fitness goals. Visit a Fitness Together studio today to find your ideal gym and ideal personal trainer!

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Fall back in love with your fitness journey! Anytime is the perfect time to feel your best and look your best! 💙

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Do you need help getting started on your fitness journey? Here are 5 steps to help you get started!


Studio Tour

Sometime’s working out in front of other people can be stressful. Luckily Fitness Together studios are made up of individual private training suites that are fully equipped with state of the art equipment. You’ll always train in a welcoming, well-kept and premium workout environment with just you, and your personal trainer! 💙

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Fitness today leads to more tomorrows. How you take care of your body is so important, physically & mentally!

Timeline photos 09/13/2022

Fitness today leads to more tomorrows. How you take care of your body is so important, physically & mentally!

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Fitness Together studios are dedicated to providing clients with the best personal training the industry has to offer. Personal trainers take great pride in helping clients achieve their goals and create life-changing results. If you’re an enthusiastic, professional, and experienced personal trainer the Fitness Together brand would love for you to join the family and make a difference in your community!

Learn More:

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What makes Fitness Together different from the average gym?

Learn More:

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Happy Labor Day! Has summer been so busy you were not as active as you wished? Let's change that! Reach out to your local Fitness Together studio to get started on your fitness journey with a personal trainer. 💙

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It’s time to find personal trainers that care about YOU!

Learn More:

Fitness Together updated their business hours. 09/01/2022

Fitness Together updated their business hours.

Fitness Together updated their business hours.

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Let's set a daily intention - after all, the month is ending and another is about to start!

What is one small fitness goal, one healthy-planned meal, or one positive affirmation to be the focus for your day? The Fitness Together® brand believes that small intentions build into life-changing habits. Those habits are then what change lives!

Need some help with those habits - or your short and long-term goals? Fitness Together personal trainers are here to support you along the way. The brand’s mission is to put you on a path to help you meet them, then work with you to adjust or set new goals as you progress in your healthy journey, and celebrate the milestones together!

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Happy National Dog Day! Go outside and get active with your furbaby🐕‍🦺 Here are some ideas that your dog will thank you for later: trail run, yoga, or even a swim!

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Your mind and bodies are intricately connected. Without the mental mindset that you CAN do something or understanding WHY you are doing something, it can be difficult to complete the task at hand. In your health journey, your mental strength plays an important role in accomplishing new goals or completing the ones set out before you.

Fortunately, Fitness Together® personal trainers are here for you! Whether you need help in improving your mindset, desire an accountability partner, or encouragement in establishing healthier routines, they are here to support you along the way! 🤝🏽

Let’s get started today! Find a Fitness Together® studio near you at

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Fitness Together® studios pride themselves in customized workouts based on YOUR needs and YOUR goals. In addition to the in-studio private suites, live virtual training is offered as an alternative option when at home or on the go!

Whether you’re on a business trip, a women's retreat, or have a small open window while the kids/grandkids are at school, fit your workout in easily and on your time. All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone… and your personal trainer will take care of the rest!

Want to learn more? Contact your local Fitness Together studio today:

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Friendly reminder to get those Zzzzz’s!
Prioritizing your sleep is important to your health! It can help boost your immune system, prevent weight gain, improve your mood, and increase productivity! With those amazing benefits, put the devices away, shut off the TV early, and give your body what it needs. 😴

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A healthy lifestyle often incorporates healthy swaps that over time become habits. One focus area is often sugar! While treats may be enjoyed on occasion, too much added sugar in your diet can have negative side effects.

Some healthy trade outs to consider:
▪ Focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods, and incorporate fresh fruit to help with your sweet tooth 🍒
▪ Swap sodas and juices for fruit-enhanced water or unsweetened seltzer
▪ Drink your coffee black and your tea without additives
▪ Use natural nut butters in place of spreads with sugar added
▪ Replace candy with a homemade trail mix of fruit, nuts, and a few dark chocolate chips

One swap at a time, the sweet cravings will subside, and your body will benefit from the healthy change in your nutrition.

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So true, Scott! Fitness Together® personal trainers believe in a customized approach to your health and workout program - as unique as YOU!

No matter your age or your fitness level, Fitness Together® personal trainers are invested in helping you reach your personal goals because they take your health, well... personally.

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